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Breaking News: It Shoulda Been You Closing 8/09. . . Fish in the Dark doing fine with Jason Alexander and has extended to 8/01. . . See out news page for details about an Apple Family Sequel. . . . . . Cabaret Nights - July . . . detailed listings of current and upcoming Broadway Shows and Off-Broadway Shows updated daily . . . Curtainup at Facebook & at Twitter. . . Visit CurtainUp's Friends . . Go Tickets
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Tanglewood Music Festival's All American Concert - Excerpts of Aaron Copland's "Lincoln Portrait" Thrillingly Rendered by John Douglas Thompson
Julie Taymor's Midsummer Night's Dream on Screen
An Awards Ceremony Without Tension . . . and That's Actually Fun
America Is Hard to See . . .an easy to enjoy very different theatrical experience at the spacious new Whitney Museum
Why We Shouldn't Get Rid of Earworms As Part of the Musical Theater Experience
About the Pulitzer plus all the winning plays
Older . . .
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New York-Broadway
An Act of God
An Act of God - A big bang of a performance by Jim Parsons . . Read More
Finding Neverland - Star casting and Diane Paulus may make this Peter Pan back stage fiction critic proof . . Read More
Finding Neverland
Something Rotten!
Something Rotten! - A musical NOT borrowing from a book or movie, though it does borrow unapologetically from Shakespeare . . Read More
King and I
The King and I - Now open-ended! A revival that make you whistle a happy song . . Read More
Fun Home
Fun Home - if you've been waiting for a truly unique new musical, this unique family story is the one you won't want to miss. . . Read More
It Shoulda Been You
It Shoulda Been You - It shouldabeen funnier and more original Closing 8/095. . Read More
An American In Paris
An American In Paris - The magnificent Gershwin score and fleet footed dancing, who could ask for anything more? . . Read More
Wolf Hall, Parts One And Two
Wolf Hall, Parts One And Two - Hilary Mantel's best selling history saga becomes this season's "event" with 6 hours of behind-the-throne intrigue. . Read More
Skylight - The Review - David Hare's acclaimed London revival of his 1995 play now on Broadway . . Read More
Hand to God
Hand to God -Robert Askins' devilishly clever play on Broadway, with the the O'Neill puppet namesake foul-mouthed as ever . . . Read More
On The Twentieth Century
On The Twentieth Century-Extended to July 19th! The Roundabout's current take on that madcap sixteen hour Chicago to New York ride is buoyed by Cy Coleman's sophisticated operetta-ish score and Betty Comden and Adolph Green's witty book and lyrics & a great cast that includes a better than ever Kristin Chenoweth . . . Read More
Fish in the Dark
Fish in the Dark - The show's also doing well with Jason Alexander-- and is now extended to August 1st. . . Read More
 On the Town
On the Town - this old wine in a flavorful new bottle lands successfully in a 4x bigger Broadway theater . . Read More
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time - a genre-crossing, electrifying stage adaptation of Mark Haddon's best selling novel . . Read More
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New York Off-Broadway
Of Good Stock
Of Good Stock - Melissa Ross adds the Stockton sisters to the popular 3-sisters genre . . Read More
Happy Days
