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Abe Lincoln's Piano(Los Angeles 2014)
Abducting Diana/Fo, Daniel (DC)
Abigail's Party/ Mike Leigh(Los Angeles 2008)
Abigail's Party/ Leigh, Mike (London 2002)
Abigail's Party/ Leigh, Mike (Off-Broadway 2005)
About Alice /Calvin Trillin (2019 Off-Broadway)
Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party/ Aaron Loeb (Off-Broadway 2010)
Absence of Weather/Urban, Ken (Los Angeles 2005)
Absent Friends/Alan Ayckbourn (London 2012)
Absent Friends/Alan Ayckbourn (Off-Broadway 1996)
Absolute Beginners/Roy Williams, adapted from Colin MacInnes novel(London 2007)
Absolutely! [perhaps]/ Pirandello, Luigi Pirandello (London 2003)
Absurd Person Singular/Ayckbourn, Alan (Broadway 2005)
Absurd Person Singular/ Ayckgbourn (Berkshires, 2010)
Absurdia: A Resounding Tinkle and Gladly Otherwise by NFSimpson; The Crimson Hotel by Michael Frain (London 2007)
Abundance/Pottenger, Marty (Off Broadway 2004)
Abundance / Beth Henley (2015 Off-Broadway)
Accent on Youth/ Samson Raphaelson (2009)
Accidental Death of an Anarchist/ Daniel Fo (2011 New Jersey}
Accolade/ Emlyn Williams(London 2011)
Accolade / Emlyn Williams (London 2014)
Accomplice/ Rupert Holmes, Rupert (Los Angeles 2005)
The Accomplices/Weinraub, Bernard (2007)
According to Goldman/Graham, Bruce (Philadelphia 2004)
The Accused/Archer, Jeffrey (London 2000)
Ace of Clubs /Noel Coward (London 2014)
The Acid Test/ Anya Reiss(London 2011)
Across The Wide and Lonesome Prairie/ Julie Jensen(New Jersey 2010)
Act A Lady/Jordan Harrison(Phladelphia2011)
The Action Against Sol Schulmann/Sweet, Jeffrey (Off-Broadway 2004)
Act Of God (nj 2017)
Act of God/ David Javerbaum(2016 Off-Broadway)
An Act of God/David Javerbaum (2015 Off-Broadway)
An Act of Love/ David Landsberg(Los Angeles 2008)
Act One/ James Lapine, based on Moss Hart Memoir(Off-Broadway2014)
The Act /Matthew Baldwin and Thomas Hescott (London 2014)
The Actor's Worst Nightmare/Durang, Christopher (Berkshires 2000)
Acts of Faith/Stephen Mantin& (Off-Broadway 1998)
Acts of Mercy/Garcçs, Michael John (Off-Broadway 2006)
Actually/Anna Ziegler (2017 Off-Broadway)
ADA: Author Directing Author/Neil La Bute, Marco Calvani, Marta Buchaca (2017 Off-Broadway)
Adam Baum and the Jew Movie/Goldfarb, Daniel(Off-Broadway 1999)
The Addams Family/ book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice
music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa
( Broadway2010)
Addicted/Lundholm, Mark (Off-Broadway 2006)
Adding Machine/Music,Joshua Schmidt;libretto, Jason Loewith and Mr. Schmidt, based on Elmer Rice 1923 (Off-Broadway 2008)
Address Unknown/Taylor, Kathrine Kressman— adapted by Frank Dunlop (Off-Broadway 2004)
Adieu, Jacques: The Life & Music of Jacques Brel/Harrison, Noel (Los Angeles 2001)
Adjoining Trances/Randy Buck  (Off-Broadway 197)
Adler and Gibb (London 2014)
The Admirable Crichton/Barrie (Shaw Festival 2011)
Admissions /Joshua Harmon (2018 Off-Broadway)
Admit One/Wendy Yondorf (New Jersey 2014)
Adrift in Macao/book and lyrics by Christopher Durang; music by Peter Melnick (Philadelphia 2005) (Off-Broadway-Primary Stages 2007 )
Ads/ Richard Maxwell(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Adventures of Charcoal Boy/Created by Elyas Khan, Eric Novak, and Sarah Provost (Off-Broadway 2006)
The Adventures of Fishy Waters: In Bed with the Blues/ Guy Davis(New Jersey 2012)
The Adventures of Hershele Ostropolyer/By Moyshe Gershenson and adapted by Eleanor Reissa (Off-Broadway 2010)
Adult Entertainment/May, Elaine (Off-Broadway 2002)
Allelujah!/Alan Bennett (London 2018)
An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein/Silverstein, Shel (Off- Broadway 2001)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer/Ludwig, Ken, from Mark Twain's novel (Broadway 2001)
Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait / Daniel Talbott (2015 Off-Broadway)
After/ Chad Beckim(Off-Broadway 2011)
Afterlife: A Ghost Story /Steve Yockey ( Boston 2011)
Afterlife / Michael Frayn(London 2008)
After Luke/ Conål Creedon(Off-Broadway 2009)
AfterMath/ Elliot Shoenman(Los Angeles 2011)
Aftermath/ Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen(Off-Broadway 2009)
After Midnight/Jack Viertel (Broadway 2013)
After the Night and the Music/May Elaine(Broadway 2002)
A For Adultery/Dick, Paul
Afore Night Come/Rudkin, David(London 2001)
After Miss Julie/August Strindberg, Patrick Marber adaptation (Broadway 2009)
After Miss Julie/Marber, Patrick—-based on Strindberg (London 2003)
After Mrs Rochester/Teale, Polly (London 2003)
Afterplay/Friel, Brian (London 2005)
Afterplay/Friel, Brian Friel (DC 2005)
After the Ball/Coward, Noel, after Oscar Wilde's Lady Windemere's Fan (Off-Broadway 2004)
After the Dance/ Terence Rattigan(London 2010)
After the End/Kelly, Dennis(Off-Broadway 2006)
After the Fair/Stephen Cole, based on Thomas Hardy story (Off-Broadway 1999)
After the Fall/Miller, Arthur (Los Angeles 2002)
After the Flood/Baker, Randy (DC 2004)
After the Rain/Sergi Belbel (Off-Broadway 1999)
After the Revolution/ Amy Herzog( Off-Broadway2010)
After the Revolution/ Amy Herzog(DC 2013)
After the Revolution A WTF-Nikos world premiere
After the War (Washington, DC 2016)
Against /Christopher Shinn (London 2017)
Against Captain"'s Orders /Simon Davies (London 2015)
Agamemnon/Aeschylus (Off-Broadway2004)
Agamemnon (Los Angeles 2006)
The Agent./Wagner,Martin - (London)
Age of Arousal/ Linda Griffiths(Philadelphia 2007)
Age of Innocence (2018 New Jersey)
The Age of Iron/ William Shakespeare's 11:46 AM 7/18/2016 and Cressida & Thomas Heywood's Iron Age(2009)
Age Of Pie/Hedges, Peter (Off-Broadway 2000)
Ages of the Moon(Atlantic Theater Off-Broadway2010)
Age-Sex-Location/ Markou, Marcus (London 2004)
The Agitators by Mat Smart (Washington, DC 2018)
Agnes Colander/Harley Granville Barker (London 2018)
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs/ created and performed by Mike Daisey(2011)
Ah, Wilderness! / Eugene O'Neill(DC 2012)
Ah,Wilderness!/Eugene O'Neill- NATCO (Off-Broadway 1997)
Ah,Wilderness/ Lincoln Center-Beaumont (Broadway 1997)
Aida/ Wolferton-Fall-Hwang(Broadway 2000)
Ain't No Mo /Jordan E. Cooper (2019 Off-Broadway)
Ain't Too Proud - The Life and Times of The Temptations / (2019 Broadway)
Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations/book by Dominique Morisseau
(Washington, DC 2018)
Adapted from Sophocles by Lightbox Theater (Off-Broadway 2006)
Ain't Misbehavi' onceived by Richard Maltby, Jr. & ' Murray Horwitz(New Jersey 2011)
Airline Highway/Lisa D'Amour (2015 Broadway)
Airswimming(Off-Broadway 2013)
Aladdin /Alan Menken, Tim Rice, Howard Ashman, Chad Beguelin (London 2016)
Aladdin/ Music by Alan Menken.Lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, Chad Beguelin. Book by Beguelin based on the animated film (Broadway2014)
The Alamo /Ian McRaer (2018 Los Angeles)
Albatross/ Matthew Spangler and Benjamin Evett (2017 Off-Broadway)
Albert Speer/Edgar, David(London 2000)
Albion /Mike Bartlett (London 2017)
The Alchemist/Ben Jonson (New Jersey 2014)
The Alchemist / Ben Jonson(DC2009)
The Alchemist/ Jonson, Ben (London 2006)
Aladdin/ Brown, Billie (London 2006)
Alexa's Necklace/Alprin, Paula (DC 2005)
Alexandra's Web/Silver, H. Richard (Off-Broadway 2002)
Alice by Heart(Off-Broadway 2019)
  Alice In Bed/Sontag, Susan(Off-Broadway 2002)
Alice In Black And White/Robin Rice (2016 Off-Broadway)
Alice in Slasherland/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
Alice Sit-By-The-Fire/ J.M. Barrie(Los Angeles 2008)
The Aliens/ Annie Baker(Off-Broadway 2010)
Aliens with Extraordinary Skills/ Saviana Stanescu(Off- Broadway2008)
Alison's House/Susan Glaspell (Off-Broadway 1999)
All About Me/ By Christopher Durang, Michael Feinstein and Barry Humphries; conceived by Mr. Feinstein and Mr. Humphries, with Lizzie Spender and Terrence Flannery( Broadway 2010)
All About My Mother/Based on the film by Pedro Almodovar, adapted by Samuel Adamson (London 2007)
All American Girls/ Layon Gray(Off-Broadway 2010)
Allegiance (2018 Los Angeles)
Allegiance /Book by Marc Acito and music and lyrics by Jay Kuo (Off-Broadway 2015)
Allegro /Rodgers and Hammerstein (London 2016)
Allegro / music by Richard Rodgers; lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II (2014 Off-Broadway)
All Eyes and Ears/ Rogelio Martinez(Off-Broadway 2008)
Alligator Tales/Galjour, Anne/ (Off-Broadway 1997)
All In the Timing/David Ives(Off-Broadway 2013)
All My Sons /Arthur Miller (London 2014)
All My Sons /Arthur Miller (London 2018)
All My Sons / Arthur Miller(Berkshires 2012)
All My Sons/ Arthur Miller(Broadway 2008)
All My Sons/Arthur Miller (Broadway 1997
All My Sons(London, 2000)
All New People/ Zach Braff(London 2012)
All New People/ Zach Braff(Off-Broadway 2011)
All Over/Albee, Edward (Off-Broadway 2002)
All Shook Up/DiPetro, Joe (Broadway 2006)
All That Fall/ Beckett(London 2012)
All That I'll Ever Be/Ball, Alan (Off-Broadway 2008)
All The Faces Of The Moon(Off-Broadway 2013)
All the Fine Boys/Erica Schmidt (2017 Off-Broadway)
All the Fun of the Fair,/ (London 2010)
All the Days/Sharyn Rothstein (New Jersey 2016)
All the Way (Washington, DC 2016)
All the Ways to Say I Love You/Neil LaBute (2016 Off-Broadway)
All the Wrong Reasons/ Fugelsang, John (Off-Broadway 2009
All Through The Night/ Shirley Lauro(Off-Broadway 2009)
all wear bowlers/Lyford,Trey; Sobelle, Geoff (Off-Broadway 2005)
All's Well That Ends Well (Connecticut 2013)
All's Well That Ends Well (in repertory with Measure for / (Off-Broadway--Central Park)
All's Well That Ends Well/ Shakespeare(London 2011)
All's Well That Ends Well/ William Shakespeare(New Jersey 2010)
All's Well That Ends Well/ Shakespeare(London 2009)
All's Well That Ends Well (Berkshires-2008)
All's Well That Ends Well/Shakespeare (Berkshires 1998)
All's Well That Ends Well/Shakespeare (Off-Broadway 2006)
All the Law Allows (Con todas de la ley)/ Gonzalez, Churcho (Off-Broadway 2002)
Almost an Evening/ Ethan Coen(Off-Broadway 2008)
Almost Famous/ Bruce Vilanc, (Off-Broadway 2005)
Almost Heaven: Songs of John Denver/Harold Thau concept(Off-Broadway 2000)
Almost Maine/John Cariani (Off-Broadway2014)
Almost, Maine/Cariani, John (Off-Broadway 2006)
Almost Maine/ John Cariani(Chester- Berkshires 2008)
Almost Maine
(Theater Barn- Berkshires 2007)
Alphabetical Order/Michael Frayn (London 2009)
Alphabetical Order/ Frayn, Michael  (Off-Broadway 20010)
Al's Business Cards/ Josh Koenigsberg(Off-Broadway2009)
Altar Boyz /Book Music and Lyrics by Ken Del Aguila, Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker (London 2014)
Altar Boyz /Book by Kevin Del Aguila; Music/Lyrics: Gary Adler & Michael Patrick Walker(Off-Broadway 2005)
The Altruists/Silver, Nicky (Off-Broadway 2000)
Always. . .Patsy Cline (2014 Philadelphia)
Amadeus/Peter Shaffer (New Jersey 2008)
Amadeus/ Schaffer, Peter (Broadway 1999)
Amadeus/ Schaffer, Peter (Berkshires 2006)
Amadeus/ Shaffer, Peter(Philadelphia, 2007)
The Amateurs /Jordan Harrison (2018 Off-Broadway)
Amazing Grace/Christopher Smith/Arthur Giron (Broadway 2015)
Amazons and Their Men / Harrison, Jordan(Off-Broadway 2008)
America v. 2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of the American Negro/Stacey Rose (2019 Berkshires)
An American Daughter (2016 Berkshires)
An American Daughter (1997)
American Dead/Brett Neveu (Los Angeles 2008)
American Fiesta/Tomlinson, Steven(Off-Broadway 2007)
American Hero/ Christopher Demos-Brown
(NJ 2018
American Hwangap/ Lloyd Suh(Off-Broadway 2009)
American Idiot /Billie Joe Armstrong, Michael Mayer (London 2015)
American Idiot (London 2012)
American Idiot/ (Los Angeles 2012)
American Idiot/Music by Green Day, Lyrics by Billie Joe ArmstrongBook by Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Mayer(Broadway 2010)
American Night: The Ballad of Juan Jose / Richard Montoya(Connecticut 2012)
American Night: The Ballad of Juan Jose/ Richard Montoya (Los Angeles 2012)
The American Pilot/Greig, David (Off-Broadway 2006)
American Sexy/ Trista Baldwin(Off-Broadway 2011)
American Son/Christopher Demos-Brown (New Jersey 2017)
American Son/Christopher Demos-Brown (Berkshires 2016)
American Stare/ Tony Glazer(New Jersey 2012)
American Tales/Music, Jan Powell; book and lyrics by Ken Stone(Los Angeles 2008)
American Trade/ Tarell Alvin McCraney(London 2011)
Amerika/ Franz Kafka—- adapted by Ip Wischin (DC 2004)
AMERIKE— The Golden Land/ Moishe Rosenfeld and Zalmen Mlotek (2017 Off- Broadway)
A. M. Sunday/ Jerome Hairson (DC 2003)
An Almost Holy Picture/Heather MacDonald (Broadway 2002)
Amadeus/ Shaffer, Peter (Broadway 1999)
Amadeusl/Shaffer, Peter (Berkshires 2006)
Amelie (2016 Off-Broadway)
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens
(2017 Broadway)
Amazing Grace/Michael Cristofer (Off-Broadway 1998)
American Buffalo/David Mamet (London 2015)
American Buffalo/ David Mamet(New Jersey 2010)
American Buffalo(Broadway 2008)
American Buffalo/Mamet,David (Off Broadway 2000)
American Buffalo (BTF Berkshires 2005)
The American Clock/Arthur Miller (Off Broadway 1999)
American Dance Machine For the 21st Century (Off-Broadway 2015)
An American Daughter/Wendy Wasserstein1997
The American Dream and The Sandbox/ Albee, Edward(2008)
American Dreams: An In-Yer-Face Musical/Book and Lyrics by William Whitehurst; Music Robert Gross (Los Angeles)
American Iliad/Freed, Donald (LA)
An American in Paris /George and Ira Gershwin, Craig Lucas (London 2017)
An American In Paris/Music And Lyrics By George Gershwin And Ira Gershwin. Book by Craig Lucas. (2015 Broadway)
American Ma{u}l/O'Hara, Robert
American Moor/Keith Hamilton Cobb (2015 Off-Broadway)
American Opera Trio: A Hand of Bridge/Music. Samuel Barber' libretto. Gian Carlo Menotti;Game of Chance/Music by Seymour Barab and libretto by Evelyn Manacher; Trouble in Tahiti/Music and libretto by Leonard Bernstein. (Berkshires)
The American Plan/ Richard Greenberg(Broadway2009)
The American Plan/Greenberg, Richard (1997)
American Primitive/Gibson, William (Berkshires)
American Psycho/Music and lyrics by Duncan Sheik, book by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (2016 Broadway)
American Psycho/ Music and Lyrics by Duncan Sheik. Book by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis (London 2013)
Americans/ Schlosser, Eric (London)
American Sligo/Rapp, Adam(2007)
The Amish Project/Jessica Dickey (Berkshires 2014)
The Amish Project/Jessica Dickey (2009)
Amongst Friends/April de Angelis (London 2009)
Amour/Music-- Michel Legrand; French libretto by Didier van Cauwelaert; adapted from "Le Passe-Muraille" by Marcel Aymé
Amy and the Orphans /Lindsey Ferrentino (2018 Off-Broadway)
Amy's View/David Hare(London)
Amy's View(NY) 
Amy's View (London)
Anastasia/Book by Terrence McNally. Music by Stephen Flaherty. Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens(Connecticut 2016)
Anapest/Lee Wochner(London)
Ancient History/David Ives(Los Angeles 1999)
Ancient Lights/Stephenson, Shelagh (London)
And Away We Go/ Terrence McNally (Off-Broadway2013)
And a Nightingale Sang(Connecticut 2015)
And Baby Makes Seven/ (Off-Broadway2014)
The Anderson Project/LePage, Robert (London)
The Anderson Twins Play the Fabulous Dorseys(Off-Broadway 2012)
And Give Us The Shadows/By Lars Noren (Hudson Valley 2013)
The Andersonville Trial /Saul Levitt (2016 Los Angeles)
And God Created Great Whales/Eckert, Rinde
And Her Hair Went With Her/ ina Camblin(Los Angeles 2008)
And Her Hair Went With Her/ Zina Camblin(New Jersey2008)
And I And Silence/Naomi Wallace (Off-Broadway 2014)
And In the End - The Death and Life of John LennonAnd In the End (London 2013)
&Juliet/Robert Caisley (2017-NJ)
And Miles to Go/Chad Beckim (Off-Broadway2013)
And Neither Have I Wings To Fly/ Noble, Ann(Los Angeles 2007)
Andromaque/ Racine(London 2009)
Andromeda Shack/Bucci, David   (DC)
and then you go on. Anthology of the Works of Samuel Beckett/Beckett adapted by Bob Jaffe (Berkshires & New York)
And Then There Were None/Elyot, Kevin, from Agatha Christie novel(London)
ANDY: A Popera (2015 Philadelphia)
Angelique/ Lorena Gale
Angel On My Shoulder/Rittenhouse, Michele Raper(Los Angeles)
Angel Reapers/Alfred Uhry-Martha Clarke (2016 Off-Broadway)
Angels in America/Tony Kushner (2018 Broadway)
Angels in America/Opera based on Tony Kushner's play (2017 Off-Broadway)
Angels in America, Part One: Millenium Approaches/Tony Kushner (Philadelphia 2012)
Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. Part 1 Millenium Approaches; Part 2, Perestroika/ Tony Kushner(Off-Broadway 2010)
Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika/Kushner (Philadelphia 2012)
Angels In America/Kushner, Tony (London 2007)
Angel Street/ Patrick Hamilton
a href="animal.html">Animal/Adshead, Kay (London)
Animal and Plants/Adam Rapp -- see, Hotel Motel
Animal Crackers (Berkshires 2013)
Animal Crackers/ Book by George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind.Music and lyrics by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby. Adapted by Henry Wishcamper(2009 Chicago)
Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins/ Brian Christopher Williams(Los Angeles 2009)
Ann/Holland Tayloe (Broadway 2013)
Anna Christie / Eugene O'Neill(London 2011)
Anna Christie/O'Neill, Eugene (2002)
Anna Christie/Eugene O'Neill (2008)
Anna In the Tropics/Cruz, Nilo (Princeton, New Jersey & Broadway)
Anna In the Tropics/Cruz, Nilo (LA)
Annapurna/Sharr White (Off-Broadway2014)
Annapurna/Sharr White (New Jersey 2012)
Anne Boleyn/ (London 2010)
Anne of Green Gables/Gretchen Cryer (book & lyrics), Nancy ford (music) from Lucy Maud Montgomery book
Annie (NJ 2017.
Annie/ Book by Thomas Meehan. Music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Martin Charnin(Broadway 2012)
Annie/Book-Thomas Meehan, music - Charles Strouse, lyrics - Martin Charnin (New Jersey)
Annie Get Your Gun/ Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin. >Book by Herbert and Dorothy Fields(London2009)
Annie Get Your Gun/Berlin, Irving; Field, Herbert and Dorothy (additions Peter Stone)(DC)
Annie Get Your Gun(Connecticut 2010)
Annie Get Your Gun/ Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Book by Herbert and Dorothy Fields; revised by Peter Stone(Connecticut 2010)
Annie Get Your Gun(NY)
Animals Out Of Paper/Rav Joseph(Los Angeles 2014)
Animals Out of Paper/Rajiv Joseph (Berkshires 2012)
Annulla/Mann, Emily
Anonymous/Merzer, Glen
Another American: Asking and Telling/Wolf, Marc 
Another Country /Julian Mitchell (London 2014)
Another Country/Mitchel, Julian (London)
"Another Part of the Forest/ Lilian Hellman( Off- Broadway2010)
Another Part of the House/Cruz, Migdalia 1997
Another Vermeer/ Bruce J. Robinson (2008)
The Anthem, the musical/Book by Gary Morgenstein, inspired by Ayn Rand novella. Music by Jonnie Rockwell and lyrics by Erik Ransom (Off-Broadway2014)
Anthem/adapted by Jeff Britting from Ayn Rand's Novel (Off-Broadway2013)
Antlia Pneumatica/Anne Washburn, (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Antipodes/Annie Baker (2017 Off-Broadway)
Antony & Cleopatra/William Shakespeare (New Jersey 2014)
Antony & Cleopatra/Shakespeare (Off-Broadway2014)
Antony and Cleopatra/ Shakespeare(London 2010)
Antony and Cleopatra/ Shapespeare(Connecticut 2010)
br> Antony and Cleopatra (London/Liverpool 2010)
Antony and Cleopatra/ (2008)
Antarctica/ Young/ David Young (London)
Antigone/sophocles (2015 Off-Broadway)
Antigone at Hell's Mouth/Darke, Nick (London)
Antigone/Sophocles, translated by Brendan Kennelly (NAATCO)
Antigone/Wellman, Mac
Antigone Project/Sophocles, with adaptations by Tanya Barfield, Karen Hartman, Chiori Miyagawa, Lynn Nottage and Caridad Svich
Antlia Pneumatica/Anne Washburn, (2016 Off-Broadway)
Afrika! Afrika! (London 2008)
Antony and Cleopatra/Shakespeare (Berkshires 2007)
Antony and Cleopatra/Shakespeare(NY Public Theater 1997)
Antony and Cleopatra/Shakespeare (Old Globe-London 2006)
Any Given Monday/ Bruce Graham(Off-Broadway 2011)
Anyone Can Whistle/Music & Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim;Book: Arthur Laurents (Los Angeles 2003)
Anyone Can Whistle/Music & Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim;Book: Arthur Laurents (Philadelphia 2005)
Any Other Name/ George Brant(New Jersey 2009)
Anything/ McNeil, Tim(Los Angeles 2007)
Anything Goes (DC 2013)
Anything Goes/ Music and lyrics by Cole Porter Original book by P.G. Wodehouse & Guy Bolton and Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse. Currently used book by Timothy Crouse & John Weidman(Broadway 2011)
Anything Goes/Music and lyrics by Cole Porter;Original Book by PG Wodehouse and Guy Bolton, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse (London)
Anything Goes/Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter.Original Book by Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse (Berkshires)
Apartment 3A/Daniels, Jeff
Apologia/ Alexi Kaye Campbell (2018 Off-Broadway)
Apologia /Alexi Kaye Campbell (London 2017)
Apologia/Alexi Kaye Campbell (London 2009)
Apostasy/ Dilorio, Gino (New Jersey)
An Appalachian Twelfth Night/ Shakespeare re-conceived and adapted Robert L. Williams (Los Angeles)
Apparition/Washburn, Anne
The Appeal/Lee, Young Jean
Encores! Applause (2008)
Apple/ Vern Thiessen(New Jersey 2008)
The Apple Tree/Bock, Jerry & Harnick, Sheldon (Encores!)
Application Pending/ Greg Edwards and Andy Sandberg / (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Arab-Israeli Cookbook.Soans, Robin (Los Angeles)
The Arabian Nights/ Mary Zimmerman(DC 2010)
Arabian Nights/Zimmerman, Mary (Philadelphia 2004)
Arcadia(Connecticut 2014)
Arcadia / Tom Stoppard (2014 Philadelphia)
Arcadia/ Tom Stoppard(London 2009)
Arcadia/Tom Stoppard ( Broadway 2011)
Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe/ Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner (2009)
Architecting/ The TEAM(Off-Broadway2009)
Architecting/ the TEAM with additional Collaborating Writers: Davey Anderson, Nathan Wright, Lucy Kendrick Smith(London2009)
The Architecture of Loss/Cho, Julia
Are We There Yet?/Wingfield, Garth
Are You There, McPhee? /John Guare (New Jersey 2012)
Argonautika/ Mary Zimmerman(New Jersey 2008)
Argonautika,The Voyage Of Jason And The Argonauts/Zimmerman, Mary (Chicago)
Arguendo/Elevator Repair Service(Off-Broadway 2013)
The Argument and Dinner Party/Greenspan, David & Herskovitz, David
The Argument/Gersten-Vassilaros, Alexandra
Arias With a Twist/Basil Twist and Joey Arias (2008)
Aristocrats/Brian Friel (London 2018)
Aristocrats/ Brian Friel(2009)
The Aristocrats/Friel (Lincoln Center Summer Festival
The Ark/ Book and lyrics by Michael McLean&Kevin Kelly; Music by Michael McLean
Arlington/ Book and Lyrics, Victor Lodato. Music, Polly Pen (Off-Broadway 2014)
Armchair America/Tom Bondi and Mark Holt
The Armour /Ben Ellis Arms and the Man/ G. B. Shaw(New Jersey 2010)
Arms and the Man/Shaw
Arms and the Man/Shaw (Berkshires 1997)
Arms and the Man/Shaw (NY/Roundabout
Arms and the Man (Jean Cocteau 2002)
Arms and the Man (Pearl 2006)
Arms On Fire (Berkshires 2013)
Around the World in 80 Days/ Mark Brown, based on the novel by Jules Verne(2008)
Arrivals and Departures, see The Ayckbourn Ensemble
Arsenic and Old Lace/Joseph Kesselring (2017 Berkshires)
Arsenic and Old Lace/ Kesselring, Joseph (London)
The Arsonists/Max Frisch,t ranslation by Alistair Beaton(Los Angeles 2010)
The Arsonists/Frisch, Max (London2007--see also The Firebugs)
Art /Yasmina Reza (London 2017)
Art/ Yasmina Reza (Broadway 1998)
Art/Yasmina Rez (Berkshires- Barrington Stage 2010)
Art (London)
Art ( London)
Artefacts/ Mike Bartlett (London2008)
Artney Jackson /James Anthony Tyler (2018 Berkshires)
Artfuckers/Michael Domitrovich (2008)
Art, Life, & Show-Biz/Gordon, Ain
The Artist's Life and Other Cautionary Tales/Dawn Powell short stories adapted by Kira Obolensky
The Art of Concealment/ Terence Rattigan(London 2012)
Marcel + The Art of Laughter/ Jos Houben and Marcello Magni (2017 Off-Broadway)
Arturo Brachetti Change/ Sean Foley(London2009)
Around the World in Eighty Days and The Mother/(London 2011)
As Bees in Honey Drown/Beane,Douglas Carter 
As Bees in Honey Drown/,Douglas Carter Beane  (LA revival)
Asclepius/ Ellen Stewart(2009)
Ascension/DeSantis, Edmund
Ashes to Ashes/Pinter, Harold
Ashes to Ashes/Pinter, Harold (Lincoln Center Pinter Festival--Summer 2001)
Ashley Montana Goes Ashore In the Caicos. . .or What Am I Doing Here?/Rosenblatt, Roger
a href="ashville13.html">Review of Ashville (Off-Broadway 2013-- see also Interview with Lucy Thurber on the Occasion of the Hilltown plays
As I Lay Dying/ William Faulkner's novel, adapted by Edward Kemp (Los Angeles 2003)
As Is/ William M Hoffman (London 2013)
As It Is In Heaven/Hutton, Arlene (Los Angeles
Aspects of Love/ Andrew Lloyd Webber(London 2010)
Assassins at Encores! O (2017 Off-Broadway)
Assassins / Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman (London 2014)
Assassin/ David Robson( Philadelphia2013)
Assassins/Music and Lyrics-- Stephen Sondheim, Book --John Weidman(Philadelphia 2007)
Assassins/Music and Lyrics-- Stephen Sondheim, Book --John Weidman
(Broadway, 2004)
Assassins/Music and Lyrics-- Stephen Sondheim, Book --John Weidman
(Los Angeles, 2002)
Assassins/(BTF Berkshires, 2003)
The Assembled Parties/Richard Greenberg (Broadway 2013)
Assistance/ Leslye Headland(Off-Broadway 2012)
As Thousands Cheer/ Moss Hart (Off-Broadway 2998)
Astro Boy and the God of Comics/ Natsu Onoda Power(DC 2012)
Asymmetric/ Mac Rogers/ (Philadelphia 2012)
Asuncion/ Jesse Eisenberg(Off-Broadway 2011)
As Wide As I Can See/ Mark Snyder(Off-Broadway 2012)
As Yet Thou Art Young and Beautiful/Target Margin Company (Off- Broadway 2007)
As You Desire Me/ Pirandello/Luigi, adapted by Hugh Whitemore (London 2005)
As U2 Like It/ Adapted from Shakespeareby the Troubadour Theater Company(Los Angeles 2008)
A Strange and Separate People (Off- Broadway 2011)
As Ever/March Heisler and Zina Goldrich (New Jersey 2015)
As You Like It/William Shakespeare (London 2018)
As You Like It (2017 Off-Broadway)
As You Like It (2017 Los Angeles)
As You Like It (New Jersey 2013)
As You Like It (Off-Broadway 2013)
As You Like It / Shakespeare(2012)
As You Like It/ Shakespeare(London (Rose) 2011)
As You Like It /Shakespeare (London 2011)
The Bridge Project 2010: As You Like It and The Tempest (London 2010) As You Like It /Shakespeare from The Bridge Project's (BAM- Off Broadway2010)
As You Like It/Shakespeare (London 2009)
As You Like It ( London 2005)
As You Like It (LA 2005 )
As You Like It (Off-Broadway 2006)
As You Like It (Stratford Festival 2000 )
As You Like It/Shakespeare (Berkshires 1999)
As You Like It (Public Theater Off-Broadway 2003)
Asylum: The Strange Case of Mary Lincon/Book by June Bingham.Music and Lyrics by Carmel Owen (Off-Broadway 2006)
The Atheist/Ronan Noone (WTF Berkshires 2008)
The Atheist/Ronan Noone (Off-Broadway 2006)
At Home at the Zoo (Zoo Story)/Edward Albee (2017 Berkshires)
At Home at the Zoo (Philadelphia 2009)
Atlanta/ Book by Marcus Hummon &Adrian Pasdar; Music & Lyrics by Marcus Hummon(Los Angeles 2007)
The Atmosphere of Memory/ David Bar Katz(Off-Broadway 2011)
Attack of the Elvis Impersonators/ Lory Lazarus (2017 Off-Broadway) Attacks On the Heart/Laurents, Arthur (New Jersey 2003)
Attempts On Her Life/Crimp, Martin (Los Angeles, 2007)
Attempts On Her Life/Crimp, Martin (Off-Broadway 2002)
Attempts On Her Life/Crimp, Martin (London 2007)
The Attic/ Yoji Sakate (Off-Broadway 2007)
At Wit's End/Allison Engel and Margaret Engel (Washington, DC 2015)
Aubergine/Julia Cho (2016 Off-Broadway)
An Audience With Jimmy Savile /Jonathan Maitland (London 2015)
The Audience/ Jack Cummings & collaborators (Off-Broadway 2005)
The Audience/ James Morgan (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Audience/Peter Morgan (London 2013)
Augusta/ Richard Dresser(New Jersey 2009)
August Snow and Night Dance/Reynolds Price (Off-Broadway 1998)
Aurélia's Oratorio/ Victoria Thierree Chaplin(New Jersey 2010)
Aunt Dan and Lemon/Shawn, Wallace(Off-Broadway2003)
Auntie and Me/Panych, Morris(London 2003)
Auntie and Me/Panych, Morris(Berkshires 2006)
The Author/Tim Crouch (London 2009)
Automatic Earth/ Kevin Cunningham (Off-Broadway 1999)
Autres Temps/ Edith Wharton adapted by Denis Krausnick(Berkshires 2011)
Available Light/ Heather McDonald (DC 2000)
Avenue A/David Steen (Off-Broadway 1999)
Avenue Q/Music & Lyrics by Robert Lop ez &Jeff Marx;Book by Jeff Whitty all 3 NYlives in one page: (Off-Broadway 2003) (Broadway 2005) (Off-Broadway 2009)
Avenue Q/Music & Lyrics by Robert Lopez &Jeff Marx;Book by Jeff Whitty (London 2006)
Avenue Q/Music & Lyrics by Robert Lopez &Jeff Marx;Book by Jeff Whitty (Los Angeles 2007)
Avenue X/ Ray Leslee(music) John Jiler (lyrics)) (Berkshires 1996)
Avow/ Bill C. Davis(Off Broadway2009)
Avow/ Bill C. Davis (Off-Broadway 2000)
August: Osage County- the movie (Off-Broadway 2013)
August: Osage County/Letts, Tracy (Los Angeles 2009)
August: Osage County/Letts, Tracy (New York 2007, London 2008)
August: Osage County/Letts, Tracy (Chicago 2007)
The Autumn Garden /Lillian Hellman (London 2016)
Autumn Garden (Shaw Festival 2005 )
The Autumn Garden/Hellman, Lillian (WTF Berkshires 2007)
The Autumn Garden (Los Angeles 2010
Awake and Sing!/Clifford Odets (Off-Broadway 2015)
Awake and Sing!/Clifford Odets (Off-Broadway 2013)
Awake and Sing/Odets, Clifford (London 2007)
Awake and Sing/Odets, Clifford (Berkshires 2001)
Awake and Sing/Odets, Clifford (Broadway 2006)
The Awful Truth/Arthur Richman (Off-Broadway 2015)
The Ayckbourn Ensemble: Arrival and Departures, Time of My Life, Farcicals (Off-Broadway2014)
Babette's Feast / Conceived & Developed by Abigail Killeen;written by Rose Courtney; a.Adapted from the short story by Isak Dinesen (2018 Off-Broadway)
Top of List

