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Mabel Madness: A Dramatic Play with Music about the Life of Mabel Mercer/Trazana Beverley (2016 Off-Broadway)
Macbeth / (2019 Off-Broadway)
Macbeth/ William Shakespeare (London 2018)
Macbeth (London 2013)
Macbeth/Shakespeare(Off-Broadway 2012)
Macbeth (Cheek by Jowl)/Shakespeare (Off-Broadway-BAM 2011)
Macbeth/ Shakespeare(Off-Broadway 2011)
Macbeth(Berkshire Theatre Festival 2010)
Macbeth/ Shakespeare(London 2010)
Macbeth/Roust Company (2008)
Macbeth, See Shogun Macbeth Macbeth/ Shakespeare(BAM 2008)
Macbeth (London-Gielgud 2007)
Macbeth (Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
Macbeth (BAM&Japan Society)
Macbeth London-2002
Macbeth(opera 2001)
Macbeth/Shakespeare(Public Theater)
Macbeth( 1999, Theatre New Audiences)
Macbeth (London 2005)
Macbeth(London, Royal Shakespeare 2005)
Macbeth(RSC, London 2000)
Macbeth(Broadway, 2000)
Macbeth(Berkshires-Shakespeare & Co)
Macbeth/Shakespeare by Chicago Shakespeare Theatre Actors and Colla Marionette Company (New Victory-New York)
Macbeth (Central Park 2006)
Machinal /Sophie Treadwell (Broadway2014)
Machinal/Treadwell, Sophie (LOs Angeles)
Machinal/Treadwell, Sophie
machines machines machines machines machines machines machines/Quinn Bauriedel, Geoff Sobelle and Trey Lyford (2009)
MacHomer/Miller, Rick, adapted from Shakespeare (Los Angeles)
Mack and Mabel/ Jerry Herman (London 2012)
Mack and Mabel/Herman, Jerry; Stewart, Michael with revisions by Francine Pascal (Berkshires)
Mack and Mabel/Herman, Jerry (Shaw Festival 2007)
ey 2012)
Macs/Simpatico, David
Madagascar / J. T. Rogers(Berkshires 2014)
M.Butterfly/ David Henry Hwang (2017 Off-Broadway)
Madame Butterfly/Puccini (Opera- London09)
Madama Butterfly/Puccini (Opera- Los Angeles)
Madama Butterfly/Puccini (Opera-Berkshires)
Madame Bovary/adapted by Fay Weldon fromGustave Flaubert novel (London)
Madame de Sade/ Yukio Mishima (London 2009)
Madame Melville/Nelson, Richard
Madame Melville (London)
Mad About the Bard/Floyd King and Ethan McSweeny (DC)
The Maddening Truth/ Hay, David(2008)
Made In China/ Gwendolyn Warnock and Kirjan Waag (2017 Off-Broadway)
Made in Dagenham/Music by David Arnold.Book by Richard Bean. Lyrics by Richard Thomas.Based on the Woolley/Karlsen/Number 9 Motion Picture (London 2014)
The Madness of George III/ Alan Bennett(London 2012)
The Madness of George Dubya/Butcher, Justin (London)
The Madness of George III/ Alan Bennett(San Diego 2010)
The Mad Mad Ones/ Book, Music, Lyrics: Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk (2017 Off-Broadway)
Madness by Manus including "Man's Best Friend," "Bobby Love and Eddie," "I Shot Ozzie and Harriet," "Cassandra's Hour" and "What?"/Maus, Bob
The Madras House/Granville-Barker, Harley
The Madrid/ Liz Flahive (Off-Broadway 2013)
Madwoman In a Volvo /Sandra Tsing Loh (2016 Los Angeles)
A Mad World My Masters/Thomas Middleton, Sean Foley, Phil Porter (London 2015)
Maestro/Hershey Felder (2016 Off-Broadway)
Magic/Bird/ Eric Simonson(Broadway 2012)
Magic Fire/Garrett-Groag, Lillian (DC)
The Magic Fire/Groag, Lillian (Philadelphia)
The Magic Flute (opera 1998)
The Magic Flute/ Mozart opera(London 2012)
The (Solo) Magic Flute (opera/Berkshires))
The Magic Flute or Impempe Yomlingo/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, adapted by Mark Dornford-May(London 2007)
Magic Hands Freddy/Shaw, Arje
A Magic Place In a New Time/Lesser, Robert
The Magic Toyshop/written by Angela Carter, dramatisation by Bryony Lavery (London)
Mahida's Extra Key to Heaven/ Russell Davis(2009)
Mahida's Extra Key to Heaven/ Russell Davis (New Jersey 2010)
Mahler's Conversion/Harwood, Ronald (London)
Maid to Marry/Ionesco
The Maiden's Prayer/Nicky Silver
The Maids / José Rivera (2016 Off-Off-Broadway)
The Maids /Jean Genet, Benedict Andrews, Andrew Upton (London 2016)
The Maids /Jean Genet (Off-Broadway 2012)
Making Noise Quietly/by Robert Holman (London 2012)
The Mail Order Bride/Mee, Charles
The Main(e) Play/ Chad Beckim(2008)
Major Barbara
Major Barbara/ Shaw, GB(London2008)
Major Barbara(2005 Shaw Festival--Ontario)
Major Barbara/Shaw, G.B.
Major Barbara/G.B. Shaw 
Major Barbara (Toronto) 
Make Mine Manhattan/ Arnold Horwitt(Off-Broadway 2012)
A Majority of One/Spigelglass/Leonard 
Makin' Hay/ Book, Lyrics & Music by Matthew Goldsby(Los Angeles 2009)
Making It/Hortua, Joe (Los Angeles)
Making Marilyn/Cameron, Ken
Making Peter Pope/DeSantis, Edmund
Making Tracks/ Eddy, C. Matthew; Yorkey, Brian; Pak, Woody
Malcolm/ Albee, Edward based on James Purdy book (DC)
The Malcontent/Marsten, John (London)
The March on Russia /David Storey (London 2017)
M. Butterfly/ David Henry Hwang(Philadelphia 2008)
M. Butterfly/Hwang, David Henry (Los Angeles)
M. Butterfly/Hwang, David Henry (DC)
Les Mamelles de Tirésias (Berkshires - opera)
Mammals/ Amelia Bullmore(Los Angeles 2009)
Mammals/Burton, Amelia (London 2005)
Mamma Mia!/Book- Catherine Johnson; Music & Lyrics:Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus, with Stig Anderson
Mama's Boy/Rob Urbinati (New Jersey 2016)
Man and Boy/Terence Ratitgan (Broadway 2011)
Man and Boy/Rattigan, Terence (London 2005)
/ George Bernard Shaw(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Mandala/Hansen, Waldemar
Mangella/ Ken Ferrigni (Off-Broadway 2011)
Manigma / Michael Aronov (2010)
The Mandrake (Philadelphia 2015)
The Mandrake/ Machiavelli, Niccolo(2008)
Man Covets Bird /Finegan Kruckemeyer (2015 Los Angeles)
A Man For All Seasons/Robert Bolt (2008 Broadway)
A Man for All Seasons/ Robert Bolt(Berkshire Theatre Festival 2008)
Man for All Seasons/Bolt, Robert(London 2007)
The Man from Clare/Keane, John B. (Los Angeles 2004)
Manhattan Madcaps of 1924/Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Libretto by Jerzy Turnpike
Manic Flight Reaction/Schulman, Sarah
Manilow on Broadway(Broadway 2013)
Mankind/ Robert O'Hara (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Man Who Ate Michael Rockefeller / Jeff Cohen( Off-Broadway 2011)
The Man In The Glass Booth/Shaw, Robert 
The Man In the Flying Lawn Chair/Nightengale, Eric
The Man in Room 306/ Craig Alan Edwards(Off-Broadway2010)
The Man Inside /Book and Lyrics by Tony Rees and Gary Young.Music by Tony Rees (London 2014)
Man is Man/ Brecht, Bertolt(2007)
Man of La Mancha (2012, New Jersey)
Man of La Mancha/Wasserman, Dale; Leight, Mitch; Darion, Joe (Toronto)  
Man of La Mancha/ Book by Dale Wasserman. Music by Mitch Leigh. Lyrics by Joe Darion (Berkshires 2015)
Man of LaMancha/Book: Dale Wasserman;Music: Mitch Leigh;Lyrics: Joe Darion (Broadway)
Man Of Mode/Etheridge, George London
href="manofnoimportance.html">A Man of No Importance/Book by Terrence McNally, based on 1994 Film by Barry Devlin
Manner of Trust/White, Bo (Los Angeles)
A Man's a Man/Bertolt Brecht (Off-Broadway 2014)
A Man's A Man/Brecht, Bertold (DC)
Manuscript/Grellong, Paul
Manwatching/An Anonymous Woman (London 2017)
br> The Man Who Came to Dinner(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Man Who Came to Dinner/Kauffman & Hart (Broadway)
The Man Who Never Yet Saw Woman's Nakedness/Rinke, Moritz (LA)
The Man Who Had All the Luck/Miller, Arthur(Broadway, LA and Berkshires 2001, 2002)
The Man Who Had All the Luck / Miller Arthur(2008 London)
Man, Woman, Dinosaur/Porter, Regina (DC)
Mariquitas/Eduardo Machado (Off-Broadway 2013)
Mary's Babies /Anne Washburn (London 2018)
Mary's Babies .
