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Breaking News: For details about the latest off-Broadway productions to be broadcast for this year's go here . . . Sydney Lucas who's been Fun Home's Small Allison for a third of her life will leave the show 10/04/15--to be replaced by her understudy Gabriella Pizzolo. . . The Legend of Georgia McBride extended to 10/11/15. . . Hand to God leaving Broadway 1/03/16 to cross the Atlantic and London's Vaudeville, starting 2/05/16. . . A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder will play its final Broadway performance 1/17/16 but the show will continue on its murderous path via a national tour. . . Cabaret Nights - October . . . detailed listings of current and upcoming Broadway Shows and Off-Broadway Shows updated daily . . . Curtainup at Facebook & at Twitter. . . Visit CurtainUp's Friends . . Go Tickets
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New York-Broadway
Old Times
Old Times - a play that has intrigued audiences since it first opened on Broadway in 1971 Read More
Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening - a unique new take of a musical already acclaimed for its uniqueness. . . . Read More
Hamilton On Broadway
Hamilton: The Something New and Exciting Broadway's Been Waiting For - A hit downtown is an even bigger hit uptown . . . . Read More
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace Closing 10/25!Read More
Finding Neverland - Star casting and Diane Paulus may make this Peter Pan back stage fiction critic proof . . Read More
Finding Neverland
Something Rotten!Read More
King and I
The King and I - Now open-ended! A revival that make you whistle a happy song . . Read More
Fun Home
Fun Home - if you've been waiting for a truly unique new musical, this unique family story is the one you won't want to miss. . . Read More
An American In Paris
An American In Paris - The magnificent Gershwin score and fleet footed dancing, who could ask for anything more? . . Read More
Hand to God
Hand to God - Robert Askins' devilishly clever play will leave Broadway 1/03/16 but cross the Atlantic to open at London's Vaudeville Theatre 2/05/16 . . . Read More
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time - a genre-crossing, electrifying stage adaptation of Mark Haddon's best selling novel . . Read More
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New York Off-Broadway
Barbecue -Robert O'Hara's uproarious satire is sure to be another hit for the hit-making Public Theater. . . . . Read More
Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs - This gemutlich little show and the intimate, recently renovated Davenport Theatre seem meant for each other.Read More
 Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine - Caryl Churchill's early play still worth watching, though the reconfigured Atlantic Theater is likely to put you into a cloud nine comfort zone . . Read More
 Catch the Butcher
Catch the Butcher - The attraction to "bad boys" is nothing new, but Adam Seidel's dark comedy takes this narrative in new and unexpected directions. . . . . Read More
The Quare Land
The Quare Land - Playwright John McManus is fortunate in his cast for this United States premiere of his comedy. . . . Read More
The Awful Truth
The Awful Truth - well-intentioned revival, presumably the only one since it first appeared on Broadway.Read More
Fondly, Collette Richland
Fondly, Collette Richland - the new play by Sibyl Kempson with Elevator Repair Service (ERS) is a high-style, high-energy affair . . . Read More
Fulfillment - Thomas Bradshaw's latest play affects you despite itself.Read More
Sommerfugl - American culture may have reached its transgender moment but, at the 4th Street Theater it's evident that some New Yorkers (ordinarily a blasé lot) are squeamish about the science of sex reassignment. Read More
 The New Morality
The New Morality Extended to 10/25! - This Edwardian domestic comedy has a Shavian flavor, that Harold Chapin would surely have developed more had he lived long enough . . . . Read More
A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night's Dream - This production keeps five actors very busy playing all the partsRead More
Little Thing, Big Thing
Little Thing, Big Thing - this darkly comic thriller from Dublin's Fishamble Company rapidly turns into a high-stakes adventure with global reach . . . Read More
The Christians
The Christians -Extended to 10/25! Lucas Hnath's intriguing play about the divisiveness of different visions for being true to one's faith. . . . Read More
Hamlet in Bed
Hamlet in Bed - a curious and also cagey show-piece Read More
The Black Book
The Black Book - a nightmarish if also surface-skimming exploration of a mind in denial and particularly in distress. Read More
Desire - An Evening of Plays based on Six Stories by Tennessee Williams - Inevitably there are sweet reflections of and references to some future Williams plays and the characters who inhabit them Read More
 The Legend of Georgia McBride
The Legend of Georgia McBride - Extended to 10/11! a hilariously entertaining tribute to the art of drag performance -- and it has something to say as well Read More
Mercury Fur
Mercury Fur - Philip Ridley creates a mounting sense of urgency and the New Group's Scott Elliott pulls it all together . . . . Read More
Summer Shorts 2015, Series B
Summer Shorts 2015, Series B - The second half of this year's Summer Shorts festival features one-act plays by Robert O'Hara, Stella Fawn Ragsdale, and Lucy Thurber. Read More
 The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey
 Scenes. . .
Scenes From an Execution- If this is Jan Maxwell's swan song on the New York stage, she's going out at the top of her game, in a role that might have been written for her.Read More . . . . Read More
Summer Shorts 2015, Series A
Summer Shorts 2015, Series A - The first half of this year's Summer Shorts festival featured one-act plays by Neil LaBute, Matthew Lopez, and Vickie Ramirez.Read More
Hapyy 50ish
Hapyy 50ish- often familiar, but well told 2-character musical about aging . . . Read More
 Colin Quinn The New York Story
Colin Quinn The New York Story - Fast, familiar and funny Read More
Ruthless - an uproarious musical that also sings, snaps, and snarls all at the same time. Read More
 The Weir
The Weir- The return engagement at the Irish Rep has been extended to September 9th!. . . Read More
Significant Ot
Significant Other - Joshua Harmon's funny and often moving new play about friendship and love for New York single . . . . Read More
The Flick - Extended to an open run and with a new castAnother chance to see Annie Baker's ground breaking Pulitzer prize winning play . . Read More
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Martyr Pertinent and darkly comic play following a teenager on a path to Christian fundamentalism . . . . Read More
Medea The opening of this Medea is the most moving in its portrait of a woman broken by abandonment. . . . Read More
Nell Gwynn Jessica Swale's delightful romp through Carolinian England with the actress Nell Gwynn at Shakespeare's Globe. . . . Read More
Hangmen Martin McDonagh scores again with a thrilling and dark drama . . . Read More
 Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots Surely Kinky Boots will run away with the best musical awards this year! . . . Read More
Photograph 51 Nicole Kidman is mesmerising as a woman scientist uncredited for her role in discovering the structure of DNA. . . . Read More
Dusty Dusty the musical may get into the records for the length of its preview run and its opening night after it was originally meant to close . . . . Read More
 People, Places and Things
People, Places and Things Duncan Macmillan's involving play about addiction and rehab has a brilliant performance from Denise Gough . . . . Read More
Hamlet - So what is all the fuss about? Benedict Cumberbatch's Prince of Denmark is reviewed. . . . Read More
 American Idiot
American Idiot Director choreographer Racky Plews gives her edgy version of Green Day's rock opera, American Idiot . . . Read More
 Sinatra the Man and His Music
Sinatra the Man and His Music In the centenary of Sinatra's birth, using technology, this show recreates his live performances . . . . Read More
 Bend It Like Beckham
Bend It Like Beckham Gurinder Chadha directs the musical version of her film that launches the career of Natalie Dew as the Sikh girl who becomes a world class woman footballer . . . Read More
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Links to reviews of all currently running shows & News in London
Veils - Tom Coash's play set in Egypt just prior to the Arab Spring revolutions is a stunningly seamless examination of cross-cultural attitudes and identity not only between Muslim and non-Muslim, but within the Muslim world itself.. . Read More