Baby/ Sybille Pearson (book), David Shire (music), and Richard Maltby, Jr. (Lyrics) (San Francisco 2010)
Baby/music: David Shire; lyrics: Richard Maltby, Jr; book:Sybille Pearson (New Jersey 2004)
Baby Anger/Peter Hedges (Off-Broadway 1997)
Baby Case/Ogborn, Michael (Philadelphia 2001)
Baby Doll/Tennessee Williams/Pierre Laville/Emily Mann (New Jersey 2015)
Baby Doll/Williams, Tennessee (London 2000)
Baby Its You/ Book by Floyd Mutrux & Colin Escott(Broadway 2011)
Baby It's You!/ (Los Angeles2009)
Baby Steps/ James Carter,(Off-Broadway 2003)
Baby Wants Candy/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
Baby Universe: A Puppet Odyssey/ Kirjan Waage and Gwendolyn Warmock(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Babylon Line/Richard Greenberg (2016 Off-Broadway)
Bach at Leipzig/Moses, Itmar (Off-Broadway 2005)
The Bacchae: Torn to Pieces/Euripides,adapted by Fenichell, Susan and Zinn, David(Off-Broadway 2002)
Bacchaefull/ >Euripides, adapted by Debbie Kent(London 2008)
The Bachae/Euripides, adapted by David Greig (London 2007)
The Bacchae/ Euripides(Central Park Off-Broadway 2009)
/ Bachelorette/ Leslye Headland(Off-Broadway 2010)
Back Back Back/Itamar Moses (Off-Broadway 2008)
Backbeat/ Based on the Universal Picures Film by Iain Softley and Stephen Jeffreys(London 2011)
Bad Apples/Jim Leonard. Music by Beth Thornley and Rob Cairns (Los Angeles 2013)
Aladdin/ PollardAndrew Pollard (London 2005)
Bad Boy Nietzsche/Foreman, Richard(Off-Broadway 2000)
A Bad Friend/Feiffer, Jules(Off-Broadway 2003)
Back From Broadway: A Musical Experience/Barbour, James; Felder, Hershey(Los Angeles 2002)
Back of the Throat/Yussef El Guindi (Off-Broadway 2006)
Backwards In High Heels/Lynnette Barkley and Christopher McGovern (Connecticut 2015)
Bad Apples/ Jim Leonard (Los Angeles 2013)
Bad Dates/Theresa Rebeck (Berkshires-Shakespeare & Co. 2010)
Bad Dates/Rebeck, Theresa (Off-Broadway2003)
Badge/Schneck, Matthew(Off-Broadway 2007)
Bad Girls/Oates, Joyce Carol (Off-Broadway 2003)
Bad Hurt On Cedar Street/ Kemble, Mark (Los Angeles 2007)
Bad Jazz/Farquar, Robert (Off-Broadway 2007)
Bad Jews (2017-NJ)
Bad Jews/Joshua Harmon (DC 2014)
Bad Jews/Joshua Harmon (Off-Broadway2013)
Bad Jews/ Joshua Harmon(Off-Broadway 2012)
Bad Kid/ David Crabb (Off-Broadway 2012)
Bad Sex With Bud Kemp/Loh, Sandra Tsing (Off-Broadway 1998)
BAFO/Strelich, Tom(Off-Broadway 1998)
Baghdad WeddingAbdulrazzak, Hassan (London 2007)
Bailegangaire/TomMurphy (Off-Broadway 2002)
Bailegangaire/Tom Murphy (Los Angeles 2007)
The Bakelite Masterpiece/ Kate Cayley (2016 Berkshires)
Bakersfield Mist /Stephen Sachks (2017 Los Angeles)
Bakersfield Mist (2011 New Jersey)
Bakersfield Mist (2014 London)
Bakersfield Mist/Stephen Sachs (London 2014)
The Baker's Wife/Stein, Joseph and Schwartz, Stephen (Philadelphia 2001)
The Baker's Wife/Stein, Joseph and Schwartz, Stephen (Papermill Playhouse New Jersey 2005)
Bakkhai /Euripides, Anne Carson (London 2015)
The Bald Soprano/ Eugene Ionesco(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Bald Soprano/Ionesco, Eugene (Off-Broadway 2004)
The Ballad of Emmett Till/ Ifa Bayeza(Los Angeles 2010)
The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde!/Book & Lyrics by Michael Aman & Oscar oore. Music by Dana P. Rowe. (NYMF Off-Broadway 2005)
The Ballad of Little Jo/Reid, Mike & Schlesinger, Sara (London 2003)
Ballad of Pancho and Lucy/ Solis, Octavio; music Custe, Beth (San Francisco 2005)
Ballad of Yachiyo/Gotanda, Philip Kan (Off-Broadway 1997)
Balls /Kevin Arment o and Bryony Lavery (2018 Off-Broadway)
Bal Masque/Greenberg, Richard< (DC 2006)
The Baltimore Waltz/Vogel, Paula(Off-Broadway 2004)
Band In Berlin/Feldman, Susan (/Broadway 1999)
The Bandstand/Richard Oberacker/Robert Taylor (New Jersey 2015)
The Band's Visit/ Book by Itamar Moses. Music and lyrics by David Yazbek (2017 Broadway)
The Band's Visit/ Book by Itamar Moses, music and lyrics by David Yazbek (2016 Off-Broadway)
Bandstand / Music by Richard Oberacker. Book and lyrics by Robert Taylor
(2017 Broadway)
The Band Wagon/Douglas Carter Beane (Off-Broadway 2014)
Banished Children of Eve/ Kelly Younger, adapted from Peter Quinn's novel (Off-Broadway 2010)
Banned and Burned in America/Davidson, Bryan& Dunbar, Kim (Los Angeles 2003)
The Banger's Flopera(Off-Broadway 2005)
The Banger's Flopera(NYMF Off-Broadway 2005
Barack Stars/ Second City(DC 2009)
Barbecue / Robert O'Hara (2015 Off-Broadway)
Barbara's Blue Kitchen/ Fischer, Lori (Off-Broadway 2006)
The Barber of Seville (BOC Berkshires 1999)
Barbra's Wedding/Stern, Daniel (Off-Broadway 2003)
The Bardy Bunch/Stephen Garvey (Off-Broadway2014)
Written by Woody Allen, based on 1994 film by Allen and Douglas McGrath< (Broadway2014)
Bare, a pop operab/bookJon Hartmere, Jr. & Damon Intrabartolo; music by Intrabartolo, lyrics by Hartmere, Jr. (Off-Broadway 200r)
Barefoot Boy With Shoes On/Edward Sanchez (Off-Broadway 1999)
Barefoot In the Park/Simon Neil (Broadway 2006)
Bark/ Music,David Troy Francis; lyrics by Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, Robert Schrock, Jonathan Heath, Danny Lukic, and Mark Winkler (Los Angeles 2004))
Barnum/Book by Mark Bramble, Music by Cy Coleman, Lyrics by Michael Stewart (Berkshires 2004)
The Bar Mitzvah Boy/Music Jule Styne, lyrics Don Black, Book by David Thompson from Jack Rosenthal telelay (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Baroness/Thor Bjorn Krebs (2017 Off-Broadway)
Barrymore/Luce,William/ (Broadway 1999)
Bar Stool Words/Friedman, Josh Ben (Off-Broadway 2000)
Bartleby The Scrivener/Herman Melville’s novella adapted by R. L. Lane (Off-Broadway 2005)
Baseball, Sex & Other Facts of Life/Patanella, Paula V.; Wren, Gayden(Off- Broadway 1998)
Based on a Totally True StoryAguirre-Sacasa, Roberto (Off- Broadway 2006)
Bashir Lahzar/Evelyne de la Cheneliere (Berkshires 2013)
Bash/LaBute, Neil (London 2000)
Basilica/Mando Alvarado (Off-Broadway 2013)
Bat Boy/Farley, Keythe and Flemming, Bryan (book); O'Keefe, Lawrence (music & lyrics) (Off-Broadway 2001) (London 2004)
Bathing in Moonlight/Nilo Cruz (New Jersey 2016)
Bat out of Hell /Jim Steinman (London 2017)
The Batting Cage/Joan Ackerman  (Off-Broadway 1997)
The Batting Cage (Berkshires 1999)
Battle Hymn/Jim Leonard (Los Angeles 2009)
Bauer /Lauren Gunderson (2014 Off-Broadway)
Macbeth/ William Shakespeare (London 2018)
Macbeth (London 2018)
Macbeth Revisited(LA 2017)
Macbeth /William Shakespeare (London 2016)
Macbeth/Mobile Shakespeare (2015 Off-Broadway)
TheBcam/Macbeth/ William Shakespeare with additional material by Don Nigro and the Ensemble(Off-Broadway2010)
Be Mayumana/Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman 2006
Bea Arthur On Broadway: Just Between Friends/Arthur, Bea; Goldenhirsh, Billy (Broadway 2002)
Bea's Legacy/Cohen, Jeff (Snapshots 2000)
Beaches/ Book by Iris Rainer Dart and Thom Thomas. Music by David Austin. Lyrics by Iris Rainer Dart and based on her novel (DC 2014)
The Beard Of Avon/Freed, Amy (Off-Broadway 2003)
Be a Good Little Widow/ Bekah Brunstetter(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures/ (DC 2014)
The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures/ Tony Kushner(Off-Broadway 2011)
A Bed and a Chair/ Encores Concert (Off-Broadway2013)
Bedlam/ Nell Leyshon(London 2010)
The Bee/ Hideki Noda and Colin Teevan (London 2012)
Before the Party/ Rodney Ackland (London 2013)
The Beggar's Opera/ John Gay(London 2011)
Be Good Revolutionaries/ (London 2012)
A Behanding In Spokane /Martin McDonagh (Broadway 2010)
A Behanding in Spokane/"Martin McDonagh (Philadelphia 2012)
Behud (Beyond Belief)/ Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti (London 2010)
Being Shakespeare / (London 2014)
Being Shakespeare/ (Off-Broadway 2012)
Bella: An American Tall Tale/Book, Music & Lyrics By Kirsten Childs (2017 Off-Broadway)
Common/DC Moore The Belle Of Amherst /William Luce (2014 Off-Broadway)
The Belle of Belfast/ Nate Rufus Edelman (2015 Off-Broadway)
Be Near Me/ Ian McDiarmid, from novel by Andrew O'Hagan(London 2009)
The Bereaved/ Thomas Bradshaw((ff-Broadway 2009)
Beasley's Christmas Party/Booth Tarkington, adapted by CW Munger (Off- Broadway 2008)
Beast/ Michael Weller(Off-Broadway2008)
Beast on the Moon/Kalinoski, Richard(Off Broadway 2005)
The Beastly Bombing/Book,Julien Nitzberg; music, Roger Neill (Los Angeles 2007)
Beautiful The Carole King Musical /Douglas McGrath, Gerry Goffin, Carole King, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil
Beautiful- The Carole King Musical/ Book: Douglas McGrath; Words and music by Gerry Goffin & Carole King, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weill (Broadway2014)
Beautiful and Damned/music & Lyrics by Roger Cook and Les Reed; book by Kit Hesketh Harvey (London 2004)
Beautiful Child/Silver, Nicky (Off-Broadway 2004)
The Beautiful Dark/Erik Gernand (New Jersey 2013)
A Beautiful Day In November On The Banks Of The Greatest Of The Great Lakes / Kate Benson (2015 Off-Broadway)
Beautiful Game/ Webber Andrew Lloyd and Elton, Benton (London 2001)
Bea(u)tiful in the Extreme/Martell, Leo (Los Angeles 2002)
Beautiful City/Walker, George F.(Los Angeles 2006)
Beautiful Thing/Harvey, Jonathan  (Off-Broadway 1999
Beautiful Thing/Harvey, Jonathan (London, 2006)
Beautiful Thing/Jonathan Harvey (London 2013)
Beauty/Landau, Tina (Los Angeles 2003)
The Beauty Inside/Filloux, Catherine (Off-Broadway 2005)
Beauty of the Father/Cruz, Nilo (Off-Broadway 2006)
The Beauty Part/ S.J. Perelman (Off-Broadway 1999)
The Beauty Queen of Leenane/ Martin McDonagh (2016 Off-Broadway-BAM)
The Beauty Queen of Leenane / Martin McDonagh (2016 Los Angeles)
The Beauty Queen of Leenane(Berkshires 2013)
The Beauty Queen of Leenane/ (London 2010)
The Beauty Queen of Leenane/Martin McDonagh (Off-Broadway 1999)
The Beaux Stratagem/George Farquhar, adapted by Thornton Wilder and Ken Ludwig (DC)
Beckett / Anouilh, Jean; adapted by Frederick and Stephen Raphael(London)
Beckett/Albee/3 monologues by Beckett; Counting the ways by Albee
Becky Shaw/ Gina Gionfriddo(London 2010)
1Becky Shaw/ Gina Gionfriddo(2010)
Becky Shaw/ Gionfriddo(2008)
Becoming Adele/Houston, Eric
Becoming Dr. Ruth/ Mark St. Germain (Off-Broadway 2013)
bedbound/Walsh, Enda
href="bedbugs14.html"> Bedbugs / Conceived by Paul Leschen and Fred Sauter (2014 Off-Broadway)
Bedroom Farce/ Alan Ayckbourn(2008)
Beebo Brinker Chronicles/ Kate Moira Ryan and Linda S. Chapman(2007)
Bee-luther-hatchee/Gibbons, Thomas
Been So Long/ Music & Lyrics by Arthur Darvill. Book & Lyrics by Che Walker(London 2009)
Beethoven As I Knew Him/ Hershey Felder(Los Angeles 2008)
Beethoven: Heaven's Voice/Russell, Ronald (Los Angeles)
Beetlejuice / (2019 Broadway)
Before Breakfast/Oneill, Eugene
Before Breakfast/O'Neill -- double bill
Before Your Very Eyes/Gob Squad (Off-Broadway 2015)
Beggar On Horseback/Kaufmann, George S. and Connelly, Marc
Beggars in a House of Plenty/ Shanley,John Patrick (Los Angeles)
The Beginning of August/Donaghy, Tom
The Beginning of Summer/Foote, Horton (DC)
Behind the Beautiful Forevers / (London 2014)
Behold! -- an epic comedy/Hesla, James Hesla (DC)
Being Alive: A New Musical Celebration/sondheim, Stephen (Philadelphia 2007)
Being Audrey/ Book by James Hindman. Music and lyrics by Ellen Weiss(2009)
Being Sellers/ Carl Caulfield(Off-Broadway 2010)
Belfast Blues/ Hughes, Geraldine
Belgrade Trilogy/Srbljanovic, Biljana (DC)
Believe What You Will/Massinger,Philip (London)
Belize/Zimet, Paul
Bell, Book and Candle / John van Druten(Los Angeles 2010)
Belle Epoque/ Clarke, Martha & Mee, Charles L.
The Belle's Stratagem/Cowley, Hannah Cowley
Belleville /Amy Herzog (London 2017)
Belleville/Amy Herzog (Off-Broadway 2013)
Bells Are Ringing/ Book and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, music by Jule Styne (Berkshires 2015)
Bells Are Ringing/ Book and Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Music By Jule Styne
(Off-Broadway 2010)
Bells Are Ringing/ Style, Julie-book; Comden & Green - lyrics
Belmont Avenue Social Club/Bruce Graham (California)
Belong/Bola Agbaje(London 2012)
Be More Chill /Joe Iconis musical (2019 Broadway)
Be More Chill
(Off-Broadway 2018)
Bend It Like Beckham/Gurinder Chadha, Howard Goodall, Charles Hart, Paul Mayeda Burges (London 2015)
Bend Your Mind Off/ Collapsible Giraffe&& Radiohole
Benefactors/Michael Frain (Berkshires 2014)
Benefactors/ Michael Frain(Off-Broadway 2011)
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo/ Rajiv Joseph( Broadway 2011)
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo/ Rajiv Joseph(Los Angeles 2009)
Benito Cereno/ Robert Lowell playbased on a novel by Herman Melville (Off-Broadway 2011)
Benny & Joo (2019 NJ)
Berberian Sound Studio /Joel Horwood Berenice/ Racine, translated by Alan Hollinghurst (London 2012)
/ The Berenstain Bears LIVE! In Family Matters/Book by Michael Borton; additional book material by Michael Slade, from the book series
Adapted from the classic children's book series by Stan and Jan Berenstain
(Off-Broadway 2011)
Bermuda Avenue Triangle/Bologna, Joseph and Taylor, Renêe 
Bent /Martin Sherman (2015 Los Angeles)
Bent/Sherman, Martin (London)
Beowulf/Adaptation and Lyrics by Lindsey Turner
Berkshire Village Idiot/Connor, Michael Isaac
Berlin Hanover Express/ Ian Kennedy Martin(London 2009)
Bernarda Alba/LaChiusa
Bernhardt/Hamlet /Theresa Rebeck (2018 Broadway)
Bethany/Laura Marks (Off-Broadway 2013)
(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Best is Yet to Come: The Music of Cy Coleman/(Los Angeles2009)
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas/ Book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson. Music and lyrics by Carol Hall
(DC 2012)
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas/Book: Larry L King and Peter Masterson. Music and Lyrics Carol Hall/(London 2011)
The Best Man/Gore Vidal (London 2018)
Gore Vidal's The Best Man (Broadway 2012)
The Best Man/King, Robert (New Jersey)
The Best Man, See Gore Vidal's The Best Man
The Best of Enemies /Mark St. Germain (2012, New Jersey)
0n The Best of Enemies/Mark St. Germain (2011 Berkshires)
The Best Of Everything(Off-Broadway 2012)
Bette Bourne and Mark Ravenhill - A Life in Three Acts/Mark Ravenhill (London 2010)
Betty Blue Eyes/ Alan Bennet and Malcom Mowbray story. Book by Ron Coen and Daniel Lipman. Music by George Stiles. >Lyrics by Anthony Drewe(London 2011)
Betrayal/ Harold Pinter(Broadway2013)
Betrayal/ Harold Pinter(London 2011)
Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (London-Donmar 2007)
Betrayal/Pinter (London) Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (Berkshires-1997)
Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (Broadway-2000)
Betrayed/ Packer, George(2008)
Betrothal in a Monastery (opera)
Betrothed/Dickstein, Rachel
(The News In Revue: ) Between Iraq and a Hard Place/Hoson, Nancy (Berkshires)
Bette Bourne and Mark Ravenhill - A Life in Three Acts/Mark Ravenhill (London 2010)
A Better Place/Wendy Beckett, (2016 Off-Broadway)
Between Riverside And Crazy/Stephen Adly Guirgis (2015 Off-Broadway)
Between Riverside and Crazy/Stephen Adly Guirgis (2014 Off-Broadway)
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea/ Suzanne Andrade(2008)
Between Us/Hortua, Joe
Betwixt/Cale, David
Beware Of Young Girls: Kate Dimbleby Sings The Dory Previn Story (2014 Off-Broadway)
Beyond Bollywood/ (London 2015)
Beyond Recognition/ Petrick, John
Beyond the Fence / Nathan Taylor, Benjamin Till (London 2016)
Beyond Therapy/ Christopher Durang(Off-Broadway2014)
Beyond Therapy / Christopher Durant(Berkshires, WTF 2008)
Betty Rules
BFF/Ziegler, Anna
Beware Of Young Girls: Kate Dimbleby Sings The Dory Previn Story (2014 Off-Broadway)
Beyond Glory/Lang Stephen, from Larry Smith Book
Beyond the Horizon/ Eugene O'Neill(Off-Broadway 2012)
Beyond the Horizon/O'Neill
Bhutan/Foote, Daisy
A Bicycle Country/Cruz, Nilos (Los Angeles)
Big Al/Goluboff, Brian
The Big Bang/ Feuer, Jed and Graham, Boyd
Big Bill/Gurney, A. R.
The Big Brecht Fest: A Respectable Wedding (1919), The Jewish Wife (1938), Senora Carra's Rifles (1937), How Much Is Your Iron? (1938) (London 2007)
The Big Fellah/ Richard Bean (London 2010)
Big Fish/music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, book by John August (Broadway 2013)
Big Hunk O' Burnin' Love/Prince Gomolvilas
The Big Knife/Clifford Odets (Broadway 2013)
(The) Big Knife/Odets, Clifford (Berkshires 1997)
Big Love/Mee, Charles
Big Love/Mee, Charles (LA)
The Big Meal/ Dan LeFranc(Off-Broadway 2012)
Big Pharma/ Berry, Jennifer (San Francisco)
Big Potato/Laurents, Arthur
Big River-Encores! (2017 Off-Broadway)
BigRiver/ Music and lyrics by Roger Miller.Book by William Hauptman, adapted from the novel by Mark Twain(Connecticut 2012)
Big River/Roger Miller-music & lyrics; William Hauptman-book; from Mark Twain's novel (Los Angeles & New York)
Big Sky/Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros (2016 Los Angeles)
The Big Time/ Book & Music by Douglas Carter Beane; Music &lyrics by Douglas J. Cohen
The Big Voice: God or Merman?/Jim Brochu and Steve Schalchlin
Big White Fog/Ward, Theodore (London)
Bike America/Mike Lew (Off-Broadway2013)
"Bikeman/Thomas F. Flynn (Off-Broadway2014)
The Bilbao Effect/ Oren Safdie(Off-Broadway 2010)
Bill Bailey (London)
Bill Maher: Victory Begins at Home
Bill W. and Dr. Bob/BergmanStephen & Surrey, Janet
Billy & Ray / Mike Bencivenga (2014 Off-Broadway)
Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays (Broadway2013) Billy Elliot/ Music by Elton John; Book and Lyrics by Lee Hall( 2005 London, 2008 New York)
Bingo With Indians/Rapp, Adam (2007)
a href="bingoscenes.html">Bingo Scenes of Money and Death/ Edward Bond(London 2010)
Binlids/Christine Poland, Brenda Murphy, Danny Morrisson and Jake MacSiacais
Biography/Behrman, S. N.
Birdie Blue/West, Cheryl
Birdland /Simon Stephens (London 2014)
The Birds/Conor McPherson (2017 Berkshires)
The Birds/ Conor MacPherson Adaptation (2016 Off-Broadway)
Birdsong/ Sebastian Faulks,stage adaption by Rachel Wagstaf(London 2010)
Biro/Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Birthday/ Joe Penhall(London 2012)
Birthday Boy/Chris Newbold(2011 Berkshires)
The Birthday Party/ (London 2008)
The Birthday Party/Pinter, Harold(New Jersey-McCarter)
The Birthday Party(London)
The Birthday Party(Los Angeles)
Bitter Bierce or, the Friction We Call Grief/Wellman, Mac
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant /Rainer Werner Fassbinder/David Tushingham (Off Broadway 2017)
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant/Fassbeinder, Werner Rainer
Bitter Wheat (London)

Backbeard//< Book & Lyrics by John Dempsey. Music by Dana P. Rowe (2019 DC)
Blackbird/David Harrower (2016 Off-Broadway)
Blackbird/Harrower, David (London)
Blackbird/Harrower, David (New York, 2007)
Blackbird/Rapp, Adam
The Black Book/Phil Blechman (Off-Broadway 2015)
Black Comedy/Shaffer, Peter (Berkshires)
The Black Eyed/Shamieh, Betty
Black Gold/ (2008)
Black Humor/Lewis Black
Black Milk/Sigarev, Vassily (DC)
Black Milk/Sigarev, Vassily (London)
The Black Monk/ Wendy Kesselman, inspired by Chekhov's story(2008)
Black Nativity/ Hughes, Langson(2007)
The Black Rider/book, William S Burroughs;Music and Lyrics by Tom Waits (London)
The Black Rider/book, William S. Burroughs;Music and Lyrics by Tom Waits (Los Angeles)
Black Russian/Thomas Gibbons 
The Blacks/Genet,Jean
Black Sheep/Blessing, Lee (Berkshires)
Black Snow/Keith Reddin, from Mikhail Bulgakov novel 
Blackta/ Nathaniel Martello-White(London 2012)
>Black Tie/ A.R. Gurney(Off-Broadway 2011)
Black Watch / Gregory Burke(London 2008, 2011)
Black Watch/Gregory Burke (DC 2011)
Blasted / (London 2010)
Blasted/ Sarah Kane(2008)
Blessed Are. . ./Jessica Bedford (2012 NJ)
Blind/ Craig Wright(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Blinding Light /Howard Brenton (London 2017)
Blind Lemon Blues/ Created by Alan Govenar & Akin Babatunde(2009)
Blink/Ian Rowlands (2008)
Bliss/Bettenbender, Ben
Blithe Spirit/Noel Coward (2018 NJ)
Blithe Spirit/Noel Coward (Los Angeles 2015)
Blithe Spirit/Noel Coward (London Blithe Spirit/ Noel Coward(London 2011)
Blithe Spirit/Noel Coward (2009 Broadway)
Blithe Spirit/Coward, Noel (Los Angeles 2007)
Blithe Spirit/Coward, Noel (Berkshires 2007)
Blithe Spirit/Coward, Noel
BLKS / Aziza Barnes (2019 Off-Broadway)

Blonde Bombshells of 1943/Plater, Alan (London)
The Blonde In the Thunderbird/Welch, Mitzie & Ken
Blood A Comedy/ David Lee White(New Jersey 2009)
Blood/NÓren, Lars (London)
Blood and Gifts/ J. T. Rogers(Off-Broadway 2011)
Blood From a Stone / Tommy Nohilly(Off-Broadway 2011)
Blood Knot (Washington, DC 2017)
Blood Knot/Athol Fugard (Off-Broadway 2012)
Blood! Love! Madness! --The Razor by Kimizo Nakamura; Madman on the Roo by Kan Kikuchi; The Dressing Room by Shimizu Kunio (Los Angeles)
Blood on the Dining Room Floor/Sheffer, Jonathan based on Gertrude Stein 
Bloodsong of Love/ Joe Iconis(Off-Broadway 2010)
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson/ Alex Timbers(Off-Broadway and Broadway2010)
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson/Alex Timbers (2009)
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson/Timbers, Alec (Los Angeles, 2008)
Bloody Mess/by Forced Entertainment (London)
Bloody Mary, see Dread Awakening
Bloody Poetry/Brenton, Howard (2001)
Blood Wedding/ "Federico Garcia Lorca(Off-Broadway 2011)
Blood Wedding/ Lorca,Federico Garcia(London)
The Blowin of Baile Gall/Noone, Ronald
Blue/Randolph-Wright, Charles (NY)
Blue/Randolph-Wright, Charles (LA)
Blue Alaska/Wilhelm, Le
Bluebeard and Other Less Grisly Tales of Love/Steinberg, Liza
Bluebird / Simon Stephens(Off-Broadway 2011)
Blue Door/Barfield, Tanya
TheBlue Flower/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Blue Flower/Music, lyrics, script & videography by Jim Bauer (2008)
The Blue Iris/Athol Fugard (Los Angeles 2012)
Blueman Group-- Tubes (2004 Review-- and 2005 London update)
Blueman Group-- Tubes
Blue/Orange/Penhall, Joe (Berkshires-2007)
Blue/Orange/Penhall, Joe (London)
Blue/Orange/Penhall, Joe (off-Broadway New York)
Blue Ridge/Abby Rosebrock (2019 Off-Broadway)
The Blue Room/Hare, David
The Blues Are Running/Christopher, Michael 
Blues For Mister Charlie(Off-Broadway 2011)
Blues in the Night/Sheldon Epps (London 2014)
Blues Rooms/McIntyre, Dianne and Dara, Olu (DC) 
Blue Sky Transmission /Bobgan, Raymond with Mike Geither, Patricia Harusame Leebove and Ray MacNeice
Blue Stockings /Jessica Swale (London 2013)
Blue Stockings.
Blue Surge/Gilman, Rebecca
Blue Window/Lucas, Craig
Bluff/Sweet, Jeffrey
The Boarding House/Noble, Ann (Los Angeles)
Bob: A Life in Five Acts/ Peter Sinn Nachtrie (LA 2013)
Bobbi Boland/Hastry, Nancy
Bobby Supreme/Miller, J. B.
bobrauschenbergamerica/ Charles Mee(Los Angeles2010)
/Wet Weather Cover/ Oliver Cotton, (London 2010)
Body Awareness/ Annie Baker(2008)
Body Awareness/Annie Baker (Berkshires 2013)
The Body of an American/Dan O'Brien (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Body of an American /Dan O'Brien (London 2014)
The Bodyguard/Alexander Dinelaris (New Jersey 2016)
The Bodyguard/ Based on the Warner Brothers film. Boesman and Lena / Athol Fugard (2019 Off-Broadway)
Screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan. >Book by Alexander Dinelaris(London 2012)
The Body Of An American/ Dan O'Brien(Connecticut 2015)
A Body of Water/Lee Blessing (2008)
The Body Politic/ Richard Abrons and Margarett Perry (Off-Broadway 2011)
Body Snatchers: The Musical/composer & Lyricist-- Bob Lesoine;playwright & lyricist -- Ed Howard (Los Angeles)
Boeing, Boeing/ Marc Camoletti (London and Broadway 2008)
Boeing-Boeing / Marc Camoletti (New Jersey 2011)
Bohemians/Tsikurishvili, Paata. (DC)
Boise/ Folwell, David
Boleros For the Disenchanted/ Jose Rivera(Chicago-Steppenwolf 2009)
Bombay Dreams/Music by A R Rahman, Lyrics by Don Black, Book by Meera Syal (London & Broadway)
The Bomb-itty Of Errors/Jordan Allen-Dutton, Jason Catalano, GQ and Erik Weiner 
The Bomb-itty of Errors (London)
Bone China by David Mamet, see Marathon 2006 Series B
Bone Portraits/Stein, Deborah
Bones/ Adshead, Kay (London)
Bonnie & Clyde/Book by Ivan Menchell; lyrics by Don Black; music by Frank Wildhorn(Broadway 2011)
Bonnie & Clyde/ Frank Wildhorn musical- (Los Angeles 2009)
Boogie Stomp!/John Campana (Off-Broadway 2015)
The Book Club Play /Karen Zacarias(DC 2011)
The Book Club Play/ Karen Zacarias(2008)
Bookends/Book & Lyrics by Katharine Houghton; music and Lyrics by Dianne Adams & James McDowell (New Jersey)
Book of Days/Wilson, Lanford
The Book of Mormon/ Book, music and lyrics by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone( Broadway 2011)
The Book of Mormon/ Music and Lyrics by Trey Parker, Robert Lopz and Matt Stone(London 2013)
The Book of Mormon (DC 20113)
Book of the 3/Moran, John Dento
The Book of Grace/Suzan-Lori Park (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Book of Liz/he Talent Family--Sedaris, David and Amy
The Book of Liz/Talent Family--Sedaris, David and Amy (Los Angeles- 2005)
The Book of Wren/Davis, Dento
Boom: The Lost Generation
Bootycandy /Robert O'Hara (2014 Off-Broadway)
Boot Candy/O'Hara, Robert
The Booth Variations/ Cerveris, Todd; Phillippou, Nick, Svich, Carridad
Boozy: The Life, Death, and Subsequent Vilification of Le Corbusier and, more importantly, Robert Moses,
Boris Godunov/ Aleksandr Pushkin(London 2008)
Born Bad/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
Born to Sing/Higginsen,Vy and Wydro/Ken
Born Yesterday/ Garson Kanin(Broadway 2011)
Born Yesterday/Kanin, Garson (DC)
Bosoms and Neglect/John Guare
Boss Grady's Boys/Barry, Sebastian
Boston Marriage/Mamet, David (London)
Boston Marriage/Mamet, David (New York)
Bottom of the World/Lucy Thurber (Off-Broadway 2010)
Boy /Leo Butler (London 2016)
Boy/Anna Ziegler (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Boys Next Door/Griffin, Tom (DC)
The Boy Who Danced On Air/ Book, Music and Lyrics: Tim Rosser (music) and Charlie Sohne (lyrics) (2017 Off-Broadway)
Can You Forgive Her?/Gina Gionfriddo (2017 Off-Broadway)
Both Your Houses/Anderson, Maxwell
Box/Francis, Juliana
Boy/Jordan, Julia
A Boy and his Soul/ Colman Domingo(2009)
Boy Band/Quilter, Peter (London)
The Boy Detective Fails/ Joe Meno (DC 2011)
Boy Gets Girl/Gilman, Patricia (Los Angeles)
The Boy From Oz/Music of Peter Allen; Book by Martin Sherman; Original book by Nick Enright (2003)
Boy Gets Girl/Gilman, Rebecca
Boy Gets Girl/Gilman, Rebecca (Berkshires)
The Boy Who Climbed Out Of His Face/
Adapted by Samuel Orange from Oscar Wilde
(London 2014)
Boys and Girls/ Donaghy, Tom
The Boys From Syracuse/Rodgers & Hart/Nicki Silver Book
The Boys in the Band /Mart Crowley (London 2016)
The Boys in the Band/ Mart Crowley (Off-Broadway 2010)
Unusual Acts of Devotion/ Terrence McNally(Philadelphia 2008)
Boys' Life/Korder, Howard
Boyz of All Nationz: The Rise and Fall of a Multi-Ethnic Boy Band/ Gomovilas, Prince with songs by Prince Gomovilas & Kevin Kirby (DC)
Boxing2000/Maxwell, Richard
Brace Yourself / David Epstein (Berkshires 2012)
Branched/Erin Mallon (Off-Broadway2014)
Brand/Ibsen, Henrik (London)
Brando/Roberts, Daniel
The Brave/Macdonald, Sharman
Bravo NY/Orlando, Dominic
The Breadwinner
The Breadwinner/Somerset Maugham (London 2013)
Breakfast and Bed by Amy Fox, see Marathon 2006, SeriesA
Breakfast With Mugabe/ Fraser Grace(Off-Broadway 2013)
The Break of Noon/ Neil LaBute(Off-Broadway 2010)
lifBreakfast at Tiffany's/ Richard Greenberg adaptation of Capote Novella (Off-Broadway 2013)
Breakfast at Tiffany's/ Adapted by Samuel Adamson from the Truman Capote novella(London 2009)
Breakfastwithmugabe/Fraser, Grace (London)
Breaking the Code/Hugh Whitemore (Berkshires 2014)
Breaking Through / Book by Kirsten Guenther. Music and Lyrics by Cliff Downs and Katie Kahanovitz (2015 Los Angeles)
Break Out/ Sang-Ku Kang and Uk-Hyun Lee(2008)
Breath, Boom/Corthron, Kia
Breathing Time/ (Off-Broadway2014)
The Breath of Life/ David Hare(Connecticut 2009)
Breath of Life/Hare, David (London 2002)
Brian Dykstra: Cornered & Alone/Dykstra, Brian
Brick City (NJ 2018)
Bricktop/ Book and lyrics by Calvin A. Ramsey and Thomas W. Jones II; Original music by S. Renee Clark(DC)
Bridesburg/ Victor Kaufold(Off-Broadway 2012)
Bridge and Tunnel/Jones, Sarah (Off & On-Broadway)
The Bridges Of Madison County (Washington, DC 2016)
The Bridges of Madison County (2015 Los Angeles)
Bridges of Madison County/Robert Waller book adapted by Marsha Norman, Music and Lyrics by Robert Jason Brown(Broadway 2014)
Brief Encounter/Noel Coward film adapted by Emma Rice (Broadway 2010)
Brief Encounter/ Kneehigh adaptation of Noel Coward film(St. Ann's Warehouse Brooklyn, 2009)
Brief Encounter/Adapted by Emma Rice from the film by Noel Coward (London 2008)
The Brig/Brown, Kenneth H.
Briefs (London 2014)
Brigadoon (LA--Reprise)
Bright Ideas/ Coble, Eric
Bright Lights Big City/Goodman, Paul Scott based on McInerney novel
Bright New Boise/Samuel D Hunter (Off-Broadway 2010)
Brighton Beach Memoirs/Neil Simon (2009)
Bright Star/ Steve Martin and Edie Brickell (2016 Broadway)
Bright Star/ Music, lyrics and story by Steve Martin and Edie Brickel (Washington, DC 2015)
Brilliant Traces/ Cindy Lou Johnson(London 2011)
Bring It On: The Musical /Libretto by Jeff Whitty. Music by Tom Kitt & Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lyrics by Amanda Green & Lin-Manuel Miranda (Off-Broadway 2012)
Bring Up The Bodies (with Wolf Hal /Written by Hilary Mantel, adapted by Mike Poulton (London 2014)
Britannicus/Jean Racine(London 2011)
/A British Subject/Nichola McAuliffe (2009)
Brits Off Broadway Festival/Sun Is Shining ,The Woman Destroyed, Heavenly Heaven, Cooking for Kings, Absolutely Fascinating Aida, Hurricane, The Straits
Brits Off Broadway Festival 2007: The Receipt/Will Adamsdale and Chris Branch. . . Memory/Lichtenstein, Jonathan. . .Silverland/Davis, Benjamin. . .
Broadway and the Bard/Len Carou, Barry Kleinbort, and Mark Janas (2016 Off-Broadway)
Broad Channel/ Anna Theresa Cascio; Doc Dougherty
Broadway Bounty Hunter / (2019 Off-Broadway)
Broadway By the Year Town Hall Series
Broadway by the Year (Berkshires 2009)
The Broadway Cabaret Festival ( 2010)
Broken Glass/Arthur Miller (London 2011)
The Broken Heart/John Ford (Off Broadway 2012)
Broken Hearts/Loomer, Linda(Los Aangeles 1998)
Broken Journey/Maxwell, Glyn,l from Akutagawa story "In a Grove" and Kurosawa's film Rashomon
Broke-ology/ Thomas Kail(WTF-Berkshires2008)
Broke-ology / Nathan Louis Jackson(Off-Broadway2009)
Broken Sleep/Margulies, Donald 
Broken Space Season (London October, 2008
Bronte/Teale,Polly (London)
Bronx Bom A Bronx Tale/ Book by Chazz Palminteri, music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater. (2016 Broadway)
Bronx Tale / Chazz Palminteri(2007)
BrooklynBoy/Margulies, Donald 
Brooklynite/ Book by Michael Mayer and Peter Lerman. Music and lyrics/orchestrations by Mr. Lerman (2015 Off-Broadway)
Brooklyn, the Musical/Book, music and lyrics by Mark Schoenfeld and Barri McPherson
Broomstick/John Biguenet (New Jersey 2013)
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Songs and Stories from The Great Depression/Bill Daugherty (2009)
Brother Russia /Book and lyrics by John Dempsey. Music by Dana Rowe (DC 2012)
The Brother/Sister Plays/ Terrell Alvin McCrane(2009)
The Brothers Size/ Tarell Alvin McCraney(London 2008)
The Brothers Size/ McCraney, Tarell Alvin(Off Broadway2007)
The Browning Versio andSouth Downs (London 2012)
Brownstone/Lyricist, co-composer, and co-author: Josh Rubins;Co-composer: Peter Larson; Co-Author: Andrew Cadiff (Berkshires)
Brundibar & But the Giraffe
Brundibar & Comedy on the Bridge/Tony Kushner Librettos, Music by Bohuslav Martinu (San Francisco)
R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe / D.W. Jacobs( Boston 2011)
R. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the Universe/ D.W. Jacobs (Los Angeles2008)
Buddha's Big Nite/Conceived and written by the Koan Company (Los Angeles)
Buffalo Gal/ Gurney, A. R.(2008)
Bug /Tracy Letts Bug/ 5/18/08(Philadelphia2008)
Bug/Letts, Tracy Letts (Off-Off-Broadway)
Buicks/ Sheppard, Julian
Brutal Imagination/Eady, Cornelius, Paulus, Diane
Brutality of Fact/Reddin, Keith 
BFE/Cho, Julia
Buddy's Gift/Simmons, Jack (Los Angeles)
Bukowski From Beyond/Writings of Charles Bukowski, adapted for the stage by Leo Farley & Steve Payne
Build/ Michael Golamco (Los Angeles 2012)
Bull /Mike Bartlett (London 2015)
Bull/Mike Bartlett (Off-Broadway 2013)
Bulldozer (Off-Broadway 2017)
  Bullets over Broadway: The Musical (2016 Los Angeles)
Bullet For Adolf/ Woody Harrelson & Frankie Hyman(OffBroadway 2012)
The Bully Pulpit/ Michael O. Smith(2008)
Bunbury/Jacobson, Tom (Los Angeles)
Bungler/ Moliere (2017 NJ )
Bunny Bunny/ Alan Zweibel (Off-Broadway2013)
Bunty Berman Presents/Ayub Khan Din (Off-Broadway 2013)
Core Values/Steven Levenson (Off-Broadway 2013)
Buratino/Tsikurishvili, Patta (DC)
The Burial At Thebes/ Seamus Heamy update of Sophocles (2016 Off-Broadway)
Burial at Thebes/ Sophocles' Antigone translated by Seamus Heaney (London2007)
Buried Child/Sam Shepard (2016 Off-Broadway)
Buried Child/Shepard, Sam (London)
Burleigh Grime$/Kirby, Roger
Burmese Days/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
Burning/Thomas Bradshaw (Off-Broadway 2011)
Burning Blue/Greer, DMW
ria Burn the Floor/ Jason Gilkison(2009)
Burn This/August Wilson (2019 Broadway)
Burn This/Wilson, Langford
Burnt by the Sun/screenplay by Nikita Mikhalkov and Rustam Ibragimbekov (London 2009)
The Burnt Part Boys(Off-Broadway 2010)
Burnt Part Boys/Book by Mariana Elder. Music by Chris Miller.Lyrics by Nathan Tysen. (Berkshires Premiere)
Bury the Dead by Joe Calargo(2008)
Bury the Dead/ Shaw, Irwin(Los Angeles 2008)
The Bus/James Lantz (Off-Broadway 2011)
Bush Is Bad/Ropsenblum, Joshua
Bush Wars/ Holson, Nancy
Bus Stop/Inge, William
Bus Stop/Inge, William (Berkshires)
The Busy World Is Hushed/ Keith Bunin(Los Angeles 2008)
The Busy World Is Hushed/Bunin, Keith (2006)
But I'm a Cheerleader/Book/lyrics by Bill Augustin, music by Andrew Abrams
The Butcher of Baraboo/Wegrzyn, Marisa
But It Still Goes On/Robert Graves (London 2018)
Butler/ Richard Strand (2016 Off-Broadway)
Butler/Richard Strand (Berkshires 2015)
Butler/Richard Strand (New Jersey 2014)
Butley/ Simon Gray(Broadway 2006)
Butley/ Simon Gray(London 2011)
The Butter and Egg Man/Kaufman,George S.  (Cocteau Production)
The Butter and Egg Man/Kaufman, George S. (Atlantic Theater)
Butterflies and Tigers/John Glines.
Butterflies Of Uganda/Darin Dahms and Soenke Weiss (Los Angeles)
The Butterfly Collection/ Rebeck, Theresa(2000)
Buyer & Cellar/Jonathan Tolins (New Jersey 2015)
Buyer & Cellar(Los Angeles 2014)
Buyer & Cellar/ Jonathan Tolins (Off-Broadway 2013)
Buying Time/Weller, Michael
By Jeeves/Ayckbourn, Alan-book & Lyrics, LLoyd-Webber, Andrew-music (NY)
By Jeeves/Ayckbourn, Alan-book & Lyrics, LLoyd-Webber, Andrew-music (DC)
Byrd's Boy/Robinson, Bruce J.
By the Bog of Cats/Carr, Marina (London)
Broadway Bounty Hunter/ Music and lyrics by Joe Iconis. Book by Joe Iconis, Lance Rubin and Jason Sweet Tooth Williams (2016 Berkshires)
By The Water/Sharyn Rothstein (2014 Off-Broadway)
By the Waters of Babylon/Bobert Schenkkan (Los Angeles 2008)
By the Way, Meet Vera Stark /Lynn Nottage (2019 Off-Broadway)
By the Way, Meet Vera Stark/ Lynn Nottage(Los Angeles 2012)
By the Way, Meet Vera Stark/ Lynn Nottage(Off-Broadway 2011)
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Cabaret (Washington, DC 2017)
Cabaret (Washington, DC 2015)
(Washington, DC 2015)
Review:Cabaret at Cabaret (Broadway2014)
Cabaret (London, 2006)
Cabaret/Kander & Ebb; Masteroff Joe (based on Van Druten text) Roundabout
Cabaret, Second Thoughts #5, Roundabout
Cabaret, (Berkshires) 
Cabaret & Main (Berkshires)
Cabin in the Sky (2016 Off-Broadway)
A Cable from Gibraltar/ Daniel Meltzer(Off-Broadway 2010)
Cactus Flower / Abe Burrow(Off-Broadway 2011)
Cagney/Book by Peter Colley; music and lyrics by Robert Creighton and Christopher McGovern (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Cake / Bekah Brunstette (2019 Off-Broadway)
Cal in Camo / William Francis Hoffman (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Calling/Joel Stone (2018 NJ)
Camp David/ Lawrence Wright (DC 2014)
Carrie the Musical-Stephen King/ Michael Gore/Dean Pitchford/Lawrence D Cohen Carrie/ Music by Michael Gore, lyrics by Dean Pitchford, book by Lawrence D. Cohen based on the 1974 novel by Stephen King . (Off-Broadway 2012)
Category B/ Roy Williams(2009)
Caesar and Cleopatra/ (2009)
Caesar & Cleopatra 
Cake/Bekah Brunstetter/a> (2018 Berkshires)
Cake Off/ Book by Sheri Wilner and Julia Jordan. Lyrics by Julia Jordan and Adam Gwon. Music by Adam Gwon (Washington, DC 2015)
Cakewalk/Feibleman, Peter 
Café a Go Go/The Heather Brothers
Cafe Puttanesca/Music and lyrics, Michael Ogborn; Book by Terrence J. Nolen and Michael Ogborn (Philadelphia)
Café Society /Peter Lefcourt (2015 Los Angeles)
Café Society Swing (2014 Off-Broadway)
cagelove/Denham, Christopher
The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial/Wouk, Herman
Calabi-Yau/ Speier/Susanna
Calamity Jane/Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster; Music by Sammy Fain; Adapted for the Stage by Charles K Freeman(London)
Calendar Girls/ Tim Firth(London 2009)
Calico /Hastings, Michael Hastings (London)
Caligula/ Albert Camus, David Greig translation (2008)
Caligula/Camus, Albert (London)
Caligula/ Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner
The Call/Tanya Barfield (Off-Broadway 2013)
Calligraphy/Velina Hasu Houston (Los Angeles 2010)
Call the Children Homer & Loewe based on T. H. White (Berkshires)
Calvin Berger/ Music, book and lyrics by Barry Wyner(New Jersey 2010)
Calvin Berger/Wyner, Barry (Berkshires-07)
Camelot/ Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Music by Frederick Loewe(Los Angeles 2010)
Camila/McKelvy, Lori (Philadelphia)
Camille/ adapted by Neil Bartlett after La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas (DC)
Camino Real/Williams, Tennessee (Berkshires)
Camino Real/ Tennessee Williams(Chicago 2012)
Canary/Jonathan Harvey (London 2010)
Can-Can/Abe Burrows/Joel Fields & David Lee (New Jersey 2014)
Can-Can/Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter;Book by Abe Burrows (Los Angeles)
Can-Can/Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter;Book by Abe Burrows (2012-Conn- Hudson Valley)
Candy & Dorothy/Johnston, David
Candida (Off-Broadway/Irish Rep 2010)
Candida (Berkshires 2008)
Candida(Off-Broadway/Cocteau 2005)
Candida (Off-Broadway/Pearl 1998)
Candida/Shaw, G.B.
Candida and Her Friends/Mario, Fratti 
Candide (2017 Off-Broadway-NYCity Opera)
Candide/Music by Leonard Bernstein. Book adapted from Voltaire by Hugh Wheeler. Lyrics by Richard Wilbur (London 2013)
Candide/ Book newly adapted by Mary Zimmerman from Hugh Wheeler's adaptation of Voltaire's satirical novel Lyrics by Richard Wilbur, Stephen Sondheim, John LaTouche, Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker and Leonard Bernstein(DC 2010)
Candide/ from Voltaire by Hugh Wheeler. Music by Leonard Bernstein. Lyrics by Richard Wilbur and Stephen Sondheim, John Latouche, Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, Leonard Bernstein(Philadelphila2008)
Candide/Voltaire adapted by Hugh Wheeler;Music by Leonard Bernstein; Lyrics by Richard Wilbur; Additional lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and John LaTouche
The Cane/ Mark Ravenhill (London 2018)
Cankerblossom/ (Philadelphia2010)
The Cannibal Masque/Ribman, Ronald
Cannibal! The Musical/Written and created by Trey Parker, adapted by Andrew Lloyd Baughman (DC)
Can't Let Go/Reddin, Keith
The Canterbury Tales Remixed / Baba Brinkman(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Canterbury Tales/Chaucer, Geoffrey; adapted by Mike Poulton (London)
Capeman/Simon, Paul; Walcott, Derek
The Capitol Steps -- Summer 2012
Capitol Steps / (Berkshires 2011)
Capitol Steps in the Berkshires (Off-Broadway 1997)
Capitol Steps in the Berkshires (Berkshires-2007)
Capital Steps: Between Iraq and a Hard Place (Off-Broadway 2003)
Capitol Steps: When Bush Comes to Shove (Off-Broadway 2002)
Capitol Steps: It Ain't Over 'Till the First Lady Sings (1998)
Capitol Steps: Unzippin' My Doodah and Other National Priorities (Off-Broadway 2000)
Captain Louis/ Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Book by Anthony Stein
Captains Courageous/Cook, Patrick
(based on Kipling novel)