Mary's Wedding/ Stephen Massicott(Los Angeles 2008)
Mapa Mia!--A Repertory of Drama! and I Remember Mapa/Mapa, Alec (Los Angeles)
Maple and Vine/Jordan Harrison (Off-Broadway 2011)
Mappa Mundi/Stephenson, Shelagh (London)
Marat/Sade, see The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade
Marie Antoinette/David Adjmi (Off-Broadway2013)
EST Marathon of One Act Plays (Series A)/ "Poison" By John Patrick Shanley. . ."Kandahar to Canada" By Dan O'Brien. . . "Something Fine"By Eric Dufault. . .<"You Belong to Me" By Daniel Reitz. . ."Curmudgeons in Love" By Joshua Conkel (Off-Broadway 2013)
EST Marathon of One Act Plays (Series B)/ "Daddy Took My Debt Away" By Bekah Brunstetter. . . "The Favor" By Leslie Ayvazian . . ."Something Like Loneliness" By Ryan Dowler. . ."Waking Up" By Cori Thomas . . . "A Sunrise in Times Square" By Sharr White. . "Love Song of an Albanian Sous Chef" . . .a By Robert Askins (Off-Broadway 2013)
eSTMarathon2013c / "Existence" By Murray Schisgal. . . "Solar Pnlexus"By Clare Barrona. . ."Carry the Zero"a By Christopher Sullivan. . . "Zero" By Tommy Smith . . "Hate the Loser Inside" By Jon Kern (Off-Broadway 2013)
EST 2011 Marathon of One-Act Plays, Series A/ " High"by Ben Rosenthal; "School Night" by J. Holtham, "Tennessee" by Romulus Linney, "In the Middle of the Night"by Billy Aronson
(Off-Broadway 2011)
EST 2011 Marathon of One-Act Plays, Series B// "For Elise"by David Zellnik. . ."Two from the Line"by Michael Louis Wells. . ."Mrs. Jones and the Man from Dixieland"by Steven Sater. . ."Cell" by Cassandra Medley. . ."I Know" by Jacquelyn Reingold ( Off-Broadway2011)
Ensemble Studio Theatre's One-Act Marathon' One- Act Play Marathon : 2010 Series A/ Safe By Ben Rosenthal. . .Wild Terrain> By Adam Kraar. . .Matthew and the Pastor's WifeBy Robert Askins. . . TurnaboutBy Daniel Reitz. . .Where the Children Are
By Amy Fox
(Off-Broadway 2010)
Ensemble Studio Theatre One-Act Play Marathon: Series B/ They Float Up, Interviewing Miss Davis, Amateurs, Anniversary (Off-Broadway 2010) Marathon 2008-Series A:/ A Little Soul Searching By Willie Reale; Christmas Present By Amy Herzog; Tostitos By Michael John Garces; An Upset By David Auburn; Wedding Pictures By Quincy Long(2008)
by Anne Washburn|The Great War by Neil LaBute|Ideogram by David Zellnik| Okay by Taylor Mac(2008)
Marathon 2008-Series c: Piscary by Frank D. Gilroy, In Between Songs by Frank Black , Flowers by Jose Rivera, Japanoir by Michael Feingold, and A Very Very Short Play by Jacquelyn Reingold
Marathon '97 Series C One-Act Plays
Marathon '98 Series A One-Act Plays
Marathon '98 Series B One-Act Plays
Marathon '98 Series C One-Act Plays
Marathon '99 Series A One-Act Plays
Marathon 2000 Series A One-Act Plays
Marathon 2000 Series B One-Act Plays
Marathon 2000 Series C One-Acts 
Marathon 2001 (Series A)-- Arabian Nights by David Ives, Ukimwi by Tom Coash- Night Rules by Billy Aronson, Brown by Cherie Vogelstein
Marathon 2001 (Series B)-- Summer Sublet by Laurence Klavan, Fifteen Notes by Ruth Kirschner, Inspector Ohms by Frank D. Gilroy, Pandora by Susan Kim
Marathon 2001 (Series C)-- Larry's Charm by Edward Allan Baker, Grief by Craig Lucas, Invitation to a Funeral by Julie McKee, Late Night in the Women's Restroom of the Jungle Bar by David Riedy
Marathon 2002 (Series A)-- Lark by Romulus Linney, Why I Followed You by Lisa Maria Radano, Salvage Baas by Brian Silberman, Reunions by Billy Aronson
Marathon 2002 (Series B)-- Am Lit or Hibernophilia by Dan O'Brien, The Prisoner's Song by Horton Foote, Adaptation by Roger Heddon, Salvation by Bill Bozzone
Marathon 2002 (Series C) --Hope Bloats, Union City, New Jersey, Where Are You? My father's Funeral and The Moon Bath Girl
Marathon 2002 B
Marathon 2002 C
Marathon 2003 (Series A: Memento Mori/Susan Kim; Of Two Minds/ Billy Aronson; A Blooming of Ivy/ Garry Williams;The Honeymakers/Deborah Grimberg; Coda/Romulus Linney
Marathon 2003 Series B (Hi There, Mr. Machine/ Leslie Ayvazian; The Changing of the Guard/Amy Staats; Washed Up On The Potomac/ Lynn Rosen; Water Music/Tina Howe;Woman At A Threshold, Beckoning/ John Guare)
EST Marathon: Series A-- Madagascar John Guare, The Airport Pla by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros, Mr. Morton Waits for His Bus and The Great Pretenders Leslie Lyle (2005)
EST Marathon 2006, SeriesA -- Not All Korean Girls Can Fly by Lloyd Suh; Breakfast and Bed by Amy Fox; The Other Woman by David Ives; Davy and Stu by Anton Dudley
EST Marathon 2006 Series B - 100 Most Beautiful Names of Todd by Julia Cho, Bone China by David Mamet, Intermission by Will Eno, On the Sporadic by James Ryan
EST Marathon 2007 Series A: The News/Billy Aronson; My Dog Heart /Edith Freni; First Tree in Antarctica/ Julia Cho; The Probabilities/ Wendy MacLeod; Things We Said Today/ Neil LaBute
EST Marathon 2007 Series B: Priceless by Elizabeth Diggs; Milton Bradley by Peter Sagal; Casting by Amy Fox; Beirut Rocks by Israel Horovitz; Self-Portrait in a Blue Room"
by Daniel Reitz

Marathon 2008-Series B (2008)
EST Marathon Series A (2009)
EST Marathon Series B (2009)
Marcel Marceau (Los Angeles)
The March/Frank Galati adaptation, Doctorow novel (Chicago 2012)
Marco Millions (based on lies)/ O'Neill, Eugene (adapted by Waterwell)
Marco Polo Sings a Solo/Guare, John 
Marcy in the Galaxy/ book, music, and lyrics by Nancy Shayne (2008)
Margaret Cho's The Sensuous Woman/ (2007)
Marguerite /Music by Michel Legrand. Book by Alain Boublil and Claude- Michel Schönberg and Jonathan Kent. Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer. Original French Lyrics by Alain Boublil (London 2008)
The Maria Project/ Marcella Goheen(Off-Broadway 2012)
Marie and Bruce/ Wallace Shawn(Off-Broadway 2011)
Marjorie Prime/Jordan Harrison (Off-Broadway 2015)
Market Boy/Eldridge, Dabid (London)
The Mark of Zorro/ Johnston McCulley(Off-Broadway 2013)
Mark Twain Blues/ Walt Stepp (2008)
Marley's Ghost/Goode, Jeff (Los Angeles)
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom/Wilson, August
Maria del Bosco/ForemanRichard
Marie and Rosetta/George Brant (2016 Off-Broadway)
Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh(2008)
Marie Christine/LaChiusa
Marion Bridge/MacIvor, Daniel
Marked Tree/Goss, Coby (Los Angeles)
Mark of Cain/Vizki, Morti
Marko the Prince/ Jovanka Bach(2008)
Mark On Society/Gantvoort, Leif E. (Los Angeles)
Mark Twain Tonight!/Holbrook, Hal
Marlene/Pam Gems
Marley/ Music and Lyrics by Bob Marley. Book by Kwame Kwei-Armah (Washington, DC 2015)
The Marriage Contract/ Ephraim Kishon(2008)
The Marriage of Bette and Boo/Durang, Christopher (2008)
The Marriage of Figaro/ Mozart opera(London 2011)
Martyr /Marius von Mayenburg, Maja Zade (London 2015)
Mary Jane/Amy Herzog (2017 Off-Broadway)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (2019 NJ)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein/Ensemble for the Romantic Century (2017 Off-Broadway)
Masterclass/ Terrence McNally (London 2012)
Master Class / Terrence McNally (Broadway 2011)
Master Class/Terrence McNally (New Jersey 2008)
Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (Off-Broadway 2010)
Mine/Polly Teale (London 2008)
The Marriage of Figaro/ Mozart opera( Los Angeles 2010)
The Marriage of Figaro/ Mozart opera (Berkshires 2008)
The Marriage of Figaro (opera)
(Crazy Day or) The Marriage of Figaro/de Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron
Marry Harry/ Book byJ ennifer Robbins. Music and Lyrics by Dan Martin and Michael Biello (2017 Off-Broadway)
Marry Harry/ Book by Jennifer Robbins.Music by Dan Martin. Lyrics by Michael Biello (2014 New Jersey)
Marry Me a Little(Off-Broadway 2012)
Marry Me A Little/Sondheim, Stephen (Queens Theatre in the Park)
Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis/Jones, Charlotte (DC)
Martha Mitchell Calling/Rothe, Jodi Rothe (Berkshires)
Martine /Jean-Jacques Bernard (London 2014)
Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me/Martin Short and Daniel Goldfarb
Mary Broome/Allan Monkhouse(Off-Broadway 2012)
Mary Broome/ Allan Monkhouse(London 2011)
Mary-Kate Olsen Is In Love/Mallery Avidon (Off-Broadway2013)
Mary Page Marlowe /Tracy Letts (2018 Off-Broadway)
Mary Poppins (Los Angeles 2009)
Mary Poppins/Julian Fellowes book based on P.L. Travers book; music & Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman & Robert Bl Sherman; new songs by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe (London)
Mary Poppins (Broadway)
Mary Rose/Barrie, J. M.