New Jersey
Baby Doll
Baby Doll - Sex and satire are blended tenuously in this new adaptation of a controversial Tennessee William's film Read More
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New & Noteworthy
NJ Theaters

 The Sound of Music
The Sound of Music - Sunniness and hope must ultimately trump subversion. With Kerstin Anderson and those adorable kids leading the way, when our Maria climbs ev'ry mountain, we're right there with every step. Again . . Read More
 Man Covets Bird
Man Covets Bird - 70 minutes of enchantment and wonder. . . Read More
 These Paper Bullets
These Paper Bullets - Playwright Rolin Jones and director Jackson Gay transplant Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing to 1964 London for a Fawlty Towers sensibility and turning its characters into a Beatles-like rock group. . . Read More
Real Women Have Curves
Real Women Have Curves - Containing five largely likable characters, no antagonist (beyond the straw man social norms of an appearance-obsessed America) and a ton of "you go girl!" affirmation, this is a far easier play to smile at than to admire. . . Read More
 Café Society
Café Society - Playwright/screenwriter/novelist Peter Lefcourt has a strong comedic flair for depicting narcissism, and he laces his latest work with a current of satire that nips more than it bites.. . Read More
New & Noteworthy


New and Noteworthy in Philadelphia. . .Philly Theater List/Visitors Guide links

Washington - DC

Beautiful The Carole King Musical
Beautiful The Carole King Musical - This touring show now at the Kennedy Center is nothing but pleasure. . . Read More
Destiny of Desire
Destiny of Desire - Over the top. Silly beyond words. Those are just a few words to describe playwright Karen Zacarias' contribution to the Women's Voices Theater Festival. . . Read More
Chimerica - a huge hit in London, Lucy Kirkwood's play is now having its U.S. premiere at Washington's Studio Theatre. . . Read More
Newsies - This touring production is as highly-polished, fast moving and well performed as any musical on Broadway . . Read More
New & Noteworthy
Show Boat - A strong book, great songs-- almost too much of a good thing. . . Read More
An Opening in Time
An Opening in Time - Christopher Shinn's new play is a bittersweet convergence of the past and present.. . . Read More

The characters {in the 19th century Russian plays} behave as if their old certainties were as sustaining as ever, even though they know that their society is in meltdown and . . .they seem to expect their problems will disappear if they talk about them — endlessly.— Brian Friel explaining his feeling of kinship with writers like Chekhov, as quoted in his obituary, the day after he died at age 86.

This play is about a young person who is different, and misunderstaood, and I just want to dedicate this to any young person who feels misunderstood and feels different.— Alex Sharp, in accepting his Tony for best actor in The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time

Welcome to our house on Maple Avenue
See how we polish and we shine
We rearrange and realign
Everything is balanced and serene
Like chaos never happens if it's never seen
— lyric from Fun Home , the least mass-audience geared contender for a Best New Musical Tony.

Welcome To The Renaissance
Not The One In Italy Or In France
No The One In England
The One Where William Shakespeare Is Cream Of The Crop
The One Where William Shakespeare Is The Top!

— Lyric from Something rotten the zany, strictly historically incorrect riff on how plays evolved into musicals, that's also a contender for the best new musical Tony.

Someday He'll Come Along
the Man I Love
— Lyric from one of many gorgeous Gershwin tunes in this year's danciest new musicals,American in Paris

If we assume the debts, the union gets/ A new line of credit, a financial diuretic/ How do you not get it? If we're aggressive and competitive/ The union gets a boost. You'd rather give it a sedative? — Alexander Hamilton in the brilliantnew musical Hamilton

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