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Breaking News: The New York Drama Circle picks Between Riverside and Crazy (which also won the Pulitzer) and Hamilton as best play and musical of season; also announced, the Astaire nomines. For all awards nominees and winners, see our comstantly updated Our Omnibus Awards Page . . . It's the end for Doctor Zhivago on may 10th!. . . Trash Cuisine from the Belarus Free Theater is probably the most politically challenging theatrical experience of the season. A caveat: It's not easy to watch. As a CU reader put it "I was frequently nauseated, but also excited." For details, see our . . . Cabaret Nights - May . . . detailed listings of current and upcoming Broadway Shows and Off-Broadway Shows updated daily . . . Curtainup at Facebook & at Twitter. . . Visit CurtainUp's Friends . . Go Tickets
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John Mahoney returns to England as a guest in the British hit Foyle's War
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New York-Broadway
Dr. Zhivago
Doctor Zhivago - the musical version of the book and movie is closing May 10th!. . Read More
Living on Love
Living on Love - To an Early grave-- 5/03/15 closing! Opera Diva Reneé Fleming couldn't have wished for a more apt role for her non-operatic stage debut, if only it had been in a more substantial play . . Read More
Airline Highway
Airline Highway - A "living funeral" in the Big Easy, is colorful but insubstantial . . Read More
The Visit
The Visit - This Kander& Ebb musical finally makes it to Broadway. . .and it's a triumphant landing as piloted by John Doyle and starring Chita Rivera and Roger Rees . . Read More
Finding Neverland - Star casting and Diane Paulus may make this Peter Pan back stage fiction critic proof . . Read More
Finding Neverland
Something Rotten!
Something Rotten! - A musical NOT borrowing from a book or movie, though it does borrow unapologetically from Shakespeare . . Read More
King and I
The King and I - A revival that make you whistle a happy song . . Read More
Fun Home
Fun Home - if you've been waiting for a truly unique new musical, this unique family story is the one you won't want to miss. . . Read More
Gigi - new book makes this more politically correct but less piquant . . Read More
It Shoulda Been You
It Shoulda Been You - It shouldabeen funnier and more original . . Read More
An American In Paris
An American In Paris - The magnificent Gershwin score and fleet footed dancing, who could ask for anything more? . . Read More
Wolf Hall, Parts One And Two
Wolf Hall, Parts One And Two - Hilary Mantel's best selling history saga becomes this season's "event" with 6 hours of behind-the-throne intrigue. . Read More
Skylight - The Review - David Hare's acclaimed London revival of his 1995 play now on Broadway . . Read More
Hand to God
Hand to God -Robert Askins' devilishly clever play on Broadway, with the the O'Neill puppet namesake foul-mouthed as ever . . . Read More
On The Twentieth Century
On The Twentieth Century Extended to July 19th! - The Roundabout's current take on that madcap sixteen hour Chicago to New York ride is buoyed by Cy Coleman's sophisticated operetta-ish score and Betty Comden and Adolph Green's witty book and lyrics & a great cast that includes a better than ever Kristin Chenoweth . . . Read More
The Audience
The Audience - Hail to Queen Helen Mirren! Peter Morgan's entertaining play about the British monarch and her prime ministers has made a smooth landing on Broadway . . Read More
Fish in the Dark
Fish in the Dark - Larry David fans get a chance to see a live Curb Your Enthusiasm episode binge . . Read More
 On the Town
On the Town - this old wine in a flavorful new bottle lands successfully in a 4x bigger Broadway theater . . Read More
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time - a genre-crossing, electrifying stage adaptation of Mark Haddon's best selling novel . . Read More
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New York Off-Broadway
Toast - Attica, 1971. The famous prison on the eve of its infamous riots is the setting for Lemon Andersen's play. But if you're expecting outsize brutality and barbarians at the gate, you're at the wrong play . . Read More
Dinner With the Boys
Dinner With the Boys - Dan Lauria's dinner now served Off-Broadway . . Read More
Forever - Dael Orlandersmith's soul-baring and often lyrical solo arrives at New York Theatre Workshop. . . Read More

The Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Two Gentlemen of Verona - Extended to June 7th! Fiasco's reworks Shakespeare's first romantic comedy as a zany caper . . Read More
Grounded - What's unsaid in this all too relevant solo play is as potent as what is. . . Read More
 'Tis Pity She's A Whore
'Tis Pity She's A Whore - Red Bull's production of Ford's juicy drama hits the bull's eye . . Read More
america nmoor
American Moor - Keith Hamilton Cobb's reverie on how Black American actors have struggled to claim the role of Shakespeare's Moor . . Read More
The Belle of Belfast
The Belle of Belfast - well-structured, skillfully drawn, and slyly entertaining. If only it were less hollow . . Read More
Iowa - if anything's clear (and there isn't much) about Jenny Schwartz's newest work, it's that even talented playwrights can run into trouble when they try to be too clever by half. . . Read More
Hamlet - Director Austin Pendleton has plucked out the spirit of Old Hamlet from the dramatis personae and Peter Sarsgaard plays his son as a regular Joe. . Read More
Clinton The Musical
Clinton The Musical - musical spoof about William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton Read More
Churchill Ronald Keatin revisits the life of the great British leader and orator . . Read More
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 A Mad World My Masters
A Mad World My Masters - Sean Foley gives us a sexually in yer face version of a 1605 play set in Shoreditch. . . Read More
 American Buffalo
American Buffalo David Mamet's early play brings three heavyweight actors to the West End to surprise and shock those unused to Mamet's idiosyncratic style . . . Read More
 I Wish To Die Singing - Voices From the Armenian Genocide
I Wish To Die Singing - Voices From the Armenian Genocide A human account about the people affected by the first attempted extermination of the twentieth century, the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and its denial since . . . . Read More
Golem - Suzanne Andrade and 1927 blur the boundaries between theatre, cartoon and cinema in a visually stylised study of the power of technological change . . . Read More
Clarion A superb new comedy about a tabloid newspaper with a psychopathic editor . . . . Read More
 Who Cares
Who Cares Michael Wynne's original play looks at the issues surrounding the world's fifth largest employer, the National Health Service . . . . Read More
 Carmen Disruption
Carmen Disruption Simon Stephens translates the themes of Carmen to a modern European city in this complex re-imagining and shattering. . . Read More
 Against Captain
Against Captain"'s Orders The National Maritime Museum and Punchdrunk create a nautical adventure for the 6 to 12 year olds . . . . . Read More
 The Twits
The Twits - Enda Walsh mischievously gives Roald Dahl's the Twits a stage presence . . . . Read More
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New Jersey
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New & Noteworthy
NJ Theaters

Mr. Wolf
Mr. Wolf   Not an easy play in which Rajif Joseph makes a convincing case that isolation is pretty awful whether the universe is cracked, healed, or somewhere in-between.

. . Read More
I and You
I and You - A delicate coming of age story at the Fountain Theater . . Read More
New & Noteworthy

Details about Summer 2015 Shows (updated regularly until the season begins


The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers - En garde! A World Premiere adaptation at Quintessence theatre.. . Read More
New and Noteworthy in Philadelphia. . .Philly Theater List/Visitors Guide links

Washington - DC
The Originalist
The Originalist - Extended to 5/31! Whether audiences in cities that don't have more than 50,000 lawyers and an incalculable number of wonks, will have the sitzfleisch for 105 minutes of dueling ideologies remains to be seen. But Arena's production, though too long, is well worth seeing . . Read More
New & Noteworthy
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Elevada - Sheila Callaghan's play, having its world premiere at Yale Rep, is, as of now, a muddle of themes and characterizations in search of a tone.. . . Read More

Welcome to our house on Maple Avenue
See how we polish and we shine
We rearrange and realign
Everything is balanced and serene
Like chaos never happens if it's never seen
— lyric from Fun Home , the least mass-audience geared contender for a Best New Musical Tony.

Welcome To The Renaissance
Not The One In Italy Or In France
No The One In England
The One Where William Shakespeare Is Cream Of The Crop
The One Where William Shakespeare Is The Top!

— Lyric from Something rotten the zany, strictly historically incorrect riff on how plays evolved into musicals, that's also a contender for the best new musical Tony.

Someday He'll Come Along
the Man I Love
— Lyric from one of many gorgeous Gershwin tunes in this year's danciest new musicals,American in Paris

If we assume the debts, the union gets/ A new line of credit, a financial diuretic/ How do you not get it? If we're aggressive and competitive/ The union gets a boost. You'd rather give it a sedative? — Alexander Hamilton in the brilliantnew musical Hamilton

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