Mary Stuart /Friedrich Schiller, Robert Icke (London 2018)
Mary Stuart/Schiller, Frederick
Mary Stuart/Friedrich Schiller, translated by Michael Feingold
Mary Stuart/ Friedrich Schiller, Peter Oswald adaptation(London 2005, Broadway2009)
Martin Guere/Dorsey, Jean(On Road/England)
Martin Luther on Trial/Chris Cragin-Day/Max McLean (Off Broadway 2016)
The Marvelous Wonderettes/Roger Bean (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Marvelous Wonderettes/ Roger Bean(2008 Off- Broadway)
The Marvelous Wonderettes/Bean, Roger(Los Angeles)
Marvin's Room/Scott McPPherson (2017 Broadway)
Mary's Wedding/Stephen Massicott (2018 Berkshires)
Mask/ Book: Anna Hamilton Phelan; Music: Barry Mann; Lyrics: Cynthia Weil(Los Angeles 2008)
Masked/ Hatsor,Ilan
The Masque of the Red Death/ Inspired by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe(2007)
Massacre (Sing to Your Children)/ Jose Rivera(Off-Broadway 2012)
Mass Appeal/ Bill C. Davis 
The Master and Margarita/ Text by Simon McBurney, Edward Kemp and the company based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov (London 2012)
The Master and Margarita/Reed, Roland, based upon the novel by Mikhail Bulgalkov (DC)
The Master Builder /Henrik Ibsen (London 2016)
The Master Builder/ Ibsen(London 2010)
The Master Builder/ (Off Broadway 2010)
The Master Builder/ Henrik Ibsen(2008)
The Master Builder/Ibsen, Henrik (London 2003)
The Master Builder/Ibsen, Henrik (2002)
Master Harold. . .and the boys/Fugard, Athol
Match/Belber, Stephen (2004)
Matchbox Theatre//Michael Frayn (London 2015)
The Matchmaker/Wilder, Thornton 
The Matchmaker/Keane/John
Matilda (2015 Los Angeles)
Matilda: The Musical (Broadway 2013)
Matilda/Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin. >Book by Dennis Kelly based on novel by Roald Dahl (London 2011)
Matt & Ben/Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers
A Matter of Life and Death/Tom Morris and Emma Rice stage adaptation of Powell/Pressburger film (London)
Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas/Blair Singer (Los Angeles2009)
Groundswell/ Ian Bruce(2009)
Matty/Christy Mathieson 
Maudie and Jane/Luciano Nattino, translated from the Italian by Hanon Reznikov, inspired by Doris Lessing's The Diary of a Good Neighbor (2007)
Maximum Risk/ Adamovich, David R. & McDaniel, Chris.
Mauritius/Rebeck, Theresa (2007)
Max Morath: Ragtime and Again/Morath, Max
Maybe Baby, It's You/Shari Simpson and Charlie Shanian
Mayfly/Joe White (London 2018)
Mayhem/Stuart, Kelly (Los Angeles)
The Mayor's Limo/Nassar, Mark
McQueen / James Phillips (London 2015)
McReele/Belber, Stephen (2005)
Mean Girls /musical adaptation of 2004 movie (2018 Broadway)
Measure for Measure/ William Shakespeare (London 2018)
Measure For Measure (2017 Off-Broadway)
Measure For Measure (2017 Brooklyn)
Measure for Measure (Off-Broadway 2014)
Measure for Measure/ Shakespeare- in repertory with All's Well that Ends Well( Off Broadway2011)
Measure for Measure/ Shakespeare(London-Almeida 2010)
Measure For Measure/ shakespeare(Off-Broadway(2010)
Measure for Measure/Shakespeare-- Theatre de Complicite(London)
Measure for Measure/Shakespeare
Measure for Measure (LA)
Measure For Measure (Papp/Central Park 2001)
Measure for Measure/Shakespeare (Pearl Theater, NYC)
Measure for Pleasure/Grimm, David
m Medea /Euripides, Rachel Cusk Medea/ Euripides, translated by Kenneth McLeish and Frederic Raphael (Los Angeles2009)
Medea/Euripides (Classical Theater of Harlem)
Medea (DC)
Medea In Jerusalem/Kirby, Roger
Medieval Play/ Kenneth Lonergan(Off-Broadway 2012)
Meet Me In St. Louis/Based on The Kensington Stories by Sally Benson and the MGM motion picture Meet Me in St. Louis
Meet Me in St. Louis/Book by Hugh Wheeler. Songs by Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane (Papermill Playhouse, New Jersey 2007)
The Megile of Itzik Manger/ Samuel Bunim, Haim Hefer, Itzik Manger, Dov Seltzer (Off-Broadway 2013)
Young Frankenstein /Mel Brooks (London 2017)
Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein/Music& Lyrics by Mel Brooks, book by Brooks and Thomas Meehan (2007)
Melissa Arctic/Wright, Craig (DC)
Member of the Wedding (2018 Berkshires)
Member of the Wedding/ by Carson McCullers(London 2007)
The Memorandum(Off-aBroadway 2010)
Memory/Lichetenstein, Jonathan
Memory House/Tolan, Kathleen
The Memory of Water/ Shelagh Stephenson (Berkshires 2011)
The Memory of Water/Sheilagh Stephenson (Off-Broadway 1998) The Memory Show/ Book and lyrics, Sara Cooper; music, Zach Redler (Berkshires)
The Memory Show/Book & Lyrics by Sara Cooper Music by Zach Redler (Off-Broadway 2013)
Memphis (London 2014)
Memphis/ Book and lyrics,Joe DiPietro; Score and lyric,David Bryan (2009)
Me, Myself & I/ Edward Albee( 2010 Off-Broadway)
Me, Myself & I / Albee, Edward(New Jersey 2008)
Men are from Mars—Women are from Venus Live! (Off-Broadway 2015)
Mengelberg and Mahler/ (Berkshires-Shakespeare and Company, 2010)
Men of Clay/Cohen, Jeff
(2016 Off-Broadway)
Men Should Weep/Stewart, Ena Lamont (London)
Men Without Shadows/Sartre, Jean-Paul
Menopause the Musical/ Jeanie Linders(Long Island 2010)
< Menopause the Musical/linders, Jeanie
The Mentalists/Bean, Richard (London)
The Mentor.
Mephisto/ Mnouchkine, Ariane based on Klaus Mann novel
Mephisto (LA)
The Merchant of Venice (2017-NJ)
Merchant of Venice (2016 Lincoln Center Festival)
The Merchant of Venice (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Merchant of Venice /William Shakespeare (London 2014)
The Merchant Of Venice/ (Off-Broadway2014)
The Merchant of Venice (DC 2011)
The Merchant of Venice/ Shakespeare(Off Broadway-Central Park 2010)
The Merchant of Venice/Shakespeare (BAM 2009)
The Merchant of Venice/Shakespeare (London-2007)
The Merchant Of Venice/Shakespeare (Berkshires 2002)
The Merchant Of Venice (Pearl 2003)
Mercury Fur/Philip Ridley (Off-Broadway 2015)
Mercy/Harrington, Laura (Berkshires)
Mercy/Cahill, Laura 
Mercy of a Storm/Sholiton, Faye(Berkshires 2007)
Mercy On the Doorstep/Hoppe, Gil
The Mercy Seat/LaBute,Neil
Mere Mortals/ David Ives (1997)
Merrick, The Elephant Man/Mary Swan and Saul Jaffe (2009)
Merrily We Roll Along (2019 Off-Broadway)
Merrily we Roll Along / Book by George Furth. Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim< (2016 Los Angeles)
Merrily We Roll Along/Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim/Book by George Furth (London 2013)
Merrily We Roll Along-Encores!- (Off-Broadway-Encores! 2012)
Merrily We Roll Along/Book by George Furth;Music/Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim; Based on the original play by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart (Off-Broadway 2005)
The Merry Widow/Lehar, Franz-- Wendy Wasserstein translation (Dicapo Opera)
The Merry Widow/Lehar, Franz (Los Angeles)
The Merry Wives of Windsor/William Shakespeare (New Jersey 2015)
The Merry Wives of Windsor/Shakespeare (LA & New York2010)
The Merry Wives of Windsor/ Shakespeare(Los Angeles 2008)
Merry Wives of Windsor/ Shakespeare(London Old Globe 2008)
Merry Wives of Windsor/Shakespeare (London)
Merton of the Movies/George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly (LA)
Meshugah/Mann, Emily, from Isaac Bashevis Sinfer novella
Messalina/Dahlquist, Gordon (Los Angeles)
The Messenger/Van Asselt, David
The Metal Children/ Adam Rapp. ( Off-Broadway 2010)
Meteor Shower/Steve Martin (2017 Broadway)
Meteor Showers/steve Allen (2016 Conn)
The Method Gun/ Kirk Lynn (Off-Broadway 2011)
Me Too/ Goffman, Mark (Los Angeles)
Metamorphoses/ Pants on Fire (Off-Broadway 2011)
Metamorphoses/Zimmerman, Mary from Ovid (Los Angeles & New York)
Metamorphosis/Franz Kafka adapted by David Farr and Gisli Örn Gardasson (London 2008, 2013)
The Metamorphosis/Franz Kafka, adaptation/translation by E. Thomalen
The Metromaniacs / (2018 Off-Broadway)
Mice/book-Jordan, Julia; Music- O'Keefe, Laurence Crawford; lyrics - Benhamin, Nell (Los Angeles
Michael Moore Live! (London)
Michael Moore- The Terms of My Surrender (2017 Broadway)
The Michaels: Conversations During Difficult Times/Richard Nelson (2019 Off-Broadway)
Mickey's House/ Fife, Stephen
Microcrisis/ Mike Lew(Philadelphia 2012)
Microcrisis/ Michael Lew(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Middle Ages/ A. R. Gurney(2008)
Middle Of The Night /Paddy Chayevsky (Off-Broadway2014)
Middletown/ Will Eno(Chicago 2011)
Middletown/Will Eno ( Off-Broadway2010)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2015 Off-Broadway)
Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles /Luis Alfaro (2015 Los Angeles)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Masterworks production ( 2015 off-Broadway)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Berkshires 2014)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Off-Broadway/Theater for New Audiences 2013)
A Midsummer Night's Dream /Shakespeare (London 2013)
Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare (London 2013)
A Midsummer Night Dream/(Classic Stage 2012)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare (London 2012)
Midsummer/ David Greig and Gordon McIntyre(London 2010)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (New Jersey 2011)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/ (Philadelphia 2011)
> A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Shakespeare (Philadelphia 2010)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Shakespeare(San Diego 2010)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Shakespeare(London 2010)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare (London 2008)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Shakespeare(London 2008)
A Midsummer Nights Dream/Shakespeare, William- (Central Park 2007)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare, William (London- Roundhouse 2007
Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare (New Jersey)
Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare(London 2006, and 2009)
A Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare (touring- London-- 2003, New York-BAM, 2004)
Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare
Midsummer Night's Dream/Shakespeare(London 2001)
Midsummer Night's Dream (London-Regents Park, 2001)
Midsummer Night's Dream (Berkshires 2001)
Midwives/ Yeaton, Dana -- adapted from novel by Chris Bohjalian (DC)
The Mikado (London 2011)br> The Mikado/Gilbert & Sullivan
Miles For Mary /The Mad Ones (2018 Off-Broadway)
The Milliner/Glass, Suzanne Million Dollar Quartet (2017 Berkshires)
Million Dollar Quartet (2017 NJ)
Million Dollar Quartet/ Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux(London 2011)
Million Dollar Quartet/Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux ( Broadway 2010)
Milne at the Mint: Mr. Pim Passes By and The Truth About the Blayds/Milne, A.A.
