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Notes From a Sidelined Theater Critic Part One: Katie Roche Made Me Do It
By Elyse Sommer

my own not so "kinky" boot

I guess I'll always remember the Mint Company's production of Tersa Devey's Katie Roche. Not that I can give you a first-hand account of it. I was there okay but in excruciating pain from a mis-step at the bottom of spill I took on the bottom of a subway staircase. Despite my walkout-- make that a hobble out -- at the first of two intermissions Curtainup reviewed the play as my colleague Simon Saltzman was in attendance. It was the first of numerous times that Simon has stepped up to the plate during my being sielined with a fractured ankle since getting up and down subway steps has been just one problem. Sitting for longer than half an hour without my leg elevated has made theater going impossible even if a Cinderella-like coach pulled up in front of my apartment house.

Speaking of Cinderella, another of my trusty colleagues, Deirdre Donovan, covered that show for Curtainup, as well as numerous others. Zoe Erwin-Longstaff, Bill Coyle, Amanda Cooper and Paulanne Simmons have also stepped in for their mis-stepping editor.

Okay, that deals with problem #1: Keeping up with shows opening on and off-Broadway during a busy time. But what about keeping side-lined theater critic from suffering from theater deprivation depression? Let me count the ways . . .

First, I decided to use this unanticipated and unwelcome time out from theater going to check out what some of the actors and writers I've reviewed in live theater productions are doing on screen to earn enough money to support their live theater habit.

Second, I've been reading the scripts of some of the plays I was particularly eager to see but had to turn over to colleagues. Of course we all tend to first experience some plays (notably Shakespeare's work) on the page rather than on the stage. And I do read as well as see most new plays. However, I like to come see a play knowing no more than what's in the advance press release. I do, howevr, usually read the script afterwards as it's always interesting to see how the director and actors have dealt with the author's initial intention and see the text holds up on its own.

Able-bodied or not, once a critic always a critic, even a homebound one. I've therefore written down my thoughts about some of my expanded couch-potato screen watching and my page-but-not-to stage view of several new plays which I was particularly looking forward to seeing and reviewing. Links to these comments below herewith:
Notes From a Sidelined Theater Critic, Part Two and Part 3

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