Captain of the Bible Quiz Team /Tom Jacobson (2016 Los Angeles)
The Captain's Tiger: A Memoir For the Stage/Fugard, Athol (DC)
Capture Now/ Josh Jonas(2008)
I Capuleti Montecchi, (opera)
Cardinal /Greg Pierce (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Caretaker /Harold Pinter (London 2016)
The Caretaker/ Harold Pinter (Off-Broadway 2012)
The Caretaker/ Harold Pinter(London 2010)
The Caretaker/ (Berkshires 2008)
The Caretaker, Pinter, Harold (London, 2007)
The Caretaker (Broadway-2003)
The Caretaker/Pinter, Harold (London)
The Car Man/Bourne, Matthew (LA)
Carmen/ Bizet, George(London, 2007)
Carmen at London Carmen Disruption /Simon Stephens (London 2015)
Carmen Jones/ Book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein III based on Bizet opera (2018 Off-Broadway)
Carnage/ Adam Simon and Tim Robbins(2008)
Carnevale! (Big Apple Circus--2003)
Carnival/Music: Bob Merrill.Book: Michael Stewart from material by Helen Deutsch (New Jersey)
Carnival Knowledge/Robbins, Todd
Caroline in Jersey/Melinda Lopez (Berkshires 2009)
Caroline, Or Change / Tony Kushner, Jeanine Tesori (London 2019)
Caroline, Or Change/Kushner, Tony-libretto; Tesori, Jenine-music
Caroline or Change (Philadelphia)
Carousel/ r>Music by Richard Rodgers. Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II(London 2012)
Rodger & Hammerstein's Carousel (Berkshires 2009)
Carouselr (London 2008)
The Children/Lucy Kirwood (Broadway 2017)
  The Children /Lucy Kirkwood (London 2016)
The Carpetbagger's Children/Foote, Horton2002
The Carpetbagger's Children/Foote, Horton (LA)
Carrie/ Erik Jackson (based on the Stephen King novel (Off-Broadway 2006
Carrie/Erik Jackson (Philadelphia 2010)
Carrie: The Killer Musical Experience/Music by Michael Gore, Lyric by Dean Pitchford, Book by Laurence D. Cohen from Based on the novel by Stephen King (2015 Los Angeles)
Carrolling/Sabin Epstein from the work of Lewis Carroll
Carson McCullers (Historically Inaccurate)/Schulman, Sara
Carson McCullers Talks About Love/ Suzanne Vega(Off-Broadway 2011)
Cassandra Speaks(Berkshires 2012)
Casanova/ Carole Ann Duffy and Told By An Idiot after the writings of Giacomo Casanova (London 2007)
The Cassilis Engagement/St. John Hankin (Shaw Festival 2007)
The Castle/ David Rothenberg(2008)
Catalpa/ Donal O'Kelly(2008)
The Cat and the Canary/John Willard (Berkshires 2013)
The Cataract/ D'Amour, Lisa
Catch the Butcher (Off-Broadway 2015)
Catch 22/ Joseph Heller, adapted by Peter Meineck(2008)
A Catered Affair/book by Harvey Fierstein, score by John Bucchino (2008)
Catch Me If You Can/ Music and lyrics are by Marc Shaiman and lyrics by Scott Wittman. The book is by Terrence McNally(Broadway 2011)
The Catholic Girl's Guide to Losing Your Virginity/Hendy, Annie(Los Angeles 2008)
Cato/ Joseph Addison(2008)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof /Tennessee Williams (2016 Berkshires)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof /Tennesse Williams(Broadway 2013)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/Williams (Shaw Festival 2011)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/Tennessee Williams (London 2009)
Cat On a Hot Tin Roof/ Williams, Tennessee(2008 -Broadway, all Black Cast)
Cat On a Hot Tin Roof (DC)
Cat On a Hot Tin Roof/Williams, Tennessee(Broadway 2004)
Cat On a Hot Tin Roof/Williams, Tennessee(London)
.html">Cats. . .Back on Broadway (2016 Broadway)
Cats /by Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman (London 2014)
Cats/Webber, Andrew Lloyd -- based on T.S. Eliot
The Catskill Sonata/Elias, Michael (Los Angeles)
Cat's Paw/Wellman, Mac
Carrie's War/ Nina Bawden(2009)
The Caucasian Chalk Circle/Bertolt Brecht (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Caucasian Chalk Circle/ Bertolt Brecht(London 2011)
The Caucasian Chalk Circle/ Bertolt Brecht(2009)
The Caucasian Chalk Circle/ Brecht
Caught/Christopher Chen (2016 Off-Broadway)
Cause Célèbre/Terence Rattigan (London 2011)
Cautionary Tales for Daughters /Tanya Holt/Robin Kingsland (London 2017)
a cautionary tail/ Christopher Oscar Pena (Off-Broadway 2013)
Cause Celeb/Rattigan, Terence (London) 
Cavalia/ Latourelle, Normand (LA)
The Cave Dwellers/Saroyan, William
Cavedweller/Ryan, Kate Moira, based on Dorothy Allison novel
href="caveman.html">Caveman/Maxwell, Richard
Cecilia's Last Tea Party/ Russell Davis(New Jersey 2008)
Celadine/Evered, Charles (New Jersey)
Cedars/Erik Tarloff (Berkshires 2014)
Cellini/ Shanley, John Patrick
Celebration and The Room/Pinter, Harold(London)
Celebration/Pinter, Harold (Lincoln Center Pinter Festival--Summer 2001)
Celebration & The Room (Off Broadway 2005)
Cellophane/Wellman, Mac
Cellphones/book by William Electric Black; music by William Electric Black & Joel Diamond
Central Avenue/Sachs, Stephen (LA)
Central Park West/Allen, Woody (DC)
Chair/ Edward Bond(2008)
The Chair Plays: Have I None & The Under Room/ Edward Bond(London 2012)
The Chairs/Ionesco, Eugene
The Chalk Garden / Enid Bagnold(London 2008)
The Changeling / Thomas Middleton and William Rowley (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Changeling /Thomas Middleton and William Rowley The Changeling/Thomas Middleton and William Rowley (London 2012)
The Changeling/Middleton,Thomas;Rowley,William (London)
The Changeling/Middleton,Thomas;Rowley,William
Changeling, from a choreographer's viewpoint
A Chanukah Charol/ Jackie Hoffman(Off-Broadway 2011)
Chaplin;(Broadway 2012)
Character Assassins/ Charlie Schulman(New Jersey 2010)
The Charity That Began At Home/Hankin, St John
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2017 Broadway)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Music by Marc Shaiman. Book by David Greig. Lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman. Original novel by Roald Dahl (London 2013)
Charlie Victor Romeo/Berger, Bob 
Cinderella (Broadway 2013)
Character Man/Jim Brochu (Off-Broadway 2014)
Charles Francis Chan Jr.'s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery/ Lloyd Suh (Off-Broadway 2015)
Chariots of Fire/ Adapted for the stage by Mike Bartlett(London 2012)
Charlotte: Life? Or Theater?/Thoron, Elise (book, lyrics); Fagin, Gary S. (music) (Philadelphia)
Chasing Manet/ Tina Howe.(2009)
Chasing Nicolette/Book and Lyrics by Peter Kellogg. Music by David Friedman (Philadelphia)
Chasing Mem'ries /Josh Ravetch (2017 Los Angeles)
Chaucer in Rome/Guare, John (Berkshires, NYC)
Checkers/Douglas McGrath,(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Chekhov One-Acts: The Celebration, Swan Song, The Harmfulness of Tobacco, The Brute (Berkshires)
> Chekhov Lizardbrain/ Pig Iron Theatre Company(Off Broadway2008)
Chekhov Lizardbrain/Pig Iron Theatre company (Philadelphia 2007)
The Chekhov MachineVisniec,Matéi (Los Angeles)
Chamelons/Free Style Rep
Charm/Philip Dawkins (2017 Off-Broadway)
Chavez Ravine/ Culture Clash (LA)
Cheat/Jensen, Julie
The Cheaters Club/ Derek Ahonen(Off-Broadway 2013)
. Chekhov's Rifle/Ladd, Alex
Chemistry of Change/Meyer, Marlane
Chéri/Martha Clarke choreography, text Tina Howe (Off-Broadway2013)
Cherry Docs/Gow, David (Philadelphia)
Cherry Hill/Okin, Matt
The Cherry Orchard /Anton Chekhov (London 2014)
The Cherry Orchard/Anton Chekhov (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Cherry Orchard/ Chekhov(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Cherry Orchard/ Chekhov(London 2011)
The Cherry Orchard/ Chekhov, Tom Stoppard adaptation(2009 BAM & London)
The Cherry Orchard/Chekhov (1997)
The Cherry Orchard (Off-Broadway 2005)
The Cherry Orchard (Los Angeles 2006)
The Cherry Orchard/Chekhov (London 2003)
The Cherry Orchard/Chekhov (Classical Theatre of Harlem)
The Cherry Orchard/Chekhov (London)
The Cherry Orchard/Chekhov (Pearl Theatre)
The Cherry Orchard/Chekhov (Moscow Theater on Broadway)
The Cherry Orchard Sequel/Nic Ularu (2008)
Cherubina/ Cohen, Paul(2008)
Chesapeake/Blessing, Lee
/Chess/Music by Bjórn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson; lyrics by Tim Rice; based on an idea by Tim Rice; book by Richard Nelson (DC 2010)
Chicago/Ebb, Fred; Kander, Joh 
Chicago Second Look
Chicago Second City's All Better (Chicago 2008)
Chicken Soup with Barley/ Arnold Wesker(London 2011)
Children/A.R. Gurney (Williamstown 2009) Children/ A. R. Gurney(Off-Broadway 2011)
Children of Eden/ Book by John Caird, music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz based on a concept by Charles Lisanby (2016 Los Angeles)
/ Mark Medoff (2018 Broadway)
Children of a Lesser God/ By Mark Medoff (2017 Berkshires)
Children of a Lesser God/ Mark Medoff(Los Angeles2009)
Children of a Lesser God/Medoff, Mark
Chicago (LA)
Children Of Eden/Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz; book by John Caird (DC)
a href="childrenshourlon.html">The Children's Hour/Lillian Hellman (London 2011)
Chimerica (Washington, DC 2015)
China Doll/David Mament Broadway 2015)
The Christians (2015 Los Angeles)
The Christians/Lucas Hnath < (Off-Broadway 2015)
A Christmas Carol/ Adapted by John Kevin Jones and Rhonda Dodd (2017 Off-Broadway)
A Christmas Carol, a Ghost Story of Christmas/ Charles Dickens, adapted by Michael Wilson
(Connecticut 2013)
A Christmas Memory /based on Truman Capote Stor (2014 Off-Broadway)
A Child's Christmas in Wales/Dylan Thomas/Jeremy Brooks/Adrian Mitchell (New Jersey 2016)
A Child's Christmas in Wales/ Dylan Thomas(Off-Broadway2008, 2011)
A Child's Garden/Rosen, Louis; Maier, Charlotte; Perlman, Arthur, from R.L.Stevenson
Chimerica/Lucy Kirkwood (London 2013)
Chimichangas and Zoloft/Fernanda Coppel(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Chinese Art of Placement/Rutherford, Stanley
Chinese Friends/Baitz, Jon Robin
The Chinese Lady/ Lloyd Suh (2018 Berkshires)
Chinese New Year's Splendor (2008)
The Chinese Room/Michael West (2016 Berkshires)
Chinglish / David Henry Hwang(Broadway and Chicago 2011)
Chita Rivera, a Dancer's Life/McNally, Terrence
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/Fleming, Ian; Music & Lyrics: Richard M Sherman and Robert B Sherman(London & Broadway)
Choir Boy/Tarell Alvin McCraney (Off-Broadway 2013)
/02/13 Ends 07/21/13 Choir Boy /Tarell Alvin McCraney(London 2012)
A Chorus Line(London 2013)
A Chorus Line (New Jersey 2012)
Chorus Line(Berkshires 2012)
A Chorus Line/Bennett, Michael (New Jersey)
A Chorus Line (Broadway 2006)
A Chorus of Disapproval/Alan Ayckbourn (London 2012)
A Chorus of Disapproval/Ayckbourn, Alan (Los Angeles)
The Chosen/Adapted by Adam Posner and Chaim Potok (Berkshires 2013)
The Chosen/Posner, Aaron from Chaim Potok's novel (New Jersey)
Christmas /Simon Stephens (London 2014)
A Christmas Carol/David Thompson/Charles Dickens (New Jersey 2016)
A Christmas Carol, a Ghost Story of Christmas/ Charles Dickens, adapted by Michael Wilson
(Connecticut 2013)
Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol (New Jersey 2011)
A Christmas Carol/Charles Dickens, adapted by Patrick Barlow (Off-Broadway2013)
A Christmas Carol — A Ghost Story of Christmas/ (Connecticut 2009)
A Christmas Carol/Dickens (New Jersey 2007)
Christmas Carol, The Musical
The Christmas Foundling/ Allen, Norman (DC)
Christmas is Miles Away/ Moss,Chloe(London)
(A Duo of Los Angeles) Christmas Shows: Ken Roht's Route 99 Orange Star Dinner Show & Christmas O'Carol, Dickens in the Celtic Spirit (Los Angeles)
Christmas on Mars/Kondoleon, Harry
A Christmas Story, the musical/Book by Joseph Robinette based on the Jean Shepherd stories (Broadway 2012)
A Christmas Story, the Musical/Joseph Robinette (New Jersey 2015)
Christmas With the Crawfords/Created by Richard Winchester, written by Wayne Buidens and Mark Sargent
churchandstateberk18/ Jason Odell Williams (2018 Berkshires)
Church and State/ Jason Odell Williams (2017 Off-Broadway)
Churchill /Ronald Keaton (2015 Off-Broadway)
Ciao!/Anonymous (Berkshires)
The Ciderhouse Rules/Parnell, Peter (from John Irving novel)
Cincinnati/Nigro, Don
Cinderella /Theatre XVI (2018 Off-Broadway)
Cinderella/ (London 2011)
Cinderella/ Retold by Ben Power and Melly Still(London 2008)
Cinderella/Music by Richard Rodgers.Book & Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Adapted Tom Briggs from the Teleplay by Robert L. Friedman teleplay (Papermill Playhouse-New Jersey)
Cinema Verité/MacLeod, Wendy (DC)
Cineastas / Under the Radar Festival (2015 Off-Broadway)
Ciphers /Dawn King (2014 Philadelphia)
The Circle/Maugham, Somerset (Shaw Festival 2007)
href="circlekraine.html">Circle/Bachner, Suzanne
The Circle Invisible/Thierree,Jean-Baptiste;ChaplinVictoria
Circle Mirror Transformation/ Annie Baker (New Jersey 2010)
Circle Mirror Transformation/ Annie Baker(Off-Broadway 2009)
Circumcise Me/ Yisrael Campbell( Off-Broadway 2010)
Come Back, Come Back, Wherever You Are/ Arthur Laurents(New Jersey 2009)
Circumference of a Squirrel/Walch, John (DC)
A Circus Christmas Carol/ Dickens story adapted by Doris Baizley (LA)
Cirque Berzerk (Los Angeles 2009)
Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy (2008)
Cirque Orchestra/Cirque Eloize
Cirque du Soleil's Varekai
Citizen: an American Lyric/ Claudia Rankine (2015 Los Angeles)
The City / Martin Crimp(London 2008)
The City Club/(Off-Broadway 2012)
City Of /Anton Dudley (2015 Off-Broadway)
City of Angels/Book, Larry Gelbart. Music, Cy Coleman. Lyrics, David Zippel (Connecticut 2011)
The City of Conversation/Anthony Giardina (Washington, DC 2015)
The City of Conversation/Anthony Giardina ( Off-Broadway201r)
1 City of Glass/Duncan Macmillan, Paul Auster (London 2017)
City of Glass/ adaptation of Paul Auster Novlla (2016 Off-Broadway)
The City That Cried Wolf/ written by Brooks Reeves; original music by Brendan Barr. (2007)
Civilization (all you can eat)/ Jason Grote(DC 2012)
A Civil War Christmas/Paula Vogel (Off-Broadway 2012)
A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical Celebration /Paula Vogel (2009 Boston)
Civil Union/Peterson, Eric (Berkshires)
The Civil War/Boyd, Gregory; Murphy, Jack; Wildhorn, Frank
The Clandestine Marriage/Garric, David & Colman, George(DC)
Clarence Darrow /David W Rintels Clarion / Mark Jagasia (London 2015)
A Class Act/Norman Shabel (2016 Off-Broadway)
A Class Act/Music and lyrics by Edward Kleban. Book by Linda Kline and Lonny Price(Berkshires 2012)
A Class Act/Kleban, Ed (music and lyrics), Price, Lonnie and Kline, Linda (book) (Off and On Broadway 2001)
Class Mothers, Weinberger, Eric
Claudia Legare/Ward, Robert-- opera of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler
Clean/Sanchez, Edward
The Clean House/Sara Ruhl (2017 Berkshires)
The Clean House/Sarah Ruhl (Los Angeles 2010)
The Clean House/Ruhl, Sarah (New York)
The Clean House/Ruhl, Sarah ( DC)
The Clean House/Ruhl, Sarah ( Wilma Theater Philadelphia)
The Clearing/Jake Jepson (Off-Broadway2014)
The Clearing/Helen Edmundson
The Clearing/Helen Edmundson (London)
Clever Dick/Whittell, Crispin (London)
Clever Little Lies (Off-Broadway 2015)
Click Clack Moo/ Book: Billy Aronson; Music: Brad Alexander;Lyrics: Kevin Del Aguila(2009)
Climbing Everest/Ahlin, Margit (LA)
Clinton, the Musical
Clive/Jonathan Marc Sherman(Off-Broadway 2013)
Cloaca/Goos, Maria Goos (London)
A Clockwork Orange / Anthony Burgess (2017 Off-Broadway)
A Clockwork Orange/Anthony Burgess (London 2017)
Clockwork Orange/Burgess, Anthony (2005)
(London 2015)
Closer /Patrick Marber Closer/Marber, Patrick (1999, Broadway)
Closer (2002 Philadelphia)
Closer Than Ever/Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire(Off-Broadway 2012)
Closet Chronicles/ Pfeffinger, Eric R.
The Closet by Douglas Carter Beane (2018 Berkshires)
CloseTies/Elizabeth Diggs (2008)
Close to You/Florian Zeller, Christopher Hampton (London 2015)
Close Up Space/ Molly Smith Metzler(Off-Broadway 2011)
Closure/Richard Dresser (New Jersey 2015)
Cloud 9 (Washington, DC 2016)
Cloud Nine/ Caryl Churchill (Off-Broadway 2015)
Cloud Nine/Churchil, Caryl(London 2007)
Cloudstreet/Enright Nick and Monjo, Justin adapters of Tim Winton novel (London and Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2001)
Clue/ Pietro, Peter; Chiodo,Tom; Blum, Galen;Barker, Wayne; Martucci,Vinnie
Clutter/ Saltzman, Mark
Clybourne Park /(Los Angeles 2012)
Clybourne Park / Bruce Norris (DC 2011)
Clybourne Park/ (London 2010)
Clybourne Park/ ( Broadway 2012, Off Broadway 2011)
Clybourne Park/Bruce Norris (Berkshires 2013)
Boys' Life/Howard Korder (2008)
Coastal Disturbances/Howe, Tina (Berkshires)
Coast of Utopia--trilogy/Stoppard, Tom (London)
Coast of Utopia--trilogy/Stoppard, Tom (Broadway)
Cock/ Mike Bartlett (Philadelphia2013)
Cock/ Mike Bartlett( Off-Broadway2012)
Cock/ Mike Bartlett(London2009)
The Cocktail Hour/A.R. Gurney (2008)
The Cocktail Party/T.S. Eliot (Off-Broadway2010)
The Coffee Trees/ Giron, Arthur(2007)
Cobb/Blessing, Lee
Colder Than Here/Wade, Laura
Colin Quinn The New York Story/Colin Quinn (Off-Broadway 2015)
Colin Quinn Red State Blue State (2019 Off-Broadway)
Divine / Intervention (2015 Philadelphia)
Colin Quinn: Long Story Short/ (Broadway 2010)
Collaborators/John Hodge/(London 2011)
Collected Stories/ Donald Margulies(Broadway 2010)
Collected Stories/Margulies, Donald (Berkshires)
Collected Stories/Margulies, Donald MTC production
Collected StoriesUta Hagen production 
The Collection & A Kind of Alaska (Off-Broadway 2010)
Collective Rage/Jen Silverman (2018 Off-Broadway) < Emilia/Morgan Lloyd Malcolm (London 2018)
The Collector/ Mark Healy, adapted from John Fowles' novel (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Colleen Bawn/Boucicault, Dion
College Colors/Stacie Lents (NJ 2016)
Collision/Lyle Kessler (2013 Off-Broadway)
The Colored Museum/ George C. Wolfe(New Jersey 2008)
Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh(2008)
The Color Purple (Washington, DC 2018)
The Color Purple/Book, Marsha Norman; music & Lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray (Broadway 2005)
The Color Purple (London 2013)
The Color Purple(Los Angeles 2007)
Colourings/Andrew Keatley (London 2008)
The Columbine Project /Paul Storiale (2018 Los Angeles)
The Columbine Project/ Paul Anthony Storiale(2009)
Columbinus/Stephen Karam, Sean McNall, and PJ Paparelli (DC & NY)
The Collyer Brothers at Home& Period Piece/St. Germain (Berkshires)
Cologne/ Abatemarco/Tony2002
The Colorado Catechism/Cardinal, Vincent J. (DC)
Colores (International Puppet Festival '98)
The Columnist/ David Auburn( Broadway2012)
Come From Away/ Come From Away/ Book, music and lyrics by Irene Sankoff & David Hein (2017 Broadway)
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean/Graczyk, Ed (Los Angeles)
Comedians/ Trevor Griffiths(London2009)
Comedians/ Griffiths, Trevor (New Group-2003)
Comedians/Griffiths, Trevor (La Mama-2001)
Come Back Little Horny/ Laura Richardson(Los Angeles 2009)
Come Back Little Sheba/Inge, William (Los Angeles 2007, Broadway, 2008)
The Comedy about a Bank Robbery /Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shiels (London 2016)
The Comedy of Errors (Washington, DC 2018)
Comedy of Errors (Off-Broadway 2015)
Comedy of Errors (Berkshires 2015)
The Comedy of Errors/Shakespeare (London 2014)
The Comedy of Errors (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Comedy of Errors and Richard III/Shakespeare (London 2011)
The Comedy of Errors/ Shakespeare(New Jersey 2012)
The Comedy of Errors/ Shakespeare(London 2011)
The Comedy of Errors / Shakespeare by Propeller(Boston 2011)
The Comedy of Errors/ Shakespeare(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Comedy of Errors (London, Globe, 2006)
The Comedy of Errors (London, RSC, 2006)
The Comedy of Errors/Shakespeare
>The Comedy of Errors/Shakespeare (Berkshires)
A Comedy of Tenors/Ken Ludwig (New Jersey 2017)
A Comedy of Tenors/Ken Ludwig (New Jersey 2015)
Comedy on the Bridge & Brundibar /Tony Kushner Librettos, Music by Bohuslav Martinu (San Francisco)
Come Fly Away/ Twyla Tharp( Broadway 2010)
A Comfortable Truth/Kemble, Mark (LA)
Comfort Me With Apples/Leyshon,Nell (London)
Comfort Women / Book: Dimo Hyun Jun Kim, Osker David Aguirre and Joann Malory Mieses. Music: Bryan Michaels and TaeHo Park.Lyrics: Bryan Michaels < (2018 Off-Broadway)
Comfort Women/Kim/Chungmi
Comic Potential/Ayckbourn, Alan
Coming Back Like a Song! By Lee Kalcheim (2018 Berkshires)
Coming Home/ Athol Fugard(San Francisco 2010)
Coming Home/ Fugard(2009 Philadelphia)
Coming Home/ Athol Fugard(Los Angeles2009)
The Commitments /Roddy Doyle (London 2013)
Common/DC Moore (London 2017)
The Common Air/Alex Lyras & Robert McCaskill (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Common Pursuit/ Simon Gray(Off Broadway 2012)
The Common Pursuit / Simon Gray(London 2008)
The Commons Of Pensacola /Amanda Peet (Off-Broadway2013)
Communicating Doors /Alan Ayckbourn (London 2015)
Communicating Doors/Ayckbourn,Alan
Communion/Daniel MacIvor (2016 Off-Broadway)
Compania TangoX2/ (2008)
Company / Stephen Sondheim and George Furth (London 2018)
Company / Stephen Sondheim and George Furth (London 2018)
l">Company (2017 Berkshires)
Company (Broadway 2006)
Company/Sondheim; Furth, George--music (Berkshires) 
The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged) (Berkshires)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)/ (Berkshires 2014)
Compleat Female Stage Beauty/ Jeffrey Hatcher(Los Angeles 2008)
The Compleat Female Stage Beauty/Hatcher, JeffreyPhiladelphia) 
The Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill, Volume 2 (Off-Broadway2014)
The Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill, Volume 1: Early Plays/Lost Plays/Text by Eugene O'Neill/ Adapted by Christopher Loar f(Off-Broadway 011)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)(revised) /Adam Long, Daniel Singer, Jess Winfield (New Jersey 2016
Completeness/ Itamar Moses(Off-Broadway 2011)
Complicit/ Joe Sutton(London 2009)
Compulsion / Rinne Groff(Off-Broadway 2011)
Compulsion/ Rinne Groff(Connecticut 2010)
Coney Island Christmas/ Donald Margulies (Los Angeles 2012)
The Confessions of Punch and Judy/ Tannis Kowalchuk, Ker Conflict /Miles Malleson (2018 Off-Broadway)
Confusions and A Hero's Welcome /Alan Ayckbourn (2016 Off-Broadway)
Confusions/ (Los Angeles 2010)
The Conjure Man Dies/Fisher, Rudolph
The Conscientious Objector/Michael Murphy (2008)
Consent/David Rhodes (2015 Off-Broadway)
Consent/Nina Raine (London 2018)
The Constant Couple/Farquhar, George (2007)
Constant Star/Thompson, Tazewell Thompson (DC)
The Constant Wife/Maugham, Somerset (Broadway)
The Constant Wife/Maugham, Somerset (London)
The Constant Wife/Maugham, W. Somerset(Los Angeles)
The Consul/ Gian-Carlo Menotti opera(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Consul/Menotti, Gian Carlo(Berkshire Opera
Contains Violence/ David Rosenberg(Lond2008)
The Contingency Plan — On The Beach and Resilience/Steve Waters (London 2009)
Controversy at Valladolid/ Carrière, Jean-Claude
The Conversation// Kate Harris theatrical adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola's film(2008)
Conversations in Tusculum/Nelson, Richard (2008)
Conversations 'Bout The Girls/Jackson, Sonia (Los Angeles)
Conversations on Russian Literature and Three More Plays/David Johnston (2009)
The Convert / Danai Gurira( Chicago 2012)
The Cook/Machado, Eduardo
Cookin'/Song, Seung Whan
Coolatully/ Fiona Doyle (London 2014)
A Cool Dip in the Barren Saharan Crick/ Kia Corthron(Off-Broadway 2010)
Cool Hand Luke/ Emma Reeves adaptation of Donn Pearce novel (2015 Off-Broadway)
Cool Hand Luke/ Adapted by Emma Reeves
From the novel by Donn Pearce
(London 2011)
Coraline/ Neil Gaiman book set to music and lyrics by Stephin Merritt; book by David Greenspan,(2009)
Coram Boy/Edmundson, Helen from the novel by Jamila Gavin (London and Broadway)
Core Values/Steven Levenson (Off-Broadway 2013)
Cornbury: The Queen's Governor/ William M. Hoffman and Anthony Holland (2009)
The Corn Is Green/Williams, Emlyn- (Berkshires-WTF)
The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman he Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union/Greig, David (Los Angeles 2003)
Christmas Memory /based on Truman Capote Stor (2014 Off-Broadway)
Consent/David Rhodes (2015 Off-Broadway)
Constellations /Nick Payne (2017 Los Angeles)
Constellations/Nick Payne (2014 Broadway)
Constellations/ Nick Payne/(London 2012)
Contact/ Stroman,Susan and Weidman, John
Contact With the Enemy/Gilroy, Frank
Contemporary American Play Festival 2001 (Sheperdstown, VA)
Continental Divide/Edgar, David r (London)
Continuity /Bess Wohl (2019 Off-Broadway)
The Controversy of Valladolid/ Jean-Claude Carriære ( 2005) Convergence/Farsakh, Shakir Yusif (Los Angeles)
Conversations After a Burial/Rezs, Yasmina(London)
Conversation With a Kleagle/ Gray, Rudy
The Convert‚ /Danai Gurira(New Jersey 2011)
Cookin' at the Cookery: The Music & Times of Alberta Hunter/Caffey, Marion
Cooking With Elvis/Hall, Lee (London)
Cooking With Elvis/Hall, Lee (DC)
Cooper Savage/Harlow, Bash 2002
Copenhagen/Frayn, Michael (London). . .Copenhagen in NY
Cornelius/ J. B. Priestley (Off-Broadway 2013, London 2012)
Corners/ Rabe, David (Berkshires)
Coriolanus / (2019 Off-Broadway) Coriolanus/Shakespeare (2016 Off-Broadway)
Coriolanus (2018 Los Angeles)
Coriolanus (NJ 20016)
Coriolanus /Shakespeare (London 2013)
Coriolanus (London 2003)
Coriolanus/Shakespeare (London). . .at BAM
Corner Wars/Dowlin, Tim
Corpus Christie/McNally, Terrence (CollageReview)
The Correspondent/Ken Urban (2014 Off-Broadway)
Cosi Fan Tutte/ Mozart(London 2009)
Cosi fan Tutti (Berkshire Opera)
Cost of Living/Martyna Majok (2017 Off-Broadway)
Cougar the Musical(Off-Broadway 2013)
Counsellor-at-Law/Rice, Elmer
The Countess/MurphyGregory (London)
The Countess/MurphyGregory
The Country/ Crimp, Martin(London)
The Country Boy/Murphy, John
The Country Club /Beane, Douglas Carter;
The Call/Tanya Barfield ( The Country House/by Donald Margulies(Los Angeles 2014)
Off-Broadway 2013)
Country Girl/Clifford Odets (Broadway 2008)
replance the plural or just add
The Country Girl/ Clifford Odets(London 2010)
The Country Girl/ Clifford Odets(2008)
The Country Wife/ Wycherley, William(London 2007)
Courting Vampires/ Laura Schellhardt(Los Angeles 2009)
Court-Martial at Fort Devens/ Jeffrey Sweet/a>(Off-Broadway2012)
Conquest of the Universe or When Queens Collide/Charles Ludlam (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Conquest of the South Pole/ Manfred Karge Translated by Tinch Minter and Anthony Vivis(London 2012)
The Country House /Donald Margulies (2014Broadway)
Cousin Bette /Jeffrey Hatcher, based on the novel by Honore de Balzac (Los Angeles 2010)
Cowboy Mouth/Shepard, Sam (Philadelphia 2003)
Cowboys and Indians/Maxwell, Richard and Strahs, Jim
CQ/CX/ Gabe McKinley(Off-Broadway 2012)
Coyote on a Fence/Graham, Bruce (Berkshires)
Crackskull Row/Honor Molloy (Off Broadway 2017)
The Cradle Will Rock/ Marc Blitzstein (2019 Off-Broadway)
The Cradle Will Rock/Marc Blitzstein (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Cradle Will Rock/Blitzstein, Marc
Cranes/Lipkin, Dimitry
Crawl, Fade to White/Callaghan, Sheila (Los Angeles)
Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro/de Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron
Crazy for the Dog/Boal, Christopher
Crazyblackmuthaf***in'self /Oparei, DeObia (London)
The Crazy Locomotive/Witkiewicz, Stanislaw
Crazy Mary/Gurney, A. R.
Crave/Kane, Sarah
Crazy Drunk/t Fieldsteel, Robert (Los Angeles)
Creating Claire/ oe DiPietro(New Jersey 2010)
Creation of the World and Other Business/Miller, Arthur
The Credeaux Canvas/Bunin, Keith
This Beautiful City/The Civilians (2009)
The Civilians' This Beautiful City/ By Steven Cosson and Jim Lewis, with music and lyrics by Michael Friedma(Los Angeles 2008)
Cradle and All/ Daniel Goldfarb(Off-Broadway 2011)
Crazy For You/ Music and Lyrics by George and Ira Gershwin. Book by Ken Ludwig. Co-conception by Ken Ludwig and Mike Ockrent. Inspired by material by Guy Bolton and John McGowan(London 2011)
Cressida/Wright, Nicholas(London)
Creditors/Strindberg (2018 Berkshires)
Creditors (London 2008, BAM 2010)
Cries and Whispers/ Ivan van Hove adaptation of Ingmar Bergman film(Off-Broadway-BAM 2011)
Crime and Punishment/ Dostoevsky novel adapted by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus.(2007)
Crimes of the Heart(Off-Broadway Roundabout production2008)
Crimes of the Heart(Off-Broadway Second Stage Production 2001)
Crirmes of the Heart (Berkshires, Williamstown Threatre Festival 2007)
Criminals In Love/ Walker, George F.
The Cripple of Inishmaan/ Martin McDonagh(Broadway2014)
The Cripple of Inishmaan/Martin McDonagh (London 2013)
The Cripple of Inishmaan/ Martin McDonagh (2008)
The Cripple of Inishmaan/McDonagh,Martin (1998)
Crossing Brooklyn/ Book and Lyrics by Laura Harrington. Music by Jenny Giering
Crossing Jerusalem/Pascal, Julia Pascal (London)
Crow/Ted Hughes/ (London 2012)
Crowns /Regina Taylor (2018 New Jersey)
Crowns/Taylore, Regina
The Crucible /Arthur Miller (London 2014)
The Crucible / Arthur Miller(Connecticut 2011)
The Crucible/Miller, Arthur (Chicago, 2007)
The Crucible (London-RSC 2006)
TheCrucible/Miller, Arthur
The Crucifer of Blood/Giovanni, Paul (Berkshires)
Cruel and Barbarous Treatment/Adapted from Mary McCarthy & John Cheever stories
Cruel and Tender/ Sophocles, adapted by Martin Crimp (London, )
Cry-Baby/Score by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger; book by Thomas Meehan and Mark O'Donnell. (2008)
Cry Havoc!/ Stephen Woferrt (2016 Berkshires)
The Cryptogram/Mamet, David (London)
Crystal/Cascio, Anne Therese (DC)
cul-de-sac/Coriani, John
The Culture of Desire/Bogard,Ann
Cupid and Psyche/ Sean Hartley(New Jersey 2008)
Cupid and Psyche/ Book and Lyrics, Sean Hartley;Music, Jihwan Kim (Off Broadway)
The Cure at Troy/Heaney, Seamus 
The Cure at Troy/Heaney, Seamus  (2002)
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time/ The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time/>Mark Haddon novel, adapted 0by Simon Stephens (London 2013)
Current Events/Grant, David Marshall
The Curse of Oedipus/Kenneth Cavander(Los Angeles 2014)
Curse of the Starving Clas/Sam Shepard (2019 Off-Broadway)
Curse of the Starving Class/ Sam Shepard(Philadelphia 2012)
Curtains/Book by Rupert Holmes. Music by John Kander. Lyrics by Fred Ebb Original Book and Concept by Peter Stone (London 2012)
Curtains/Book by Rupert Holmes. Music by John Kander. Lyrics by Fred Ebb. Original Book and Concept by Peter Stone (New Jersey 2011)
Curtains/ Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb, Additional Lyrics by John Kander and Rupert Holmes, Book by Rupert Holmes, Original Book and Concept by Peter Stone Los Angeles & Broadway
Curvy Widow (NJ & Off-Broadway2017)
The Cut/ Ravenhill/ Mark (London)
Cuttin' Up/ Randolph-Wright, Charles-- based upon the book Cuttin' Up: Wit and Wisdom from Black Barber Shops by Craig Marberry (DC)
Cycling Past the Matterhorn/ Grimberg, Deborah
Cyclone/Fitzgerald, Ron
Cymbeline (2017 Berkshires)
Cymbeline/William Shakespeare (Off-Broadway 2015)
Cymbeline/ Shakespeare(Off-Broadway-Barrow Street 2011)
Cymbeline/ Shakespeare(Off Broadway 2011)
Cymbeline(Lincoln Center 2007)
Cymbeline/Shakespeare-(London, Cheek By Jowl, 2007
Cymbeline/ Emma Rice adaptation (London - 2007)
Cymbeline/Shakespeare (TNFA 2002)
Cymbeline/Shakespeare (BAM 2002)
Cymbeline (New Jersey 2006) Cynics/Daly, Patrick Daly and Williams, Ted (Los Angeles)
Cyprus/Arnott, Peter (London)
Cyprus Avenue/Davd Ireland (Off-Broadway 2018)
  The Language of Love: Cyrano De Bergerac and Burning (2016 Off-Broadway)
Cyrano de Bergerac (Off-Broadway 2012)
Cyrano de Bergerac/ Edmund Rostand, adapted by Anthony burgess (Broadway 2007)
Cyrano de Bergerac/Rostand, Edmund
Cyrano de Bergerac/Rostand, Edmund (Berkshires)
Cyrano de Bergerac/Rostand,Edmond Rostand, adapted by Derek Mahon (London)
Top of List