Mill On The Floor/Edmundson, Helen from George Eliot novel(London)
Milk Like Sugar/ Kirsten Greenidge(Off-Broadway 2011)
The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore/ ( Broadway 2011)
The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Any More/ Tennessee Williams(Los Angles, 2007)
Mlima's Tale/Lynn Nottage (2018 Off-Broadway)
Mimi le Duck/Book and lyrics by Diana Hansen-Young; Music by Brian Feinstein
Mind Game /Horowitz, Antony(London)
Mind Games/Salem, Mark
Mineola Twins/Paula Vogel
A Minister's Wife/ George Bernard Shaw's Candida re-conceived by Michael Halberstam. Book by Austin Pendleton, music by Joshua Schmidt and lyrics by Jan Levy Tranen(Off- Broadway 2011)
Ministry of Progress/Hugh, Kim from the play by William Morrow
Minor Demons/Graham, Bruce 
Minsky's/Book: Bob Martin. Music: Charles Strouse. Lyrics: Susan Birkenhead. Original Book: Evan Hunter. Based on Bud Yorkin-Norman Lear production The Night They Raided Minsky's written by Arnold Shulman, Sidney Michael, Norman Lear (Los Angeles 2009)
Minstrel Man or the Lynching of William Brown/Max Sparber (Off-Off Broadway 1999
Minstrel Show, Or the Lynching of William Brown/ Sparber, Max(New Jersey, 2007)
Minutes From the Blue Route/Donaghy, Tom
MiracleBrother/Childs, Kirsten--book, music, lyrics
The Miracle Worker/ William Gibson'(Broadway 2010)
The Miracle Worker/ William Gibson(New Jersey2008)
The Miracle Worker/Gibson,William
TheMiracle Worker/Gibson, William (Bershires)
Miravel, or The Promise of Alphonso Bloch/ Book and original music by Jake Broder (2015 Los Angeles)
Mirror of the Invisible World/Zimmerman, Mary (Chicago)
Misalliance /George Bernard Shaw (London 2017)
Misalliance/George Bernard Shaw (New Jersey 2015)
Misalliance/ George Bernard Shaw(Los Angeles 2010)
Misalliance/Shaw (1998)
Misalliance/Bernard Shaw(2009)
The Misanthrope/ Jean-Baptiste Moliere(New Jersey 2011)
The Misanthrope/ Moliere (Off-Broadway 2011)
The Misanthrope/Moliere, adapted by Ivo van Hove 2007
The Misanthrope/Moliere  (Berkshires 2004)
The Misanthrope/ Moliere in a version by Martin Crimp(2009)
The Misanthrope/Moliere by Martin Crimp (Classic Stage-1999)
The Miser/Moliere (Los Angeles)
The Miser/Moliere
The Miser (Pearl Theater)
Misery/ William Goldman-Stage adaptation of film adaptation of Stephen King book (Broadway 2015)
Miss Evers' Boys/Feldshuh, David
Miss Golden Dreams/Oates, Joyce Carol (DC)
Missives/ Garret Jon Groenveld(2008)
Mislaid Heaven/Behr, Carson Grace (LA)
Misha's Party/Gelman, Alexander; Nelson, Richard (Berkshires)
Miss Atomic Bomb / Adam Long, Gabriel Vick, Alex Jackson-Long (London 2016)
Missing/Kissing Shanley, John Patrick
The Mission of Jane/ Edith Wharton Story, adapted by Dennis Krausnick (Berkshires)
Miss Julie (Los Angeles 2013)
Miss Julie/Stephen Sachs adaptation of Strindberg (Los Angeles)
Miss Julie/ Strindberg adapted by Craig Lucas (Berkshires 2002& Offbroadway 2005)
Miss Julie/Strindberg, August (Off-Broadway-Pearl 1998)
Miss Julie, Frank McGinnis adaptation (London 2000)
Miss Lulu Bett/ (Off-Broadway 2010)
Miss Lulu Bett/Gale, Zona (Off-Broadway 2000)
Miss Margarida's Way/ Roberto Athayde(2009 Boston)
Miss Saigon (2017 Broadway)
Miss Saigon (London 2014)
Miss Saigon (DC 2013)
The Missouri Waltz/Black, Karen (Los Angeles)
Miss Witherspoon/Durang, Christopher (New York 2005)
Miss Witherspoon/ Christopher Durang(Los Angeles 2008)
Mistakes Were Made/Craig Wright (Off-Broadway 2010)
Mistakes Were Made/Craig Wright (Connecticut 2009)
Mr Burns/Anne Washburn (London 2014)
Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play/Anne Washburn (Off-Broadway 2013)
Mr. Charles/Rudnick 
Mr Foote's Other Leg /Ian Kelly (London 2015)
Mr. Fox: A Rumination/ Irwin, Bill
Mr. Goldwyn/Lebby, Marsha and Lollos, John
Mr. Kolbert/Gieselman, David 
Misterman/Walsh, Enda (DC)
Mr. Marmalade/Haidle, Noah (New York, 2005)
Mr. Marmalade (Philadelphia, 2007)
Mr. and Mrs. Fitch / (Off-Broadway2010)
v Mr. Peter's Connection/Miller, Arthur
Mr Pim Passes By, See Milne at the Mint
Mr. President/ Alessandrini, Gerard- based on Irving Berlin musical
Mr. Roberts/ Logan, Joshua and Heggen,Thomas (DC)
Mr. Wolf/Rajif Joseph(Los Angeles 2015)
Mrs. Cage/Barr, Nancy 
Miss Nightingale . (London 2018)
Misty/Arinzé Kene (London 2018)
Mrs. Farnsworth/Gurney, A.R.