Happy Days - a terrific, scary and funny play and it keeps, in my estimation, getting better. Read More
Encores-New Brain
Encores!- New Brain - William Finn's autobiographical musical in a fine if all too brief revival . . Read More
Significant Ot
Significant Other - Joshua Harmon's funny and often moving new play about friendship and love for New York single . . . . Read More
Doctor Faustus
Doctor Faustus -- At its best, Belgrader's adaptation is defensibly low, lively and loose. . . Read More
Gloria A well-deservved extension to 7/28 - an intriguing new play by the talented Branden Jacobs-Jenkins . . Read More
The Tempest
The Tempest - a staging that is seriously in search of excitement or any presence of wizardry.Read More
Preludes - A surreal but fascinating first musical for the Claire Towe Theater . . Read More
The Qualms
The Qualms - Publitzer Prize winner Bruce Norris's sharp but flawed new dark comedy buoyed by a first-class cast . . Read More
Consent - David Rhodes's stark title is the first clue that his characters aren't in yum-yum tree territory. . . Read More
10 Out of 12
10 Out of 12 - Playwright Anne Washburn, with director Les Waters, creates an exaggerated melodramatic sensibility that is completely copacetic with the horror movie genre to which it is wed . . Read More
In My Father's Words
In My Father's Words - a very moving play, but in need of a stronger ending . . Read More
Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait
Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait - Daniel Talbott's new play presents a measured, thought-provoking, and gripping vision of where today's constant state of war might lead us.Read More
Heisenberg - Extended to 7/18!When Mary-Louis Parker plants an impromptu kiss on a stranger's neck, a kiss is indeed becomes more than just a kiss . . Read More
The Spoils
The Spoils - Jesse Eisenberg has once again has written himself a character custom-made for his hyper-active style. Though it's the starring role, it's also his new play's least sympathetic one. . . Read More
For the Last Time - Nathanial Hawthorne would be surprised to see his The Marble Faun, his tale of sin and its tragic effects, turned into a jaz musical-- as it has been by jazz singer and composer, Nancy Harrow and Will Pomerantz. . . Read More
Cagney - This small musical about one of Hollywood's favorite tough guys is big on top-drawer acting, choreography and witty direction. . . . Read More
Nice Girl
Nice Girl - Extended to 6/21! The nuanced acting and moving dialogue make you overlook that Melissa Ross seems to have set her play in the wrong decade . . . Read More
The Sound and the Fury
The Sound and the Fury - Extended to 7/12! Elevator Repair Service is back at the Public with its highly kinetic staged reading of a portion of William Faulkner's novel. . . Read More
Permission - No puppet to buoy Robert Askins' new play about another offbeat Christian practice . . Read More
The Way We Get By
The Way We Get By - Extended to 6/21! Neil LaBute in a romantic mood, though still with a twist, at Second Stagee. . Read More
The Flick - Another chance to see Annie Baker's ground breaking Pulitzer prize winning play . . Read More
Dinner With the Boys
Dinner With the Boys - Dan Lauria's dinner now served Off-Broadway . . Read More
Forever - Dael Orlandersmith's soul-baring and often lyrical solo arrives at New York Theatre Workshop. . . Read More

The Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Two Gentlemen of Verona - Extended again to June 20th! Fiasco's reworks Shakespeare's first romantic comedy as a zany caper . . Read More
The Belle of Belfast
The Belle of Belfast -Extended to 6/14! well-structured, skillfully drawn, and slyly entertaining. If only it were less hollow . . Read More
Clinton The Musical
Clinton The Musical -Closing 6/21/15 musical spoof about William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton Read More
Churchill Ronald Keatin revisits the life of the great British leader and orator . . Read More
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 To Kill A Mocking Bird
To Kill A Mocking Bird The Open Air Regents Park production of To Kill A Mocking Bird opens at the Barbican with Robert Sean Leonard as Atticus Finch. . . . Read More

 The Trial
The Trial Rory Kinnear is increasingly becoming an irresistible force on the London stage and is a perfect choice for Kafka’s rumpled anti-hero . . . . Read More
 Bend It Like Beckham
Bend It Like Beckham Gurinder Chadha directs the musical version of her film that launches the career of Natalie Dew as the Sikh girl who becomes a world class woman footballer . . . Read More
hang debbie tucker green's thrilling lyricism moves in a futuristic play about life and death starring Marie Jean-Baptiste . . . . Read More
An Audience With Jimmy Savile
An Audience With Jimmy Savile Alistair McGowan's uncanny portrayal of the DJ and TV kids champion cum paedophile and necrophiliac truly chills with six decades of abuse and those that knew what he was doing but did nothing . . . . Read More
Teddy This exciting, lyrical play with a live band looks at a youth subculture of the 1950s, the Teddy Boys . . . Read More
 The Eighth Wonder of the World
The Eighth Wonder of the World In the most incredible setting comes this play about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his father Marc Brunel and their tunnel under the Thames . . Read More
Oresteia Robert Icke writes and directs a compulsive and compelling modern Oresteia. Read More
Temple Steve Water's play about the Church and capitalism has great comedy and contentious issues as well as Simon Russell Beale on tip top form . . . . Read More
Death of A Salesman Antony Sher is brutal as Willy Loman in Gregory Doran's bleak production . . . . Read More
 High Society
High Society An unusual production from Maria Friedman of this Cole Porter musical on the Old Vic's reconfigured circular stage . . . Read More
 Against Captain
Against Captain"'s Orders The National Maritime Museum and Punchdrunk create a nautical adventure for the 6 to 12 year olds . . . . . Read More
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Links to reviews of all currently running shows & News in London
 John Douglas Thompson at Tanglewood
Tanglewood Music Festival's All American Concert - Excerpts of Aaron Copland's "Lincoln Portrait" Thrillingly Rendered by John Douglas Thompson . . Read More
 The How and the Why
The How and the Why - Stage and screen writer Sarah Treem's multi-faceted two-hander is buoyed by Tod Randolph's stellar performance . . Read More
Thoreau - an opportunity to meet this dynamic individualist as beautifully portrayed and dramatized by David Adkins. . . Read More
 Shining City
Shining City - Here's your chance to see a first-rate production of Conor McPherson's stunning play. . . Read More
Man of La Mancha
Man of La Mancha - Jeff McCarthy is a fine Don Quixote Updated with additional comments! . . Read More
Berkshire Main Page 2015
Details about Summer 2015 Shows

New Jersey
Closure - a predictable but entertaining whodunnit Read More
Love's Labour's Lost
Love's Labour's Lost - a glib, gorgeous-to- look-at, fun-filled delight Read More
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New & Noteworthy
NJ Theaters

 As You Like It
As You Like It - Celia, Geer's production is spunky, hormone-laced, occasionally thoughtful, and largely a cool breeze of entertainment on a hot afternoon. . . Read More
How to be a Rock Critic
How to be a Rock Critic - Erik Jensen offers a must-see master class in how to play the best rock critic of them all, with a soundtrack you'll want to bang your head to. . . Read More
Murder for Two
Murder for Two - if you can watch this loony lark now at the Geffen without grinning from start to finish, that would be a mystery indeed. . . Read More
Matilda - The road show of the Broadway hit launches its road show at LA's Ahmanson . . Read More
 Oedipus Machina
Oedipus Machina - a clear and uncluttered production which is focused on the dramatic endgame at the Odyssey Theater. . . Read More
New & Noteworthy


New and Noteworthy in Philadelphia. . .Philly Theater List/Visitors Guide links

Washington - DC
Newsies - This touring production is as highly-polished, fast moving and well performed as any musical on Broadway . . Read More
Marley - By the end of an enjoyable evening, the audience happily gets up and dances in the balcony, in the aisles, even on stage. . . Read More
Cabaret - A sublime production at DC's Signature . . Read More
New & Noteworthy
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Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival: All the world's a Stage at the Hudson River Highlands - Reviews: *Midsummer Night's Dream
. . . Read More
And a Nightingale Sang
And a Nightingale Sang - C. P. Taylor's World War II story highlighted by fine acting at Westport Country Playhouse, . . . Read More

This play is about a young person who is different, and misunderstaood, and I just want to dedicate this to any young person who feels misunderstood and feels different.— Alex Sharp, in accepting his Tony for best actor in The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time

Welcome to our house on Maple Avenue
See how we polish and we shine
We rearrange and realign
Everything is balanced and serene
Like chaos never happens if it's never seen
— lyric from Fun Home , the least mass-audience geared contender for a Best New Musical Tony.

Welcome To The Renaissance
Not The One In Italy Or In France
No The One In England
The One Where William Shakespeare Is Cream Of The Crop
The One Where William Shakespeare Is The Top!

— Lyric from Something rotten the zany, strictly historically incorrect riff on how plays evolved into musicals, that's also a contender for the best new musical Tony.

Someday He'll Come Along
the Man I Love
— Lyric from one of many gorgeous Gershwin tunes in this year's danciest new musicals,American in Paris

If we assume the debts, the union gets/ A new line of credit, a financial diuretic/ How do you not get it? If we're aggressive and competitive/ The union gets a boost. You'd rather give it a sedative? — Alexander Hamilton in the brilliantnew musical Hamilton

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