Da/Hugh Leonard (Off-Broadway 2015)
Da Boyz/Music by Richard Rogers; Lyrics by Lorenz Hart;Book by George Abbott -- Adapted by DJ Excalibah, MC Skolla and Ultz (London)
Dada Woof Papa Hot/Peter Parnell (Off-Broadway 2015)
Daddy/ Jeremy o. Harris (2019 Off-Broadway)
Daddy Long Legs/Paul Gordon & John Caird (New Jersey 2016)
Daddy Long Legs (Off-Broadway 2015)
Daddy Long Legs/By John Caird. Music and lyrics by Paul Gordon (Los Angeles2009)
Daedalus,/Davalos, David Davalos (Philadelphia)
dai (enough) Bahr, Iris
Daisy In the Dreamtime/Kaufman, Lynne
Daisy Mayme/Kelly, George
'da Kink in my Hair / Anthony, Trey (London)
Damascus/ David Greig(2008)
Dame Edna: The Royal Tour/Humphries, Barry (Broadway 1999)
Dame Edna: The Royal Tour/Humphries, Barry (Los Angeles 2001)
Dame Edna: Back With a Vengeance/Humphries, Barry
Dames at Sea/George Haimsohn, Robin Miller, Jim Wise (Broadway 2015)
Dames at Sea/Book & lyrics: George Haimsohn and Robin Miller; Music: Jim Wise
Damn Yankees(New Jersey 2012)
Dance Nation/ Clare Barron (London 2018)
Dance Nation/Claire Barron (2018 Off-Broadway)
Dancing at Lughnasa/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
Dancing at Lughnasa/ Brian Friel(London 2009)
Dancing Lessons /Mark St. Germain (Berkshires 2014)
Dancing On Nails/Paul Manuel Kane (Off-Broadway2013)
Dan Cody's Yacht (2018 Off-Broadway
  Dandy in the Underworld/Tim Fountain (London 2010)
Dangerous House / Jen Silverman (2018 Berkshires)
Daphne's Dive/Quiara Alegría Hudes (2016 Off-Broadway)
Das Rheingold/ Wagner Opera(Los Angeles 2009)
Bells Are Ringing/ Book and Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Music By Jule Styne
(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Damnation of Faust/ Berlioz opera(London 2011)
Encores! Damn Yankees/ Book by George Abbot and Douglass Wallop; Words and Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ros(Encores! 2008)
Damsels In Distress: GamePlan, FlatSpin. and RolePlay/Ayckbourn, Alan (London)
The Dance and the Railroad/ David Henry Hwang (Off-Broadway 2013)
Dance Bear Dance/ Shunt (London Fringe)
Dance of Death/Strindberg, August (Broadway)
Dance of Death (off-Broadway)
Dance of the Vampires/book: David Ives; music & English lyric:Jim Steinman (Broadway 2002
The Dance On Widow's Row/Williams, Samm-Art
Dancing in the Streets/compiled by Keith Strachan (London 2005)
Dandelion Mind/ (London 2010)
Dangerous Corner/Priestley, J. B.
Dangerous Personality/ Sallie Bingham(2008)
Daniel's Husband/ Michael McKeever (2019 Los Angeles)
Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2019 NJ)
Danny and Sylvia: The Danny Kaye Musical/ Book & Lyrics by Robert McElwaine(2009)
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea/Shanley, John Patrick Shanley
The Dark/ Jones, Charlotte (London)
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs/Inge, William
The Dark Earth and the Light Sky/ Nick Dea(London 2012)
Dark Kalamazoo/Lampley/Oni Faida (DC and New York)
Dark Matters/ Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto(2006)
Dark Play or Stories for Boys/ Murillo, Carlos (Los Angeles2007)
Dark Rapture/OvermayerEric (Los Angeles)
The Darker Face of the Earth/Dove, Rita (DC)
Darker Shores/ (London 2009)
Darwin in Malibu/Whittell, Crispin (London)
Darwin In Malibu/Whittell, Crispin (LA)
The Daughter In Law/Lawrence, D. H. (NY)
The Daughter In Law/Lawrence, D. H. (London)
David's Mother/Randall, Bob (LA)
Davy and Stu, see Marathon 2006, SeriesA
Dawn/ Thomas Bradshaw(2008)
A Day at the Racists/ Anders Lustgarten(London 2010)
The Day Before Death, Destruction & Detroit III/Wilson, Robert
The Day Emily Married/Foote, Horton
Day In the Life of Joe Egg/Nichols, Peter(London)
A Day In the Death Of Joe Egg/Nichols, Peter (Broadway)
Days of Rage/Steven Levenson (2017 Off-Broadway)
Days of Significance/ Roy Williams(London 2008)
Days of Wine and Roses/Miller, JP--adapted by Owen McCafferty Days to Come /Lillian Hellman (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Dazzle /Richard Greenberg (London 2015)
The Dazzle/Greenberg, Richard
(James Joyce's) The Dead/Nelson, Richard and Davey, Shaun (Philadelphia 2002)
(James Joyce's) The Dead/Nelson, Richard and Davey, Shaun (New York 2000)
The Dead Boy/Pintauro, Joe (LA)
Dead Accounts(Off-Broadway 2012)
Dead Dog Park/Barry Malawer (2016 Off-Broadway)
Dead End/Kingsley, Sidney (Los Angeles)
Dead End/Kingsley, Sidney (Berkshires)
The Dead Eye Boy/MacLachlanAngus
The Dead Eye Boy/MacLachlanAngus (London)
The Dead Eye Boy/MacLachlan, Angus
Dead, Therefore I Am / Max Leavitt(Los Angeles 2009)
Dead Funny/Johnson, Terry (DC)
Dead Man's Cell Phone/ Ruhl, Sarah(2008)
Dead Poets Society / Tom Schulman adaption from his screenplay (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Dead School/ Pat McCabe(London 2010)
Dealer's Choice/ Marber, Patrick(London 2007)
The Dear Boy/O'Brien, Dan
Dear Brutus /JM Barrie (London 2017)
Dear Brutus/J. M. Barrie (Los Angeles2007)
Dear Elizabeth/Sarah Rule (2015 Off-Broadway) Dear Evan Hansen (2016 Broadway)
Dear Evan Hansen/book by Steven Levenson, music and lyrics by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul (2016 Off-Broadway)
Dear Evan Hansen/ Book by Steven Levenson. Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (Washington, DC 2015)
Dear Lupin /Roger Mortimer, Charlie Mortimer and Michael Simkins (London 2015)
Dear Prudence/Hefti, Susan Kathryn
(London 2013)
Dear World/ Music & lyrics by Jerry Herman
Book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee
Death and the King's Horseman/ Wole Soyinka(London 2009)
Death and the King's Horseman/Soyinka,Wole(DC)
Death and the Maiden/ Ariel Dorfman(London 2011)
Death and the Ploughman/ von Saaz, Johannes
Deathbed/ Schultz, Mark(2008)
Death For 5 Voices/Music and lyrics by Peter Mills, book by Mills and Carla Reichel. (2016 Off-Broadway)
Death In Venice/Mann, Thomas-- adapted by Robert David MacDonald2002
Death of a Faun/ David Pownall
Death of Frank/Belber, Stephen (1998)
Death of a Maiden/Dorfman, Ariel (DC)
The Death of Meyerhold/Jackson, Mark (DC)
Death of a Salesman in Yiddish (Off-Broadway 2015)
Death of a Salesman/ Arthur Miller-Theater Mitu (2017 Off-Broadway)
Death of A Salesman/Arthur Miller (London 2015)
Death of a Salesman /Arthur Miller (2014 Off-Broadway)
Death of a Salesman (Broadway 2012)
Death of a Salesman/Miller, Arthur (London-2005)
Death of a Salesman/Arthur Miller.. .second thoughts
Death Takes A Holiday /Maury Yeston, Peter Stone, Thomas Meehan (London 2017)
Death Takes a Holiday/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
Death Takes a Holiday/Danz, Cassandra; Fulham, Mary; Leight, Warren
Deathtrap/ Ira Levin(Berkshires 2015)
Deathtrap/ Ira Levin(London 2010)
Deathwatch/ Genet (DC)
Debbie Does Dallas, Schmidt, Erica adapter (from film)
\ Decade/ multiple authors(London 2011)
Deceit/ Kimmel, Bruce(Los Angeles)
December Fools/Yellen, Sherman
Deco Diva/Wilson, Kara
Dedication or The Stuff of Dreams/ McNally, Terrence
The Deep Blue Sea/ Terence Rattigan(London 2008)
Deep Down/Doug Grissom
The Deep Throat Sex Scandal/ David Bertolino(Off-Broadway 2010)
Defender of the Faith/Carolan, Stuart
Defiance/Shanley, John Patrick (Los Angeles-2007)
Defiance/Shanley, John Patrick
Defiled/Kalcheim, lee (LA)
Def Poetry Jam on Broadway/Lathan Stan and Simmons, Russell
Degenerate Art/Irondale Ensemble Project
De La Guarda/Pichon Baldinu and Diqui James
deLEARious /Book, music and lyrics by Phil Swann and Ron West (2018 Los Angeles)
A Delicate Balance / Edward Albee (2014 Broadway)
A Delicate Balance/ Edward Albee(London 2011)
A Delicate Balance/ Edward Albee (Berkshires 2010
A Delicate Balance/Albee, Edward (Los Angeles)
A Delicate Balance/Albee (Nj 2013)
A Delicate Ship/Anna Ziegler (Off-Broadway 2015)
Delicious River/Maddow, Ellen.
Deliverance /James Dickey book adapted by: Sean Tyler (2014 Off-Broadway)
Democracy/Frayn, Michael (London & Broadway)
De Profundis, See In Extremis and De Profundis
Demon Baby/ Courtney, Erin
Den of Thieves/ Stephen Adly Guirgis(San Francisco 2010)
De Novo: Beyond Borders (m' de las fronteras)/ Jeffrey Solomon(New Jersey 2011)
Departures/ Michael Catlin, David Ferguson, Effie Hortis, Jim Lunsford, James J. Mellon, Penelope Richards, Duane Poole, and Mark Wyrick (Los Angeles 2008)
Derren Brown Enigma/ (London 2009)
Derren Brown: Secret/Andy Nyman, Derren Brown and Andrew O'Connor (2017 Off-Broadway)
Describe the Night/ Rajiv Joseph (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Designated Mourner/Wallace Shawn(Off-Broadway2013)
Design for Li Design for Livingving/ (Berkshires 2014)
Design for Living/ Noël Coward (London 2010)
Design For Living/Noel Coward (DC 2009)
Design For Living/Noel Coward (Berkshires 2004) Design For Living/Coward, Noel (Broadway 2001)
Desire - An Evening of Plays based on Six Stories by Tennessee Williams by Elizabeth Egloff, Marcus Gardley, rebecca Gilman, David Grimm, John Guare, Beth Henley (Off-Broadway 2015)
Desire Under the Elms/ Eugene O'Neill(London 2012)
Desire Under the Elms/ Eugene O'Neill( Chicago & Broadway2009)
Desire Under the Elms/Eugene O'Neill
Desire Under the Elms (Berkshires) 
Desire Under the Elms/O'Neill(Los Angeles, 2007)
Desperate Conversations: Two One-Act Plays by Tennessee Williams--: I Can't Imagine Tomorrow and A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot (Philadelphia)
Desperate Measures (2017 Off-Broadway)
>Dessa Rose/ Book and Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, Music by Stephen Flaherty (London 2014)
Dessa Rose/Book by Lynn Ahrens &Music by Stephen Flaherty, from novel by Sherley Williams
Destiny of Desire/Karen Zacarias (Washington, DC 2015)
Detachments/Dodson-Baker, Colleen (LA)
a href="detainingjustice.html">Detaining Justice/ Bola Agbaje(London 2009)
Detroit 67/ Dominique Morisseau (2018 NJ)
Detroit/ Lisa D'Amour(DC 2013)
Detroit/Lisa D'Amour(Off-Broadway 2012)
Detroit/ Lisa D'Amour/ (London 2012)
Detroit/ Lisa D'Amour(Chicago2010)
Deuce/McNally, Terrence
The Devils/Engloff/ Elizabeth
Devil's Advocate (Berkshires-Shakespeare & Co 2009)
Devil and the Deep/Melissa Bell based Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island (2015 Off-Broadway)
devilsdisciplenj14.html">The Devil's Disciple/George Bernard Shaw (New Jersey 2014)
The Devil's Disciple/ Shaw, George, Bernard(2007)
The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith/
The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith/ Conceived by Joe Brancato(NewJersey2007)
Dex + Julie Sittin in a Tree/ Graham, Bruce
Dial 'N' for'Negress (2009)
Diamond Dead/ written by Brian Cooper with contributions by George A. Romero; music by Richard Hartley; adaptation by Andrew Lloyd Baughma (DC)
Di and Viv and Rose/Amelia Bullmore (2013.London)
Diana of Dobsons/Hamilton, Cicely
The Diary of Anne Frank/Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett, Wendy Kesselman (New Jersey 2015)
The Diary of Anne Frank/Goodrich/Kesselman, Wendy (new adapter) --original, Mark Frances;Hackett, Albert 1997
The Diary of Anne Frank/Goodrich/Kesselman, Wendy (new adapter) --original, Mark Frances;Hackett, Albert (New Jersey- Papermill Playhouse 2006)
Diary of a Chambermaid/Giurgea, Adrian--adaptation of Octave Mirbeau novel
The Diary of a Madman/ Gorky adaptation (Los Angeles 2004)
The Diary of a Madman/ Nikolai Gogol adapted by David Holman with Neil Armfield & Geoffrey Rush(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Diary of a Nobody(London 2017)
Dick Whittington/Ravenhill, Mark (London)
Dickie and Babe/ Daniel Henning(Los Angeles2008)
Dido Queen of Carthage/Christopher Marlowe (London 2009)
Dido Quee of Carthage/Marlowe, Christopher (Off Broadway, 2002)
Dido, Queen of Carthage (London 2003)
Dido Queen of Carthage/ Christopher Marlowe(2008)
Die Mommie Die! /Busch, Charles (2007)
Dietrich and Chevalier./ ( Off-Broadway2010)
Dietrich & Chevalier, the Musical/ Jerry Mayer(2008 Los Angeles)
The Dilletante (Wharton One-Acts 98, Berkshires)
Dimetos/ Athol Fugard(London 2009)
Dimetos/Fugard, Athol (Berkshires)
Dinah Was/Oliver Goldstick
Diner/ Book by Barry Levinson. Music & Lyrics by Sheryl Crow (DC 2014)
The Dining Room /Gurney, A. R. (2007)
Dinner/Buffini, Moira (London)
Dinner at Eight/Kaufman, George S.; Ferber, Edna
in NYC
Dinner With Friends/Donald Margulies (Off-Broadway2014)
Dinner with Friends/ Donald Margulies(Connecticut 2010)
Dinner With Friends/Margulies, Donald (Off-Broadway 1999)
Dinner With Demons/Reynolds, Joshua
Dinner With the Boys/Dan Lauria (2015 Off-Broadway/2014 NJ)
Dinner With The Boys/Dan Lauria (New Jersey 2014)
The Director/Cassidy, Barbara
The Director/ Hasty, Nancy (Off-Broadway 2000
Dirty Blonde/Claudia Shear and James Lapine(DC 2009)
Dirty Blonde/ Shear, Claudia
Dirty Blonde (Philadelphia production)
Dirty Dancing/ Eleanor Bergstein(Los Angeles 2009)
Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story On Stage/Bergstein, Eleanor (London)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels//Jeffrey Lane, book; David Yazbek, music and lyrics-- based on 1988 film
Dirty Story/Shanley, John Patrick
The Dirty Talk/Puzo, Michael
Dirty Tricks/Jeter, John
Dirty Works/Linley, Jamie
A Disappearing Number/Simon McBurney (London 2007)
Disaster!/Seth Rudetsky/Jack Plotnick (Broadway 2016)
Disaster/eth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick (Off-Broadway2013)
Disconnect/ Anupama Chandrasekhar(London 2010)
Disconnect/Ackerman, Ron
Disco Pigs /Enda Walsh (2018 Off-Broadway)
Disco Pigs/Walsh, Enda
Discover Love/ Nikoloai Khalezin-Belarus Theater Company(Off-Broadway 2011)
Disenchanted/Dennis T. Giacino (Off-Broadway 2014)
Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar (2018 Berkshires)
Disgraced/Ayad Akhtar (2016 Off-Broadway)
Disgraced/ Ayad Ahktar(Washington, DC 2016)
Disgraced /Ayad Akhtar (2014 Broadway)
Disgraced/ Ayad Akhtar (Off-Broadway 2012)
Disgraced/ Ayad Akhtar (london2013)
The Disputation/Macoby, Hyam (DC)
The Dishwashers/Morris Panych (Berkshires 2008)
The Dishwashers/Panych, Morris (Philadelphia)
Dissonance/Lanigan, Damian (Berkshires-WTF)
The Distance From Here/LaBute, Neil (Los Angeles, 2007)
The Distance From Here/LaBute, Neil (London & New York)
A Distant Country Called Youth: The Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams, Vol. 1: 1920-1945/Williams, Tennessee, adapted by Steve Lawson (DC) A Distant Shore/Yew, Chay (Los Angeles)
Distracted / Lisa Loomer(Off-Broadway 2009)
Distracted/Loomer, Lisa (Los Angeles 2007)
Ditch/ Beth Steel(London 2010)
Divas (London 2008)
The Diver / Hideki Noda & Colin Teevan(London 2008)
Dividing the Estate/Foote, Horton (Primary Stages 2007, Broadway 2008)
Divine Rivalry/ Michael Kramer(Connecticut 2011)
The Divine Sister/Charles Busch ( Off-Broadway2010)
Divorce! The Musical/ Erin Kamler(Los Angeles 2008)
Dixie's Tupperware Party/Andersson, Kris
Review: The Djinns of Eidgah at
Doctor's Dilemma/Shaw, G.B. (Shaw Festival-Canada)
Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington/Claire Coss (Off-Broadway2014)
Elf / Thomas Meehan, Bob Martin, Matthew Sklar, Chad Beguelin (London 2015)
Elf (NJ 2014)
A Doctor in Spite of Himself/Moliere, adapted by Christopher Bayes and Steven Epps (Connecticut 2011)
The Doctor In Spite Of Himself/Moliere
Doctor Faustus/Christopeher Marlowe (2015 Off-Broadway)
Dr Faustus/ Christopher Marlowe(London 2011)
Doctor Faustus/Marlowe, Christopher (London 2006)
Dr Dee/ Co-creators Damon Albarn and Rufus Norris(London 2012)
Dr. Dolittle/Music & Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse; book by Lee Tannen based on Hugh Lofting stories (Los Angeles)
Dr. Knock, Or The Triumph Of Medicine/ Jules Romains(Off-Broadway 2010)
Dr. Ruth, All the Way(Berkshires 2012)
Dr. Sex/Book, Larry Bortniker & Sally Deering. Music and Lyrics, Larry Bortniker
Dr. Tango/Marshall, Juliette & Caldarella, Anthony (Los Angeles)
Doctor Zhivago/ Book by Michael Weller, composer Lucy Simon, lyricists Michael Korie and Amy Powers. (2015 Off-Broadway)
Dogeaters/Hagedorn, Jessica (New York premiere)
/Book by Peter Duchan/ Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (London 2014)
Dogfight/ Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Book by Peter Duchan (based on the Warner Bros. Film and Screenplay by Bob Comfort) /(Off-Broadway 2012)
Dogeaters/Hagedorn, Jessica (Los Angeles)
The Dog in the Manger/de Vega, Lope Felix (London)
The Dog Problem/Rabe, David (see also Corners
Dog Sees God/Royal, Bert V.
Do I Hear a Waltz?/Richard Rogers-music; Stephen Sondheim-lyrics; Arthur Laurent-book (LA)
Doktor Glas (London 2013)
A Doll’s House, Part 2/Lucas Hnath (2018 Berkshires)
A Doll's House, Part 2/Lucas Hnoth (2017 Broadway)
A Doll's House & The Father (2016 Off-Broadway)
A Doll's House /Henrik Ibsen-Adapted by Jo Stromgren (2015 Philadelphia)
A Doll's House/Henrik Ibsen (Berkshires-WTF 2011)
A Doll's House / Henrik Ibsen(London 2009)
A Doll's House/Henrik Ibsen (2008)
Dollhouse/ Ibsen's A Doll's House, adapted by Lee Breuer (2008 St. Ann's Warehouse
A Doll's House/ Henrick Ibsen by the Mabou Mines(2009 St. Ann's Warehouse)
A Doll's House/Ibsen, Henrik 
Dolly West's Kitchen/McGuinness, Frank (London)
Encores! Do I Hear a Waltz (2016 Off-Broadway)
Dolphins And Sharks/ (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Dome/ Deborah Abramson, Michael L. Cooper, Rinne Groff, Jason Grote, Hyeyoung Kim, Norman Lasca, Laura Marks, Marisa Michelson, David A. Miller(2009)
Domesticated/Bruce Norris(Off-Broadway 2013)
The Domino Heart /Matthew Edison (London 2014)
Dona Rosita the Spinster/Lorca, Frederico Garcia
Don Carlos/Schiller, Frederick(London)
Don Carlos/Schiller, Frederick(LA)
Don Carlo/Verdi opera (Los Angeles)
Don Carlos/Schiller, Frederick(London)
Don Giovanni /wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lorenzo da Ponte, Amanda Holden (London 2016)
Don Giovanni/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte(Los Angeles 2012)
Don Giovanni/ (London 2012)
Don Giovanni from OperaUpClose/ Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Libretto by Robin Norton-Hale(London 2011)
Don Giovanni/by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte; >English translation by Jeremy Sams (London 2010)
Don Giovanni /Mozart (Berkshires-Tanglewood2009)
Don Giovanni /Mozart (Berkshires-Tanglewood2009)
Don Giovanni/ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Los Angeles2007)
Don Giovanni/Mozart opera(Berkshires) 
Don Imbroglio/Music by Peter Hilliard; Libretto by Matt Boresi;.
Don Juan Comes Back From the War/Ivan von Don Juan in Soho/ Patrick Marber adapted from Moliere (London 2017)
Don Juan/Moliere(DC)
Don Juan /Moliere
Don Juan/ Moliere translation by Neil Bartlett (London)
Don Juan Comes Back From the War(von) Horvãth,Ödö 
Don Juan in SoHo/ Patrick Marber after Moliere (London)
Donkey Heart /Moses Raine (London 2014)
The Donkey Show/Diane Paulus and Randy Weiner
Donkey's Years/Frayn, Michael(London)
a href="donotgogentle.html">Do Not Go Gentle(2009)
Donny & Marie: A Broadway Christmas Show (Broadway 2010)
Donogoo/ Jules Romains(Off-Broadway2014)
Dont Dress for Dinner/ Marc Camoletti, adapted by Robin Hawdon, (Broadway 2012)
Dont Go Gentle/Stephen Belber(Off-Broadway 2012)
Don't Leave It All to Your Children! / Saul Ilson(2009)
Door Wide Open/Johnson, Joyce
Dora, an opera in 2 acts/Music: Melissa Shiflett; Libretto: Nancy Fales Garrett
Dorian Gray / Oscar Wilde adapted by Matthew Bourne(London)
Dorian Gray, A New Musical/Price, Don; Rieser,Allan 
Doris to Darlene, a Cautionary Valentine/ Harrison, Jordan(2007)
Dot/Colman Domingo (2016 Off-Broadway)
Do You Come Here Often?/Sean Foley, Hamish McColl and Jozef Houben
The Double Bass/Susskind, Patrick(Berkshires)
Double Double/Elice, Rick and Rees, Roger (Berkshires)
Double Falsehood (2016 Off-Broadway)
Double Infidelity, Marivaux
Doubt/Shanley, John Patrick (Los Angeles)
Doubt/ John Patrick Shanley(New Jersey 2007)
Doubt/Shanley, John Patrick
#9/ by Waterwell (2009)
Dov and Ali/ Anna Ziegler(2009)
Down South/ Fields, Doug
Down the Drain /Wood, Stanton 
Down the Garden Paths/Meara, Anne
Down the Road/Blessing, Lee
The Downtown Loop/Ben Gassman (Off-Broadway2013)
Downtown Race Riot /Seth Zvi Rosenfeld (2017 Off-Broadway)
Down Under /Garrison,Dyke and Harper ,Valerie
Down Under Darling/Astor-Kaye, John 
Do You Feel Anger?/ Mara Nelson-Greenberg (2019 Off-Broadway)
Dracula/Leveck/ Jonathan, from Bram Stoker's novel (DC)
Vlad Dracula/Book by Andrew Lloyd Baughman. Lyrics by Don Linke and Melissa Cruz. Music by Don Linke and Andrew Lloyd Baughman (DC)
Dracula The Musical/Music by Frank Wildhorn; Book and lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton
Dracula/Adapted by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston from Bram Stoker(Louisville,KY)
Dracula/from Bram Stoker novel by Ellen Geer(Los Angeles)
Dracula/ Hamilton Dean and John L. Balderston, based on Bram Stoker's novel(Los Angeles 2009)
Dracula/ Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston based on the novel by Bram Stoker(Off-Broadway 2011)
Draft Day/McAllister, Marvin (DC)
Dragapella/Schatz, Ben; Keller, Irwin; Kelley, Maurice; Dilley, Chris
The Dragon's Trilogy/ Marie Brassard, Jean Casault, Lorraine Côté Marie Gignac, Robert Lepage, Marie Michaud (London 2011)
Drama at Inish (Shaw Festival 2011)
>Drama at Inish/ Lennox Robinson(London 2011)
Dramatis Personae/Gonzalo Rodriguez Risco (Off-Broadway 2010)
Dance of Death/Ibsen (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Drawer Boy/Michael Healy (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Drawer Boy/Healey, Michael(Berkshires)
The Drawerboy/ Michael Healey(London 2012)
The Drawer Boy/Healey, Michael(New Jersey--Papermill)
Drawing The Line /Howard Brenton (London 2013)
Dread Awakening: "Bloody Mary" by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa; "pearls" by Clay McLeod Chapman; "Treesfall" by Justin Swain; "Sleep Mask" by Eric Sanders)(2006)
Dream/Johnny Mercer's lyrics 
Dream A Little Dream/Dogherty and Ledoux, Paul
the dreamer examines his pillow/ John Patrick Shanley (Off-Broadway 2015)
The Dreamer Examines His Pillow/Shanley, John Patrick (Los Angeles 2007)
The Dreamer Examines His Pillow/John Patrick Shanley(Berkshires 2009) <
Dreamgirls/ Tom Eyen and Henry Krieger (London 2018)
Dreamgirls/Book by Tom Eyen. Music by Henry Krieger (DC 2012)
Dream On Monkey Mountain/Walcott, Derek
Dreamgirls/Eyen,Tom;Krieger, Henry(DC)
Dreamin' In Church/O'Hara, Robert (Snapshots 2000)
Dreamland/Foglia,Leonard -- multiple musical sources (Berkshires)  
A Dream Play (Off-Broadway )
A Dream Play/Strindberg, August (London)
A Dream Play/Strindberg, August (Berkshires)
Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling/ Adam Rapp(Off Broadway 2011)
/Dreams of the Washer King (Off-Broadway 2010)
Dreamstuff/Lombarde, Sal; Pantozzi, John
Dream True/Landau, Tina
The Dressing Room/Scott, Mimi
Dreyfus the Comedy/ Grumberg,Jean-Claude(London)
Driving Miss Daisy/Alfred Uhry (Broadway 2010)
Drop Dead Perfect/Erasmus Fenn (Off-Broadway 2014)
The Drowned Man /Punchdrunk (London 2013)
Drowning Crow/Taylor, Regina
The Drowsy Chaperone/ Music & Lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison; Book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar (Los Angeles)
The Drowsy Chaperone/ Music & Lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison; Book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar (Broadway & London)
DruidShakespeare: The History Plays (Off-Broadway 2015)
(see Drummer Wanted/ Richard Maxwell/a> (2010)
Drummer Wanted/Maxwell, Richard (Philadelphia-- Fringe 2003)
(see review
Drums in the Night/Brecht,Bertolt (Los Angeles)
Drumstruck/ Lieberman, Warren
Drunk Enough To Say I Love You?/ Churchill, Caryl(London 2006, New York Public Theater 2008)
The Drunken City/ adam Bock(2008)
Drunken With What (2016 Off-Broadway)
Drunk Shakespeare/ (Off-Broadway2014)
Drunkle Vanya (2017 Off-Broadway)
Dry Powder /Sarah Burgess (London 2018)
Dry Powder/ Sarah burgess (2016 Off-Broadway)
Dublin Carol /Conor McPherson(Chicago 2008)
Dublin Carol/McPherson, Conor (London and NY)
Dublin by Lamplight/Michael West (Off-Broadway 2011)
Duchess of Malfi/ John Webster(London 2012)
Duchess of Malfi /John Webster (London 2014)
The Duchess of Malfi / John Webster(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Duchess of Malfi/Webster, John (London)
The Duchess of Malfi/Webster, John (London-2003)
The Duchess of Malfi/John Webster (London 2017)
The Duck House/Dan Patterson and Colin Swash (London 2013)
Ducktastic/Hamish McColl and Sean Foley (London
The Duel/Ionesco
Duet! A Romantic Fable/ackson,Gregory and Purcell, Erin Quinn
Duet/ Eskin, Otho
Duet for One/ Tom Kempinski(London 2009)
Duet For One/ Kempinski, Tom (Berkshires)
Dumb Show/ Joe Penhall(London 2010)
The Dumb Waiter/Harold Pinter (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Dumb Waiter/Pinter, Harold (London, 2007)
Dunsinane/ David Greig(London 2010)
A Duo of Divas for the Holidays -Andrea Marcovicci & Baby Jane Dexter/ (2009)
Durango/Cho, Julia
Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi/Pam Gems (London 2013)
Duse's Fever/ Bagnasco , Mica
Dusk Rings a Bell/ Stephen Belber(Off Broadway 2010)
Dust/ Bill Goda(2008)
Dusty / Chris Cowey, Kim Weild (London 2015)
Dutch Heart of Man/Glaudini, Robert
Dutchman/ Baraka, Amiri
Dutch Masters/GregKeller (Berkshires 2011)
The Dwarfs/Pinter, Harold (London)
Dvorak in America/Based on melodies of Antonin Dvorak: Book by Janet Barnet and Alice Lunsford, music and lyrics by Janet Barnet, additional lyrics by Alice Lundsfordl (Los Angeles)
The Dybbuk/ Anski, S.--adapted by Hannah Hessel and Paata Tsikurishvili (DC)
A Dybbuk or Between Two Worlds/Kushner, Tony
lshusbandla.html"> Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2019 NJ)
Dying City /Christopher Shinn (2019 Off-Broadway)
Dying City/Shinn, Christopher (2007 Off Broadway)
Dying City / Christopher Shinn(DC 2012)
Dying For It/ Moira Buffini (2014 Off-Broadway)
Dying For It/adaptation by Moira Buffini of Nikolai Erdman's The Suicide (London)
The Dying Gaul/Lucas, Craig . . .Second Thoughts on second run
Dylan's Ghost/Leonard, Mark (Los Angeles)
Dylan/Michaels, Sidney (Los Angeles)

Top of List

Eager to Lose/Matthew-Lee Erlbach (Off-Broadway2013)
Early Days/David Storey (London 2013)
An Early History of Fire/David Rabe (Off-Broadway 2012)
The Early Miracle/Holton, Lew Holton (DC)
Ears On a Beatle/St.Germain, Mark (Berkshires and New York)
Earthquakes in London/ Mike Bartlett(London 2010)
Earth Sucks/ Jonas Oppenheim (Los Angeles2008)
Easter/ Strindberg, August (London)
Eastern Standard/Greenberg, Richard (Off-Off Broadway revival 2003)
Easy Virtue/Coward, Noel (Shaw Festival-Canada)
East is East /Ayub Khan Din (London 2014)
East is East/Khan-Din, Ayub 
Eat the Runt/Crozier, Avery
Eavesdropping on Dreams/Rivka Bekerman-Greenberg (Off- Broadway 2012)
Eccentricities of a Nightingale/ Tennessee Williams(2008)
Echoes/Nash, M. Richard (Los Angeles)
Echo's Hammer/Roht, Ken (Los Angeles)
Echoes of War: "The New Word" and "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals"/Barrie, J. M.
The Eclectic Society/ Eric Conger(Philadelphia 2010)
Eclipse (The Horses of Zingaro)
Eclipsed on Broadway/Danai Gurira (2016 Broadway)
Eclipsed/Danai Gurira (Off-Broadway 2015)
Eclipsed/ Danai Gurira(Connecticut 2009)
Eclipsed/Patricia Burke Brogan
Eclipsed/ Danai Gurira(Los Angeles2009)
Ecstasy/ Mike Leigh(London 2011)
Kin/ Bathsheba Doran(Off- Broadway 2011)
Ecstasy/ Mike Leigh(2009)
Eden/O'Brien,Eugene (London & New York)
Eddie an d Dave / Amy Staat (2019 Off-Broadway)
href="edge.html">Edge/Alexander, Paul (Off-Broadway, 2003; Los Angeles, 2008)
The Edge of Our Bodies/ Adam Rapp (Philadelphia 2012)
Edith/ Kelly Masterson(Berkshires 2012)
Edmond/Mamet, David (London)
Educating Rita (with Shirley Valentine)
Educating Rita/Russell, Willy (Berkshire Theatre Festival 2007)
Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo: Homelife & The Zoo Story (2018 Off-Broadway)
Edward Albee's Occupant/ Edward Albee (2008)
Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness / Anthony Neilson(London 2009)
Edward II (Off-Broadway 2007) EdwardIIl/ Christopher Marlowe,(London 2008)
Edward II/Brecht, Bertolt(Off-Off Broadway 2005)
Edward II/Marlowe, Christopher (London 2003)
Edward the Second/Marlowe, Christopher (2007)
Edward Scissorhands (BAM-NY)
Edward Scissorhands/Matthew Bourne's (Los Angeles
Edward Scissorhands/Matthew Bourne's (London)
The Effect/Lucy Prebble
The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds/Zindel, Paul
Eh Joe/Beckett, Samuel  (London 2006)
Eh Joe/Beckett, Samuel  (Off-Off Broadway 2000
Eigengrau/ Penelope Skinner(London 2010)
887/Robert Lepage (London 2017)
Eight Days (Backward)/Dobrish, Jeremy
The Eight Reindeer Monologues/Goode, Jeff
The Eighth Wonder of the World /Nick Harrison Einstein: A Stage Portrait/Simms, Willard
Einstein's Dreams/Cheng, Kipp Erante from Alan Lightman novel
Einstein's Gift/Thiessen, Vern
The Einstein Project/ Paul D'Andrea and Jon Klein (Berkshires 2009)
The Einstein Project/D'Andrea, Paul and Klein, Jon (2000 Berkshires)
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity/Kristoffer Diaz (DC 2012)
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity/Kristoffer Diaz (Off- Broadway2010)
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity/ Kristoffer Diaz (Philadelphia 2009)
Eleanor: Her Secret Journey/Lerman, Rhoda (Los Angeles)
Elaine Stritch At Liberty
El Conquistador/Thaddeus Phillips and Tatiana Mallarino, in collaboration with Victor Mallarino
Election Day/Tobiessen, Josh
Election Day/Book & Lyrics, Alex Goldberg; Music & lyrics, Joel Stein
Elections and Erections/Uys, Pieter-Dirk (London)
Electra/Sophocles (London 2014)
Electra In A One-Piece/ ( Off-Broadway2010)
Electra/Alfred Preisser adaptation of Sophocles
Electra/Sophocles; adapted by Frank McGinnes (DC Greek Summer Festival 2005
Electra/Sophocles (Berkshires)
/Elf(Broadway 2010)
Elegy /Nick Payne (Off-Broadway 20`16)
Elizabeth, Rex/Findley, Timothy (Los Angeles)
Electra/Euripides (Los Angeles)
Electric Shadows (International Puppet Festival '98)
Electricidad/Alfarim Kyus (LA)
Eleemosynary/Blessing, Lee (DC)
Elegies/Finn, William (Berkshires)
Elegies/Finn, William (DC)
Elektra/ (2010 Los Angeles)
Elephant Man / Bernard Pomerance (2014 Broadway)
The Elephant Man/ Pomerance, Bernard(2008)
The E The Elephant Man/Pomerance (Broadway 2002)
The Elephant Man/Pomerance, Bernard (Off-Broadway 2000)
Elevada/Sheila Callaghan(Connecticut 2015)
11 and 12/ (London 2010)
Eli's Coming
Elizabeth Rex/Findley Timothy(Stratford-Canada)
Elizabeth: Almost By Chance a Woman/Fo (Los Angeles)
Elle/ Jean Genet adapted by Alllan Cumming2002
Ellen Terry with Eileen Atkins /written and performed by Atkins (London 2014)
The Emperor of the Moon/Aphra Behn (2016 Berkshires)
Hellstenius and Petter, in a new English adaptation by Simon Bent. (Broadway 2010)
Elling/ Simon Bent adaptation of Ambjornsen novel (London)
Elmer Gantry/ Book by John Bishop with additional material by Lisa Bishop. Music by Mel Marvin. Lyrics by Bob Satuloff. Based on the novel by Sinclair Lewis (DC 2014)
Elmina's Kitchen/Kwei-Armah, Kwame(London)
Elmina's Kitchen/Kwei-Armah, Kwame(DC)
Elsa Edgar/Kingdom, Bob; Bartlett, Neil
Ellen Terry with Eileen Atkins /written and performed by Atkins (London 2014)
Elvis and Juliet/Willard, Mary
Emancipation/Ty Jones (2008)
Embarrassments/Book, Laurence Klavan; Music, Polly Penn; Lyrics, Klavan & Penn
Embedded/Robbins, Tim (Los Angeles & New York)
Embers/Gropper, Catherine
Embers/Marai, Sandor adapted by Christopher Hampton (London)
Emergence-See!/ Beaty, Daniel(New Jersey 2007)
Emergence-SEE!/Beaty, Daniel (New York, Public Theater 2007)
Emily/Friedman, Mickey
Emilie/ Lauren Gunderson, (2017 Berkshires)
Emotional Creature/Eve Ensler(Off-Broadway 2012)
Empanada Loca/Aaron Mark (Off-Broadway 2015)
Empire: The Musical /Caroline Sherman and Robert Hull (2016 Los Angeles)
The Empire/ DC Moore(London 2010)
The Emperor /Ryszard Kapuscinski (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Emperor Jones/ Eugene O'Neill'(2009)
The Emperor Jones/O'Neill-- Wooster Group
Emperor Jones/O'Neill, Eugene (London --Gate & Olivier productions))
AnEmpty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf/Hollinger,Michael (Berkshires/Off- Broadway 1998, 2000)
Enchanted April/Barber, Matthew Barber, from Elizabeth von Arnim novel (Philadelphia)
Enchanted April/Barber, Matthew Barber, from Elizabeth von Arnim novel (Berkshires)
Enchanted April/Barber, Matthew Barber, from Elizabeth von Arnim novel
The Enchanted Pig/Music,Jonathan Dove. Libretto, Alasdair Middleton (London)
Encores! Irma La Douce (Off-Broadway2014)
Encores! - It's A Bird... It's A Plane... It's Superman (Off-Broadway 2013)
Encores! Applause (2008)
Encores! Damn Yankees/ Book by George Abbot and Douglass Wallop; Words and Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ros(Encores! 2008)
Encores!-Stairway to Paradise
Zorba!/Book: Joseph Stein.Music, John Kander. Lyrics,Fred Ebb
(2015 Off-Broadway)
The Encounter/Simon McBurney (2016 Off-Broadway)
End Days/ Deborah Zoe Laufer(2009)
Endgame/Beckett (2013 Philadelphia) Endgame/ Samuel Beckett(BerkshireTheater Festival2010)
Endgame/ Samuel Becket(London2009)
Endgame/Beckett, Samuel (London)
Endgame/Beckett, Samuel (Irish Rep)
Endgame/Samuel Beckett(BAM 2008)
The End of Civilization/Walker, George F. 
End Days/Deborah Zoe Laufer(Los Angeles 2011)
End of the Day/Baitz, Jon Robin
the end of history . . . /Jack Thorne (London 2018)
End of Lines/5 one-act plays by Irish playwrights (2008)
The End of Longing/Matthew Perry (2017 Off-Broadway)
The End of Longing /Matthew Perry (London 2016)
The End of the Moon/Anderson, Laurie
End of the Rainbow/ Peter Quilter(Broadway 2012)
End of the Rainbow/ Peter Quilter(London 2011)
End of the World/Paska, Roman (Berkshires
End of theWorld Party/Ranberg, Chuck
Endpapers/McCormack, Thomas
Endurance(Berkshires 2012)
Enemies/Gorgy, Maxim (London)
Enemies, A Love Story/ Isaac Bashevis Singer novel adapted by Sarah Schulman (Philadelphia)
An Enemy of The People (Broadway 2012)
An Enemy of the People/ Henrik Ibsen(Off-Broadway 2010)
An Enemy of the People/Ibsen (London 2008)
An Enemy of the People/Ibsen (Berkshires 2003)
Energumen/Wellman, Mac (DC)
Engaged/Gilbert, W. S.
Engaging Shaw/ (New Jersey)
Engagements/Lucy Teitler (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Engagement Party/ Samuel Baum (2019 Connecticut)
Engagements/ Lucy Teitler(Berkshires 2015)
England People Very Nice/ Richard Bean(London 2009)
The English Bride/ Lucille Lichtblau (Philadelphia 2012)
The English Bride (Off-Broadway 2013)
The English Channel / Robert Brustein(2008)
The English Game / Richard Bean(London 2008)
The English Teachers/Napier,Edward
Enjoy/ Alan Bennett(London 2009)
Enigma Variations/Schmitt,Eric-Emmanuel (LA)
Enigmatic Variations (London)
Enlightenment/ Shelagh Stephenson(London 2010)
Enquirer/ (London 2012)
Enron/ Lucy Prebbles( London and Broadway 2010)
Enter Laughing (2019 Off-Broadway)
Enter Laughing, The Musical/ Book by Joseph Stein
Music and lyrics by Stan Daniels, Based on the play of the same name.
Enter Laughing/Stein, Joseph (Berkshires 2002)
The Entertainer /John Osborne (London 2016)
The Entertainer/Osborne, John
Entertaining Mr Sloane/ Joe Orton(London 2009)
Entertaining Mr. Sloane/Orton, Joe (London 2001)
Entertaining Mr. Sloane/Orton, Joe (New York 2006)
Enter the Guardsman/Molnar adapted as musical by Scott Wentworth
Enter the Night/Fornes, Maria Irene
Epitaph for George Dillon/Osborne, John and Creighton, Anthony (London)
Equivocation/Bill Cain (New Jersey 2015)
Equivocation/ Bill Cain(DC-2011)
Equivocation/ Bill Cain(Off-Broadway 2010)
Equivocation/ Bill Cain (Los Angeles 2009)
Equus/Peter Shaffer (London 2018)
Equus/Shaffer, Peter (Berkshires)
Equus/ Peter Shaffer(London and Broadway, 2006 and 2008)
Erendira:/Marquez story, adapted by Kristin Marting
Ernest in Love/ musical daptation of Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest. Book and lyrics by Anne Croswell. Music by Lee Pockriss(2009)
Ernest Shackleton Loves Me / Joe DiPietro, Brendan Milburn, Val Vigoda (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Eros Trilogy/Silver, Nicky
Escaped Alone/Carol Churchill (2017 Off-Broadway)
Escaped Alone / Caryl Churchill (London 2016)
Escape to Margaritaville/Jimmy Buffett (2018 Broadway)
Escher's Hands/Nichols, Dawson (Los Angeles)
The Escort/ Jane Anderson(Los Angeles 2011)
Essential Self-Defense/Rapp, Adam
Esther's Moustache Esthers Moustache/ Laurel Ollstein (2012, New Jersey)
Etched in Skin on a Sunlit Night/Kara Lee Corthron(Philadelphia 2012)
Ethan Frome/Krausnick adaptation of Wharton novel
Ethel Waters: His Eye is on the Sparrow/ Larry Parr(New Jersey 2009)
Eugene Onegin (opera)
Eugene Onegin/ opera(Los Angeles 2011)
Eugene's Home/Levin Shapiro, Kathy (Berkshires)
Eugenius!/ Chris Wilkins and Ben Adams (London 2018)
Europe /David Greig (London 2018)
Euphorium (London 2002
Eurobeat/ Craig Christie & Andrew Patterson(London 2008)
Eurydice/ Sarah Ruhl(London 2010)
Eurydice/Ruhl, Sarah (2007)
Eurydice/Ruhl, Sarah (Philadelphia 2008)
The Events/David Greig (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Events/David Grieg (London 2014)
An Evening at the Carlyle/Al Tapper (2009)
An Evening of Quentin Crisp/Crisp
An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger / (London 2014)
First Episode /Terence Rattigan and Philip Heimann (London 2014)
An Evening With Jerry Herman 
An Evening With Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin/(Broadway 2011)
Everett Beekin/Greenberg, Richard (Los Angeles and NYC)
Everybody's Talking About Jamie/Book and Lyrics by Tom MacRae; Music by Dan Gillespie Sell (London 2018)
Every Brilliant Thing/Duncan Macmillan with Jonny Donahoe (2017 Berkshires)
Every Brilliant Thing /Duncan Macmillan (2014 Off-Broadway)
every tongue confesses/ Marcus Gardley(DC 2010)
Everybody /Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (2017 Off-Broadway)
Everybody's Ruby/Davis,Thulani
Everyday Rapture/Sherie Rene Scott and Dick Scanlan (Off- Broadway2009, Broadway 2010)
Every Good Boy Deserves a Favor/Stoppard Tom, Previn Andre (Philadelphia 2002)
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour/Written by Tom Stoppard. Music composed by Andre Previn (London 2009)
Everyone's Fine with Virginia Woolf /Kate Scelsa (2017 Off-Broadway)
Everything Bad and Beautiful/Bernhard, Sandra
Everythings Turning into Beautiful/ Rosenfeld, Seth Zvi
Everything That Rises Must Converge/O'Connor, Flannery
Everything You Touch/Sheila Callaghan (Off-Broadway 2015)
Everything Will Be Different/Schultz, Mark
Evie's Waltz/ Carter W. Lewis,(New Jersey 2009)
Evita (London 2014)
Evita/ Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice(Broadway 2012)
Evita/Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics by Tim Rice (London 2006)
Evil Dead: The Musical/Book and Lyrics by George Reinblatt; Music by Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris, George Reinblat
Evita for President /Pieter-Dirk Uys (London)
Evolution/Sherman, Jonathan Marc (Berkshires 1998)
Evolution/Sherman, Jonathan Marc (New York 2002)
Evolution of a Homeboy/Hoch, Danny (DC)
EX/Book by Rob Young, music by Ross Lorraine(London 2011)
The Exact Center of the Universe/Thorne, Joan Vail
Exactly Like You/Coleman, Cy;Hotchner, A.E. 
Excuse Me, I'm Talking/ Korzen, Annie
The Exiles-with Puppets/ Skipitares, Theodora
Exiles/Joyce, James (London)
Exit/Entrance//Aidan Mathews(Off-Broadway 2010)
Exits and Entrances/Fugard, Athol
The Exit Interview(Philadelphis 2012)
Exit Strategy/ Ike Holter (2016 Off-Broadway)
Exit the King/Eugene Ionesco (New Jersey 2016)
Exposure /Mike Dyer and others (London 2016)
/Exit the King/ Eugene Ionesco (2009 Broadway)
Exit the King/Ionesco, Eugene (2001 Off-Broadway)
Exit Wounds, Smeal, Dennis Raymond(Philadelphia)
The Exonerated/Blank, Jessica and Jensen, Erik (London)
The Exonerated/Blank, Jessica and Jensen, Erik
Expatriate/ Lenelle Moise(2008)
Expecting Isabel/Loomer, Lisa(DC1998)
An Experiment With An Air Pump/Shelah Stephenson
The Explorers Club/Nell Benjamin (Off-Broadway 2013)
Exposure /Mike Dyer and others (London 2016)
Extinction/ (Off- Broadway 2010)
Eyes of Babylon/ Jeff Key(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Eyes of Babylon/ Key, Jeff (LA)
Eyes of the Heart/ Filloux, Catherine
Eyewitness Blus/ Ruiz, Mildred Sapp, Steven
Top of List