Mrs. Feuerstein/Mednick, Murray
Mrs Klein/ Nicholas Wright(London2009)
Mrs. Packard/Mann, Emily
Mrs. Smith's Broadway Cat-Tacular/David Hanbury (Off-Broadway 2015)
Mrs Warren's Profession/ George Bernard Shaw(Broadway 2010)
Broadway's Love Affair With the Oldest Profession. (Broadway tie-in feature for Mrs. Warren's Profession Broadway Review)
Mrs Warren's Profession/ George Bernard Shaw(London 2010)
Mrs. Warren's Profession/ George Bernard Shaw(New Jersey 2009)
Mrs. Warren's Profession (Berkshire Theatre Festival 2007)
Mrs. Warren's Profession/Shaw, G.B. (2006 Irish Rep)
Mrs. Warren's Profession/Shaw, G.B. (London)
Mrs. Warren's Profession/Shaw, GB (Irish Rep, NY)
Mrs. Warren's Profession/Shaw (Berkshire Theatre Festival 2007)
The Mistress (Wharton One-Acts '98 -- Berkshires)
Mistress/Jennifer Berg, Lisa Hill-Corley, Kate Hundley, Ally Jenkins, Timothy R. King, Jill Vanderweit, Julia Bilek Hyland, Andrew Lloyd Baughman, Melissa Baughman and Howard Walpe (DC)
The Mistress Contract /Abi Morgan (London 2014)
The Mistress Cycle/ Book and lyrics by Beth Blatt, music by Jenny Giering
Ms. Trial/Kirkland, Dep (Los Angeles)
The Misunderstanding/Le Malentendu/Camus Albert
Miss You Like Hell/Quiara Alegría Hudes and Erin McKeown< / (2018 Off-Broadway)
Miss You Like Hell / Book and Lyrics by Quiara Alegria Hudes
Music by Erin McKeown
(2016 La Jolla)
Misty/Arinzé Kene (London 2018)
Mixed Marriage/St John Ervine (London 2011)
Mizlansky/Zelinsky or "Schmucks"/Baitz, Jon Robin 
Mnemonic/McBurney, Simon
The Mnemonist at Dutchess County/Josh Koenigsberg Off-Broadway( 2013)
The Mob/Galsworthy, John (London)
Moby Dick/Rad, Julian
Model American/ Jason Kim (2017 Berkshires)
The Model Apartment/Donald Margulies (Off-Broadway2013)
A Model Girl/Richard Alexander and Marek Rymaszewski (London)
The Moderate Soprano/David Hare (London 2018)
Modern Dance for Beginners/Phelps, Sarah (Los Angeles)
Modern Orthodox/Goldfarb, Daniel
Modern Terrorism, or They Who Want To Kill Us and How We Learn To Love Them/Jon Kern(Off-Broadway 2012)
Modigliani/McIntyre, Dennis
Mogadishu/ Vivienne Frantzmann(London 2011)
Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles /Luis Alfaro (2015 Los Angeles)
Mojo /Jeff Butterworth (London 2013)
Mojo/Jed Butterworth (1998)
Mojo Mickybo/McCafferty, Owen (DC)
Molly Clap's Molly House/Ravenhill, Mark
Molly Delicious/ Wright, Craig (LA)
Molly's Dream/Forenes, Maria Elena
Molly Sweeney/Brian Friel (Off-Broadway 2011)
> Molora/ Oresteia trilogy adapted by Yael Farber(London 2008)
MoM A Rock Concert Musical/ Book, lyrics, music by Richard Caliban(New Jersey 2010)
Mom, How Did You Meet the Beatles?/dam P. Kennedy & Adrienne Kennedy (2008)
Moment/ Deirdre Kinahan(London 2011)
Mommy! Mommy! The Musical. . .Musical! /Book, Lyrics & Concept: Elin Hampton; Music, Gerald Sternbach (Los Angeles)
Money/Bulwer-Lytton, Edward
The Money Shot /Neil LaBute (2014 Off-Broadway)
Money Talks/ Book & Lyrics by Peter Kellogg and David Friedman (2017 Off-Broadway)
Monkey Adored/ Henry Murray(Los Angeles 2011)
Monkey - Journey to the West/ Conceived by Chen Shi-Zheng; music, Damon Albarn(London 2008)
Monkey/Teevin,Colin Teevan based on Sun Wu-k'ung stories (London)
The Monkey Jar( Los Angeles2008)
Monkey: Journey to the West (Off-Broadway - Lincoln Center Festival 2013)
Mondo Drama/Beane, Douglas Carter
Monologue/Pinter, Harold (Lincoln Center Pinter Festival--Summer 2001)
Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran/Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel (2003)
Monster/Bell, Neal Bell (2002)
Monte Cristo by Jared Reinmuth/ Based on The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (2016 Off-Broadway)
A Month In The Country /Ivan Turgenev (2015 Off-Broadway)
A Month In The Country /Ivan Turgenev (2015 Off-Broadway)
Monty Python's Flying Circus in French/Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin (London)
Mood Music/Joe Penhall (London 2018)
The Mooncalf, Karlin, Elisabeth
A Moon To Dance By
A Moon for the Misbegotten/Eugene O'Neill (Off-Broadway 2012)
Moon Cave /Doug Williams (2014 Philadelphia)
A Moon for the Misbegotten/Eugene O'Neill (2016 Philadelphia)
 A Moon for the Misbegotten/ (Berkshires 2015)
A Moon for the Misbegotten/O'Neill, Eugene (Broadway
A Moon for the Misbegotten/O'Neill, Eugene (San Francisco)
Moonlight/ Harold Pinter(London-Donmar 2011)
Moonlight/Harold Pinter (2009)
Moonlight and Magnolias/ Ron Hutchinson(London 2008)
Moonlight and Magnolias/Hutchinson, Ron
Moonlight and Magnolias/Hutchinson, Ron (Los Angeles)
The Moonlight Room/Skyler, Tristine
Moon Man Walk (Philadelphia 2015)
The Moors by Jen Slverman (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Moors/Jen Silverman (Connecticut 2015)
Moose Murders/ Arthur Bicknell (Off-Broadway 2013)
More/Smith, Yeardley
MorecambeMorecambe/ Tin Whitnall (London 2009)
More Light/ (London 2009)
More Lies About Jerzy/Holmes, Davey
A More Perfect Union/ Vern Thiessen(2009)
Offices/ Ethan Coen(2009)
Stately Mansions/O'Neill, Eugene (1999)
More to Love/Bartlett/Rob
The Morini Strad/Willy Holtzman (Off-Broadway 2012)
Morgan O-Yuki, Geisha of the Gilded Age (2013 Berkshires)
Morning/devised by Simon Stephens, Lyric Theatre Young Company, Junges Theater Base (London 2012)
Morning, Noon and Night/Spalding Gray 
Mornings At Seven/Osborne, Paul 2002
Mornings at Seven/Osborn, Paul- (Berkshire Theatre Festival, 2007)
Morning Star/Regan, Sylvia
Moscow, a Muscial Play/Lyrics and book by Nick Salamone;Music by Maury R. McIntyre/ (DC)
The Moscow Cats Theatre
A Most Dangerous Woman/Cathy Tempelsman (New Jersey 2013)
The Most Deserving/ (Off-Broadway2014)
The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told/Rudnick, Paul--Williamstown premiere . . . NYC production
The Most Happy Fella/ Frank Loesser(Off-Broadway 2012)
Encores! The Most Happy Fella/ (Off-Broadway2014)
Motel Blues/Lee Blessing, Linda Reynolds, Adam Rapp,Mike Batistick, Jan Jalenak, Sam Shepard (Off-Broadway 2004)
The Mother by Florian Zeller (2019 Off-Broadway)
Mother/ Lisa Ebersole(2009)
The Mother/Bertold Brecht, see Around the World in Eighty Days (London 2011)
Mother Adam/Charles Dyer (London 2012)
A Mother, A Daughter, and a Gun/Grant, Barra Grant
The Mother/Witkiewicz, S.I.
Mother Courage and Her Children (2016 Off-Broadway)
Mother Courage and Her Children/ Bertold Brecht, Tony Kushner Translation(London2009)
Mother Courage and Her Children/Brecht--Kushner translation, music by Jeanine Tesori (Central Park--2006)
Mother Courage /Brecht -- Blitzstein translation (Cocteau--2005)
Mother Courage and Her Children/Brecht (Classical Theater of Harlem)
Mother Courage and Her Children/ Brecht (London) 
Mother Courage and Her Children/ Brecht
Motherf**Ker With The Hat/ Stephen Adly Guirgis(Broadway 2011)
Mother of the Maid/ Jane Anderson(Berkshires 2015)
Motherhood Out Loud/ Leslie Ayvazian, Brooke Berman,David Cale, Jessica Goldberg, Rinne Groff, Beth Henley, Lameece Issaq, Claire La Zebnik, Lisa Loomer, Michele Lowe, Marco Pennette, Theresa Rebeck, Luanne Rice, Annie Weisman, Cheryl West ( 2011)
Motherhood Out Loud(Connecticut 2010)
Mother Night/kurt Vonnegut book (2018 Off-Broadway)
Mother of the Maid / Jane Anderson (2018 Off-Broadway)
ref="mothersandsonsberk18.html">Mothers and Sons/Terrence McNally (2018 Berkshires)
Mothers and Sons/ Terrence McNally(Broadway 2014)
Motown The Musical (Washington, DC 2015)
Motown: the Musical / Berry Gordy (London 2016)
Motown: The Musical/ b (Broadway 2013)
Motown: the Musical / Berry Gordy (London 2016)
The Mound Builders/Lanford Wilson (Off-Broadway 2013)
Mourning Becomes Electra/ O'Neill(2009)
Will/Shakespeare(Philadelphia 2009)
Mourning Becomes Electra/O'Neill, Eugene (London)
Mourning Becomes Electra (Los Angeles)
The Mourning Show -- O'Neill's Before Breakf ast & Strindberg's The Stronger.
Mountain Language/Pinter, Harold (Lincoln Center Pinter Festival--Summer 2001)
The Mountaintop/ Katori Hall(Broadway 2011)
The Mountaintop/Katori Hall (London 2009)
The Mousetrap/Agatha Christie (New Jersey 2016)
Mouth to Mouth/ Kevin Elyot(2008)
Mouth to Mouth/Elyot, Kevin (London)
Movin' On (Broadway)
Movin' On(London)
Moving Bodies/ Giron, Arthur
Moving On/ Sondheim (LA)
Mrs. Murray's Menagerie
 Much Ado About Everything/Jackie Mason
Much Ado About Nothing/William Shakespeare (New Jersey 2014)
Much Ado About Nothing/ (Off-Broadway2014)
Much Ado About Nothing /Shakespeare (London 2013)
Much Ado About Nothing(Berkshires 2013)
Much Ado About Nothing(Off-Broadway 2013)
Much Ado About Nothing/Shakespeare(London 2011)
Much Ado About Nothing/Shakespeare(London 2011)
Much Ado About Nothing /Shakespeare (London-Regents Park 2009)
Much Ado About Nothing/Shakespeare(London-Olivier Theatre, 2007)
Much Ado About Nothing (RSC) (London)
Much Ado About Nothing/Shakespeare (Central Park--2004)
Much Ado About Nothing/Shakespeare
Much Ado About Nothing (in NYC)
Much Ado About Nothing/Shakespeare (Pearl Theater 2002)
Much Ado About Nothing/Shakespeare (Old Globe- London)
Much Ado About Nothing/Shakespeare (Berkshires)
Muckrakers/ Zayd Dohrn, (Berkshires 2013)
Mud and Drowning/Fornes, Maria Irene (two plays)
Mud, River, Stone/Nottage, Lynn
Muhammad Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest (New Jersey2013)
Mum's the Word/ Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams (London)
The Murals of Rockefeller Center/Niesen, Irondale Ensemble
Murder Ballad/Julia Jordan (2013 Off Broadway)
Murderers/Hatcher/Jeffrey (Philadelphia)
Murder for Two / Book and Music by Joe Kinosian & Book and Lyrics by Kellen Blair (2015 Los Angeles)
Murder For Two (Off-Broadway 2012 and 2013)
Murder in the First / Dan Gordon(Off-Broadway 2012)
Murder Mystery Blues/ Woody Allen stories adapted by Janey Clarke
The Murder Of Isaac/Lerner, Motti (DC)
Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express (2017 New Jersey)
The Muscles In Our Toes /Stephen Belber (2014 Off-Broadway)
Museum/Howe, Tina 2002
The Musical of Musicals/Music by Eric Rockwell Lyrics by Joanne Bogart. Book by Rockwell and Bogart (Berkshires 2008)
The Musical of Musicals/Music by Eric Rockwell, Lyrics by Joanne Bogart, Book by Rockwell & Bogart (2005)
Music Cure/ Shaw, G.B.
