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Dorian Gray: The New Musical

Oscar Wilde's novella, "The Picture of Dorian Gray| was successfully translated into a movie. The transformation of the never-aging Dorian's portrait long stuck in the memory of all who saw it. Unfortunately the same can't be said for this musical showcase production. While the set designer, Sal Perrotta, can be credited for making the most of a stage that is restrictively small for a musical, the book by Allan Rieser and Don Price (the latter also directed) still hasn't resolved the identity crisis that has kept this a concept in progress since the 80s. Things might have been better had they gone for the campyness suggested in some of the early scenes. As it is we have an unconvincing, uneven Victorian melodrama, marred even further by a hard-working but undistinguished cast. Chris Weikel is more supercillious than suave, (as George Sanders was), and Brian Duguay, while handsome enough to be Dorian Gray, lacks the depth to convey the passion and evil surrounding him. The music has its tuneful moments but the voices and lyrics are completely drowned out by the musicianso who are unfortunately positioned at the front of the stage. With Oscar Wilde having a fine season on-Broadway-- (An Ideal Husband-- and a revival of the ever popular (The Importance of Being Earnest scheduled at the Irish Arts Theater, it's too bad this idea didn't live up to its promise. Judith Anderson, 422 W. 42nd St. (866-5680). Closes 10/06/96.

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