Fabrik/ Wakka Wakka Ensemble(2008)
Fabulation/Nottage, Lynn
Fabulation/Nottage, Lynn (London)
Fabulous Divas/ Alan Palmer(2008)
The Fabulous Lipitones/John Markus/Mark St. Germain (New Jersey 2014)
Face the Music/Irving Berlin, music; Moss Hart, Book(Encores!)
Facing East/ Carol Lynn Pearson(Los Angeles 2009)
The Factory Girls/McGuinness, Frank (Berkshires 1997)
Facts/Arthur Milner (London 2013)
Fade/Tanya Saracho (2017 Off-Broadway)
Fahrenheit 451/Bradbury, Ray
The Fahrenheit Twins/ Michel Faber and adapted by Told by an Idiot and Matthew Dunster(London 2009)
The Fahrenheit Twins/ Michel Faber and adapted by Told by an Idiot and Matthew Dunster(London 2009)
Failure A Love Story (Philadelphis2013)
Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards/Oswald, Peter, from play by Chikamatsu Monzaemon
Fairview / Jackie Sibblies Drury (2019 Off-Broadway)
The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls/Meg Miroshnik(Connecticut 2014)
Fairy Tales of the Absurd/Ionesco, Eugene; Einhorn, Edward
Faithful/ (Los Angeles 2008)
Faith Healer /Brian Friel (London 2016)
The Faith Healer/Friel, Brian (London)
The Faith Healer/Friel, Brian (Broadway)
Faith, Hope & Charity/Pedro, Alberto
The Faith Machine/Alexi Kaye Campbell (London 2011)
Falling Out of Time/ Derek Goldman,Based on the novel by David Grossman (Washington, DC 2016)
The Fall of the House of Usherettes/Devised by Forkbeard Fantasy (London)
The Fall to Earth/ Joel Drake Johnson(Off-Broadway 2012)
Fafalo!/ (Los Angeles 2008)
Fake/ Eric Simonson(Chicago 2009)
Falling for Eve/ Book by Joe DiPietro, Music by Bret Simmons ( Off- Broadway2010)
Fallen From Proust/Allen, Norman (DC)
Falling Off Broadway/Black, David
Falsettos/ Music & Lyrics: William Finn. Book: William Finn and James Lapine (New Jersey)
Falsettos (Berkshires)
Falsettoland/Finn, William
The False Servant/Marivaux, translated by Kathleen Tolan
Fame: Not the Musical /David Badiell (London 2014)
Fame on 42nd Street/concept by David De Silva; Book by José Fernandez;Lyrics by Jacques Levy;Music by SteveMargoshes
Familiar/Danai Gurira (2016 Off-Broadway)
Familiar/ Danai Gurira (Connecticut 2015)
Family Butchers/ O'Brien, Edna (San Francisco)
A Family for All Occasions/Bob Glaudini (Off-Broadway 2013)
Family Furniture/A. R. Gurney (Off-Broadway2013)
Family Reunion/Eliott T S (London)
The Family Reunion /T. S. Elliot (London 2008)
Family Secrets/Glaser, Sherry
Family Values/Ritchie, Carl/ 
Family Week/Henley, Beth (Off-Broadway 2000)
Family Week/ Beth Henley(Off-Broadway 2010)
Fanatics/created by EB Company
Fanta Orange/ Sally Woodcock/ (London 2011)
The Fantasticks/Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones.>Music by Harvey Schmidt (London 2010)
The Fantasticks/Jones,Tom; Schmidt, Harvey
The Fantasticks (Off-Broadway 2006)
Fanny and Alexander/Ingmar Bergman, adaptation by Stephen Beresford (London 2018)
Fanny, Encores! concert/ Book by S.N. Behrman and Joshua Logan (based on the Trilogy of Marcel Pagnol. Music and Lyrics by Harold Rome(Off Broadway 2010)
Fanny Hill/ Music, lyric, book by Ed Dixon, based on John Clealand novel
Fanny Kemble's Address/Gardner, John (Berkshires)
Fanny's First Play/Shaw, George Bernard (DC)
Far and Wide/ Schnitzler, Arthur
Far Away
Farcicals, see The Ayckbourn Ensemble
a href="b-fareas.html">Far East/ Gurney
Far East (New York)
Far From Heaven/ Book by Richard Greenberg based on the 2002 Todd Haynes filmMusi. c by Scott Frankel and lyrics by Michael Korie (Off-Broadway 2013)
Far From Heaven (prequel) (Berkshires 2012)
Farewell to the Theatre/Richard Nelson/(London 2012) Farewell to the Theater/Granville-Baker, Harley
Farinelli And The King/Claire Van Kampen (2017 Broadway)
Farm Boys/Amy Fox & Dean Gray adaptation of Will Fellows book
Farm Boy/ Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Daniel Buckroyd (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Farnsworth Invention/ Sorkin, Aaron(2007)
Farragut North/ Beau Willimon(Los Angeles2009)
Farragut North/ Beau Willimon(NY Atlantic Theater premiere 2008)
/Fata Morgana/ Ernest Vajda(Los Angeles 2008)
(The Gershwins') Fascinating Rhythm/Mark Lamos
Fashions For Men/Ferenc Molnar (2015 Off-Broadway)
Faster/Rapp, Adam
Faster/Brown, Stephen
The Fastest Clock in the Universe/Ridley, Philip 
The Fastest Clock in the Universe/Ridley, Philip; (London 2009)
Fast Labour / Steve Waters(London 2008)
Fatal Attraction/James Dearden (London 2014)
The Fatal Weakness/George Kelly (2014 Off-Broadway)
Fate's Imagination/Cook, David Randall
The Father/Florian Zeller (Washington, DC 2017)
(London 2017)
The Father/Florian Zeller (2016 Broadway)
The Father/Florian Zeller, Christopher Hampton (London 201e Fathet)
The Father/Strindberg, August (Berkshires)
Fathers and Sons/ Ivan Turgenev adapted by Brian Friel (London 2014)
Father Comes Home From the Wars /Suzan-Lori Parks (London 2016)
Father Comes Home From The Wars (parts 1, 2 & 3) / Suzan-Lori Parks (2014 Off-Broadway)
Fat Pig/ Neil LaBute(London 2008)
Fat Pig/LaBute, Neil (Off-Broadway premiere)
Fat Pig/LaBute, Neil (Los Angeles-2007)
Fault Lines/ Stephen Belber(2008)
Faust 2.0 / Matthew Maguire (2019 Off-Broadway)
Faust/ (London 2010)
Faust: Version 3.0/Pablo Ley, Alex Ollé, Carlos Padrissa and Magda Puyo with Jaume Plensa, based on Faust Parts I and II by Goethe 
Faust/Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (London 2007)
Faust, Parts I & II/Johann Wofgang von Goethe, translated by Douglas Langworthy
Faust in Love/ Goethe as translated (and adapted) by Douglas Langworthy
Faustus/Christopher Marlowe adapted by Rupert Goold with Ben Power (London 2006)
Doctor Faustus -London 2005
Fear and Friday Night /Levine, Lawrence (part of I Want You To)
Fear Itself: Secrets of the White House (a farcical tragedy)/ van Itallie, Jean-Claude
Fear Itself/ Baldessari, Mario (DC)
Feast of Fools/Hoyle, Geoff (San Diego)
The Feast of Snails/Olafsson, Olaf (London)
The Feast of the Goat/Mario Vargas Llosa, adapted by Jorge Ali Triana and Veronica Triana
Feathers in the Snow/ Philip Ridley(London 2012)
February House/ (Off-Broadway 2012)
Feeding the Dragon /Sharon Washington (2018 Off-Broadway)
Feelgood/Beaton, Alistair (London)
Fefu and Her Friends/ Fornes, Maria Irene
Fela!/ (London 2011)
Fela! / Conceived by Bill T. Jones Jones, Jim Lewis & Stephen Hendel(Broadway 2009)
Fela!/Book by Bill T. Jones and Jim Lewis. Music and lyrics by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti with additional lyrics by Mr. Lewis and music by Aaron Johnson and Antibalas(Off-Broadway2008)
The Female of the Species/Joanna Murray-Smith (Los Angeles 2010)
The Female of the Species /Joanna Murray-Smith (London 2008)
The Female Terrorist Project/Urban, Ken
A Feminine Ending/Treem, Sarah (2007)
Fences/August Wilson (2014, New Jersey)
Fences/August Wison (London 2013)
Fences/ August Wilson( Broadway 2010)
Fences/ August Wilson(2009)
Fences/Wilson, August (LA-Odyssey)
Fences/Wilson, August (LA-Pasadena Playhouse)
Fermat's Last Tango/Lessner, Joanne Sydney (book/lyrics); Rosenblum, Joshua (Music/lyrics)
Fern Hill/Michael Tucker
(NJ 2018)
The Ferryman/Jeff Butterworth (2018 Broadway)
The Ferryman/Jez Butterworth Festen /Eldridge, David Eldridge after the Dogme film (London)
Festen /Eldridge, David Eldridge after the Dogme film (NY-Broadway)
Fetch Clay, Make Man/ Will Power (New Jersey 2010)
Fetch Clay, Make Man/Will Power (Off-Broadway 2013)
Fever/Dream/ Sheila Callaghan(DC 2009)
Fewer Emergencies/Crimp, Martin (London)
The Fever/ Wallace Shawn(London 2009)
The Fever/Shwan, Wallace (DC)
The Fever/Shawn, Wallace (New York 2007)
he Middle East/Naomi Wallace (2008)
The Fever Chart/ Wallace, Naomi (2008)
The Few/ Samuel D. Hunter(Off-Broadway2014)
A Few Good Men/Sorkin, Aaron (London)
A Few Stout Individuals/Guare, John2002
Fiction/Dietz, Steven
Fiddler on the Roof / Stephen Sondheim and George Furth (London 2018)
Fiddler on the Roof(Connecticut 2014)
Fiddler On the Roof (Connecticut 2014)
Fiddler on the Roof(Berkshires 2012)
Fiddler on the Roof/Bock,Jerry; Harnick, Sheldon; Stein,Joseph Stein (London 2007)
Fiddler on the Roof/Bock,Jerry; Harnick, Sheldon; Stein,Joseph Stein (Broadway)
Fiddler on the Roof/Bock,Jerry; Harnick, Sheldon; Stein,Joseph Stein (Berkshires)
Fiddler on the Roof/Bock,Jerry; Harnick, Sheldon; Stein,Joseph Stein(Stratford)
FiddlerSub-Terrain/Safdie, Oren (book), Cohen, Ronnie (music)
The Field/Keane, John B. (2006)
Field Guide/Rude Mechs (2018 Connecticut)
The Fifth Column/ Hemingway, Ernest(2008)
the Fifth of July (2010 Berkshires-WTF)
Fifth of July/Lanford Wilson/ (Off-Broadway, 2002)
Fifty Million Frenchmen(Off-Broadway 2012)
Figaro/Adapted by Charles Morey, from Pierre Beaumarchais' The Marriage of Figaro. (Off-Broadway 2012)
Filao (Lincon Center Summer 2000)
Fighting Words/Kuruvilla, Sunil
Fighting Words/Kuruvilla, Sunil (Los Angeles)
The Film Society /Baitz, Jon Robin(Berkshires)
Filumena/ Eduardo De Filippo(London 2012)
Final Analysis/Otho Eskin(Off-Broadway 2013)
Find Me A Voice/Gabor and SuzAnne Barabas
A Fine and Private Place/music & lyrics by Eric Haagenson; music by richard Isen, from Peter S. Beagel novel
Finks/Joe Gilford (Off-Broadway 2013)
H. Finn, ESQ./Zablotsky, Peter
Fireflies/Matthew Barber (2017 Connecticut)
Fiorello!/Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick music and lyrics; Jerome Weidman and George Abbott book (2016 Off-Broadway)
Fiorello! (2016 Berkshires)
Encores! Fiorello!/ Book by Jerome Weidman and George Abbott. Music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick(Off- Broadway 2013)
Fire And Air/Terrence McNally (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Firebugs/Frisch, Max2002
Fire Face/ Marius von Mayenburg(London 2012)
Fireflies by Donja R. Lo (2018 Off-Broadway)
Fire In Dreamland / Rinne Groff (2018 Off-Broadway)
Fire Island/ Mee, Lee(2008)

Fire Throws/ Rachel Dickstein(2009)
The First Breeze of Summer/ Leslie Lee (2008)
First Daughter Suite/Michael John LaChiusa (Off-Broadway 2015)

First Lady Suite/LaChiusa, Michael John
First Love/Charles Mee (2018 Off-Broadway)
First Monday in October/ Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee (Los Angeles)
First You Dream: The Music of Kander and Ebb/ a theater event(2009)
Fish in the Dark/Larry David (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Fishkin Touch/Javerbaum, David/
Fit to Kill/Cahn, Victor
Five By Tenn/One-act plays by Tennessee Williams (DC)
Five By Tenn/One-act plays by Tennessee Williams (New York--Manhattan Theatre Club)
Five Course Love/Coffin, Greg
Five Flights/Bock, Adam
Five Gold Rings/Laurens, Joanna (London)
Five Times in One Night / Chiara Atik (2015 Off-B Finding Neverland/Book by James Graham
Music and lyrics by Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy
(2015 Broadway)
Finian's Rainbow/ Music by Burton Lane, lyrics by Yip Harburg, book by Fred Saidy (2016 Off-Broadway)
Finian's Rainbow/ (London 2014)
Finian's Rainbow/Book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy; lyrics by E.Y. Harburg; music by Burton Lane; book adaptation by Arthur Perlman (Broadway2009)
Finian's Rainbow/Music by Burton Lane Book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred SaidyLyrics by E.Y. Harburg (2009)
Finian's Rainbow/ Book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy, Music by Burton Lane, Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg
First Episode /Terence Rattigan and Philip Heimann (London 2014)
Fish Men/Cándido Tirado (2017 Off-Broadway)
Five Kinds of Silence/Stephenson, Shelagh (London)
Five Women Waiting/Wallerstein, Michel
The Fix/Dempsey, John; Rowe, Dana (DC)
v The Fix/Books and Lyrics by John Dempsey. Music by Dana P. Rowe (Washington, DC 2015)
The Fix-Up Show/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
Flags/Martin, Jane (Los Angeles, 2006 & Off-Broadway, 2007)
Flahooley/Book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy. Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Music by Sammy Fain (2009)
F. LL. W.: The Tragedies and Triumphs of Frank Lloyd Wright/Crowther, John (Los Angeles)
The Flame Keeper/Kamil, Amos
Flamenco, Flamen'ka/ After stories by Jorge Luis Borges(London 2008)
Flamingo Court/Written by Luigi Creatore (2008)< The Flamingo Kid Book and Lyrics by Robert L. Freedman. Music by Scott Frankel (2019 Connecticut)
Flamingo/Winnebago/Lucidity Suitcase International (Philadelphia)
Flare Path/ Terence Rattigan(London 2011)
The Flashing Stream/Morgan/Charles Morgan
The Flatted Fifth/Rosenfeld, Seth Zvi
The Flattering Word/ Kelly, George
Fleabag/Phoebe Waller-Bridge (2019 Off-Broadway)
A Flea in Her Ear/ Georges Feydeau(London 2010)
A Flea In Her Ear/Georges Feydeau, David Ives Adaptation (Berkshires WTF 2008)
A Flea In Her Ear/George Feydou
Fleetwood Macbeth (Los Angeles)
Flesh and Blood/ Peter Gaitens,from the novel by Michael Cunningham
Flesh Wound/WalkerChé (London)
The Flick/Annie Baker (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Flid Show/Willett/Richard
Flight / Oliver Emanuel (2018 Off-Broadway)
Flight/Wingfield, Garth
Flight/Bulgakov, Mikhail 
Flight (Bulgarov's play-London)
Flight/Woodard, Charlayne (LA)
Flight of the Lawnchair Man/Book- Ullian, Peter; music & lyrics -Nassif, Robert Lindsey (LA)
Flight Path/ Watson, David (London 2007)
Flipping My Wig/Busch/Charles
Flip Side/ Ellen Maddow(2008)
Flipzoids/ ( Off-Broadway 2011)
The Flood/Reichel, Cara and Mills, Peter
>Flora, The Red Menace/Kander and Ebb (London 2012)
Flora the Red Menace/ Book: David Thompson. Music: John Kander. Lyrics: Fred Ebb.(Los Angeles 2008)
Flow/Will Power
Flower Drum Song/Book-David Henry Hwang, Music - Richard Rodgers, Lyrics - Oscar Hammerstein II (LA)
Flower Drum Song (NYC)
Flowering Cherry /Robert Bolt (London 2015)
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said/Dick, Philip K., adapted by Linda Hartinian (Los Angeles)
Floyd and Clea/David Cale, book, lyrics and music; Jonthan Kreisberg, music
Floyd Collins/Music and Lyrics by Adam Guettel. Book and additional lyrics by Tina Landau (London 2012)
Floyd Collins/Music & Lyrics - Adam Guettel, Book & Additional Lyrics - Tina Landau (Los Angeles)
Floyd Collins/Music & Lyrics - Adam Guettel, Book & Additional Lyrics - Tina Landau (Berkshires)
Floyd Collins/Music & Lyrics - Adam Guettel, Book & Additional Lyrics - Tina Landau (Louisville, KY)
The Flu Season/Eno, Will
Fly/ Trey Elllis and Ricardo Khan (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Fly/ Opera based on a short story by George Langelaan and the motion picture screenplay by David Cronenberg and Charles Edward Pogue. Music: Howard Shore.Libretto: David Henry Hwang(Los Angeles Opera 2008)
The Fly-Bottle/Egan, David (Berkshires)
Fly By Night/Will Connolly, Michael Mitnick, and Kim Rosenstock (Off-Broadway2014)
Flying Crows/ Adapted (from the novel by Jim Lehrer) and Directed by James Glossman(New Jersey 2008)
Flyovers/ Jeffrey Sweet(2009)
Fog/ Tash Fairbanks and Toby Wharton(London 2012)
A Foggy Day/Foster, Norm and Mueller, John (based on Wodehouse/Hay Damsel in Distress) 
Foley/ West, Michael
Follies (Los Angeles 2012)
Follies/ (Broadway 2011)
Follies/ (DC 2011)
Follies (Encores! 2007)
Follies/Goldman, James (book), Sondheim Stephen (music & lyrics) (Berkshires)
Follies/Goldman, James (book), Sondheim Stephen (music & lyrics)
Follow My Leader/Beaton, Alistair (London)
Fondly, Collette Richland/Sibyl Kempson (Off-Broadway 2015)
Food and Fadwa/ Lameece Issaq and Jacob Kader (Off-Broadway 2012)
Fool for Love /Sam Shepard (2015 Broadway)
Fool For Love/Sam Shepard (non-review-feature)(Berkshires 2014)
Fool For Love/Shepard, Sam (London 2006)
Fool For Love/Shepard, Sam (Off-Broadway 1002
Fool Moon
The Footage/ Joshua Scher(2008)
Footloose/Pitchford, Dean(DC)
Footloose /a> (NYC)
Forbidden Broadway / Conceived and written by Gerard Alessandrini (London 2014)
Forbidden BroadwayComes Out Swinging/Gerard Alessandrini (Off-Broadway2014)
Forbidden Broadway: Alive and Kicking/Gerard Alessandrini(Off- Broadway 2012)
Forbidden Broadway in London/ Gerard Alessandrini(2009)
Forbidden Broadway Goes to Rehab/ Gerard Alessandrini(2008)
Forbidden Broadway: Rude Awakening(2007)
Forbidden Broadway: SVU (2005)
Forbidden Broadway: 20th Anniversary Edition (2002)
Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back/ Alessandrini, Gerard (1996)
Forbidden Broadway Cleans Up Its Act! (1998)
Forbidden Broadway 2001: spoof odyssey/Alessandrini, Gerard (2001)
Forbidden Christmas or the Doctor and the Patient/Gabriadze, Rezo
Force of Change/Mitchell, Gary (Los Angeles)
Force of Change/Mitchell, Gary (London)
Force Continuum/Corthron, Kia
for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf/Shange, Ntozake Shange
The Foreigner/Shue, Larry (Berkshires)
The Foreigner/Shue, Larry (New York-- Roundabout )
The Forest (Off-Broadway 1997)
The Forest/Alexander Ostrovosky (Off-Broadway 2010)
Forever (2015 Connectidut & Off-Broadway)
Forever/ Dael Orlandersmith (Connecticut & Off-Broadway 2015)
Forever Dusty/Kirsten Holly Smith and Jonathan Vankin(Off-Broadway 2012)
Forever Tango/ Bravo, Luis (see also Tango Argentino)br>
Forget Me Not /Tom Holloway (London 2015)
Forgotten/ Pat Kenevane(Los Angeles 2011)
For Peter Pan On Her 70th Birthday/Sarah Ruhl (2017 Off-Broadway)
4Play / Paul Magid and The Flying Karamazov Brothers (Off-Broadway 2010)
For the Last Time: A New Jazz Musical/Will Pomerantz and Nancy Harrow (2015 Off-Broadway)
For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again/ Tremblay,Michael (DC)
Fortinbras/ Lee Blessing(Los Angeles 2008)
The Fortress of Solitude / Itamar Moses book for musical based on Jonathan Lethem novel (2014 Off-Broadway)
Fortune's Fool/ Ivan Turgenev, adapted by Mike Poulton (London 2013)
Fortune's Fool/Turgenev, Ivan2002
40 Days/Connell, Steven (LA)
42nd Street / Mark Bramble, Michael Stewart, Harry Warren, Al Dubin (London 2018)
Forty-Second Street/Book-Stewart, Michael & Bramble, Mark; music- Warren, Harry; lyrics- Dubin, Al
45 Seconds From Broadway/Simon, Neill
43 Plays for 43 Presidents/ Andrew Baylates, Sean Benjamin, Genevra Gallo, Chloe Johnston, Karen Weinberg(Los Angeles 2008)
For Worse/Deborah Rennard (New Jersey 2016)
Fosse/ Richard Maltby, Jr., Chet Walker and Ann Reinking
Foster Mom/ Chris Cragin-Day (2017 NJ)
Found/ Book Hunter Bell and Lee Overtree; music and lyrics by Eli Bolin (2014 Off-Broadway)
Four/Shinn, Christopher
Four Beers/ Van Vleck, David
Four Dogs and a Bone/ John Patrick Shanley (Berkshires 2011)
Four Of a Kind/Chekhov (Berkshires)
The Four of Us/ Itamar Moses (2008)
The Fourposter/ Jan de Hartog(2008)
4.48 Psychose/Kane/Sarah (BAM-Brooklyn
The Fourth Sister/Glowacki, Janusz
The Fourth Wall/Gurney, A.L.
4000 Miles/Amy Herzog (Off-Broadway 2011 and 2012)
Fox/ Ross, Carne (Off-Broadway 2001)
The Fox on the Fairway/ Ken Ludwig(New Jersey 2011)
A Fox on the Fairway/Ken Ludwig (DC 2010)
Fram / Tony Harrison(London 2008)
Frame312/Reddin, Keith
Frankenstein/ Nick Dear based on the novel by Mary Shelley(London 2011)
Frankenstein/Shelley, Mary Shelley, adapted by Joshua Carlebach with additional text by Jason Lindner
Frankenstein/ Musical inspired by Mary Shelley's epic. Music, Mark Baron. Book & Lyrics by Jeffrey Jackson. Original Story Adaptation by Gary P. Cohen <(2007)
Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune /Terrence McNally (2019 Broadway)
Frankie and Johnny In the Clair de Lune/ Terrence McNally (Berkshires 2015)
Frankie and Johnnie at the Clair de Lune/McNally, Terrence (Berkshires)
Frankie and Johnnie at the Clair de Lune/McNally, Terrence (Broadway)
Frank's Home/Nelson, Richard (Chicago and Off-Broadway)
Fran's Bed/Lapine, James
Franny's Way/Nelson, Richard
. in Los Angeles (LA)
Franz Schubert: His Letter and Music/ Julia Migenes(Los Angeles 2009)
Fraulein ElseAdapted by Francesca Faridany from Arthur Schnitzler
Freak/Leguizamo, John
Freaky Friday/ based novel by Mary Rodgers. Book by Bridget Carpenter & Music by Tom Kitt (Washington, DC 2016)
Freckleface Strawberry: The Musical/ based on Julianne Moore book by Gary Kupper and Rose Caiola(Off-Broadway 2010)
Free/ Barbara Lindsay(Los Angeles 2011)
Free Outgoing/Anupama Chandrasekhar(London 2008)
Freedomland/Freed,Amy(DC). . . NYC
The Freedom of the City/ Brian Friel(Off-Broadway 2012)
Freedom of the City/Friel(Lincoln Center Summer Festival
Free Man of Color/ John Guare(Broadway 2010)
Free Market/8 one-acts by Jim Grimsley, Julie Jensen, Sachi Oyama, OyamO, Guillermo Reyes, Elaine Romero, Karen Sunde and William Wise
freestyle repertory theater in Theater Sports
French Without Tears /Terence Rattigan (London 2016)
Freudian Slips/ Marvin Lifschitz (2009)
Freud's Last Session (DC Review2014)
Freud's Last Session / Mark St. Germain(Philadelphia 2012)
Freud's Last Session / Mark St. Germain( Off-Broadway 2010)
Freud's Last Session/ Mark St. Germaine (Berkshires 2009- Barrington Stage)
The Friendly Hour/ Tom Jacobson(Los Angeles 2008)
Friends Like These/Dylan, Melissa(Los Angeles)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival1998)
New York International Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 1999)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 2000)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 2001)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 2002)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 2003)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 2004)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 2005)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 2006)
Fringe Festival (New York International Fringe Festival 2007)
The Frogs/ Aristophanes, Adapted by Burt Shevelove, more freely adapted by Nathan Lane & Music/Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
From Above/Donaghy, Tom
From Door to Door/James Sherman (Los Angeles 2008)
From Door to Door/Sherman, James
From My Hometown/ Lee Summers, Ty Stephens,Herbert Rawlings, Jr.
From Rags to Riches/ Charles A.Taylor(Off-Broadway 2011)
From Riverdale to Riverhead/Traina, Anastasia
From Tel Aviv to Ramallah: A Beatbox Journey/Havrelock, Rachel (DC)
From the Top/ Sickles, Scott C.
From Up Here/ Liz Flahive(2008)
The Frontline / (London 2008)
The Front Page/ Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Front Page/Hecht Ben & MacArthur, Charles(Berkshires-WTF 2007)
Frost/Nixon/(Los Angeles 2009)
Frost Nixon/Morgan, Peter (London & Broadway 2006-07)
"Frozen /Lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez - Based on the Disney film (2018 Broadway)
Frozen/Lavery, Bryony
F Theory by Megan Loughran and Alex Trow(2017 New Jersey)
F**king A/Suzan-Lori Parks (2017 Off-Broadway)
F***ing A/Parks, Suzan-Lori
F-Stop/ Humphrey, Olga
The Frugal Repast/Hirsen, Ron
Fubar/ Karl Gajdusek(2009)
F***ing Men/ Joe DiPietro (London 2009)
Fuddy Meers/Lindsay-Abair, David
Fuente/Cram, Crusi (Berkshires)
Fuenteovejuna/De Vega, Lope--Mira Katigbak adapter
Fuerzabruta/ De La Guarda (London)
Fuerzabruta,(New York, Off-Broadway 2007)
Fugitive Songs/Music, Chris Miller; Lyrics: Nathan Tysen (2008)
Fugue/Thuna, Lee
Full Bloom/Bradbeer, Suzanne(Berkshires)
Full Circle/ Charles L. Mee (DC 2009)
Fulfillment / Thomas Bradshaw (2015 Off-Off-Broadway)
Fulfillment Center/Abe Kogler (2017 Off-Broadway)
Full Gallop/Hampton,Mark; Wilson, Mary Louise. 
Full Gallop/Hampton,Mark; Wilson, Mary Louise.  (Berkshires)
The Full Monty (London 2014)
The Full Monty / Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek. Book by Terrence McNall(New Jersey 2009)
The Full Monty/McNally, Terrence-book; Yazbek, David- music & lyrics
Fully Committed/BeckyMode (2016 Broadway)
Fully Committed/ Becky Mode and Mark Setlock.
Funked Up Fairy Tales/Child, Kristin (Berkshires--Barrington Stage 2007 Music Theater Lab)
Fun Home/ Music by Jeanine Tesori
Book and Lyrics by Lisa Kron based on the Alison Bechdel book
(2015 Off-Broadway)
Fun Home/ Alison Bechdel book. Music by Jeanine Tesori. Book and Lyrics by Lisa Kron. (Off-Broadway2013)
The Funniest Show in the World About the History of Comedy Performed by Two Brothers in Less than Two Hours for Under Twenty Bucks/ Bacher,Josh and Danny
Funny Girl/Book: Isobel Lennart; Music: Jule Styne; Lyrics: Bob Merrill (Berkshires)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of New York City/Hallie Feiffer (2016 Off-Broadway) A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (2017 Los Angeles)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (2017 Los Angeles)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum/ Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart. Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim(New Jersey 2011)
A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum/ (Los Angeles 2010)
A Funny Thing Happened to Me On the Way to the Forum/Music and Lyrics By Stephen Sondheim. Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart(Berkshires 2010)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum/ Music and Lyrics By Stephen Sondheim. Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart
(Connecticut 2009)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum/ Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim - Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart (London)
Further Than the Furthest Thing/Harris, Zinnie
Futura/ Jordan Harrison(Off-Br0oadway 2010)
Future Conditional /Tamsin Oglesby (London 2015)
Top of List

Gabriel/ Moira Buffini(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Gabriels/Badham, Van(London)
Galileo/ (Off-Broadway 2012) See also,Life of Galileo
Game /Mike Bartlett (London 2015)
The Game/based on the novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses; Musical score by Megan Cavallari.Book and lyrics by Amy Powers and David Topchik (Berkshires 2011) The Game/ deLaclos Novel adaptation--Book and Lyrics: Amy Powers and David Topchik; Music: Megan Cavallari (Berkshires 2003)
The Game Hunter ( Monsieur Chasse)/Feydeau, Georges (London)
The Game of Love and Chance/)ierre de marivaux (DC)
Game Show/Finn Jeffrey; Walton, Bob
Garden of Earthly Delights/ Martha Clarke Dance Piece(2008)
The Garden of Hannah List/McKeever, Michael. 
The Gardens of Frau Hess/Marcus, Milton F.
Gagarin Way/Burke, Gregory (London)
Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus /Taylor Mac (2019 Broadway)
The Gary Plays/Mednick/Murray (LA)
Gaslight/Hamilton, Patrick (Off-Broadway)
Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton (2017 Berkshires)
Gaslight/Hamilton, Patrick (London)
Gastronauts /April De Angelis and Nessah Muthy (London 2013)
The Gathering/Shaw, Arje. 
Gatz/ levator Repair Service, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (Off-Broadway 2010)
Gatz/Elevator Repair Service, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (Boston2010)
Gatz/Elevator Repair Service (London 2012)
Gaveston, Favourite of the King/Libretto by Ken Prestininzi, music by Christopher Winslow (LA)
Gee's Bend/ Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder(Connecticut 2010)
Gemini, The Musical/Book by Albert Innaurato, Music by Charles Gilbert,Lyrics by Innaurato and Gilbert (Philadelphia)
Gemini/Innurato, Albert. 
Gem of the Ocean/Wilson, August (Los Angeles & New York)
Gem of the Ocean/Wilson, August (London)
The Gene Pool/Stewart-Brown, Christi/(DC)
The General From America/Nelson, Richard
Genitalia/O'Hara, Robert (Snapshots 2000)
The Gentleman Dancing-Master/Wycherly, William
Gentlement Prefer Blondes-Encores! (Off-Broadway 2012)
> Genesis Inc./Jemma Kennedy (London 2018)
The Gentleman Caller/Phillip Dawkin (2018 Off-Broadway)
Gentlemen Volunteers/Pig Iron Company (Philadelphia2015)
Gently Down the Stream/Martin Sherman (2017 Off-Broadway)
Gertrude and Claudius/Mark St.Germain (2019 Berkshires)
Geometry Of Fire/ Stephen Belber(2008)
George and Martha/Finley, Karen
George Gershwin Alone/ Felder,Hershey
George Gershwin Alone/ Felder,Hershey (NY)
George M./Music and lyrics by George M Cohan. Book by Michael Stewart and John & Fran Pascal . Lyrics and music revisions by Mary Cohan/ (Connecticut 2012)
Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose/ George Dixon (2017 Off-Broadway)
George M. Cohan Tonight!/Deffaa, Chip
The Gershwins' Fascinating Rhythm
The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess/George Gershwin, Dubose and Dorothy Heyward and Ira Gershwin (Boston 2011 & Broadway 2012)
Gethsemane/ David Hare(London 2008)
Getting Frankie Married . . . and Afterwards/ Horton Foote(Los Angeles 2010)
Getting Home/ Dudley, Anton
Getting and Spending/Chepiga, Michael
Getting My Act Together and Taking It on the Road/ Book and lyrics by Gretchen Cryer and music by Nancy Ford (2013 Off-Broadway)
Getting My Act Together Again/Cryer, Gretchen & Ford, Nancy
Gettin The Band Back Together /Ken Davenport and The Grundleshotz/Mark Allen (New Jersey 2013)
Gettin' the Band Back Together (2018 Broadway)