Music From a Sparkling Planet/Beane, Douglas Carter
Music in the Air-Encores!/Book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein; Music by Jerome Kern (Encores! 2009)
The Music Teacher/Shawn, Wallace
Mustang Sally/Steinbaum, Linda Felton (Los Angeles,2007)
Muswell Hill/Torben Betts (Off-Broadway 2017)
The Mutilated/Tennessee Williams (Off-Broadway 2013)
Mutt House/ Book by Tony Cookson.Music and lyrics by John Daniel, Tony Cookson, Robb Curtis Brown and David O (2018 Los Angeles)
My Life On a Diet /Renee Taylor (2018 Off-Broadway)
My Antonia/ By Scott Schwartz, based on Cather Novel(Los Angeles 2008)
My Brillian Divorce/Aron, Geraldine (London)
My Brilliant Friend /Elena Ferrante and April de Angelis (London 2017)
My Buddy Bill/Cleveland, Bill (Los Angeles)
My Child/Bartlett, Mike (London)
My Children! My Africa! 1/ ( 2012)
My City/ Stephen Poliakoff(London 2011)
My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer/ (Off-Broadway2014)
My Fair Lady (2018 Broadway)
My Fair Lady/ Book & Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner; Music: Frederick Loewe (Los Angeles 2008)
My Fair Lady (Papermill, 2002)
My Fair Lady (Berkshires, 1999)
My Fair Lady (Berkshires, 2001)
My First Time/Davenport, Ken
My Kitchen Wars/Lyman, Dorothy, from Betty Fussell memoir
My Life On a Diet /Renee Taylor (2018 Off-Broadway)
My Life With Albertine/Book and Lyrics by Richard Nelson--Music and Lyrics by Ricky Ian Gordon
My Mother Has 4 Noses/Jonatha Brooks (Off-Broadway2014)
My Mum's a Twat /Anoushka Warden (London 2018)
My Name Is Lucy Barton /Adapted from Elizab eth Strout novel (2020 Broadway)
My Night with Reg /Kevin Elyot (London 2014)
My Night With Reg/Elyot, Kevin
My Mother's Baby Boy/Burns, Chris
My Mother's Italian My Father's Jewish & I'm In Therapy/Solomon, Steve
My Name is Asher LevMy Name is Asher Lev/ Aaron Posner, adapted from Chaim Potok(Off-Broadway 2012)
My Name Is Asher Lev/ ( Berkshires 2011)
My Name is Asher Lev / Adapted by Aaron Posner from the novel by Chaim Potok (Phildadelphia 2009)
My Name is Rachel Corrie/Corrie, Rachel, edited by Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner (London & NY)
My Occasion of Sin/Monica Bauer (Off-Broadway 2012)
My Old Friends/ Mel Mandel and Norman Sachs (Los Angeles 2008)
My Old Lady/Horovitz, Israel (Los Angeles and New York
My One and Only/Peter Stone and Timothy S. Mayer from George and Ira Gershwin (Stratford Festival 2007)
My One and Only/Music and Lyrics - George and Ira Gershwin; Book - Peter Stone and Timothy S Mayer (London)
The Myopia / David Greenspan (Off-Broadway2010)
My Manana Comes | Reviewed 09/02/14/ | Closing 09/20/14
My Own British Invasion (2018 NJ)
My Paris/Music and lyrics by Charles Aznavour.Book by Alfred Uhry.English Lyric and Musical Adaptation by Jason Robert Brown (Connecticut 2016)
My Parsifal Conductor,A Wagnerian Comedy (2017 Off-Broadway)
My Perfect Mind/Kathryn Hunter, Paul Hunter, and Edward Petherbridge (2015 Off-Broadway)
My Romantic History/ DC Jackson(London 2010)
My Scandalous Life/ Thomas Kilroy(Off-Broadway 2011)
My Secret Garden/Norman, Marsha (book, lyrics); Simon, Lucy (music); Burnett, Frances Hodgson (source book) (London)
My Sister / Janet Schlapkohl (2016 Los Angeles)
My Son Jack/Haig, David (Los Angeles)
My Special Friend/Courtney, Philip
My Vaudeville Man!/ Book by Jeff Hochhauser, Music by Bob Johnston, Lyrics by Johnston & Hochhauser.(2008)
The Mysteries/Kulick, Brian (Los Angeles)
The Mysteries (New York)
The Mystery of Attraction/Meyer, Marlane
myhref="mysteryofcharlesdickens.html">The Mystery Of Charles Dicens
The Mystery of the Charity of Joan of Arc/Péguy, Charles
The Mystery of Edwin Drood/ Book, Music & Lyrics by Rupert Holmes, inspired by unfinished Dickens novel. (Broadway 2012)
The Mystery of Irma Vep/ Charles Ludlam(Berkshires 2014)
The Mystery of Irma Vep/Ludlam, Charles
The Myestery of Irma Vep ((Off-Broadway2014)
The Mystery of Love and Sex/ Bathsheba Doran (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Mysteries/Conceived by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar for 48 authors (Off-Broadway2014)
/The Mysteries of Harris Burdick/ Book by Joe Calarco-- Lyrics by Nathan Tysen--Music by Chris Miller based on Chris Van Allsburg book(Berkshires-Barrington Stage2008)
Mysterious Skin/Prince Gomolvilas Based on the novel by Scott Heim (Los Angeles2010)
Mystery of the Rose Bouquet/Puig, Manuel/
The Mystery Plays/Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto
The Myth Project: Greek (DC)
Mythic / Marcus Stevens, Oran Eldor (London 2018)
My Thing of Love/ Gersten, Alexandria(Los Angeles2008)
My Wonderful Day/ Alan Ayckbourn(2009)

Top of List


A Naked Girl on the Appian Way/Greenberg, Richard (Broadway 2005)
Naked Will/Fell, Blair
Naked Will/Fell, Blair, inspired by Wilde's "The Portrait of W.H." (LA)
Namedropping/Rothenberg, David
The Name of This Play is Talking Heads/Spitz, Marc
Names/Kemble, Mark
a href="nance13.html">The Nance/Douglas Carter Beane
(Broadway 2013)
Nance O'N eil/ David Foley(Off-Broadway 2010)
The Nanjing Race/Reggie Cheong-Leen (Off-Broadway 2010)
Nantucket Sleigh Ride/John Guare (2019 Off-Broadway)
The Nap/ Richard Bean (2018 Broadway)
Napoli, Brooklyn/ Meghan Kennedy (2017 Off-Broadway)
Napoli,Brooklyn/ Meghan Kennedy (2017 Connecticut)
Narrative/Anthony Neilson (London 2013)
Nassim/Nassim Soleimanpour (2018 Off-Broadway)
Nasty Little Secrets/Orton, Joe
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet Of 1812/Dave Malloy (2016 Broadway)
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 (Off-Broadway 2012/2013)
>Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812/ Dave Malloy(Off-Broadway 2012, 2013)
Nathan the Wise/Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (2016 Off-Broadway)
Nathan the Wise/Lessing, Gotthold
National Anthems/McIntyre, Dennis (London)
The Naughty Knight/Chuck Strand--music & lyrics; William Martin- Book
Navy Pier/Corwin, John (Los Angeles)
Nearly Lear/ Susanna Hamnett and Edith Tankus( Off-Broadway 2011)
Necessary Targets/Ensler, Eve
The Necklace/Lisa D'Amour, Ellen Maddow, Lizzie Olesker, and Paul Zimet
Neighbourhood Watch/Alan Ayckbourn (Brits Off-Broadway 2011)
Neil's Garden/Hassman, Geoffrey
Nell Gwynn/Jessica Swale (London 2015)
Nelson/Marks, Sam
The Nerd/Larry Shue (2018 NJ)
The Nerd/Shue, Larry (Los Angeles)
Nero/Sat er, Steven; music by duncan sheik (San Francisco)
Nervous Smile/Belluso, John (Berkshires)
The Nether/Jennifer Haley (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Nether/Jennifer Haley (London 2014)
The Nether (Los Angeles 2013)
Network (2018 Broadway)
Neurosis: A Musical That Gets in Your Head (2018 Off-Broadway)
Never Forget/ Danny Brocklehurst, Guy Jones and Ed Curtis (London 2008)
Never Gonna Dance/Music, Jerome Kern; Book, Jeffrey Hatcher
Neverland/ Phyllis Nagy(Los Angeles 2009)
Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allen Poe /Jonathan Christenson (2015 Off-Broadway)
Nevermore/Music by Matt Connor.Lyrics adapted from the writings of Edgar Allen Poe (DC)
Never So Good/Howard Brenton (London 2008)
Never the Sinner: The Leopold and Loeb Story/John Logan ( Philadelphia 2009)
Never the Sinner/Logan, John (DC-OffBroadway)
Never Swim Alone/Daniel MacIvor
Neville's Island / Tim Firth (London 2014)
New Boy/Labey, Russel adaptation of William Stucliffe novel
A New Brain/Finn, William
The New Century: Pride and Joy,Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach, Crafty,The New Century/ Paul Rudnick(2008)
New Girl In Town / Music by Bob Merrill. Libretto by George Abbott, based on EugneO'Nell's Anna Christie.(Off-Broadway 2012)
New House Under Construction/ Alan Hruska(2008)
New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch De Spinoza At Talmud Torah Congregation/Ives, David (2008)
The New Morality/Harold Chapin (Off-Broadway 2015)
The New One /Mike Birbiglia (2018 Off-Broadway)
NEWSical the Musical(2009)
Newsies (Washington, DC 2015)
Newsies/ Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Jack Feldman, Book by Harvey Fierstein (New Jersey 2011, Broadway 2012)
A New World- A Life of Thomas Paine! / Trevor Griffiths(London2009)
The New Testament & Helter Skelter/ Neil LaBute(Los Angeles2009)
A New Way to Please You/ Middleton, Thomas & Rowley, Philip (London)
A New World War/Valencia, Rita (Los Angeles)
New Year's Eve/ Arthur Laurents(New Jersey 2008)
The New York Idea/Langdan Mitchell-- David Auburn adaptation (Off-Broadway 2011)
New York International Fringe Festival (1998)
New York International Fringe Festival (1999)
New York International Fringe Festival (2000)
New York International Fringe Festival (2001)
New York International Fringe Festival (2002)
New York International Fringe Festival (2003)
New York International Fringe Festival (2004)
New York International Fringe Festival (2005)
New York International Fringe Festival (2006)
New York International Fringe Festival (2007)
2017 New York Music Festival: Freedom Riders. . .Peace Love and Cupcakes . . . Generation Me. . . A Wall Apart. . .The Shakespearean Jazz Show. . .Numbers Nerds. . . Matthew McConnaughey v. the Devil. . . My Dear Watson, a Sherlock Holmes Musical
(2017 Off-Broadway)
2017 New York Music Festival: Freedom Riders. . .Peace Love and Cupcakes . . . Generation Me. . . A Wall Apart. . .The Shakespearean Jazz Show. . .Numbers Nerds. . . Matthew McConnaughey v. the Devil. . . My Dear Watson, a Sherlock Holmes Musical
(2017 Off-Broadway) The 2015 NYMusic Festival
The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF)
NY Music Theater FestiVal:
The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF)
The NY Music Festival 2013
NY Music Festival 2010/ Report and sampler( Off-Broadway 2010)
2009 NYMusic Festival--
New York Musical Theater Festival - 2008
The New York Music Theater Festival-2007 t
The New York Music Theater Festival-2006
The New York Music Theater Festival-2005
The Next Big Thing/ Book by Jeff Farve. Music and Lyrics by Missy Gibson and Mike Flanagan(Los Angeles2008)
Next Fall/Geoffrey Nauffts (Off-Broadway 2009 Broadway 2010)
Next Fall/ Geoffrey Nauffts (Los Angeles 2011)
Next to Normal/Music by Tom Kitt; Book and Lyrics by Brian Yorkey (Off- Broadway 2008/ Broadway 2009)
Nibbler/Ken Urban (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Nibroc Trilogy-Gulf View Drive/Hutton, Arlene (NY premere)
The Nibroc Trilogy/Hutton, Arlene (Los Angeles)
Nibroc Trilogy-Last Train to Nibroc
See Rock City & Other Locations/ Music by Brad Alexander.Book and Lyrics by Adam Mathias' (Off-Broadway 2010)
Nibroc Trilogy- See Rock City (Berkshires 2009)
Nickel and Dimed/Holden, Joan, from Barbara Ehrenreich book (Los Angeles)
Nice Fish/Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins (2016 Brooklyn)
Nice Girl/ Melissa Ross (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Niceties/ Eleanor Burgess (2018 Off-Broadway)
Nice Work If You Can Get It / Joe DiPietro, based on Oh, Kay, music and lyrics by George and Ira Gershwin(Broadway 2012)
Nicholas Nickleby/ Adapted by David Edgar from the novel by Charles Dickens(London2007)
A Night With Janis Joplin (2017 New Jersey)
A Night with Janis Joplin /Randy Johnson (2015 Los Angeles)
a href="hothouselon.html">The Hothouse (London 2013)
Nikolai and the Others/Richard Nelson (Off-Broadway 2013)
The Night Alive /Conor McPherson (London 2013)
The Night Heron/Butterworth, Jed (New York-Off Broadway 2004)
The Night Heron/Butterworth, Jed (London 2002)
Nightingale/Redgrave, Lynn (Los Angeles and New York)
2011 Nightlife Awards (Off- Broadway 2011)
        London's Barclays Theatre Awards, 2002
Nightmare Alley/ Book, Music and Lyrics: Jonathan Brielle, based on William Lindsay Gresham's novel(Los Angeles 2010)
'night, Mother/Norman, Marsha
Nights of Noir/Kasey Wilson (Los Angeles 2009)
Night Sings Its Songs/Fosse, Jon (Off-Broadway)
Night Sky/Susan Yankowitz (2009)
Nightsongs/ Fosse, Jon (London)
Night and Day/Stoppard, Tom
Nighthawks/Rosen, Lynn (DC)
Nighthawks/Steinberg, Douglas (Los Angeles)
A Night In November/Jones, Marie
The Night is a Child/Charles Randolph-Wright (Los Angeles2009)
Night Is a Room/Naomi Wallace (Off-Broadway 2015)
Night Must Fall/Williams, Emlyn
Night of 1,000 Heels/Cassandra Danz, Mary Fulham, Warren Leight
Night of the Iguana/Williams, Tennessee (LA)
The Night of the Iguana/Williams, Tennessee (London)
The Night of the Iguana/Williams, Tennessee (Berkshires-2006)
Night of the Iguana (Off-Off-Broadway 2008)
The Night Watcher / Charlayne Woodward(2009)
Night Train/ By John Biguenet(New Jersey 2011)
A Night with Janis Joplin/Randy Johnson (Broadway 2013)
Nijinksky-Death of a Faun/Pownall, David
Nijinsky's Last Dance/Allen,Norman/ (DC)
Nijinsky Speaks/Leonard Crofoot
The Nina Variations/Dietz, Steven (Berkshires)
Nikki and Bobby/Sackler, Howard (LA)
#9/ by Waterwell (2009)
Nina Simone: Four Women/ Christina Ham (Washington, DC 2017)
Nine/Kopit, Arthur-book; Yeston, Maury-music (LA)
Nine (New York)
Nine (DC)
Nine Armenians/Ayvazian, Lesley 
901 Nowhere Street / (2015 Philadelphia)
Nine Parts of Desire/Raffo, Heather (London)
Nine Parts of Desire/Raffo, Heather (New York)
1984/George Orwell adapted by rovert Ick & Duncan Macmillan (2017 Broadway)
1984/Adapted from George Orwell novel (Washington, DC 2016)
1984/George Orwell novel adapted by Robert Icke and Duncan MacmillanGeorge (London 2014)
1984/ George Orwell(2009)
9 TO 5: The Musical/Dolly Parton (London 2018)
9 to 5: The Musical/ Music & Lyrics, Dolly Parton. Book, Patricia Resnick(Los Angeles 2008)
9 to 5: The Musical/ Music & Lyrics, Dolly Parton. Book, Patricia Resnick( Broadway 2009)
99&#cent Only Stores Wonderama (Los Angeles)
99 Breakups (2014 Philadelphia)
Ninth and Joanie/ Brett C. Leonard(Off-Broadway2012)
Nixon's Nixon/Russel Lees (2006 Off-Broadway)
No Applause —Just Throw Money/ (2008)
No Background Music/Noel, Normi (Berkshires)
Nobody Don't Like Yogi/Lysaght, Tom
Nobody Loves You Itamar Moses/Gaby Alter (Off-Broadway 2013)
Nobody’s Girl/Rick Viede (New Jersey 2015)
Nobody Loves You/usic and Lyrics by Gaby Alter. Book and Lyrics by Itamar Moses (San Diego 2012)
No Child/ Nilaja Sun (Off-Broadway)-
Nocturnal/ Juan Mayorga(London 2009)
Nocturne/Rapp, Adam  (London 2008)
Nocturne/Rapp, Adam 
Noël Coward in 2 Keys/ Noel Coward(Berkshires 2008)
No End of Blame
No Foreigners Beyond This Point/Leight, Warren (DC)
No Foreigners Beyond This Point/Leight, Warren (Off-Broadway)
No. 11 (Blue and White)/Cunningham, Alexandra
No Exit/ Jean-Paul Sartre(Off-Broadway2014)
No Exit/Sartre
Noises Off/ Michael Frayn (2016 Broadway)
Noises Off/ Michael Frayn(New Jersey 2009)
Noises Off (Los Angeles 2009)
Noises Off/Frayn, Michael(New Jersey-1999)
Noises Off (London - 2000; New York 2001)
No Man's Land/ Harold Pinter (Broadway 2013)
No Man's Land / Harold Pinter(New Jersey 2010)
No Man's Land/Harold Pinter (London 2008)
< No Man's Land/Pinter, Harold (London)
No More Shall We Part/Tom Holloway (2016 Berkshires)
None But the Lonely Heart: The Strange Story of Tchaikovsky and Madame von Meck/Eve Wolf(Berkshires 2013)
None Of It: More or less Hudson's Bay, again/Radiohole
None of the Above/Bader, Jenny Lynn (2007)
No Naughty Bits/ Steve Thompson(London 2011)
No, No Nanette/Book by Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel. Lyrics by Irving Caesar Harbach. Music by Vincent Youmans. (Encores! 2008
No Place to Go/ Ethan Lipton (Off-Broadway 2012)
Nora/Stage Version of Doll's House by Ingmar Bergman (Off-Broadway 2015)
Nora & In the Shadow of the Glen / Ingmar Bergman's adaptation of Ibsen; John Millington Synge(Off-Broadway Broadway 2011)
The Normal Heart/ Larry Kramer(Broadway 2011)
Normal/Book by Yvonne Adrian;Lyrics by Cheryl Stern; Music by Tom Kochan
The Normal Heart/Kramer, Larry
Nosferatu . . . Angel of the Final Hour/Luker, Kaaren, Kellen, Jon, Sullivan, Bernadette
No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs/Redwood, John Henry (Philadelphia and New York)
The Noisy Prince, see The Girl Who watered Basil
No Quarter/Polly Stenham (London 2013)
The Norman Conquests/Alan Ayckbourn (London 2008a/New York)
North(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Northerners/ (London 2010)
North of the Boulevard/Bruce Graham (Philadelphia 2013)
The North Pool (Off-Broadway 2013 and Berkshires 2012)
Nostalgia/Coxon, Lucinda (LA)
Not About Nightingales/ Tennessee Williams(New York)
Not I, Footfalls, Rockaby /Beckett (London 2014)
No Strings (Reprise!)/Music & Lyrics: Richard Rodgersl Book: Samuel Taylor (Los Angeles)
Not All Korean Girls Can Fly, see Marathon 2006, SeriesA
The Notebook/Kesselman, Wendy 2002
The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci/Zimmerman, Mary
The Notebooks of Trigorin/Tennessee Williams(DC)
Notes from Underground/ Adapted from Fyodor Dostoevsky's novella by Bill Camp & Robert Woodruf(Off-Broadway 2010)
No Time For Comedy/Behrman, S. N.