Gettin The Band Back Together /Ken Davenport and The Grundleshotz/Mark Allen (New Jersey 2013)
Get Your War On/Kirk Lynn adaption of David Rees comic
Getting Into Heaven/Draper, Polly
Ghetto Klown/ John Leguizamo(Broadway 2011)
Ghetto Superstar/ Porter, Billy Porte
Ghost: The Musical/ (Broadway 2012)
Ghost/ Book and Lyrics by Bruce Joel Rubin. Music and Lyrics by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard. Based on the Paramount Pictures film written by Bruce Joel Rubin(London 2011)
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir/ R.A. Dick novel as musical with book by James J. Mellon, music & lyrics by Scott DeTurk and Bill Francoeur (Los Angeles)
Ghosts/Ibsen (2015 Off-Broadway)
Ghosts/ Henrik Ibsen(London 2010)
Ghosts (Berkshires 2009)
Ghosts/ Ibsen, Henrik(Off-Broadway 2008)
Ghosts /Translated &, adapted by Ingmar Bergman (London & BAM)
Ghosts (Classic Stage)
Ghosts/Ibsen  (London)
Ghost Stories: The Shawl & Prairie du Chien (Off-Broadway 2015)
Girlstar/book and lyrics by Anton Dudley, music by Brian Feinstein (Washington, DC 2015)
Gloria /Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (London 2017)
Gloria/Brandon Jacob Jenkins (2015 Off-Broadway)
Guards at the Taj/ Rajiv Joseph (2015 Off-Broadway)
Ghost Stories/ Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman (London 2010)
Ghost-Writer/ Michael Hollinger( Philadelphia2010)
Ghost Town/Young, Dalene (LA)
Ghoul/Miller, Todd
The Gift/ Fox, Robbie Fox (Los Angeles)
a href="dukebluebeardscastle">Gianni Schicchi/Puccini/Giacomo (Opera--LA)
Giant (Off-Broadway 2012)
Giant, the Musical/ (DC 2009)
The Giant /Sher, Anthony (London, 2007)
Gibraltar/Patrick Fitzgerald (Off-Broadway 2013)
Gidion's Knot/Johnna Adams (Off-Broadway2014)
The Gift/ Joanna Murray-Smith(Los Angeles 2013)
Gigantic/ Book by Randy Blair and Tim Drucker. Lyrics by Randy Blair Music by Matthew Roi Berger (Off-Broadway 2015)
Gigi (2015 Broadway)
Gigi (DC 2014)
Gigi/ Music by Frederick Lowe.>Book and Lyrics by Alan J Lerner. Original story by Colette(London 2008)
The Gigli Concert/Murphy, Tom(DC)
Gilbert is Dead/Robin French (London2009)
A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol/Wren, Christopher
Gillette/ Hauptman, William
Gilligan's Island: The Musical/ Book by Sherwood Schwartz and Lloyd Schwartz; Lyrics and music by Hope and Laurence Juber (DC)
Gimpel Tam/ Isaac Bashevis Singer; dapted by Radu Captari(2008)
Gimpel the Fool & The Lady and the Pddler/ Isaac Bashevis Singer & S.Y. AgnonOff Broadway( 2012)
Gint/Ibsen, adapted by Romulus Linney (Philadelphia 2014)
The Gin Game/D.L. Coburn (2015 Broadway
The Gin Game/Coburn, D. L
Encores! Girl Crazy/ Music and lyrics by George and Ira Gershwin. Book by Guy Bolton and Jack McGowan(Encores!-2009)
Girlfriend/ (San Francisco 2010)
The Girlfriend Experience/Alecky Blythe (London2009)
Girl From The North Country /Conor McPherson (2018 Off-Broadway)
Hir by Taylor Mac (2018 Berkshires)
Girl From the North Country /Conor McPherson, Bob Dylan (London 2017)
La fanciulla del West (The Girl of the Golden West)//Giacomo Puccini (Opera 2008)
The Gingerbread House/ Mark Schultz(2009)
The Ginger Man/Donleavy, J. P.
Girl In The Goldfish Bowl/Panych, Morris (DC)
The Girls /Gary Barlow, Tim Firth (London 2017)
Girls inTrouble/ Jonathan Reynold(Off Broadway2010)
Girls Night—The Musical / By Louise Roche. Adaptation by Betsy Kelso (Off-Broadway2010)
Girl Talk: The Musical/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
Girls Talk/Roger Kumble (Los Angeles 2011)
The Girl Who Waters Basil & the Nosy Prince/Lorca,Federico Garcia (Henson International Puppet Festival 2000)
Girl With a Pearl Earring />Adapted by David Joss Buckley from the novel by Tracy Chevalier (London 2008)
The Given/Volpe, Francine
Give Me Your Answer DO!/Friel, Brian 
Gladiator/McNamara, Robert (DC)
Gladiator Games/ Gupta, Tanika (London)
Glamour/O'Keefe, John
Glasgow Girls/David Greig (London 2013)
The Glass Cage/ J. B. Priestley(2008)
The Glass House/ June Finfer(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Glass Mendacity/Morley, Maureen & Willmoth, Tom (DC)
The Glass Menagerie /Tennessee Williams (2019 Los Angeles)
The Glass Menagerie/Tennessee Williams (2017 Broadway)
Gloria: A Life/Emily Mann (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Gravedigger's Lullaby/Jeff Talbott (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Glass Menagerie/Tennessee Williams(Broadway 2013)
The Glass Menagerie/ Tennessee Williams(London 2010)
The Glass Menagerie/Williams, Tennessee (Berkshire Theatre Festival 2007) The Glass Menagerie/Williams, Tennessee (Berkshires-Williamstown 1998)
The Glass Menagerie/Williams, Tennessee (DC 2004)
The Glass Menagerie/Williams, Tennessee (Broadway, 2005)
The Glass Menagerie (London 2007)
The Glass Menagerie (Off-Broadway-Roundabout 2010)
The Glass Menagerie/ Tennessee Williams(Los Angeles 2010)
Lenin's Embalmers/ Vern Thiessen(Off-Broadway 2010)
Glee Club(Off-Broadway2010)
Glee Club(Off-Broadway2010)
Glengarry Glen Ross /David Mamet (London 2017)
Glengarry Glen Ross(Broadway 2012)
Glengarry Glen Ross/Mamet, David (Broadway, 2005
Glengarry Glen Ross/Mamet, David (London, 2007
Glimmer Brothers/Leight, Warren (Berkshires World Premiere)  
Glimmer, Glimmer and Shine/Leight, Warren
Glimpses Of the Moon/Wharton adaptation (Berkshires)
Glimpses of the Moon/ music by John Mercurio; book and lyrics by Tajlei Levis(2008)
The Globe Mysteries/Tony Harrison (London 2011)
Gloria/Brandon Jacob Jenkins (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Glorious Ones / Book and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens.Music by Stephen Flaherty. Based on the novel by Francine Prose(2007)
The Glorious Ones / Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens(London 2012)
Glorious/Quilter, Peter (London)
Glorious Uncertainty/MacNamara, Brinsley Los Angeles)
Glory Days/ Music and lyrics by Nick Blaemire. Book by James Gardiner(2008 DC and Broadway)
The Glory of Living/Gilman, Rebecca
G-nome/Mednick, Murray (Los Angeles)
The Goat -- or -- Who Is Sylvia?/Abee, Edward (Broadway-2002)
The Goatwoman of Corvis County/ Whitley, Christine (Berkshires2008)
Go Back Where You Are /Davi Greenspan (2016 Los Angeles)
Go Back to Where You Are/David Greenspan (Off-Broadway 2011)
Goblin Market / Adapted from the poem by Christina Rossetti by Polly Pen and Peggy Harmon; music by Polly Pen(LA 2007)
God Bless the Child /Molly Davies (London 2014)
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater/ Alan Mencken-Howard Ashman musical based on Kurt Vonnegut novel (2016 Off-Broadway)
The God Botherers/Bean, Richard (London & New York)
The God Committee/St. Germain, Mark (Berkshires & Off-Broadway)
God in Ruins/Anthony Neilson (London 2007)
God Is A DJ/ Richter, Falk
God Hates the Irish/ Cunningham/Sean
God of Carnage/Yasmina Rez (2017 Berkshires)
God of Carnage/Yasmina Rez (New Jersey 2011)
God of Carnage/ Yasmina Reza(Los Angeles 2011)
God of Carnage/Yasmina Rez (London 2008, Broadway 2009)
God of Desire/ Goldberg, Dick (Philadelphia)
God of Hell/Shepard, Sam (Off-Broadway 2004)
God of Hell (London)
The God of Soho/ Chris Hannan(London 2011)
God of Vengeance/Sholem Asch (2016 Off-Broadway)
God of Vengeance & Spring Awakening(Off-Broadway 2012)
God of Vengeance/Margulies, Donald (Berkshires)
God Only Knows/Whitmore, Hugh (London)
God's Donkey (A Play on Moses)/ Aaron Davidman, Corey Fischer and Eric Rhys Miller (DC)
God's Ear/Schwartz/Jenny
God Said "Ha!"/Sweeney, Julia 
The Gods are Pounding My Head!/Foreman, Richard
Godspell/ (Broadway 2011)
Godspell/ Schwartz, Stephen/Tebela, John-Michael
Godspell/ Schwartz, Stephen/Tebela, John-Michael (New Jersey)
The Gods Weep/ Dennis Kelly(London 2010)
Going Dark/Hattie Naylor (London 2012)
Go-Go Reà/Olson, Brandon and Wooster, Jonathan
Going to St. Ives/Blessing, Lee (Off-Broadway)
Going to St. Ives/Blessing, Lee (Los Angeles)
Golda's Balcony/Gibson, William (Berkshires)
Golda's Balcony/Gibson (New York)
Goldberg Variations/Kahan, Marcy 
Golden Age/ Terrence McNally(Off-Broadway 2012)
Golden Age/ Terrence McNally( Philadelphia 2010)
Encores! Golden Apple (2017 Off-Broadway)
Golden Boy/Lyrics by Lee Adams; Music by Charles Strouse;Original Book by Clifford Odets and William Gibson;New Book by Rick Jacobs (London)
Golden Boy(Broadway 2012)
Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge/ Based on J.M. Synge's Playboy of the Western World, Book & Lyrics by Cara Reichel; Music & Lyrics by Peter Mills
The Golden Bride/ Music by Joseph Rumshinsky. Lyrics by Louis Gilrod. Libretto by Frieda Freiman (Off Broadway 2015)
The Golden Dragon/ Roland Schimmelpfennig (DC 2011)
The Golden Dragon/ Roland Schimmelpfennig(London 2011)
Golden Child/ David Henry Hwang (Off-Broadway and Broadway)
Golden Child/Hwang, David Henry (Chicago, 2007)
Golden Prospects/Campbell, Colin> (LA)
The Golden Land/Zalmen Mlotek and Moishe Rosenfeld(Off-Broadway 2012)
Goldor $ Mythyka: A Hero Is Born/Lynn Rosen (Off-Broadway 2013)
Golem/Suzanne Andrade (London 2015)
The Golem/ Leivick, h, adapted by David Fishelson
The Golem
The Golem of Havana /. Music by Salomon Lerner. Lyrics by Len Schiff Book by Michael Hausmann (Berkshires 2014)
Golf: The Musical/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Gondoliers/Gilbert & Sullivan (Los Angeles)
Gone Home/Corwin, John
Gone to Earth/Mary Webb novel, adapted by Helen Edmundson (London)
Goner/Brian Parks
Gone Missing/ Cosson, Steve & The Civilians
Gone Too Far! / Bolas Agbaje(London 2008)
Gone With the Wind, the Musical/ Music, book and lyrics by Margaret Martin. adapted by Trevor Nunn from novel by Margaret Mitchell(London 2008)
The Good and the True / Compilers: Tomas Hrbek, Lucie Kolouchova and Daniel Hrbek. English Adaptation: Brian Daniels (2014 Off-Broadway)
Goodbody/ J.C. Ernst (2018 Off-Broadway)
Good Goods/Christina Anderson (Connecticut 2012)
Good King Richard /Ian Dixon-Potter (London 2015)
The Good Negro/ Tracey Scott Wilson(2009)
Good People/David Lindsay-Abaire (London 2014)
Good People/ David Lindsay-Abaire (Philadelphis 2013)
Good People/ David Lindsay-Abaire(Los Angeles 2011)
Good People/ David Lindsay-Abaire( Broadway 2011)
Good People/ David Lindsay-Abaire (NJ 2013)
Good/Taylor, CP (London)
Good As New/Hedges, Peter
The Good Body/Ensler, Eve
Good Boys and True/ Robert Aguirre-Sacasa(Off-Broadway 2008)
Good Boys and True/ Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto (2007 Chicago)
Goodbye My Friduchita/Delores C. Sendler 
Goodbye to All That/Luke Norris(London 2012)
Good Company: Songs That Made It From Shows That Didn't/Harnik, Sheldon (Berkshires)
The Good German/Wiltse, David Wiltse (New Jersey)
Good Grief (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Good Hope/ Heijermans, Herman, adapted by Lee Hall (London)
The Good Mother/Francine Volpe (Off-Broadway 2012)
Good Ol' Girls/ Based on stories of Lee Smith & Jill McCorkle(Off-Broadway 2010)
Good Person Of Szechwan/Bertolt Brecht (Off-Broadway- Public Theater 2013)
Grasses of a Thousand Colors/Wallace Shawn (Off-Broadway2013)
Good Samaritans/Maxwell, Richard
Good Samaritan/Haig, David(London) 
A Good Soldier/Kazan, Nicholas (Los Angeles)
The Good Soul of Szechuan / Bertolt Brecht(London 2008)
Good Thing/Goldberg, Jessica
Good Night Children Everywhere/Nelson,Richard
A Good Swift Kick/Foster, John
Good Television/Rod McLachlan (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Good Thief/ McPherson, Conor
Good Vibrations/Beach Boys music with book by Richard Dresser
Good Will/Jerry, Shauneille 
/David Harrower (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Good Woman (of Setzuan)/ Brecht 
Gore Vidal's The Best Man
Gore Vidal's The Best Man (Broadway 2012)
The Gorey Details/Gorey, Edward
Gorilla Man/Jarrow, Keith (with Pullman, WA/Lee, Young Jean) (2005)
Goose-Pimples/Leigh, Mike (1997)
The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens, and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord/ Scott Carter (2017 Off-Broadway)
Got To Be Happy/Burt,Simon (London)
Gotterdamerung/ Richard Wagner(Los Angeles 2010)
The Government Inspector/ Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, from the original by Nikolai Gogol.(DC 2012)
Government Inspector/ Nikolai Gogol, new version by David Harrower(London 2011)
Grace/ Mick Gordan's and A.C. Grayling(2008)
Grace(Off-Broadway 2012)
Grace/Wright, Craig (Los Angeles)
Grace/Wright, Craig (Berkshires-2007)
The Graduate/Johnson, Terry (London & Broadway)
Grand Concourse/Heidi Shreck (2014 Off-Broadway)
Grand Delusion/ Rock, David(Los Angeles, 2007)
A Grand Guignol Children's Show (*not for children) / Debbie McMahon(Los Angeles 2008)
Grand Hotel (2019-DC)
Grand Hotel /George Forrest and Robert Wright, Maury Yeston, Luther Davis (London 2015)
Grand Hotel, The Muscial/ Book by Luther Davis, Music & Lyrics by George Forrest and Robert Wright, based on Vicki Baum's novel (Los Angeles)
The Grand Inquisitor/ Adapted from Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov by Marie-Helene Estienne(2008 Off-Broadway)
The Grand Inquisitor/Adapted by Marie Helene Estienne from The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (London)
The Grapes of Wrath/ Frank Galati, from the novel by John Steinbeck(New Jersey 2009)
Grapes of Wrath/ Frank Galati adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel (Los Angeles)
Grasmere/Leach, Kristina. (Los Angeles)
Grasses of a Thousand Colors/Wallace Shawn (Off-Broadway2013)
The Gravedigger's Lullaby/Jeff Talbott (2017 Off-Broadway)
Gravity of Means/Kovenbach, John 
Grease/Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey (New Jersey 2014)
Grease/Book, Music and Lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey-(Broadway and London 2007)
The Great American Trailer Park Musical/Book by Betsy Kelso;Music & Lyrics byDavid Nehls
Great Britain /Richard Bean (London 2014)
Great Expectations, the Musical/Ornadel, Cyril and Shaper, Hal(DC)
Great Expectations / Adapted by Margaret Hoorneman from Charles Dickens' novel; Book by Brian VanDerWilt and Steve Lozier; Music by Richard Winzeler; Lyrics by Steve Lane(Los Angeles 2008)
Great Expectations/Bathsheba Doran based on the novel by Charles Dickens
Great Expectations/Charles Dickens (London 2013)
The Great Game:(DC 2010)
The Great Game/ (London 2009)
The Great Game: Afghanistan/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Great Gatsby /F Scott Fitzgerald (London 2017)
The Great God Pan/ Amy Herzog(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Great Highway, Strindberg, August (London)
The Great Leap/ Lauren Yee (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Great Recession: 6 Short Plays/T homas Bradshaw, Sheila Callaghan, Erin Courtney, Will Eno, Itamar Moses and Adam Rapp(2009)
Great Small Works at Los Kabayitos
Great White Hope/Sackler, Howard (DC)
Greek Holiday/ Mayo Simon<(2009)
The Green Bay Tree /Mordaunt Shairp (London 2014)
The Green Heart/Magee, Rusty; Busch/Charles 
The Greenwich Village Follies/ Music and Lyrics by Doug Silver. Book and Lyrics by Andrew Frank(Off-Broadway 2011)
Grendel/music by Elliot Goldenthall; libretto by Julie Taymor and J. D. McClatchy based on John Gardner novel and poem Beowulf (Los Angeles-opera)
Greta Garbo Comes to Donegal/Frank McGinnis (London 2010)
Gretty Good Time/John Belluso 
Grey Gardens/Book by Doug Wright, based on 1975 documentary; Music by Scott Frankel & Lyrics by Michael Korie
Grief/ Mike Leigh (London 2011)
Griller/Bogosian, Eric
Grimly Handsome /Julia Jarcho (London 2017)
(Los Angeles 2012)
Groovaloo (2009)
Gross und Klein/Botho Strauss (London 2012)
Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde/ Kaufman, Moishe
The Grand Manner/ A. R. GurneyOff-Broadway 2010)
The Great Immensity/Steven Cosson (Off-Broadway2014)
A Great Wilderness/Samuel D. Hunter (Berkshires 2014)
The Grinning Man/ç (London 2017)
Grounded/ George Brant (2015 Off-Broadway)
Grounded/ George Brant (London 2014)
Groundhog Day/ Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin. Book by Danny Rubin (2017 Broadway)
Groundhog Day /Rodgers and Hammerstein (London 2016)
The Groundling (2015 Off-Broadway)
Gruesome Playground Injuries/ Rajiv Joseph( Broadway 2011)
Guantanamo: Honor Bound to Defend Freedom/Brittain, Victoria and Slove/Gillian
Guardians/Morris, Peter
Guards at the Taj/Rajiv Joseph (London 2017)
Guards at the Taj/ Rajiv Joseph (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Guardsman/Ferenc Molnar (New Jersey 2015)
The Guardsman/Ferenc Molnar (DC 2012)
The Guardsman/Molnar, Ference
The Guardsman (Berkshire Theatre Festival 2010)
The Guest at Central Park West/ Levy Lee Simons(2008)
Guilty/Manocherian, Nancy
Guinea Pig Solo/Leonoard, Brett C.
(The Nibroc Trilogy)Gulf View Drive/Hutton, Arlene
Gum/Karen Hartman
The Gun Club/Holman, Hung
Gunmetal Blues/Book: Scott Wentworth. Music & Lyrics: Craig Bohmler & Marion Adler (Los Angeles)
Gunmetal Blues/Book: Scott Wentworth. Music & Lyrics: Craig Bohmler & Marion Adler (New Jersey-George Street)
Gunpowder Season at the Swan: A New Way to Please You; Sejanus: His Fall;Believe What You Will; Speaking Like Magpies; Thomas More (London)
Gun-Shy/Dresser, Richard/
Gutenberg! The Musical/ Music/Lyrics by Scott Brown ;Book and Lyrics by Anthony King
Gutenberg! The Musical/Anthony King and Scott Brown
The Guys/Nelson, Anne
Gypsy (2016 Berkshires)
Gypsy /Arthur Laurents/Jule Styne/Stephen Sondheim (London 2015)
Gypsy/ Book by Arthur Laurents, Memusic by Jule Styne, Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (DC 2013)
Gypsy/book Arthur Laurents, music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (2007-Encores, 2008 Broadway)
Guys and Dolls / Frank Loesser , Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows. (London 2016)
Guys and Dolls / Book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows. Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser (2015 Los Angeles)
Guys and Dolls(Berkshires 2011)
Guys and Dolls/ Abe Burrows & Joe Swerling Book, Frank Loesser Music (Broadway 2009)
Guys And Dolls (Los Angeles)
Gypsy(2005 Shaw Festival--Ontario)
Gypsy (Broadway 2003)
Gypsy (Encores! 2007)
Guys And Dolls (Los Angeles)

The Habit of Art / Alan Bennett(DC 2011)
The Habit of Art/Alan Bennett- (London 2009
The Habitation of Dragons/Foote, Horton(Los Angeles)
Hadestown/ (2016 Off-Broadway)
Hair/ Book and Lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado;Music by Galt MacDermot
Hair/touring company (Broadway 2011)
Hair/Book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado. Music by Galt MacDermot(Central Park 2008, Broadway 2009, London 2010)
Hair/ Book and Lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado; Music by Galt MacDermot (Berkshires)
Hair/ Book & Lyrics by Gerome Ragni & James Rado; music by Galt MacDermot(Philadelphia-2007)
Hairspray/Composer Mark Shaiman, Lyricists Scott Wittman and Shaiman, and book authors Mark O'Donnell and Thomas Meehan. (New Jersey 2010)
Hairspray (Connecticut 2012)
Hairspray/book: Thomas Meehan; music: Marc Shaiman; lyrics: by Shaiman & Scott Wittman. (Broadway, 2002; London 2007)
The Hairy Ape /Eugene O'Neill (London 2015)
The Hairy Ape/ Eugene O'Neill(London 2012)
The Hairy Ape/O'Neill, Eugene
Half Time (2018 New Jersey)
The Hallway Trilogy/ Adam Rapp(Off-Broadway Broadway 2011)
Half Way Home/Diane Bank
Hallelujah, Baby/Book by Arthur Laurents, music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, additional lyrics by Amanda Green (DC)
HAM: A Musical Memoir /Sam Harris (2015 Off-Broadway)
Hamilton (London 2017)
Hamilton: The Something New and Exciting Broadway's Been Waiting For / (Off-Broadway 2015)
Hamilton / Book, Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda (2015 Off-Broadway)
a href="hamletlon18"> Hamlet/William Shakespeare (London 2018)
Hamlet (Washington, DC 2018)
Hamlet (2017 Off-Broadway)
Hamlet/Shakespeare by Waterwell (2017 Off-Broadway)
Hamlet /William Shakespeare (London 2017)
Hamlet & St. Joan (2017-NJ)
Hamlet -Mobile Unit (2016 Off-Broadway)
Hamlet /William Shakespeare (London 2015)
Hamlet/Shakespeare (2015 Off-Broadway)
Hamlet in rep with Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Off-Broadway2014)
Hamlet(Off-Broadway 2012)
Hamlet/ (London 2011)
Hamlet In The Park(ing) Lot/ Shakespeare(Off-Broadway 2011)
Hamlet/ Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival(Off-Broadway 2011)
Hamlet/ Shakespeare(London 2010)
Hamlet/ Shakespeare for Schools(London 2010)
Hamlet/William Shakespeare (New Jersey 2009)
Hamlet/ Shakespeare(London & Broadway 2009)
Hamlet/ Shakespeare(2009)
Hamlet/ Shakespeare(2009)
Hamlet/Shakespeare (Shakespeare & Co./Berkshires--2006 & 2009)
Hamlet/ shakespeare(Los Angeles 2008)
Hamlet / Shakespeare (London 2008)
Hamlet/ Shakespeare(2008-Central Park)
The Wooster Group's Hamlet (Public Theater, 2007)
Hamlet (Classic Stage 2005)
Hamlet (London- Old Vic 2004)
Hamlet(McCarter Theater--New Jersey)
Hamlet. . .the rest is silence/Shakespeare (DC)
Hamlet/Shakespeare(London-Royal National)
Hamlet/Shakespeare (Pubic Theater)
Hamlet/ShakespeareEllen Beckerman
Hamlet/Shakespeare BAM
Hamlet (Theatre de la Jeune Lune)
Hamlet Hallucinations/Dario D'Ambrosi, based on Shakespeare's Hamlet (Off-Broadway2013)
Hamlet in Bed/Michael Laurence (Off-Broadway 2015)
Hamlet: Uncut! / William Shakespeare(Off-Broadway2012)
Handbagged/Moira Buffini (London 2014)
Handbagged (2019 Off-Broadway)
handicapped people in their formal attire/Kathryn Grant(New Jersey 2012)
Handle With Care/ Jason Odell Williams(Off-Broadway2013)
Hand to God /Robert Askins (London 2016)
Hand to God/ Robert Askins(Off-Broadway2014)
Hangmen /Martin McDonath (2018 Off-Broadway)
Hangmen /Martin McDonagh (London 2015)
Hands on a Hard Body/ Book by Doug Wright (based on a film by S.R. Bindler). Lyrics by Amanda Green. Music by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green (Broadway 2013)
Hands on a Hardbody//Book by Doug Wright. Lyrics by Amanda Green, Music by Trey Anastasio /a>(La Jolla 2012)
Handy Dandy/Gibson, William
hang /debbie tucker green (London 2015)
The Hanging Man/Phelim McDermott, Lee Simpson Julian Crouch (London)
Hannah/ John Wooten(New Jersey 2011)
Hannah and Martin/Fodor, Kate
Hangover Square /Patrick Hamilton (London 2008)
Hansel and Gretel /Engelbert Humperdinck (London 2018)
Hansel and Gretel/Humperdinck opera (Berkshires-Opera)
Hansen's Cab/Giesser, Mark R.
Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King / Hasan Minhaj (2015 Off-Broadway)
Happy Talk /Jesse Eisenberg (2019 Off-Broadway)
Haunted House Party (2016 Los Ageles)
Her Requiem/Greg Pirce (2016 Off-Broadway)
Hit the Wall (Off-Broadway 2013)
"The Holiday Guys" in Happy Merry Hanu-Mas (Off-Broadway 2012)
< a href="hapgooddc.html">Hapgood/Stoppard, Tom (DC)
The Happiest Song Plays Last/ Quiara Alegra Hudes(Off-Broadway2014)
Happiness/ score by by Michael Korie and Scott Frankel , book by John Weidman. (2009)
The Happiness Lecture/ Bill Irwin(Philadelphia 2008)
Happy Birthday (Off-Broadway
Happy Birthday, Wanda June/Vonnegut, Kurt
Happy Days/Samuel Beckett (2017 Off-Broadway)
Happy Days/Samuel Beckett(Connecticut 2016)
Happy Days/Samuel Beckett (Off-Broadway 2015)
Happy Days/Music and lyrics by Paul Williams. Book by Garry Marshall(Papermill Playhouse New Jersey, 2007)
Happy Days/ Samuel Beckett(Connecticut 2010)
Happy Days/Beckett, Samuel S. (2005)
Happy Days/Beckett, Samuel S.
Happy Days/Beckett, Samuel S. (London)
** Happy Days/Beckett, Samuel S. (London-2007, BAM 2008)
Happy End/ Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht; music Kurt Weill. Book based on a German play by Dorothy Lane adapted by Michael Feingold
A Happy End/Iddo Netanyahu (2015 Off-Broadway)
(London 2015)
Lyrics by Tom Greenwald.Music by:Andrew Lippa. Book by Andrew Lippa & Tom Greenwald Andrew Lippa (2015 Off-Broadway)
Hapyy 50ish/ (Off-Broadway 2015)
Happy Hour/Ethan Coen (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden & Pullman Car Hiawatha/ Wilder, Thornton
Happy Now?/ Lucinda Coxon(Off Broadway 2008)
Happy Now?/ Lucinda Coxon( London2008)
Harbor/Chad Beguelin (Connecticut 2012)
/ Perry Henzell(2008)
Hard Feeling/ Doug Lucieto (London 2013)
Hard Feelings/Beber, Nina
A Hard Heart/ Barker, Howard(2007)
Hard Love/Motti Lerner (2015 Off-Broadway)
Hard Times/ Larry Kirwan/ (Off-Broadway2014)
Hard Times/ Stephen JeffreyCharles Dickens (Off- Broadway 2010)
Hard Times/Jeffreys, Stephen-- adapted from novel of same name by Dickens (Off-Broadway 1997)
Hard Times, the Musical/Tookey, Christopher; Thomas Hugh (based on the Dickens novel) (London)
Hard Times/Charles Dickens novel, adapted by Bart de Lorenzo (LA)
Harlequinade/ Terence Rattigan (London 2015)
The Harlequin Studies/Irwin, Bill
The Harmfulness of Tobacco/Chekhov (see also Four of a Kind
Harold and Maude/Tom Jones, music and lyrics; Joseph Thalken, music and orchestrations (New Jersey)
Haroun and the Sea of Stories/Adapted by Tim Supple and David Tushingham from Salman Rushdie (DC)
Harper Regan (Off-Broadway 2012)
Harper Regan /Simon Stephens (London 2008)
Harrison, TX: Three Plays by Horton Foote(Off-Broadway 2012)
Harrison, Texas
Harvey/ Mary Chase (Broadway 2012)
Harry Clarke/ David Cale (2017 Off-Broadway)
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child /J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany (2018 Broadway)
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child /JK Rowling, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany (London 2016)
The Hasty Heart/Patrick, John
The Hatmaker's Wife/Lauren Yee (Off-Broadway 2013)
Hats/Marcia Milgrom Dodge & Anthony Dodge (ch)
The Haunting of Winchester, a Musical play Music by Craig Bohmler. Lyrics by Mary Bracken Phillips.Book by Mary Bracken Phillips/ (San Jose)
Harvest/Bean, Richard (London)
A Hatful of Rain/ Michael F. Guzzo(Berkshires 2014)
Haunted/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
Haunted House/ Daniel Roberts(2009)
Haunted Child/ Penhall/ (London 2011)
Havana Bourgois/Lacámara, Carlos
Havana Is Waiting/Machado, Eduardo
Havana Journal, 2004/ Eduardo Machado(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Have Littles/Cruz, Midaglia (Los Angeles)
Have You Seen Steve Steven?/Ann Marie Healy 2007
Have You Seen Us?/ Athol Fugard(Connecticut 2009)
Having Our Say/ Adapted for the stage by Emily Mann from the book by Sarah L. Delany and A. Elizabeth Delany with Amy Hill(New Jersey 2009)
Hazelwood Jr. High School/Urbinati, Ron
>Hay Fever/ Noel Coward(London 2010)
>Hay Fever/ Noel Coward(London 2010)
>Hay Fever/ Noel Coward(London 2010)
Hay Fever/Noel Coward/ (London 2012)
> Haymarket/Dohrn, Zayd
Headless/Floden, Lea (Los Angeles)
Head of Passes/Tarell Alvin McCraney (2016 Off-Broadway)
Head Over Heels/ Book by James Magruder from an original book by Jeff Whitty (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Healing/Samuel D. Hunter (2016 Off-Broadway)
Heat Lightning: The Musical/ book-- George Griggs and Paul Andrew Perez;music and lyrics-- George Griggs
A Heartbeat to Baghdad/Omalley, Glyn
Heartbreak House /G.B. Shaw (2018 Off-Broadway)
Heartbreak House /George Bernard Shaw (London 2018)
Heartbreak House (Shaw Festival 2011)
Heartbreak House (Off-Broadway)
Heartbreak House (Berkshires)
Heartbreak House/Shaw, George Bernard (Broadway, 2006)
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter/ Rebecca Gilman adaptation Carson Mc/Cullers Novel(2009)
Heartless/Sam Shepard(Off-Broadway 2012)
Heart of Art/Michael Weller
Heart of Man/Christman, Jennifer
The Heart of Robin Hood /David Farr (2017 Los Angeles)
Hearts & Soles/Bruce Graham, Michael Hollinger, Arden Kass (Philadelphia)
Heathers: The Musical / Book, Music, Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy. Based on the original motion picture screenplay by Daniel Waters (Off-Broadway2014)
Heaven/Walker, George
He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box/Adrienne Kennedy (2018 Off-Broadway)
Hecuba/Euripides (Pearl Theater--2006
Hecuba (Williamstown 1998)
Hecuba (London & BAM-NY 2004)
Hecuba/Euripides (Off-Broadway-2004)
Heddatron/ Merryweather,Elizabeth
Hedda Gabler/Ibsen (Washington, DC 2016)
Hedda Gabler/Ibsen-- Brian Friel translation (London 2012)
Hedda Gabler/ Henrik Ibsen(Broadway 2009)
Hedda Gabler(Lesbian adaptation--Philadelphia 2009)
Hedda Gabler/ Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Caroline Kava( Philadelphia2009)
Hedda Gabler/ Henrik Ibsen (London 2008)
Hedda Gabler/Ibsen--Christopher Hampton translation (Off- Broadway-- 2004)
Hedda Gabler/Ibsen--Baitz adaptation (Berkshires and Broadway)
Hedda Gabler/Ibsen (Century Center Ibsen series)
Hedda Gabler/Ibsen (London)
Hedda Gabler/Ibsen, Henrik, adapted by Andrew Upton (New York-BAM)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch(Broadway2014)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch/Mitchell, John Cameron
The Heidi Chronicles/ Wasserstein, Wendy (Berkshires 2006)
The Heir Apparent/ Jean-Francois Regnard, translated from French The Height of the Storm/ Florian Zeller (London 2018)
and adapted by David Ives(DC 2011)
The Heiress/Ruth & Augustus Goetz adaptation of James Novel(Broadway 2012)
/The HeiressRuth and Augustus Goetz (Los Angeles 2012)
The Heiress/ Ruth and Augustus Goetz based on Henry James (London)
Heisenberg/Simon Stephens (2016 Off-Broadway)
Heisenberg/Simon Stephens (2015 Off-Broadway)
Helen/McLaughlin, Ellen
Helen/ Euripides adapted by Frank McGuinness(London2009)
Hellman V. McCarthy/Brian Richard Morik (Off-Broadway2014)
Hell Meets Henry Halfway/Witold Gombrowicz novel, Possessed adapted by Adriano Shaplin
Hello Again/ John LaChiusa's adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's La Ronde (Off-Broadway 2011)
Hello and Goodbye/ Fugard, Athol (DC)
Hello Dolly!(DC 2019)
Henry V /William Shakespeare (London 2018)
Hello, Dolly! (2017Broadway)
yrics by Jerry Herman (London2009)
Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!/book-Douglas Bernstein & Rob Krauss; music/lyrics-Allan Sherman-
Hello, From the Children of Planet Earth/ Dan Nguyen (2018 Off-Broadway)
Jerry Springer - The Opera/ Richard Thomas, Stewart Lee Thomas. (2018 Off-Broadway)
Jerry Springer - The Opera/ Richard Thomas, Stewart Lee Thomas. (2018 Off-Broadway)
Hell's Belles: A Damned Funny Musical/ (2015 Off-Broadway
Help Wanted: A Personal Search for Meaningful Employment at the Start of the 21st Century/Lefkowitz/,Josh (DC)
Helter Skelter & The New Testament / Neil LaBute(Los Angeles2009)
He Who Said Yes/He Who Said No/ Brecht
H. Finn, Esq./Peter Zablotsky
Henry IV, see /Richard II. . . Richard III. . .Henry IV. . .Henry V. . .Henry VI(London 2008)
H4 Shakespeare adaptation; Shakespeare's Slave by Steven Fechter (Off-Broadway 2011)
Henry IV (2018 Los Angeles)
Henry IV (Off-Broadway-Brooklyn 2015)
(all female) Henry IV (London 2014)
Henry IV Parts 1 & 2/Shakespeare adaptation by Jonathan Epstein (Berkshires 2014)
"Henry IV Part I (Off-Broadway 2013)
Henry IV, Part One (New Jersey 2012)
Henry IV Parts 1 and 2/ Shakespeare(London 2010)
Henry IV Part I / William Shakespeare(Philadelphia 2010)
Henry IV, Part I/Shakespeare (Los Angeles, 2007)
Henry IV, Part I/Shakespeare (Berkshires 1997)
Henry IV, Part I and II /Shakespeare (London 2001)
Henry IV, Part I and II /Shakespeare (London 2005)
Henry IV, Part 1/ Shakespeare (DC 2004 )
Henry IV, Part 2/ Shakespeare (DC 2004)
Henry IV, Parts I and II (Lincoln Center 2003)
Henry IV/Pirandello, Luigi --adapted by Tom Stoppard (London 2004)
Henry V /William Shakespeare (London 2016)
Henry V (2018 Mobile Unit production)
Henry V (Berkshires 2015)
Henry V /Shakespeare (2014 Philadelphia)
Henry V /Shakespeare (London 2013)
Henry V and The Winters Tale >
Henry the Fifth/ Shakespeare(London --2003)
Henry V / Shakespeare(London 2012)
Into the Hazard [Henry 5] / Shakespeare, adapted by Jessica Bauman (2009)
Henry V/ Shakespeare(Philadelphia 2010)
Henry V (New Jersey 2007)
Henry V--Central Park 2003
Henry V see /Richard II. . .Richard III. . .Henry IV. . .Henry V. . .Henry VI(London 2008)
Henry the Fifth/ Shakespeare(London --2001)
Henry V/Shakespeare (Berkshires 2002)
Henry V/Shakespeare (Cocteau Repertory 2002)
Henry VI see /Richard II. . .Richard III. . .Henry IV. . .Henry V. . .Henry VI(London 2008)
Henry the VI: Blood & Roses/ (Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey 2007)
Henry the Sixth: The Edged Sword (Part 1); Black Sword (Part 2)/Shakespeare2006
Henry VIII (New Jersey 2014)
Henry VIII/Shakespeare 2006
Herakles/MacLeish, Archibald (DC)
Herakles via Phaedra/ Stewart, Ellen
The Herbal Bed/Whelan, Pete
Herding Cats/ Lucinda Coxon (London 2011)
Heresy (Off-Broadway 2012)
Herman Kline's Midlife Crisis/ Josh Koenigsberg(Off-Broadway 2011)
Hercules In Suburbia/book by Mary Fulham; songs by Paul Foglino
Hercules on Normandie/James Eric, Mark Kemble, Mario Padilla and Gordon Glor (Los Angeles)
Here Lies Jenny/Music by Kurt Weill; Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht, Roger Fernay, Ira Gershwin, Jehuda Halevi, Langston Hughes, Alan Jay Lerner, Maurice Margre, Ogden Nash, Franz Werfel and Kurt Weill
Here Lies Love (Off-Broadway 2013)
>The Heretic/ Richard Bean(London 2011)
Her Naked Skin/ Rebecca Lenkiewicz(London 2008)
Hero./EV Crowe (London2012)
Heroes/ Gerald Sibleyras(Berkshires 2013)
Heroes/ Adapted by Tom Stoppard from Gerald Sibleyras (2013 Philadelphia)
Heroes/ Gerald Sibleyras(Off-Broadway2009)
Heroes/Sibleyras, Gerald (Los Angeles)
Heroes/Sibleyras, Gerald (London)
Herringbone/ Book by Tom Cone, Music by Skip Kennon, lyrics by Ellen Fitzhugh(New Jersey 2008)
Herringbone/ Book by Tom Cone, Music by Skip Kennon, Lyrics by Ellen Fitzhugh
Hesh/Weiss, Matthew
H. Finn, ESQ./Zablotsky, Peter
Hetty Feather/Jacqueline Wilson,adapted for the stage by Emma Reeves (London 2014)
He Who Gets Slapped /Leonid Andreyev (2016 Philadelphia)
Hidden: A Gender/Bornstein, Kate (DC)
The Hidden Sky/ (Off-Broadway 2010)"" Hiding Behind Comets/Dykstra, Brian
The Hiding Place/ Jeff Whitty(Los Angeles 2008)
High/ Matthew Lombardo(Broadway 2011)
High/ Matthew Lombardo(Connecticut 2010)
High Dive/Ayzavian, Leslie 
High Fidelity/book byDavid Lindsay-Abaire; music byTom Kitt; lyrics by Amanda Green
The Highest Yellow/Music and lyrics by Michael John LaChiusa; Book by John Strand (DC)
High Holidays/ Alan Gross(Chicago2009)
High Life/ Lee MacDougall 
High Priest of California/Willeford, Charles
High School Musical / High School Musical based on Disney movie (London 2008)
High School Musical (Berkshire Summer Youth Theater)
High Society/Kopit, Arthur (London)
High Society/Kopit, Arthur
High Society / Cole Porter, Arthur Kopit (London 2015)
High Spirits/Martin, Hugh and Gray, Timothy (Berkshires 1994)
Highway to Tomorrow/Elevator Repair Service (Off-Broadway 2000)
Hilda/ Ndiay, Marie
Hillary and Clinton / Lucas Hnath (2019 Broadway)
Hillbilly Women/ ( Off-Broadway 2011)
Him(Off-Broadway 2012)
Himself/Byrne, Colm
Himself and Nora/Jonathan Brielle (2016 Off-Broadway)
Hindle Wakes/ Stanley Hughton(London 2012)
Hindle Wakes/Stanley Houghton (2018 Off-Broadway)
Hinterland/Barry, Sebastian (London)
Hippolytis/Euripides, translated by Anne Carson (Los Angeles)
HIR/ Taylor Mac (Off-Broadway 2015)
Hired Man/ music and lyrics by Howard Goodall, Book by Melvyn Bragg,(2008)
His Dark Materials/Nicolas Wright adaptation of Philip Pullman, novels (London)
His Girl Friday/John Guare Adaptation (Berkshires 2015)
His Girl Friday/Guare, John, adapted from Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur (London)
His Greatness/ Daniel MacIvo/ (London 2012)
The History Boys/Alan Bennett (Philadelphia2009)
The History Boys/Bennett, Alan (London & New York)
A History of Heen (Not Francis E. Dec. ESQ)/Eric Dyer, Scott Gillette and Maggie Hoffman
The History of Light/Eisa Davis/ (New Jersey 2011)
The History of the Troubles (accordin' to my Da)/Lynch, Martin and Grimes & McKee (London)
History of the Word /Snyder, Ben
History of the World/ Judityh Mailina(Off-Broadway 2012)
Hand in Hand/Block, Simon (London)
Hitchcock Blonde/Johnson, Terry (London)
H.M.S. Pinafore/Gilbert & Sullivan(Berkshire)
Hobson's Choice,/ Harold Brighouse (Off0Broadway 2002)
Hobson's Choice,/ Harold Brighouse (London 2014)
Hogarth's Progress/ Nick Dear (London 2018)
Holding Fire!/ Shepherd, Jack- (London)
Hold On to Me Darling/Kenneth Lonergan (2016 Off-Broadway)
Hold Please/Weisman, Annie (LA and NY-Off-Broadway)
Hold These Truths by Jeanne Sakata (2019 Berkshires)
Hold These Truths/Jeanne Sakata (Washington, DC 2018)
"The Holiday Guys" in Happy Merry Hanu-Mas (Off-Broadway 2012)
Holiday Inn/Gordon Greenberg and Chad Hodges adaptation of movie (2016 Broadway)
Holiday Inn (Connecticut 2014)
Holler If You Hear Me/ (Broadway2014)
The Hollow/Washington Irving's tale adapted by Hunter Forster (DC 2011)
The Hollow Crown/John Barton (Berkshires- Shakespeare & Company, 2011) .
Holy Warriors /David Eldridge (London 2014)
Hollywood Arms/Burnett Carol & Hamilton, Carrie
Hollywood Burning/Sargent, Micheal (Los Angeles)
The Hologram Theory/Goldberg Jessica
(h o m e)/Haworth, Steven (Los Angeles)
Home/Williams, Samm-Art 
Home/ Samm-Art Williams(2008)
Home/ David Storey(Berkshires 2008)
Home Chat /Noel Coward (London 2016)
Homecoming/Pinter (2008)
The Homecoming/Pinter, Harold(2007 Broadway)
The Homecoming/Pinter, Harold(2001 London)
The Homecoming (2001 Lincoln Center Pinter Festival)
Home and Beauty/Maugham, W Somerset (London)
The Home Place/Brian Friel (2017 Off-Broadway)
Home Place/Friel, Brian (London)
Homebody/Kabul/ Kushner, Tony (New York Theatre Workshop & BAM)
Homebody/Kabul/ Kushner, Tony (Los Angeles)
Home Fires Burning/Ceraso, Chris(Berkshires)
HomeFires Burning/ Ceraso, Christopher (Berkshires)
Home For Lost Boys/ Weiner, Craig J.
Home I'm Darling/Arthur Miller (London 2018)
Home of the Brave/Laurents, Arthur 
Homestead Crossing/William Donnelly (Berkshires 2012)
Homewrecker/Stuart, Kelly
Honey Brown Eyes/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Honeymooners/ Book by Dusty Kay & Bill Nuss, Music by Stephen Weiner, Lyrics by Peter Mills (2017 New Jersey)
/ Book by Andrew Bergman; music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown; based on the Castle Rock Entertainment motion picture written by Mr. Bergman (201 tBroadway)
Honeymoon in Vegas/Andrew Bergman/Jason Robert Brown New Jersey 2013)
Honeymoon Suite (London)
Honky /Greg Kalleres (2016 Los Angeles)
Honor/ Book and music by Peter Mills & Carla Reichel; Lyrics by Peter Mills (2008)
Honour/Murray-Smith, Johanna (Los Angeles)
Honour/Murray-Smith, Johanna
Honour/Murray-Smith, Johanna (London)
Hoodoo Love/ Hall, Katori (2007)
Hope /Jack Thorne (London 2014)
Hope Is a Thing With Feathers/Pugliese, Frank
Hope Runs Eternal/Brooks, Richard
(Los Angeles) The Hopper Collection/Smart, Mat (San Francisco)
Horizon/Eckert, Rinde
Horsedreams/ Dael Orlandersmith (Off-Broadway 2011)
Host and Guest/Roland Reed from Vazha Pshavela poem (DC)
Hotel Cassiopeia/ Mee Charles(2007)
HotelMotel(Off-Broadway 2011)
Hotel Savoy/ Dominic Huber based on Joseph Roth Novel(Off-Broadway 2010)
-> Hot Feet/Music of Earth Wind & Fire
Book by Heru Ptah

The Hothouse/Harold Pinter (London 2013)
Hot L Baltimore/Wilson, Lanford
The Hotel in Amsterdam/Osborne, John Osborne (London)
The Hothouse/Pinter, Harold (London)
>Hot 'n' Throbbing/Vogel, Paula (Off-Broadway-2005)
Hot 'N' Throbbing/Vogel, Paula (DC)
Hotel Paradise/Foreman, Richard
Hotel Suite/Simon, Neil
Hotel Peccadillo/ Feydeau, adapted by Morris Panych (Shaw Festival 2007)
Hotel Universe/Barry, Philip
The Hound of the Baskervilles/ Steven Canny and John Nicholson (New Jersey 2012)
The Hound of the Baskervilles/By Steven Canny and John Nicholson adaptation of Conan Doyle story (Berkshires 2011)
The Hound of the Baskervilles/Doyle, Arthur Conan (London)
The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other/ Handke, Peter (London2008)
House/McCormack, Thomas (Los Angeles)
House and Garden/Ayckbourn, Alan  (London and New York 2002)
House Arrest/Smith, Anna Deveare
House for Sale/ Daniel Fish adaptation Jonathan Fanzen essay (Off- Broadway 2012)
A House In Town/Greenberg, Richard (2006)
House/Lights /Stein, Gertrude
The House of Bernarda Alba/ Federico García Lorca, in a new version by Emily Mann(London 2012)
The House of Bernarda Alba/Lorca, Frederico Garcia(London 2005)
The House of Bernarda Alba/Lorca, Frederico Garcia(Los Angeles)
The House of Bernarda Alba/Lorca, Frederico Garcia (Chay Yew adaptation)
The House of Bernarda Alba/Lorca, Frederico Garcia (Prospect Theater)
The House of Blue Leaves/ John Guare(Broadway 2011)
The House of Blue Leaves/ John Guare(Los Angeles 2008)
House of Desires/ de la Cruz, Sor Juana (London)
House of Games/ David Mamet screenplay adapted by Richard Bean (London 2010)
House of Gold/ Gregory Moss(Los Angeles 2011)
House of Mirth/Wharton adaptation
House of Yes/ MacLeod, Wendy (Los Angeles)
The House That Will Not Stand/ Marcus Gardley, inspired by Federico Garciaa Lorca's The House of Bernarda Alba (2018 Off-Broadway)
A House With No Walls/Gibbons, Thomas (Philadelphia)
The Housewives of Mannheim/ Alan Brody (New Jersey 2009, Off-Broadway 2010)
The How and the Why/Sarah Treem (Berkshires 2015)
The How and the Why / Sarah Treem (New Jersey 2011)
Howard Katz/Marber, Patrick
How He Lied To Her Husband/ Shaw,G.B.
How I Learned to Drive/ Paula Vogel(Off-Broadway 2012)
How I Learned to Drive/Vogel, Paula
How I Learned to Drive
How to be a Rock Critic / Based on the Writings of Lester Bangs by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen (2015 Los Angeles)
How to Hold Your Breath /Zinnie Harris (London 2015)
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying/Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Book by Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock & Willie Gilbert< (Broadway 2011)
How I Learned What I Learned/ (Off-Broadway2013)
Howie the Rookie/O'Rowe, Mark (London and New York)
How the Other Half Loves/ Alan Ayckbourn(Connecticut2009)
How the World Began/ Catherine Trieschmann(Off-Broadway 2012)
How to Build a Better Tulip/ Giesser Mark. A
How to Make Friends and then Kill Them / Haley Feiffer (Off-Broadway 2013)
How to Save the World and Find True Love in 90 Minutes/ Book & Lyrics, Jonathan Karp; Music, Seth Weinstein
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival: All the world's a Stage at on the Hudson River Highlands (Connecticut 2015)
Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway(Broadway 2011)
A Human Being, Of A Sort by Jonathan Payne (2019 Berkshires)
The Human Comedy/Music: Galt MacDermot. Libretto: William Dumaresq, from William Saroyan's The Human Comedy (Berkshires)
Human Error/Reddin, Keith
The Humans/Stephen Karam (Washington, DC 2018)
The Humans/Stephen Karam (2016 Broadway)
The Humans (Off-Broadway 2015)
The Human Scale/ Lawrence Wright(Off-Broadway 2010)
Humble Boy/Jones, Charlotte
Humor Abuse/Lorenzo Pisoni (Los Angeles 2013)
Humor Abuse/ Lorenzo Pisoni(2009)
Hunchback/ Lasko, Jim (Henson Puppet Festival 2000)
(Vox Lumiere) The Hunchback of Notre Dam/Music & Lyrics by Kevin Saunders Hayes, based on Victor Hugo; (Los Angeles)
The Hunchback Variations: A Chamber Opera (Off-Broadway 2012)
Hundreds of Sisters and One Big Brother/Swisher, Deborah 
Hungry/Richard Nelson (2016 Off-Broadway)
Hunger/Wilner, Sheri (DC)
Hunting and Gathering/ Berman, Brooke(2008)
Hurrah At Last/Greenberg, Richard  (2001)
Hurray For Iceboy/Adobe Theater Company
Hurricane Diane /Madeleine George (2019 Off-Broadway)
/Hurt Village/ Katori Hall(Off-Broadway 2012)
Hype Man /Idris Goodwin (2019 Los Angeles)
The Under the Radar Festival: JDX - A Public Enemy . . . El Año en Que Nací or The Year I Was Born. . .I Stole Your Dad. . .The Record. . .Blackout. . .Rodney King. . .Big Mouth
Under the Radar Festivial: Sontag: Reborn. . .Goodbar . . TheTable. .Hot Pepper.Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner and the Farewell Speech . .Kitchen's Gob Squad(Off-Broadway 2012)
Under the Radar Festivial(Off-Broadway 2012)
John Cassavetes' Husbands/ Under the Radar Festival(2011)
Hyenas/Simeon, Christian Simeon (Los Angeles)
Hypatia/Wellman, Mac 
The Hypochondriac/Bean/Richard (London)
Hysterical Girls Theorem/Groff, Rinne 
Top of List

Iago/James McLure (New Jersey 2016)
I Am a Tree/ Dulcy Rogers(Off-Broadway 2012)
>I am the Wind/ (London 2011)
>I Am Yusuf And This Is My Brother/ Amir Nizar Zuabi(London 2010)
I and You/ Lauren Gunderson (London 2018)
I and You/Lauren Gunderso (2017 Berkshires)
I and You /Lauren Gunderson (2016 Off-Broadway)
If I Forget/Steven Levenson (Washington, DC 2018)
I'm a Stranger Here Myself: Musik from the Weimar and Beyond (Off-Broadway 2013)
I'm Just Wild About Harry/Brandon Thomas, adapted by William A. Reilly and Gary Lamb(Los Angeles 2008)
I Am My Own Wife (New Jersey, 2007)
I Am My Own Wife/Wright, Doug (off-Broadway, Broadway, London)
I Am My Own Wife/Wright, Doug (2 actor version--Philadelphia)
I Am My Own Wife/Wright, Doug (Los Angeles)
(I am) Nobody's Lunch/book Steven Cosson; music & lyrisc,Michael Friedman
I Am The Wind/ (Off-Broadway2014)
I and You/Lauren Gunderson (Los Angeles 2015)
I Call My Brothers/Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Off-Broadway2014)
Icarus/ Sánchez, Edwin
I Can't Remember Anything/Chaikin, Joseph
I Can't Sing/ (London 2014)
I Capture the Castle/ Dodie Smith(New Jersey 2010)
Ice / Leon Martell (2018 Los Angeles)
Icebergs / Alena Smith (2016 Los Angeles)
Icebound/Owen Davis (Off-Broadway 2014)
>The Ice Festival: A Wonderland, Lavaman, Babes In Toyland, Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant (2009)
Ice Glen/Ackermann, Joan(Berkshires)
ICE ISLAND The Wait For Shackleton/Duffield,Marjorie 
The Iceman Cometh/Eugene O'Neill (2018 Broadway)
The Iceman Cometh /Eugene O'Neill (2015 Off-Broadway)
I Could Say More/ Chuck Blasius(Off-Broadway2014)
I, Cyclops/McNamara, Robert DC Greek Summer Festival 2005
I.D./Sher, Athony (London)
Ideation/ Aaron Loeb (2016 Off-Broadway)
/ Oscar Wilde(London 2010)
An Ideal Husband/Wilde, Oscar
I'd Rather Be Right/ By George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, with music and lyrics by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart(Los Angeles 2008)
I'd Rather Goya Robbed Me of My Sleep Than Some Other Arsehole/Rodrigo Garcia (London 2014)
The Idiot/ Fourmantchouk adaptation of Dostoyevsky 
Idiot Savant/ Richard Foreman(2009)
I Do! I Do!/ Jones, Tom & Schmidt, Harvey (Berkshires--BTF, 2005)
I Do, I Do/Jones, Tom & Schmidt, Harvey(Berkshires)
Idol: The Musical/Book and Lyrics by Bill Boland
a href="ififorget17.html">If I Forget/Steven Levenson (2017 Off-Broadway)
If It Was Easy/Morehouse, Ward; Lane, Burton
If Love Were All/ Sheridan Morley
If Only/Goldsby, Matthew (Los Angeles)
If/Then/Lyrics and book by Brian Yorkey. Music by: Tom Kitt (Broadway2014)
I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan/John Anastasi Let It Be (Broadway 2013)
If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet/Nick Payne (2009)
If You Don't Let Us Dream, We Won't Let You Sleep/Anders Lustgarten (London 2013)
If You Ever Leave Me... I'm Going With You!/Taylor, Renee; Bologna, Joe
If You Get to Bethlehem, You've Gone Too Far/Hartley, Marietta (Los Angeles)
If Memory Serves/Tolins/Jonathan
I Found My Horn/ Jonathan Guy Lewis and Jasper Rees(2009)
If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhf*cka/Tori Sampson (2019 Off-Broadway)
If You See Something Say Something/ Mike Daisey.(2008)
I Got Life/Barb Jungr (2008)
I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given To Me by a Young Lady from Rwanda/Linden, Sonja (Los Angeles)
I Have Before Me a Remarkabledocument Given to me by a Young Lady from Rawanda/ Sonja Linden(London2008)
I Have Been Here Before/Priestley, J. B.
I Just Stopped By to See the Man/Jeffreys, Stephen (Los Angeles)
Ikebana/Houston, Velina Hasu
I'll Be Damned/ Music & Book by Rob Broadhurst. Lyrics & Book by Brent Black( 2010)
I'll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers/John Logan (Broadway 2013)
An Iliad/ By Denis OHare & Lisa Peterson(Off-Broadway 2012)
An Iliad/By Denis OHare & Lisa Peterson (New Jersey 2010)
Iliad: Book One/ Homer(2009)
The Illusion/ Tony Kushner(Off-Broadway 2011)
Illusionists, Witness the Impossible / (2014 Broadway)
The Illustrious Corpse/Ali, Tariq (London)
Illya Darling/Book by Jules Dassin,Music by Manos Hadjidakis,Lyrics by Joe Darion(Los Angeles)
I Love America/Ramirez, Lidia
I Love Paris/Field, Doug
I Love You Because/Music by Joshua Salzrnan
Book and lyrics by Ryan Cunningham

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change/ Book and Lyrics by Joe DiPietro; Music by Jimmy Roberts (2017 New Jersey)
Ilyria/Richard Nelson (2017 Off-Broadway)
Il Trittico/ Puccini triptich(Los Angeles 2008)
Ilyria/Shakespeare adapted by Cara Reichel and Peter Mill (New Jersey 2002, Off Broadway 2008
The Illusion/Corneille, Pierrie-- Tony Kushner adaptation (Berkshires)
Imagine This/Book by Glenn Berenbeim. Music by Shuki Levy. Lyrics by David Goldsmith(London 2008)
Imagining Madoff/ Deb Margolin(DC 2011)
I, Malvolio / Tim Crouch< solo adaptation from Twelfth Night/a>(New Victory 2013)
Immediate Family/ Paul Oakley Stovall(Chicago 2012)
Improbable Frequency/ Book 7 Lyrics by Arthur Riordan. Music by Bell Helicopter(2008)
< Imagine This/Book by Glenn Berenbeim. Music by Shuki Levy. Lyrics by David Goldsmith(London 2008)
Imaginary Friends/Ephron, Nora (2002 San Diego)
Imaginary Friends (Broadway 2002)
I Married Wyatt Earp/ Book by Thomas Edward West and Sheilah Rae. Lyrics by Sheilah Rae. Music by Michele Brourman(Off-Broadway 2011)
Imelda/Book by Sachi Oyama, Music by Nathan Wang, Lyrics by Aaron Coleman (Los Angeles)
I'm Gonna Pray For You So Hard /Halley Feiffer (2015 Off-Broadway)
Immaculate Misconception/Djerassi Carl
Immediate Family/ Paul Oakley Stovall (2015 Los Angeles)
The Immigrant (2019 NJ)
The Immigrant/ Book: Mark Harelik; Lyrics: Sarah Knapp; Music: Steven M. Alper (Los Angeles 2008)
The Immigrant/book-Harelik, Mark; music-Alpert, Steven; lyrics-Knapp, Sarah
I'm Not Rappaport/Gardner, Herb
Imperfect Love /Brandon Cole (2018 Off-Broadway)
ImPerfect Love/ Racheff, James; Tapper, Albert M.
Imperfect Love/Cole, Brandon
Imperium/Mike Poulton, Robert Harris (London 2018)
Impressionism/Michael Jacobs (2009)
I'm Still Here . . .Damn It!/Bernhard, Sandra
The Importance of Being Earnest/Wilde
The Importance of Being Earnest/Oscar Wilde (Berkshires 2012)
The Importance of Being Earnest/Oscar Wilde (Broadway 2011)
The Importance of Being Earnest/Wilde (Berkshires 2005}
The Importance of Being Earnest/ (New Jersey Papermill Playhouse 2008)
The Importance of Being Earnest/Oscar Wilde (2008)
The Importance of Being Earnest/Widle Oscar ( London 2008)
The Importance of Being Earnest(Los Angeles)
The Importance of Being Earnest(Cocteau-NYC 2002)
The Importance of Being Earnest(Aquila -NYC 2003)
The Importance of Being Earnest/Wilde, Oscar (Shaw Festival)
The Importance of Being Earnest/Wilde, Oscar (London 2001)
The Importance of Being Oscar/ MacLiammóir, Micheál
Important Hats of the Twentieth Century/Nick Jones (Off-Broadway 2015)
Impossible Marriage/Henley, Beith
In Acting Shakespeare(Off-Broadway 2013)
In a Dark Dark House/LaBute, Neil (2007)
In a Dark, Dark House/ Neil LaBute(London 2008)
Inadmissible Evidence/ John Osborne(London 2011)
In and Of Itself/Derik DelClaudio (2018 Off-Broadway)
Is God Is / Aleshea Harris (2018 Off-Broadway)
Inappropriate/DeSisto, Michael and McNeil, Lonnie
In Celebration/ Storey, David (London)
In Basildon/ David Eldridge/ (London 2012)
Important Hats of the Twentieth Century/Nick Jones (Off-Broadway 2015)
Inanimate / Nick Robideau (2017 Off-Off-Broadway)
Incident at Vichy (Off-Broadway 2015)
Incident at Vichy/ Arthur Miller(2009)
Incognito /Nick Payne (2017 Los Angeles)
Incognito/Nick Payne (2016 Off-Broadway)
In Conflict/ Yvonne Latty(2008)
The Inconstant Lovers/Marivaux, Pierre Carlet de Chamberlain de 
Incorruptible/Hollinger, Michael (DC)
In Dahomey/Perry, Shauneille
Indecent/Paula Vogel (2017 Broadway)
Indecent /Paula Vogel (2015 California)
Indecent(Connecticut 2015)
India Pale Ale by Jaclyn Backhaus by Jaclyn Backhaus (2017 Off-Broadway)
I Never Sang for My Father/ Robert Anderson(Off-Broadway 2010)
Indian Blood/Gurney, A. R.
Indian Head/Nikkole Salter (New Jersey 2017)
Indian Ink / Tom Stoppard (2014 Off-Broadway)
India Ink (CurtainUp in DC Interviews Itself) /Stoppard, Tom
Indian Ink
Indian Summer/ Gregory S. Moss (2016 Off-Broadway)
In Extremis/Bartlett, Neill and De Profundis/Wilde, Oscar (London)
Indoor/Outdoor/Finkle, Kenny (Off-Broadway)
Indoor/Outdoor/Finkle, Kenny (Los Angeles)
In God's Hat / Richard Taylo(Off-Broadway 2010)
In Extremis/Brenton, Howard (London)
Infantry Monologues/ Atkinson, Toby (DC)
In Flagrante Gothicto/Dodd, Alice; Armenante, Jill (LA)
Informed Consent/Deborah Zoe Laufer (Off-Broadway 2015)
The In-Gathering/Redwood, John Henry
In Flame/ Jones, Charlotte (London)
Ingenious Nature/ Baba Brinkman (Off-Broadway 2012)
Ingredient X/ Nick Grosso(London 2010)
Inherit the Wind/ Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee(London 2009)
The Inheritance/ Matthew Lopez (London 2018)
Inherit the Wind/Lawrence,Jerome and Lee, Robert E.
Ink/James Graham
Inked Baby/ Christina Anderson(2009)
Inky/Groff, Rinne
In Masks Outrageous and Austere/ Tennessee Williams(Off-Broadway 2012)
In My Father's Words/Justin Young (2015 Off-Broadway)
In My Life/Book, music, lyrics by Joseph Brooks
The Inn/ Peretz Hirschbein (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Inner House (Berkshires 2012)
Inner Voices /Borrowed Dust. . .Arlington. . .Farhad or The Secret of Being (Off-Broadway 2012)
Inner Voices(Off-Broadway 2012)
Inner Voices: Solo Musicals—Mosaic by Cheri Steinkellner & Georgia Stitt;Whida Peru: Resurrection Tangle, by David Simpatico & Josh Schmidt(Off Broadway 2010)
Innocence/Dea Loher (2010)
Innocents/Dickson, Rachel, adapted from Wharton's House of Mirth
Inns and Outs/Jenings, Caleen Sinnette  (DC)
I.E., in other words/Greenfield, Mark
The Insurgents/Lucy Thurber (Off-Broadway 2015)
The Iceman Cometh/O
In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel/Williams, Tennessee
In the Belly of the Beast Revisited/Abbot, Jack Henry, new adaptation by Adrian Hall
In the Body of the World/ Eve Ensler (2018 Off-Broadway)
In the Club/Bean, Richard (London)
In a Forest, Dark and Deep/Neil LaBute (London 2011)
In the Heart of America/WallaceNaomi (Philadelphia)
In the Heat of the Night/ John Ball novel, adapted for stage by Matt Pelfrey,(Off-Broadway 2010)
In the Garden/Howard Korder (Los Angeles 2010)>
In the Heights/Lin-Manuel Miranda, Quiara Alegria Hudes (London 2015)
In the Heights (Connecticut 2013)
In The Heights/ (Los Angeles 2010)
In the Heights/ Music & lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda ; Book by Quiara Alegria Hudes
In On It /MacIvor, Daniel (Off-Broadway 2007, Broadway 2008
In Real Life/Woodward, Charlayne (Los Angeles)
In Real Life/Woodard, Charlayne (New York)
Insanity/ Concept by Larry Russo, Book and Addition Lyrics by James J. Mellon (Los Angeles2009)
Inside Job/Zimmerman/Guy (Los Angeles)
An Inspector Calls/Priestley, JB (London)
In Spite of Myself/LaVecchia, Antionette
Instructions For Forgetting/Echells, Tim
Insurrection: Holding History/O'Hara, Robert (Berkshires)
Insurrection: Holding History/O'Hara, Robert 
Interviewing the Audience/ Zach Helm(Off-Broadway 2011)
In the Absence of Spring/Calarco, Joe (DC)
In the Air/Enger, Paul
In the Blood/Suzan-Lori Parks (2017 Off-Broadway)
In The Blood/Parks, Suzan-Loris
In the Continuum/Salter,Nikkole Salter & Gurira, Danai
In the Footprint: The Battle Over Atlantic Yards/Written by Steven Cosson.>Music and lyrics by Michael Friedman ( Off/-Broadway 2010)
In the Garden/Barry, Philip
In the Jungle of the City/ Brecht, translated Philip Boehm
In the Land of the Giants/Tefkin, Blair (LA)
In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer/adapted by Heinar Kipphardt
In the Mood/ Kathleen Clark (Berkshires 2011)
In the Next Room or the vibrator play/ Sarah Ruhl(2009)
In the Penal Colony/Franz Kafka's story, conceived and composed by Philip Glass
In the Red and Brown Water/Tarell Alvin McCraney(Los Angeles 2013)
In The Republic of Happiness/ Martin Crimp(London 2012)
In The Secret Sea/Cate Ryan (2016 Off-Broadway)
In the Shadow of a Gunman/O'Casey, Sean
In the Wake/ Lisa Kron(Off-Broadway 2010)
/In the Wings/ Jerry Sroka(Los Angeles 2008)
The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow: An Instant Message with Excitable Music/Jones, Rolin (DC)
> The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow/Jones, Rolin (Off-Broadway)
Intermission by Will Eno, see Marathon 2006 Series B
The Intern/Cellini, John (LA)
Interchange/ Ken Jaworowski (Off-Broadway 2010)
An International Affair/James, Henry; Krausnick adaptation (Berkshires)
The Internationalist/Washburn, Ann
An Intervention /Mike Bartlett (London 2014)
The Interview/Sholiton, Faye
Intimacy/Thomas Bradshaw (Off-Broadway2014)
Intimate Apparel/Lynn Nottage (2017 Berkshires)
Intimate Apparel/Lynn Nottage (2017-NJ)
Intimate Apparel/Lynn Nottage (Connecticut 2014)
Intimate Apparel/ (London 2014)
Intimate Apparel/Nottage, Lynn (Off-Broadway 2004) Los Angeles 2004)
Intimate Exchanges/Ayckbourn, Alan
Intimations for Saxophone/Treadwell, Sophie Treadwell (DC)
Into the Hazard [Henry 5] / Shakespeare, adapted by Jessica Bauman (2009)
Into the Hoods (London 2008)
Into the Numbers /Christopher Chen (London 2018)
Into the Woods (2019 Berkshires)
Into the Woods /Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine (London 2016)
Into the Woods (New Jersey2013)
Into The Woods/Book by James Lapine. Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim(Off-Broadway 2012--Central Park)
Into the Woods /Stephen Sondheim-music&lyrics; James Lapine-Book (LA)
Into the Woods /Stephen Sondheim-music&lyrics; James Lapine-Book (Broadway)
Into The Woods /Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, book by James Lapine (2015 Off-Broadway)
In Transit/ Book, Music and Lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, Sara Wordsworth. (2016 Broadway)
In Transit/Book, Music and Lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, James-Allen ford, russ Kaplan, Sara Wordsworth. (Off-Broadway 2010)
Intrigue and Love/von Schiller,Friedrich
Intrigue With Faye/Robin, Kate(Off-Broadway 2003)
Invasion!/ Jonas Hassen Khemiri(Off- Broadway 2011)
Invasion of the Minnesota Normals/Jen Ellison (Los Angeles2008)
Inventing Avi (and other theatrical maneuvers) / Robert Cary and Benjamin Feldman(2009)
Inventing Mary Martin/ Stephen Cole (Off-Broadway2014)
The Invention of Love/Stoppard, Tom (London)
The Invention of Love (New York)
The Investigation/ Peter Weiss, adapted by Jean Beaudrillard(London 2007)
The Invested/Sharyn Rothstein (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Invisible Hand/ Ayad Akhtar (2014 Off-Broadway)
The Invisible Man/ HG Wells novel adapted by Ken Hill(London 2010)
Invisible Thread/Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews (Off-Broadway 2015)
Instructions For Correct Assembly/Thomas Eccleshare (London 2018)
Iolanthe/Gilbert & Sullivan
Ionescopade, A Musical Vaudeville/ (Off-Broadway 2012)
Iowa/Jenny Schwartz (2015 Off-Broadway)
Iphigenia 2.0/Mee, Charles
Iphigenia/ Mee, Charles (Los Angeles)
Iphigeneia at Aulis/Euripides (California)
Iphigeneia at Aulis/Euripides (London)
The Iphigeneia Cycle/Euripides 
Iphigenie en Taurus (opera)
Iphigeneia at Aulis/Euripides.
I Promised Myself to Live Faster/ Gregory S. Moss (2015 Philadelphia)
I Remember Mama/John Van Druden (Off-Broadway2014)
I Remember You/Slade, Bernard (Los Angeles)
Irena's Vow/ Dan Gordon(2008)
The Irish. . ..and How They Got That Way / Frank McCourt (Off Broadway 2010)
The Irish. . .and how they got thatway/McCourt, Frank
Irish Authors Held Hostage/Morogiello, John (DC)
The Irish Curse/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
Encores! Irma La Douce (Off-Broadway2014)
Iron/Munro,Rona (London)
Iron/Munro,Rona (Off-Broadway)
Ironbound/Martyna Majok (Off Broadway 2016)
Iron Curtain/Music by Stephen Weiner; Lyrics by Peter Mills; Book by Susan Dilallo (Off-Broadway 2006, 2011)
Irving Berlin's America /Chip Deffaa (2014 Off-Broadway)
Irving Berlins White Christmas/Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Book by David Ives and Paul Blake(New Jersey 2011)
Isabelle and the Pretty Ugly Spell/Music and Lyrics by Steven Fisher; book by Joan Ross Sorkin and Steven Fisher.
Isaac's Eye / Lucas Hnath (Off-Broadway 2013)
Isango Ensemble: Aesop''s Fables/The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists/La Bohome (London 2012)
Review: I Saw My Neighbor on the Train and I Didn't Even Smile/Suzanne Heathcote (Berkshires 2015)
I See You Made an Effort/ by Anabelle Gurwitch (2015 Los Angeles)
Is God Is / Aleshea Harris (2018 Off-Broadway)
>Is He Dead?>/ Mark Twain as adapted by David Ives(Los Angeles 2009)
Is He Dead?/ Mark Twain, adapted by David Ives(Broadway 2007)
The Island/Fugard, Athol (London & NY)
The Island of Slaves/Marivaux, Pierrex (London)
The Island Princesst/Fletcher, John (London and BAM-NY)
Is Life Worth Living?-an Exaggeration/ Lennox Robinson(2009)
Isolde /Richard Maxwell (Off-Broadway2014)
Isolde-Revisited/Richard Maxwell (Off-Broadway 2015)
I Spy a Spy / (2019 Off-Broadway)
I Stopped By to See the Man/Jeffreys, Stephen(London)
It Ain't Nothing But the Blues
Isn't It Romantic/Wasserstein,/Wendy
Issei, He Say, or The Myth of the First by Chloeá Hung (2018 New Jersey)
Italian American Reconciliation/Shanley, John Patrick(Berkshires 1998)
Italian-American Reconciliation/ John Patrick Shanley(Los Angeles 2009)
It Ain't Over 'Till the First Lady Sings (Capitol Steps)/Strauss, Bill and Newport, Elaina
It Felt Like A Kiss/ Created by BBC Filmaker Adam Curtis and director Felix Barrett(London2009)
The It Girl/Book-- Michael Small & BT McNicholl, .Music and orchestrations -- by Paul McKibbin, Lyrics -- BT McNicholl
It Goes Without Saying/Bowers, Bill
It Has to Be You /Catherine butterfield (2014 Off-Broadway)
It Just Catches/Hemingway, Carol
It Must Be Him/ Kenny Solms(Off-Broadway 2010)
Its a Wonderful Life: The 1946 Radio Show/Adapted by Anthony E. Palermo and based on Frank Caprá's 1946 film(Off-Broadway 2012)
It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play/ Joe Landry (Connecticut 2011)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder/Kleinmann, Kurt
It's Better With a Band/Zippel, David (Philadelphia)
It's Karate, Kid!/Kramer, Travis
It Shoulda Been You/ Book and Lyrics by Brian Hargrove. Music by Barbara Anselmi (2015 Broadway)
It Shoulda Been You/Book and Lyrics by Brian Hargrove. Addition lyrics by Jill Abramovitz, Carla Rose Fisher, Michael Cooper, Ernie Lijoi and Will Randall. Music by Barbara Anselmi(New Jersey 2011)
It's Only a Play /Terrence McNally (2014 Off-Broadway)
Ivanov / Anton Chekhov(London 2008)
Ivanov/Chekhov (London)
Ivanov/Chekhov 1997
Ivanov/Chekhov (Off-Broadway-2005)
Ivanov/Chekhov(Off-Broadway 2012)
Ivona, Princess of Burgundia/Gombrowicz/Witold (DC)
I Want You To/ Maierson, Eric
I Was Most Alive with You/Craig Lucas (2018 Off-Broadway)
I Will Bear Witness/Klemperer, Victor
I Will Come Back/Gray, Timothy
I Wish To Die Singing - Voices From the Armenian Genocide /Neil McPherson (London 2015)
I WitnessSobol, Joshua Sobol
(Los Angeles)
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Jabu/Swados, Elizabeth
Jack and the Beanstalk (Xmas pantomine)/McKenna, Susie (London)
Jack and Jill/Martin, Jane (Berkshires)
Jack Goes Boating/Bob Glaudin
Jackie: An American Life/ Horovitz, Israel
Jackie/Elfriede Jelinek (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Jackie Look/ Karen Finley(Off Broadway 2010)
Jackie Mason, the Ultimate Jew/ Jackie Mason(2008)
Jackie Mason's Laughing Room Only/Music, Doug Katsaros; Book by: Dennis Blair & Digby Wolfe
Kerouac/O/Neill, Tom
Jack Kerouac--Last Call/O'Neil, Tom 2002
Jacques Brel is Alive and Living in Paris/Music and lyrics by Jacques Brel; concept Eric Blau and Mort Shuman
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (DC)
The Jacksonian /Beth Henley(Off-Broadway2013)
Jacuzzi /Hannah Bos &Debate Society (2014 Off-Broadway)
The Jag/Gino DiLorio (New Jersey 2017)
Jailbait/ Deirdre O'Connor(2009)
Jailhouse Rock - The Musical/ Ro Bettinson and Alan Janes (London)
Jamaica Farewell/Debra Ehrhardt (2008)
Jambulu/Gail, Mary Fenjgar Gail (Philadelphia)
James Joyce Is Dead And So Is Paris: The Lucia Joyce Cabaret/ Pig Iron Theatre Company (Philadelphia)
James Joyce's The Dead/Nelson, Richard and Davey, Shaun
James X/ Gerard Mannix Flynn(Off-Broadway 2011)
Jammer/ Rolin Jones (Off-Broadway 2013)
Jane Austen Unscripted/ Dan O'Connor and Paul Rogan adapters (Los Angeles 2008)
Jane/ Behrman, S.N.
Jane Eyre (London--2006)
Jane Eyre /Teale, Polly adaptation of Bronte novel (BAM and London).>
Jane Eyre/Teale, Polly adaptation of Bronte novel (Off-Broadway- 2007).
Jane Eyre, the musical Music and Lyrics- Gordon, Paul; Caird, John (LA). . .Jane Eyre, the Musical (New York)
Janice Underwater/Tom Matthew Wolfe (New Jersey 2014)
January Joiner, A Weight Loss Horror Comedy/ By Laura Jacqmin/ (2013, Connecticut
Japes/Gray, Simon (London)
The J.A.P. Show/ Kahaney, Corey
Jar the Floor/ Cheryl West
Jawbone of an Ass/ Nan Schmid(Los Angeles 2010)
Jayson/Krell, Jeffrey
The Jazz Age/Knee Allan (2008)
The Jazz Singer/Samson Raphaelson (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Jazz Singer/Rafaelson
Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense/The Goodale Brothers from the works of PG Wodehouse (London 2013)
Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell/Waterhouse, Keith (London)
Jekyll &Hyde/ Wildhorn (Broadway 1997)
Jekyll & Hyde/ Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Steve Cuden.vMusic by Frank Wildhorn. Book by Leslie Bricusse (Broadway 2013)
Jelly's Last Jam/ Book by George C. Wolfe. Music by Jelly Roll Morton (Washington, DC 2016)
Jelly's Last Jam/ Book by George C. Wolfe. Music by Jelly Roll Morton (Washington, DC 2016)
Jericho/ Jack Canfora(Off-Broadway2013)
Jericho / Jack Canfora(New Jersey 2011)
Jerry Springer - The Opera/Music by Richard Thomas--Book and Lyrics by Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas (London)
Jerry Springer - The Opera (Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, Chicago)
Jersey Boyse (Washington, DC 2016)
Jersey Boys, The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons/Book: Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice; Music: Bob Gaudio; Lyrics: Bob Crewe (Broadway and London)
The Jersey Boys (Los Angeles)
Jerusalem/Jez Butterworth(London 2009, 2010, Broadway 2011)
Jesus Christ Superstar . . . /Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice (London 2018)
Jesus Christ Superstar /Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice (London 2016)
Jesus Christ Superstar/Lyrics by Tim Rice. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Broadway 2012)
Jesus Christ Superstar/ Webber, Andrew Lloyd
Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train/Stephen Adly Guirgis (2017 Off-Broadway)
Jesus' Kid Brother/Music, Lyrics, Book: Brian & Mark Karmelich(Los Angeles)

The Jewish King Lear /Jacob Gordin
(2018 Off-Broadway)
Jewtopia/Fogel, Bryan; Wolfson, Sam (Los Angeles and New York)
Jig Saw/Powell, Dawn
Jim Henson's Emmet Otter (Connecticut 2009)
Jimmy Titanic (2018 Off-Broadway)
Jihad Jones and the Kalashnikov Babes/ Yussef El Guindi (Philadelphia2009)
Jimmy Carter was a Democrat/Groff, Rinne2002
Jingo /Charles Wood (London 2008)
Jitney/August Wilson (2017 Broadway)
Jitney/Wilson, August
Jitta's Atonement/ Siegfried Trebitsch adapted by G.B. Shaw
Joanna's Husband David's Wife/Hailey,Elizabeth Forsythe (Los Angeles)
Joan of Arc: Into the Fire / David Byrne (2017 Off-Broadway)
Joan Rivers a Work in Progress by a Work in Progress/Joan Rivers, Douglas Bernstein, Denis Markel (Los Angeles2008)
Job (Off-Broadway 2012)
The Jocker/Jeffries, Clint
Jody's Body/Carlin, Aviva Jane 
Joe/Maxwell, Richard
Joe and Betty/Melnick/Murray2002
Joe Louis Blues/Mayer, Oliver (LA)
Joe Turner's Come and Gone (Los Angeles 2013)
Joe Turner's Come And Gone/ August Wilson(Broadway 2009)
Joe Turner's Come and Gone/Wilson, August (Los Angeles)
Jonah and Otto/Robert Holman (Off Broadway 2017) John/Annie Baker (Washington, DC 2018)
John/Annie Baker (Off-Broadway 2015)
John and Jen/
John Bull's Other Island (London)
John Bull's Other Island/Shaw, G.B.S
John Is A Father/Julie Mayer Myatt (2016 Los Angeles)
John FergusonErvine, St. John
John Gabriel Borkman/ ( Off-Broadway -BAM2011)
John Gabriel Borkman/Ibsen, Henrik(London)
John Gabriel Borkman/Ibsen (Century Center)
John Gabriel Borkman/Ibsen (Pearl Theatre)
John Lithgow: Stories By Heart (2017 Broadway)
John Lithgow: Stories By Heart/ (Los Angeles 2011)
Johnny Baseball/ Book: Richard Dresser. Composer: Robert Reale. Lyricist: Willie Reale(Boston 2010)
Johnny Guitar/Book, Nicholas van Hoogstraten; music Martin Silvestri; music & lyrics, di Joel Higgins
Johnny Guitar the Musical/Book, Nicholas Van Hoogstraten; Music, Martin Silvestri and Joel Higgins; Lyrics, Joel Higgins (Berkshires, 2007)
Johnny Morran/Ireland, John (Los Angeles)
Johnny On the Spot/MacArthur, Charles(Berkshires 1997)
Johnny On A Spot/Charles MacArthur (2008)
The Joke/Marks, Sam (2007)
Jolson & Co./Hanan, Stephen Mo and Berkow, JayMacArthur, Charles
Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (London)
Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour DreamCoat/Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; lyrics by Tim rice (London, 2007)
Josephine: A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play /Tod Kimbro (2018 Off-Broadway)
Josephine and I /Cush Jumbo
The Journals Of Mihail Sebastian/Auburn, David adaptation
Journey's End/ Sherriff, RC (London & Broadway)
Joy/Galsworthy, John (Toronto)
Joyful Noise/Slover, Tim
The Joys of Fantasy/ Mitchell Polin(2009) The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite/Long, Quincy/ 
The Joys of Sex/Lyrics and book by Melissa Levis; music and book by David Weinstein
The Judas Kiss/ David Hare (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Judas Kiss/David Hare
The Judas Kiss/David Hare (London 2013)
Judgment at Nuremberg/Mann, Abby
Judgment Day/Ödõn von Horváth(London2009)
Judgement Day/ Henrik Ibsen(London 2011)
Judith-Vinegar Tom, a Double Feature ( 2015)
The Judy Show - My Life As A Sitcom/ Judy Gold(Off-Broadway 2011)
Julia Sweeney in The Family Way/Sweeney, Julia
Julie Madly Deeply /Sarah­Louise Young (2019 Off-Broadway)
Julio Bocca & Tango Argentina (dance)
Julius Caesar/William Shakespeare (London 2018)
Julius Caesar (2017 Off-Broadway)
Julius Caesar in repertory with X (2017 Off-Broadway)
Julius Caesar/Sheakespeare (Berkshires 2014)
Julius Caesar (London 2014)
Julius Caesar- Female Version (Off-Broadway2013, London 2012)
Julius Caesar (Off-Broadway 2013)
Julius Caesar/ Sakespeare(London 2012)
Julius Caesar/Shakespeare (London 2012)
Julius Caesar/Shakespeare
Julius Caesar/Shakespeare, William (London--2005)
Julius Caesar/Shakespeare, William (Broadway--2005)
Julius Caesar/Shakespeare (Moonwork)
Julius Caesar/Shakespeare (London)
Julius Caesar (2003-Off-Broadway)
Julius Caesar (London 2002)
(Tragedy of) Julius Caesar (2019 Off-Broadway)
Jumpers/Stoppard, Tom (London & Broadway)
Jumping For Joy (Los Angeles)
Jumpy/ April de Angelis(London 2011)
v June Moon/ Ring Lardner and George S. Kaufman (Berkshires 2014)
June Moon/Lardner, Ring; Kaufman, GeorgeS (Ohio Theater, 1997)
June Moon (Variety Arts,1998)
The Jungle / Joe Murphy & Joe Robertson (2019 Off-Broadway)
Junie B. Jones/Book and Lyrics, Marcy Heisler; Music, Zina Goldrich (2008)
The Jungle/Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson (London 2018)
Junk/Ayad Akhtar (2017 Broadway)
Juno And The Paycock/ Sean O'Casey (Off-Broadway2013)
Juno and the Paycock/Sean O'Casey (2019 Off-Broadway)
Juno-Encores!/ Joeseph Stein adaptation of O'Casey's Juno and the Paycock, music Mark Blitzstein (2008)
Juno and the Paycock/ Sean O'Casey(London 2011)
Juno and the Paycock/O'Casey, Sean
Just Cause/Zack Russell (Off-Broadway 2011)
Jus' Like That/ (London)
Just For Nothing/Surraute, Natalie (Los Angeles)
Just 45 Minutes from Broadway/ Henry Jaglom(Los Angeles 2009)
Just in Time: The Judy Holliday Story/ (New Jersey 2011)
Just Jim Dale/ (Off-Broadway2014)
href="juvenalia.html">Juvenalia/McLeod, Wendy
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Kafka on the Shore/ Adaptedby Frank Galati frombook by Haruki Murakami (Chicago 2008)
Kansas City Swing/Trey Ellis/Ricardo Kahn (New Jersey 2013)
Kaos/Martha Clarke Dance piece from Pirandello stories and Paolo & Vittoria Taviani film
Kaspar Hauser: a foundling's opera/ Elizabeth Swados and Erin Courtney (2009)
Kat and the Kings
Katie Roche/Teresa Deevy (Off-Broadway 2013)
Katrina/ Jonathan Holmes(London2009)
Ken Roht's Route 99 Orange Star Dinner Show/ (Los Angeles)
Kerouac/O'Neil, Tom
Kerouac: Last Call/O'Neil, Tom
Kicking A Dead Horse/ Sam Shepard(2008 -- New York and London)
The Kid/ Andy Monroe (music), Michael Zam (book) and Jack Lechner (lyrics),(Off- Broadway 2010)
The Kid from Brooklyn (Los Angeles 2007)
Kid Victory/John Kander and Greg Pierce (2017 Off-Broadway)
Kiki & Herb: Alive On Broadway/Bond, Justin; Mellman, Kenny
Kiki and Herb: Coup de Theatre/Bond, Justin; Mellman, Kenny,
The Killer/Eugene Ionesco (Off-Broadway2014)
Killer Joe/Letts, Tracy
Killer/Olive, John (Los Angeles)
Killers/Olive, John(LA)
Killers and Other Family/ Lucy Thurber(2009)
Kill Floor (Off-Broadway 2015)
Killing Louise/Galligan, Carol
Killing an Evening with Edgar Allan Poe (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Killing of Sister George/ Frank Marcus, adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher(Connecticut 2012)
Killing the Boss / Filloux, Katherine(2008)
(2008)<>Kilt/ Wilson, Jonathan Wilson
Kill Shakespeare/ Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col (2014 Philadelphia)
The Kiltartan Comedies/ Lady Augusta Gregory (Shaw Festival 2007)
Kimberly Akimbo (2016 Berkshires) Kimberly Akimbo/David Lindsay-Abaire (Off-BroadwayNew York)
Kimberly Akimbo (Los Angeles, 2001)
Kimberly Akimbo (Los Angeles, 2007)
Kin/ EV Crowe (London 2010)
Kim's Convenience/ Ins Choi (2017 Off-Broadway)
Kindsness/Adam Rapp (2008)
A Kind of Alaska/Pinter, Harold(Lincoln Center Pinter Festival, 2001)
Kindertransport/Samuels, Diane (London)
King and Country/ Shakespeare Tetralogy at BAM (2016 Off-Broadway)
The King and I/Music by Richard Rodgers; book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II; based on the novel Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon (2015 Off-Broadway)
The King and I/ Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstgein(London 2009)
The King and I/ Rodgers and Hammerstein (London) 
King Charles III/Mike Bartlett (London 2014)
King Charles III/Mike Bartlett (Broadway King Cowboy Rufus Rules The Universe/Foreman, Richard Foreman
King Cromwell/Davies,Oliver Ford Davies (London)
King of Hearts/Beaton,Alistair Beaton (London)
King of Shadows/ Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (2008)
King Hedley II/ Wilson, August (LA)
King Hedley II/ Wilson, August/ Wilson, August (NY)
King Hedley II (London)
King Hedley II (Philadelphia}
King Hedley II/Wilson, August (Signature Wilson Season, 2007)
The Kings of the Kilburn High Rd//Murphy, Jimmy
King John (Off-Broadway 2014)
King John/ Shakespeare(Off-Broadway 2011)
KingJohn/Shakespeare  (Berkshires 2005)
King John/Shakespeare  (Theater for New Audiences 2000)
KingJohn/Shakespeare  (London2002)
King Lear/ (2018 Off-Broadway)
King Lear (2014 Off-Broadway)
King Lear (2014 Off-Broadway)
King Lear/Shakespeare (TNFA- Brooklyn 2014)
King Lear /Shakespeare (London 2014)
Elling/ Norwegian novels by Ingvar Ambj0rnsen and adapted by Axel King Lear /Shakespeare (London 2014)
King Lear/Shakespeare (Off-Broadway2014)
King Lear/Shakespeare(Berkshires 2012)
. King Lear/ Shakespeare(Off-Broadway 2011)
King Lear/Shakespeare(London 2010- Off-Broadway BAM 2011)
/King Lear/Shakespeare (London 2011)
King Lear/Shakespeare(Los Angeles 2010)
King Lear/Shakespeare (San Diego 2010)
King Lear (DC 2009)
King Lear/ Shakespeare(London 2009)
King Lear/Shakespeare (New Jersey 2008)
King Lear/ Shakespeare(London Globe 2008)
King Lear/Shakespeare (BAM 2007, London RSC -and Los Angeles)
King Lear/ Shakespeare, William (Public TheaterNY-2007
King Lear (Classical Theater of Harlem, NY 2006 )
King Lear/Shakespeare (London 2002)
King Lear (London 2003)
King Lear (Berkshires 2003)
King Lear (London)
King Lear (2004--Lincoln Center)
King of Cool: The Life and Music of Nat King Cole/Scully, David (DC)
The King Operetta or The Last Year in the Life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as devised by Waterwell: a Rock Operetta
Kings of War (2016 Off-Broadway)
Kings /Sarah Burgess (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Kings Speech/ David Seidler(London 2012)
Kinky Boots (Washington, DC 2016)
Kinky Boots / Harvey Fierstein, Cyndi Lauper (London 2015)
Kinky Boots/ Book by Harvey Fierstein. Music and Lyrics by Cyndi Lauper (Broadway 2013)
. Kinship/Carrey Perlow (Berkshires 2015)
Kismet/Book by Charles Lederer and Luther Davis, Music & Lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest from themes of A. Borodin (LA Reprise, 2004)
Kismet/Book by Charles Lederer and Luther Davis, Music & Lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest from themes of A. Borodin (New York Encores! 2006)
Kismet/Music and Lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest from themes of Alexander Borodin; Book by Charles Lederer and Luther Davis founded on a play by Edward Knoblock- (London)
Kiss and Cry/Rowan, Tom
Kiss Me Kate" / (2019 Broadway)
Kiss Me Kate (Washington, DC 2015)
Kiss Me Kate< (Berkshires 2014)
Kiss Me Kate/ Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter. Book by Sam and Bella Spewack(New Jersey 2008)
Kiss me, Kate - Reprise (Los Angeles 2011)
Kiss Me Kate/Porter,Cole; Spewak, Bella And Sam.
Kiss Me Kate (London)
Kissing Fidel/Machado, Eduardo
Kiss of the Spiderwoman/ Manuel Puig, Jose Riviera, Allan Baker (London 2018)
The Kiss of the Spider Woman/Puig, Manuel (London)
Kiss of the Spiderwoman: The Play/Puig, Manuel (LA)
The Kitchen/ Arnold Wesker(London 2011)
> The Kite Runner /Khaled Hosseini and Matthew Spangler (London 2017)
Kith and Kin/Hailey,Oliver Hailey (Los Angeles)
Kit Marlowe/Grimm, David (2000)
The Klezmer Nutcracker/based on The Golden Dreydl by Ellen Kushner.(2008)
KLEYNKUNST! Warsaw's brave and brilliant Yiddish Cabaret / Rebecca Joy Fletcher(2007)
Klonsky and Schwartz/Linney, Romulus Linney (New Jersey)
Klonsky and Schwartz/Linney, Romulus Linney (Off-Broadwa)
Klüb/ Mitch Watson (Los Angeles 2008)
The Knee Desires the Dirt/Hebert, Julie
Knickerbocker/ Jonathan Mark Sherman(Off-Broadway 2011)
Knickerbocker/Jonathan Marc Sherman (Berkshire 2009)
The Knight of the Burning Pestle /Francis Beaumont (London 2014)
Knight Watch/ Inua Ellams(London 2012)
The Knight of the Burning Pestle/Beaumont, Francis (London)
Knives in Hens /David Harrower (London 2017)
Knives and Other Sharp Objects/Raul Castillo (2009)
Knives in Hens/ David Harrower(Philadelphia2012)
Knock Me a Kiss (2012, New Jersey)
Knock Me a Kiss/Charles Smith (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Knot of the Heart/David Eldridge(London 2011)
Knowing Cairo/ Stolowitz, Andrea (San Diego)
The K of D/ Laura Schellhardt(DC 2008)
Kooza -- Cirque du Soleil (London 2013)
KPOP (2017 Off-Broadway)
Krapp's Last Tape/ Samuel Beckett (Off-aBroadway2011)
Krapp's Last Tape/ Beckett(London 2010)
K 's Last Tape/Beckett/Samuel S.
Krisit/ York, Y
Kudzu/Herrick, Jack ; Marlette,Doug; Herrick, Jack ; Simpson. Bland (DC)
Kung Fu/ David Henry Hwang(Off-Broadway 2014)
Kunstler /Jeffrey Sweet (2017 Berkshires)
Kunstler/ Jeffrey Sweet (2017 Off-Broadway)
Kursk/Bryony Lavery (London 2009)

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La Bête/ David Hirson(London and Broadway 2-10)
La Boheme-new English version at London's SoHo Theater (London 2010)
La Boheme/Puccini opera (Los Angeles 2007)
La Boheme (DiCapo Opera)
La Boheme
Labor Day/ Gurney 
Laburnum Grove/JB Priestley (London 2013)
LaBute New Play Festival (2019 Off-Broadway)
LaBute New Theater Festival 2017/ Neil LaBute, Adam Seidel, Gabe McKinley, and Cary Pepper (2017 Off-Broadway)
Labyrinth /Beth Steel (London 2016)
>La Cage Aux Folles (Washington, DC 2016)
La Cage aux Folles--the Touring Show (Los Angeles 2012)
La Cage Aux Folles/ (Broadway 2010)
La Cage aux Folles/Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman, book by Harvey Fierstein (London 2008)
La Cage Aux Folles/ from Jean Poiret play; Jerry Herman (songs), Harvey Fierstein (libretto) (Broadway 2004)
La Clique/ Brett Haylock and David Bates(London 2008)
Lackawanna Blues/Santiago-Hudson, Ruben
La Casa Azul/Faucher, Sophie (DC)
La Cava/O'Keffe, Laurence; Keeling, Stephen; Claflin, John; Broccoli, Dana (London)
The Ladies/Washburn, Anne
Ladies and Gents/ Paul Walker (2008)
Ladies in Retirement/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Ladies Man/Charles Morey, adapted and translated from Georges Feydeau (Shakespeare & Co., Berkshires)
The Ladies of the Camellias/Groag, Lillian (Los Angeles)
The Ladies of the Corridor/Parker, Dorothy Parker; d'Usseau, Arnaud
Lady/ Craig Wright(2008 Off-Broadway)
Lady/Craig Wright (2008 Los Angeles)
Lady, Be Good!/George Gershwin (music), Ira Gershwin (lyrics), Guy Bolton (Book), and Fred Thompson (Book) (San Francisco 2010)
Lady Be Good/Book by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson;Lyrics by Ira Gershwin;Music by George Gershwin (London 2007)
Lady Day/Stephen Stahl (Off-Broadway 2013(
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill/ (Broadway2014)
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill/Robertson, Lanie (DC)
Lady From Dubuque/ Edward Albee(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Lady From Dubuque/Albee, Edward (London 2007)
The Lady From the Sea/ Ibsen(London-Arcola 2008)
The Lady From the Sea/Ibsen(Philadelphia)
The Lady From the Sea/Ibsen(London)
Lady In the Van/Bennett, Alan (London) 
The Ladykillers/raham Lineham, based on film (London 2011)
The Lady Next Door/Korbin, Leon
The Lady's Not for Burning/Fry, Christopher (LA)
The Lady's Not for Burning/Fry, Christopher (LA--another production).
The Lady's Not for Burning/Fry,Christopher (Toronto).
A Lady of Little Sense /Lope de Vaga (London 2014)
The Lady With All The Answers/ David Rambo (2009 Off- Broadway)
The Lady With All The Answers/ David Rambo(Los Angeles 2008)
The Lady with the Dog/Chekhov, Anton, adapted by Peter Campbell
The Lady With the Dog/Chekhov adapted by Peter Campbell
The Lady with the Dot/Chekhov, Anton, adapted by Peter Campbell
Lady Windemere's Fan/Wilde, Oscar (Berkshires)
Lady Windermere's Fan/Wilde, Oscar (DC)
Lady Windemere's Fan/Wilde, Oscar (Toronto) 
Lady Windermere's Fan/Wilde, Oscar (London)
The Lake/Mitchell, Gary
href="lakeboatlon.html">Lakeboat and Prairie du Chien / David Mamet(London 2011)
Lake Hollywood/Guare, John 
La Lupa/ Verga, Giovanni (Lan, avid--adapter);London
La Lupe: My Life, My Destiny/Rivera, Carmen Rivera
Lamplighters/Neil Connolly and Dean Rodgers (London 2018)
The Landing / Book and lyrics by Greg Pierce, music by John Kander (Off-Broadway2013)
Land of the Dead/HelterSkelter/ La Bute, Neil (London2008)
Landscape/Pinter, Harold (Lincoln Center Pinter Festival-- Summer 2001)
Landscape of the Body/Guare, John (Berkshires & Off-Broadway)
Langston in Harlem/ Book by Langston Hughes, Walter Marks and Kent Gash
Lyrics by Langston Hughes
(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Language Archive/ Julia Cho(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Language of Love: Cyrano De Bergerac and Burning (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Language of Trees/ (2008)
Lansky/ Joseph Bologna and Richard Krevolin(2009)
La Olla/ Evelina Fernandez (2016 Los Angeles)
The Lapsburgh Layover /Justin Jain, Dave Johnson, Leah Walton, Bradley K Wrenn (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Laramie Project/Kaufman, Moisés
La Ronde/Schnitzler, Arthur(Philadelphia)
La Rondine/ Puccini Operetta(Los Angeles 2008)
Las Cruces/Vincent Delaney (New Jersey 2016)
Lascivious Something/ Sheila Callaghan(Los Angeles 2010)
La Soiree(Off-Broadway 2013)
The Last Barbecue/Neveu, Brett (2001)
The Last Cargo Cult/Mike Daisey (2009)
The Last Castrato/ Guy Fredrick Glass (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Last Cigarette/ Simon Gray and Hugh Whitemore(London 2009)
< The Last Confession (Los Angeles 2014)
The Last Confession/Crane, Roger (London)
Last Days of Judas Iscariot/Stephen Adly Guirguis (London 2008)
The Last Days of Judas Iscariut/Guirgis, Stephen Adly (NY premiere, 2005
The Last Days of Judas Iscariut/Guirgis, Stephen Adly (Los Angeles 2008)
The Last Days of Mickey & Jean
The Last Days of Mickey & Jean/ Richard Dresser(New Jersey 2011)
\ The Last Match by Anna Ziegler (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Last of the Duchess/ Nicholas Wright/(London 2011)
The Last of the Haussmans/ Stephen Beresford(London 2012)
Last Easter/Lavery, Bryony
The Last Goodbye/ Musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet-(2010 WTF- Berkshires)
Last Man Club Review/Randy Sharp (Off-Broadway 2013)
Last of the Boys/Dietz, Steven (New Jersey)
Last of the Boys/Dietz, Steven (Philadelphia)
Last Dance/Norman, Marsha
A Last Dance For Sybil
The Last Empress/Yi, Mun Yol/. . . and again
The Last Empress (London)
The Last Five Years (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Last Five Years/ Jason Robert Brown (New Jersey 2012)
The Last Five Years/ Jason Robert Brown(Berkshires 2010)
The Last Five Years (Los Angeles)
Last Five Years/Brown, Jason Robert (Off-Broadway premiere)
Last Five Years/Brown, Jason Robert (Philadelphia)
The Last Letter/Wiseman, Frederick -- adapted from Vasily Grossman novel
The Last Night At Ballyhoo/Uhry,Alfred
The Last of the Red Hot Lovers/ Neil Simon (Westchester/Connecticut 2013)
Last of the Red Hot Lovers/ Neil Simon(Berkshires 2012)
Last of the Suns/ Tuan,Alice
The Last of the Thorntons/Foote, Horton
The Last Session/ Brochu, Jim
The Last Ship /Music and Lyrics by Sting; Book John Logan & Brian Yorkey (2014 Off-Broadway)
The Last Smoker in America /Book and Lyrics by Bill Russell. Music by Peter Melnick(Off-Broadway 2012)
Last Stand/Harris, Timothy Scott
The Last Sunday in June/ Jonathan Tolins (2003 Off-Broadway)
The Last Supper/Norén, Lars
the Last Supper/Schmidt, Ed
Last Tango With Marlon/ Fletcher Rhoden(2008)
The Last Time I Wore A Dress/Solomon, Emily adaptation (DC)
Last Train to Nibroc/Hutton, Arlene
The Last Will/Robert Brustein (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Last Word/Safdie, Owen
The Last Yankee/Arthur Miller
Late Company/Jordan Tannahill (London 2017)
La Terrasse/Carrière, Jean-Claude 
The Late Christopher Bean/ Sidney Howard(2009)
Late Fragment/Volpe, Francine
The Late Henry Moss/Shepard, Sam (Off-Broadway 2001)
The Late Henry Moss/Shepard, Sam (London, 2006)
The Late Middle Classes/ imon Gray(London 2010)
Later Life/A. R. Gurney (2018 Off-Broadway)
Latinologues/Najera, Rick (Los Angeles)
Latin History For Morons /John Leguizamo (2017 Off-Broadway)
Latinologues/Najera, Rick (Broadway)
Laugh Whore/Cantone, Mario
A Laughing Matter/de Angelis, April (London)
(Jackie Mason's) Laughing Room Only/ Music, Doug Katsaros; Book by: Dennis Blair & Digby Wolfe
Laura Comstock's Bag-Punching Dog/Armande, Jillian and Dodd, Alice (LA)
Lautrec/ Aznavour, Charles (London)
Lavender Girl/ book-Waedekin; music & lyrics - Bucchino, John l (Los Angeles)
LaVie En Bleu/Bruce Lumpkin and Bill Van Horn (book), Pascal Stive (music and orchestrations), Elaine Rowan (English lyrics) (Philadelphia)
La Vie Noir/Neu, Jim
Lawrence After Arabia /Howard Brenton (London 2016)
Laws of Sympathy/ Oliver Mayer(Los Angeles 2009)
The Layover/Lesley Headland (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Leader/Ionesco
Lazarus/David Bowie & Enda Walsh (Off-Broadway 2015)
Leah's Train/Karen Hartman (2009)
Leap of Faith/ (Broadway 2012)
Leap of Faith/ Music: Alan Menken. Book: Janus CerconeLyrics/Book: Glenn Slater(Los Angeles 2010)
Lear/ Young Jean Lee adaptation of William Shakespeare (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Learned Ladies/Moliere (New Jersey 2014)
The Lear Project (Berkshires 1998)
Lear's Fool/ (Off-Broadway2014)
Leatherface/Krausser, Helmut (Los Angeles)
Leaves of Glass/Philip Ridley (2009)
Leaves of Glass/Ridley, Philip (London 2007)
Leaving Queens/Ryan, Moira Kate (music Kim Sherman)
>Le Cid/Pierre Corneille(Off-Broadway 2013)
The Legacy Codes/Lee, Cherylene
Legal Fictions / Mortimer, John (London 2008)
Legally Blonde/ Music & Lyricsby Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin;libretto by Heather Hach, based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the MGM motion picture(Connecticut 2012)
Legally Blonde (London 2010)
Legally Blonde/Music & Lyricsby Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin;libretto by Heather Hach, based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the MGM motion picture.
Legacy/ Daniel Goldfarb(Berkshires 2015)
Le Gateau Chocolat/ Gateau Chocolat(London 2012)
The Legend of Georgia McBride/Matthew Lopez (Off-Broadway 2015)
The Lehman Trilogy /Stefano Massini and adapted by Ben Power (2019 Off-Broadway)
The Lehman Trilogy/ Stefano Massini, adaptation Ben Power (London 2018)
Leipzig/ Graf, Wendy (Los Angeles)
i The Leisure Society/Francois Archambault (London 2012)
Le Jazz Hot: How The French Saved Jazz/ (Off-Broadway2013)
Lela & Co /Cordelia Lynn (London 2015)
Lemon Sky/ Lanford Wilson(Off-Broadway 2011)
Lempicka/ Book and Lyrics by Carson Kreitzer; Music by Matt Gould (2018 Berkshires)
Len, Asleep in Vinyl/Carly Mensch (2008)
Lend Me A Tenor/Ken Ludwig (2013 New Jersey
Lend Me a Tenor/ Ken Ludwig(Broadway 2010)
Lenin's Embalmers/ Vern Thiessen(Off-Broadway 2010)
Lennon/book, Don Scardino; music and lyrics, John Lennon
Lennon: Through a Glass Onion / John R. Waters and Stewart D'Arrietta (2014 Off-Broadway)
Lenny and Lou/ Cohen, Ian (DC)
Lenny & Lou/Cohen, Ian
Lenny Bruce, In His Own Words/Worth, Joan, Sacks, Alan
Leo / Tobias Wegner (Off-Broadway 2012)
Leper + Chip/ Lee Coffey (2017 Philadelphia)
Les Danaïdes 
The Lepers of Baile Baste/Noone, Ronan
Le Costume/Themba, Can; adapted by Mothobi Mutloatse & Barney Simon (London -- see also The Suit)
Lesbian Pulp-O-Rama/ Heather de Michele, Anna Fitzwater, Gretchen M. Michelfeld, Beatrice Terry
Les Blancs by Lorraine Hansberry/ by Lorraine Hansberry (2017 Los Angeles)
Les Blancs /Lorraine Hansberry (London 2016)
Les Liaisons Dangereuses/Christopher Hampton (2016 Broadway)
Les Liaisons Dangereuses /Christopher Hampton (London 2016)
Les Liaisons Dangereuses/Hampton, Christopher
(Philadelphia 2001)
Les Liaison Dangereuses (London-2003)
Les Liaison Dangereuses/ Hampton, Christopher (DC 2005)
Les Liaison Dangereuses (Broadway 2008)
Les Mamelles de Tirésias (Berkshires)
Les Miserables/ (Broadway 2014)
Les Miserables/ (DC 2011)
Les Miserables/ Hugo novel adaptation. Music by Claude-Michel Schonberg, Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer(New Jersey 2010)
Les Miserables/Boublil and Schõnberg musical (London 2010)
Berkshires- opera)
Les Miserables/Boubil, Alain; Schoumlnberg, Claude-Michel
Lessons/Graf, Wendy (Los Angeles)
The Lesson/Ionesco, Eugene
A Lesson Before Dying/Linney, Romulus
Lestat/Music by Elton John; lyrics by Bernie Taupin. Book by Linda Woolverton based on Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles
Let It Be/ (London 2012)
Let Me Down Easy / (DC 2011)
Let Me Down Easy/ Anna Deavere Smith(Off-Broadway2009)
Letters/ John W. Lowell(Los Angeles 2009)
A Letter From Ethel Kennedy/Gorman, Christopher
The Letter/Maugham, Somerset (London)
Letters From Zora/Gabrielle Denise Pina (New Jersey 2014)
Laughter on the 23rd Floor / Neil Simon (2018 Los Angeles)
Letter to Harvey Milk / Book by Jerry James and Ellen M. Schwartz; Music and Lyricsby Laura I. Kramer and Ellen M. Schwartz,Cheryl Stern (2018 Off-Broadway)
Lettice and Lovage/ Shaffer, Peter (Berkshires)
Letting Go of God/Sweeney, Julia (LA)
Let There Be Love /Kwame Kwei-Armah (London 2008)
den (2008)
Levittown/ Marc Palmieri(2009)
Lewis and Clark Reach the Euphrates/ Schenkkman/Robert (LA)
Lewiston/Samuel D. Hunter (Connecticut 2015)
The Liar /David Ives (2017 Off-Broadway)
Made In China/ Gwendolyn Warnock and Kirjan Waag (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Liar(Connecticut 2014)
The Liar/ David Ives(Philadelphia 2012)
The Liar/ David Ives, adapted from Pierre Corneille (New Jers The Liar/ Adapted by David Ives from the comedy by Pierre Corneille(DC 2010)
Liberian Girl /Diana Atuona (London 2015)
Liberty: A Monumental New Musical/ Dana Leslie Goldstein and Jon Goldstein (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Lie /Florian Zeller (London 2017)
The Libertine /Stephen Jeffreys (London 2016)
The Libertine/Jeffreys, Stephen 
Liberty/Glyn Maxwell (London 2008)
Liberty Inn: The Musical/ Book and Lyrics by Dakin Matthews with Music by B. T. Ryback(Los Angeles 2010)
The Library / Scott Z. Burns (Off-Broadway2014)
Lidless/ Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig(London 2011)
A Lie of the Mind/Sam Shepard (Off-Broadway 2010)
Lies My Father Told Me/Adapted from movie by Bryna Wasserman (Off-Broadway2013)
The Lie of the Mind/Shepard, Sam (London 2001)
A Lie of the Mind/Shepard, Sam (Off-Broadway 2003)
Lies/Joeri Smet, Angelo Tijssens, Karolien De Blessser, Alexander Devriendt (London 2018)
The Lieutenant of Inishmore/Martin McDonagh (London 2018)
The Lieutenant of Inishmore/Martin McDonagh (Los Angeles 2010)
Lieutenant of Inishmore /McDonagh, Martin (New York)
The Lieutenant of Inishmore/McDonagh, Martin(London)
Lie With Me/ Keith Bridges(Los Angeles 2009)
A Life/Adam Bock (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Life/Gasman, Ira; Newman, David; Coleman, Cy
Life After George/Rayson, Hannie (London)
Life After Scandal/ Soans, Robin (London2007)
The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle/Ross Dungan(Off-Broadway 2013)
(2013 Off'Broadway)
The Life Blood/ Maxwell, Glyn(2008)
Lifegame/Johnstone, Keith
Lifegame/ Keith Johnstone (London 2010)
A Life in the Theatre/ David Mamet( roadway 2010)
A Life in the Theatre/Mamet, David Mamet (London)
A Life in the Theatre/Mamet, David Mamet (LosAngeles)
Life is a Dream/ Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Helen Edmundson adaptation(London2009)
Life is for Living: Conversations with Coward/Simon Green, David Shrubsole/Jason Morell (Off-Broadway 2016)
The Life of Galileo/Brecht, Bertold, adapted by David Hare (London)
The Life of Galileo/Brecht/Bertolt, translated by David Edgar (Philadelphia)
Life's a Dream/CalderonPedro Calderón de la Barca (Berkshires -- see, also Sueno)
Life's a Dream/CalderønPedro Calderón de la Barca (Off-Broadway revival)
The Lifespan of a Fact (2018 OBroadway)
A Lifetime Burning/CusiCram (2009)
A Lifetime of Reasons/Lyles, Leslie
Life (X) 3/Reza/Yasmina (London)
Life (X) 3/Reza/Yasmina (New York)
and New York)
Lift /Walter Mosley (2014 Off-Broadway)
Light/Van Itallie,Jean-Claude (Los Angeles)
The Light In The Piazza/Music and lyrics by Adam Guettel; Book by Craig Lucas, from Elizabeth Spencer novellla
The Light In The Piazza/Music and lyrics by Adam Guettel; Book by Craig Lucas, from Elizabeth Spencer novellla (Los Angeles)
A Light Lunch / A. R. Gurney(2008)
The Lightning Play/Jones, Charlotte (London)
The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical (2017 Off-Broadway)
Light Raise the Roof/Corthron, Kia
Light Sensitive/Geoghan, Jim (LA)
Light Shining in Buckinghamshire /Caryl Churchill (2018 Off-Broadway)
/Light Shining in Buckinghamshire (London 2010)
Light Up the Sky/Hart, Moss(Berkshires)
Light Years/Aronson, Billy
Light Years (Washington, DC 2018)
The Light Years/ Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen (2017 Off-Broadway)
Like A Fishbone/ Anthony Weigh(London 2010)
Linda/Penelope Skinner (2017 Off-Broadway)
Little Thing, Big Thing/Donal O'Kelly (Off-Broadway 2015)
href="littledoc10.html">Little Doc /Dan Klores (Off-Broadway 2010)
Like I Say/Jenkins, Len
Like Jazz/ Music: Cy Coleman,Lyrics: Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Book: Larry Gelbart (Los Angeles)
Lilli Marlene/Kathryn Ryan (2008)
Lil's 90th/ Darci Picoult (Connecticut 2009)
The Lily's Revenge/ Taylor Mac(2009)
Limonade Tous Les Jours/Charles Mee (Off-Broadway 2010)
Limondade Tous Les Jours/Mee, Charles (Los Angeles))
Lincoln Plaza/Attea,Tom
The Linden Tree/ Priestley, JB (London)
Line/Timberlake Wertenbaker (London 2009)
LingoLand/Elmslie, Kenward
Lingua Franca/ Peter Nichols(Off-Broadway 2010)
Lingua Franca/ (London 2010)
Linnea/Regis, John
The Lion/Benjamin Scheuer (Off-Broadway2014)
Lions and Foxes: The Life of Lucrezia Borgia
The Lion in Winter (Berkshires 2013)
The Lion in Winter /James Goldman (New Jersey 2010)< Lion In Winter/ James Goldman
The Lion King/Allers,Roger;Mecchi, Irene 
Lipstick Traces/ Greil Marcus novel adapted by Kirk Lynn
Lips Together, Teeth Apart /Terrence McNally (2014 Off-Broadway)
The Liquid Plan/Naomi Wallace (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Lisbon Traviata/McNally, Terrence (Los Angeles)
Listen to My Heart: The Songs of David Friedman
Little Armenia/ Lory Bedikian, Aram Kouyoumdjian, Shahe Mankerian (Los Angeles)
Little/Berliner, Angela (Los Angeles)
Little Baby Nothing/Johnson, Catherine (London)
Little Black Dress/ Ronan Noone(Off-Broadway 2011)
Llittle Egypt/Book, Lynn Siefert; Music & Lyrics, Gregg Lee Henry (Los Angeles)
Little By Little/ Ellen Greenfield and Annette Jolles
The Little Dog Laughed/ By Douglas Carter Beane(New Jersey 2011)
The Little Dog Laughed/Douglas Carter Beane (London 2010)
The Little Dog Laughed/Beane, Douglas Carter
Little Eagles/ Rona Munro(London 2011)
Little Eyolf/Ibsen, Hendrik
Little Eyolf/Ibsen, Hendrik (Epic Theater production)
Little Fish /LaChiusa, Michael John, based on Deborah Eisenberg stories (Los Angeles 2007)
Little Fish/LaChiusa, Michael John, based on Deborah Eisenberg stories (Off- Broaway, 2003
The Little Flower of East Orange/ Stephen Adly Guirgis(2008)
The Little Foxes/Lillian Hellman (2017 Broadway)
The Little Foxes/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
The Little Foxes/Lillian Hellman (Los Angeles 2009)
The Little Foxes/Lillian Hellman (New Jersey 2008)
The Little Foxes/Hellman, Lillian (London)
The Little Foxes/Hellman, Lillian
The Little Foxes/Hellman, Lillian (San Francisco 2006)
Little Ham/Langston Hughes story musicalized by Judd Woldin-music, Woldin and Richard Engquist-lyrics
Little House on the Prairie/musical adaptation by Rachel Sheinkin (book) Rachel Portman (music) and Donna di Novelli (lyrics) (New Jersey 2009)
A Little Journey/ Rachel Crothers(Off-Broadway 2011)
Little Malcolm and his Struggle Against the Eunuchs /David Halliwell
Little Me -Encores! (Off-Broadway 2014)
Little Me/Coleman,Cy; Leigh, Carolyn; Simon, Neil
The Little Mermaid/ Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Glenn Slater. Book by Doug Wright (New Jersey 2013)
The Little Mermaid/ (2008)
Little Miss Sunshine/Book by James Lapine.Music and lyrics by William Finn(Off-Broadway2013)
Little Miss Sunshine/ Book by James Lapine. Music and lyrics by William Finn(La Jolla2011)
A Little More Alive/ Nick Blaemire(Berkshires 2015)
A Little Night Music (Washington, DC 2017)
A Little Night Music / (Berkshires 2014)
A Little Night Music/ Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Hugh Wheeler, suggested by a film by Ingmar Bergman
(London and Broadway 2009)
A Little Night Music/Sondheim, Stephen (Berkshires 1998)
A Little Night Music/Music and Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim;Book: Hugh Wheeler (Los Angeles 2004)
Little Revolution/ Alecky Blythe (London 2014)
Little Rock: An American Play/Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj (New Jersey 2014)
Little Shop of Horrors/Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (London 2018)
Little Shop of Horrors / (New Jersey 2008)
Little Shop of Horrors/ Book & Lyrics: Howard Ashman, Music & Lyrics: Alan Menken (London 2006)
Little Shop of Horrors/ Book & Lyrics: Howard Ashman, Music & Lyrics: Alan Menken 2003
Little Women, The Broadway Musical/Book by Allan Knee, Music by Jason Howland, Lyrics by Mindi Dickstein(Philadelphia 2011)
Little Women (Off-Broadway
(Off-Broadway 2019)
Little Women/ Book : Alan Knee, based on Louisa May Alcott Book; Lyrics : Mindi Dickstein; Music: Jason Howland 2003
Little Women/ Book : Alan Knee, based on Louisa May Alcott Book; Lyrics : Mindi Dickstein; Music: Jason Howland(Los Angeles 2006 )
Live Girls/Stewart, Victoria
The Lively Lad/Long,Quincy (Los Angeles)
Lives of the Saints /David Ives (2015 Off-Broadway)
Lives of the Saints/Ives, David (Berkshires 1999)
Living on Love/Joe Di Pietro, based on Garson Kanin play Peccadillo (2015 Broadway)
Living Out (Los Angeles 2003)
Living Out (NY premiere 2003)
Living Out/Loomer, Lisa (Los Angeles)
Living Out (NY premiere)
Living Room in Africa/Doran, Bathsheba
The Living Room(London 2013)
Lizard, based on Dennis Covington's novel. Music & Lyrics: Scott DeTurk and James J. Mellon
(Los Angeles)
Lizzie /Stephen Cheslik-Demeyer, Alan Stevens Hewitt, Tim Maner (London 2017)
Lizzie Borden/ Music by Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer and Alan Stevens Hewitt; Lyrics by Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer and Tim Maner; Book and Additional Music by Tim Maner(2009)
Lobby Hero /Kenneth Lonergan (2018 Broadway)
Lobby Hero/Lonergan, Kenneth
Lobby Hero (London)
Lobby Hero/Lonergan, Kenneth (Berkshires)
Lobster Alice/Obolensky, Kira (Off-Broadway, 2000)
Lobster Alice/Obolensky, Kira (Los Angeles, 2006)
The Lodger/ (2009)
Log Cabin /Jordan Harrison (2018 Off-Broadway)
Lohengrin/ (Los Angeles 2010)
Lombardi/ Eric Simonson(Broadway 2010)
London Assurance/ Dion Boucicault(London 2010)
London Assurance/Boucicault, Dion L. 
London Cuckolds/Ravenscroft, Edward(London)
London Road/ Book and Lyrics by Alecky Blythe. Music and Lyrics by Adam Cork(London 2011)
London Scars/ Richard Martin Hirsch(Los Angeles2010)
London Wall/John Van Druten (Off-Broadway2014)
London Wall/ John Van Druten (London 2013)
Lonely, I' Not/ Paul Weitz (Off-Broadway 2012)
The Lone Runner: The Mythical Life Journey of Nikola Tesla/Shaw, Catherine
The Lonely Way/Schnitzler, Arthur
The Lonesome West/McDonagh, Martin
The Lonesome West/McDonagh, Martin (DC)
\ Lone Star and Laundry & Bourbon
Lone Star Love A New Musical (Also Known As The Merry Wives Of Windsor, Texas)/Conceived And Adapted by John L. Haber from Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor, Music And Lyrics By Jack Herrick
The Long Christmas Ride Home/Vogel, Paula
Long Day's Journey into Night (2018 Off-Broadway-BA<)
Long Day's Journey Into Night/Eugene O'Neill (2016 Broadway)
The Long Christmas Ride Home/Vogel, Paula (Los Angeles, 2007)
Long Day's Journey Into Night /Eugen O'Neill (London 2018)
Long Days Journey Into Night/ Eugene O'Neill(London 2012)
Long Day''s Journey Into Night/ Eugene ONeill/ (DC 2012)
Long Day's Journey Into the Night (Broadway 2003)
Long Day's Journey Into the Night/O'Neill(NATCO)
Long Day's Journey Into the Night(Irish Rep)
Long Day's Journey Into the Night(London)
Longing / William Boyd(London 2013)
Long Island Sound/Coward, Noel
Longitude/Wasker, Arnold, adapted from Dava Sobel novel (London)
Long Lost /Donald Margulies (2019 Off-Broadway)
The Long Shrift/Robert Boswell (Off-Broadway 2014)
Look Back in Anger/ John Osborne(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Look of Love: The Songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David/ Conceived by David Thompson, Scott Ellis, David Loud and Ann Reinking
Looking For Normal/Anderson, Jane (Los Angeles
Looking for the Pony/Andrea Lepcio(2009)
Lookingglass Alice/Catlin, David adaptation (New Jersey)
Looking Over the President's Shoulder, Still, James (LA)
Looking Over The President's Shoulder/Still, James (DC)
The Loop/Leight, Warren
Looped/Matthew Lombardo (Broadway 2010)
Looped/ Matthew Lombardo(Los Angeles 2008)
Loot/Joe Orton (Off-Broadway2014)
Loot/Orton, Joe
Loot/ Joe Orton(London 2009)
Lord of the Rings/Book and Lyrics by Shaun McKenna and Matthew Warchus, from Tolkien bookLondon
Lorenzaccio /de Musset, Alfred, translated and adapted by John Strand{DC}
Los Angeles/Sheppard, Julian
Los Big Names/Gomez,Marga (DC)
Loserville/ Eliot Davis and James Bourne (London 2012)
Losing Ground/ Wizemann,Bryan
Losing Lawrence/Gerdin, Donna Gerdin (DC)
Losing Louis/Mendes, Simon da Costa (London)
Losing Louie/Mendes, Simon da Costa (Broadway)
Los Otros/Book and Lyrics, Ellen Fitzhugh. Music, Michael John LaChiusa (Los Angeles 2012)
The Loss of D-Natural/Nash, N. Richard
A Loss Of Roses/William Inge (Off-Broadway2014)
Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods/Tammy Ryan (New Jersey 2010)
Lost Boy /Phil Willmott (London 2014)
Lost Girls/John Pollono (2017 Philadelphis)
The Lost Girls (Los Angeles 2013)
Lost in the Stars/ Kurt Weill-Maxwell Anderson-Encores!(Off- Broadway 2011)
Lost In Yonkers/Neil Simon (Berkshires 2015)
Lost in Yonkers/ Neil Simon(Off-Broadway 2012)
Lost in Yonkers/ Neil Simon(New Jersey 2010)
Lost In Yonkers/ Neil Simon(DC 2009)
Lost Lake/ David Auburn (2017 Berkshires)
Lost Lake /David Auburn (2014 Off-Broadway)
The Lost Ones/Beckett, Samuel Beckett-- adapted by Carter Jahncke (DC)
Lost on the Natchez Trace / Jan Buttram/(Off-Broadway2012)
The Lost Plays of Tennesse Williams/ (Los Angeles 2008)
Louis & Keely /Vanessa Claire Stewart, Taylor Hackford and Jake Broder (2016 Los Angeles)
Louis Slotin Sonata/Mullin, Paul
Love/Rosethal, David
dd Loomis and Shawn Sturnick(2009)
Love and Communication/ James J. Christy(New Jersey 2010)
Love and Happiness/Sheppard, Julian(Berkshires)
Love and Information /Caryl Churchill (2014 Off-Broadway)
Love and Information/ Caryl Churchill(London 2012)
Love and Intrigue/
(2018 Off-Broadway)
Love & Money/ A. R. Gurney (Off-Broadway 2015)
Love and Money/ Kelly, John (London)
Love & Taxes/Kornbluth, Josh
Love Child/ Daniel Jenkins & Robert Stanton (2008)
The Lover/The Collection by Harold Pinter (Washington, DC 2017)
Lovers/Brian Friel (Off-Broadway 2012)
Love Goes to Press(Off-Broadway 2012)
Love in Afghanistan/Charles Randolph-Wright (DC 2013)
Love In a Thirsty Land/Glass/Alan
Love in Idleness /Terence Rattigan (London 2017)
Love is My Sin/ Shakespeare(Off-Broadway 2010)
Love, Love, Love/Mike Bartlett (2016 Off-Broadway)
Love, Love, Love/ Mike Bartlett/ (London 2012)
Love/Sick(Connecticut 2014)
Lovesong/Abi Morgan/(London 2012)
Love, Janis/ Myles, Randall, from Laura Joplin book
Lovelace: A Rock Opera/Book,Music, Lyrics and Musical Direction by Anna Waronker and Charlotte Caffey; original concept and lyrics by Jeffrey Leonard Bowman (Los Angeles 2008)
Love, Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter/ (2009)
Love, Loss and What I Wore/Adaptation by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron from Ilene Beckerman book. (Off-Broadway2009)
Love, Loss and What I Wore/ Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron< (Los Angeles 2010)
Lovely Day/Ayvazian, Leslie
Love Musik/Book by Alfred Uhry;music by Weill; lyrics by Maxwell Anderson, Bertolt Brecht, Howard Dietz, Roger Fernay, Ira Gershwin, Oscar Hammerstein II, Langston Hughes, Alan Jay Lerner, Maurice Magre, Ogden Nash, Elmer Rice and Weil
Love, Question Mark/ Robert Gillespie(London 2010)
The Lover/Pinter, Harold
The Lover/ The Collection/Pinter, Harold (London 2008)
Lovers and Executioners/Strand, John (DC)
Love Never Dies/ Book by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton with Glenn Slater and Frederick Forsyth; Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; >Lyrics by Glenn Slater(London 2010)
Love's Fire/multiple author adaptations Shakespeare's Sonnets 
Love's Fire (Berkshires)
Love's Labour's Lost/William Shakespeare (New Jersey 2015)
Loves Labour Lost/ (Connecticut 2012)
Love's Labour's Lost/Shakespeare (Public Theater Off-Broadway 2011)
Love's Labour's Lost/ Shakespeare(LA 2009)
Love's Labour's Lost/Shakespeare (London 2008)
Love's Labour Lost (Globe, 2007)
Love's Labour Lost/Shakespeare (London March 2003)
Love's Labor's Lost (Berkshires)
Love's Labour's Lost/Shakespeare (Berkshires 2013)
Loves Labour's Lost/Shakespeare (Stratford Festival of Canada)
Love's Labour's Lost (London)
Love Sick/ Lia Romeo(Off-Broadway 2012)
Love Song/ Kolvenbach, John (London)
\ Love/ Stories (or But You Will Get Used to It). / Itamar Moses(2009)
Love Story/Book and Lyrics by Stephen Clark.Music by Howard GoodallFrom the novel by Erich Segal (London 2010)
Love Tapes/ Banks, Steven Banks and Jillette, Penn (LA)
Love the Musical /Ã…rn Gardarsson and Vingur Kristjnsson (London 2008)
Love Therapy/ Wendy Beckett (Off-Broadway 2013)
Macbeth (2014 Off Broadway)
Macbeth (Broadway2013)
Macbeth by Epic and Aquila Comapnies/ Shakespeare(Off-Broadway New York 2012)
Macbeth (Off-Broadway 2012, Broadway 2013)
Love! Valour! Compassion!/McNally, Terrence (Berkshires 2007)
The Lower Cortex/Clyman, Robert 
Lower Ninth/ Beau Willimon(London 2010)
-Broadway 2010)
Lower Ninth/ Beau Willimon(Off-Broadway2008)
Low Level Panic /Clare McIntyre (London 2017)
The Low Road/Bruce Norris (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Low Road/ Bruce Norris(London 2013)
Loyal Women/ Mitchell, Gary(London 2004)
Loyal Women/ Mitchell, Gary(Los Angeles,2007)
Luce /JC Lee (London 2016)
Luck/ Megan Riordan (2009)
Lucky Guy/Nora Ephron (Broadway 2013)
Lucky Guy/Willard Beckham (Off-Broadway 2011)
Lucky Me/Robert Caisley (New Jersey 2014)
The Lucky One/A.A. Milne (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Lucky Ones/ Eilenberg, Charlotte (London)
Lucy/ Atkins, Damien(2007)
Lucy and the Conquest/Cram, Cusi (Berkshires)
Ludwig Live! / Nancy Holson(Berkshires 2011)
Luise Miller/ Freidrich Schiller(London 2011)
Lulu/Wedekind, Frederick (London)
Luminescence Dating/Perlow, Carey
Lungs/ Duncan MacMillan(Berkshires 2012)
Lungs/ Duncan MacMillan(DC 2011)
Luther/ Ethan Lipton(Off-Broadway 2012)
Luther/Osborne, John (London)
Luv/ Murray Schigsal (Connecticut 2014)
Lydia/ Octavio Soliz(Los Angeles 2009)
Lydia In Bed/Kiyomura, Philleans (Los Angeles)
The Lying Kind/Neilson, Anthony (London)
The Lying Lesson/Craig Lucas (Off-Broadway 2013)
Lucy Loves Me/ Migdalia Cruz (Off-Broadway 2013)
Neva/ Guillermo Calderon(Off Broadway2013)
Old Hats (Off-Broadway 2013)
Paper Dolls /Philip Himberg (London 2013)
Rich Girl/Victoria Stewart (New Jersey 2013)
The Lyons /Nicky Silver (London 2013)
The Lyons/Nicky Silver (Broadway 2012, Off-Broadway 2011)
Lypsinka! As I Lay Lip-Synching/Epperson, John n (DC)
Lypsinka!As I Lay Lip-Synching
Lysistrata Jones /Book: Douglas Carter Beane. Music and Lyrics: Lewis Flinn (On and Off-Broadway 2011)
Lysistrata 100/Einhorn, Edward
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