Nothing/ Adapted by Andrea Hart from Henry Green novel
Nothing But the Truth/Kani, John (Lincoln Center, NY)
Nothing But the Truth (London, 2007)
Notre Dame de Paris/ (London 2018)
Notre Dame De Paris/Hugo novel, book and lyrics by Luc Plamondon(London)
Not Talking/ Mike Bartlett (London 2018)
Not Waving/ LeRoy, Gen
Not Waving (2008 Williamstown' Theatre Festival)
Noura /Heather Raffo (2018 Off-Broadway)
Noura/Heather Raffo (Washington, DC 2018)
November/David Mamet (Broadway2008)
November/David Mamet (Los Angeles 2012)
November/J Ranelli (Berkshires-Old Castle/Vermont 1999)
Novecento/ Alessandro Baricco(London 2010)
The Novice/Sartre, translated by Richard Eyre (London)
No Wake by William Donnelly (2017 Off-Broadway)
 No Way To Treat A Lady/ Book, Music & Lyrics: Douglas J. Cohen (Los Angeles 2009)
No Way to Treat a Lady/Cohen, Darren R. (Berkshires)
Now Here This/Hunter Bell and Susan Blackwell, music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen, (Off-Broadway 2012)
Now or Later / Christopher Shinn(London 2008)
Now That Communism is Dead, My Life Feels Empty/Foreman, Richard
Now That's What I Call a Storm/Healy Ann Marie
NSFW/ Lucy Kirkwood(London 2012)
Nuclear War/ Simon Stephens (London 2017)
A Number/Caryl Churchill (Berkshires 2014)
A Number/Caryl Churchill (Los Angeles 2009)
A Number/ Churchill, Caryl(2008)
A Number/Churchill, Caryl (London 2002 and New York 2004)
The Nuclear Family/ Stephen Guarino, Jimmy Bennett, John Gregorio
Nunsense/Groggin, Dan (LA)
Nureyev's Eyes/David Rush (New Jersey 2016)
The Nutcracker and I/ Conceived and written by Gerard Alessandrini and Peter Brash/(New Jersey 2011)
The Nutcracker/ as conceived by Matthew Bourne (London)
Nymph Errant/Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter, adapted & with new libretto by Rob Urbinati based on the original novel by James Laver and the original libretto by Romney Brent (Off- Broadway 2012)

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An Oak Tree/ Tim Crouch(Los Angeles 2010)
An Oak Tree/Crouch, Tim
The Object Lesson/Geoff Sobelle (Off Broadway 2017 )
Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme/ Frank McGuinness(London 2009)
Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme/McGuiness, Frank
ghts of Noir/ Kasey Wilson(Los Angeles 2009)
The Observer/ Matt Charman(London 2009)
Occupant, See Edward Albee's Occupant
Occupied Territories Book: Nancy Bannon and Mollye Maxner (2017 Off-Broadway)
October 1962/Gregory, D.W. (New Jersey)
An Octoroon / Branden Jacobs-Jenkins(Off-Broadway2014)
The Odd Couple/Simon, Neil  (Broadway)
The Odd Couple (Female Version)/Simon, Neil 
Ode to Joy/ Craig Lucas(Off-Broadway2014)
Oedipus Machina/inspired by Ellen McLaughlin's Oediups and adapted from the Sophocles text (2015 Los Angeles)
The Oedipus Cycle / Sophocles 3 plays, translated by Peter Constantine (2008)
Oedpius El Rey/ Luis Alfaro (2017 Off-Broadway)
Oedipus/ Sophocles(London 2008)
The Odyssey/Homer(London)
The Odyssey/Walcott, Derek (Stratford Festival 2007)
The Odyssey/Walcott, Derek (Off-Broadway 2002)
Oedipus/Clubb, Dare (Collage Review
Oedipus In Palm Sprints/5 Lesbian Brothers
The Oedipus Tree/Tanner, Tony (Los Angeles)
Measure for Measure (Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey -2007)
Of Equal Measure/Tanya Barfield (Los Angeles 2008)
Offending the Audience/Handke, Peter(2008)
Of Good Stock/Melissa Ross (2015 Off-Broadway)
Office Hour/Julia Cho (2017 Off-Broadway)
Office Hours/ A. R. Gurney(Off-Broadway 2010)
Of Human Bondage/Somerset Maughan, adapted by Vern Thiessen (2017 Off-Broadway)
Off The Endz/Bola Agbaje (London 2010)
Off the Main Road/ William Inge(Berkshires 2015)
Off the Map/Ackermann, Joan 
Oedpius El Rey/ Luis Alfaro (2017 Off-Broadway)
Off the Meter, On the Record/ John McDonagh (2017 Off-Broadway)
Of Mice and Men/ (Broadway 2014)
Of Mice and Men/ Steinbeck, John (London)
Of Mice and Men/ Steinbeck, John (Los Angeles
Of Mice and Men (Philadelphia)
Of Thee I Sing/Music & Lyrics by George Gershwin & Ira Gershwin; Book by George S. Kaufman & Morrie Ryskind (New Jersey)
Of Thee I Sing/Music & Lyrics by George Gershwin & Ira Gershwin; Book by George S. Kaufman & Morrie Ryskind (Encores! NYC)
Oh What War/ Mallory Catlett(2008)
O Go My Man/ Feehily,Stella (London)
O Jerusalem/Gurney, A. R.
Ohio State Murders/ Kennedy, Adrienne(2007)
Oh! Mr. Chekhov!/Chekhov adapted by Richard S. Burdick 
(Wharton One-Acts, Berkshires)
O Jerusalem/Gurney, A. R.
OH THE HUMANITY and other exclamations / Eno, Will(2007)
Oh, The Innocents/Roth, Ari (DC)
Oh, Hello On Broadway/Nick Kroll & John Mulaney (2016 Off-Broadway)
Oil /Ella Hickson (London 2016)
Oklahoma! (2019 Broadway)
Oklahoma! / Music by Richard Rodgers; book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II(DC 2010)
Oklahoma!/ Richard Rodgers (music) and Oscar Hammerstein (book and lyrics (New Jersey 2008)
Oklahoma!/Rodgers & Hammerstein (Broadway)
Oklahoma (London)
Oklahoma!(Berkshires 2013)
Old Acquaintance/vanDruten, John
(Off-Broadway 2013)
The Oldest Boy /Sarah Ruhl (2014 Off-Broadway)
Old Comedy After Aristophanes' Frogs/ David Greenspan adaptation (2008)
The Old Country, Bennett, Alan (London)
Old-fashioned Prostitutes (a True Romance) (Off-Broadway 2013)
Old Hats/Bill Irwin and David Shiner (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Old Masters/ Simon Gray(DC 2013)
The Old Masters/ Simon Gray(Connecticut 2011)
Old Money/Wasserstein, Wendy
The Old Neighborhood/Mamet, David 
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All/ Martin Tahse from Allan Gurganus novel (San Diego)
The Old Settler/ Redwood,John Henry
The Oldest Profession/Vogel, Paula (New York)
The Oldest Profession/Vogel, Paula (Los Angeles)
The Old Friend/Horton Foote(Off-Broadway 2013)
Old Jews Telling Jokes/Peter Gethers and Daniel Okrent(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Oldsmobiles/ Roger Rosenblatt(2009)
An Ordinary Muslim/Hammaad Chaudry (2018 Off-Broadway)
Old Times/ Harold Pinter(London 2013)
Old Times / Harold Pinter(DC 2011)
Old Times/ Pinter, Harold(Los Angeles 2008)
Old Wicked Songs/Maran, Jon
Oleana/Mamet, David (London)
Oleana/David Mamet (Los Angeles & Broadway 2009)
Olive and the Bitter Herbs/ Charles Busch(Off-Broadway 2011)
< Oliver! / Book, Lyrics and Music by Lionel Bart based on the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens(London 2009)
Oliver Parker / Elizabeth Meriweather(Off-Broadway 2010)
Oliver Twist/ Neil Bartlett adaptation of dickens(New Jersey 2012)
Oliver Twist/Bartlett, Neil, adapted from Charles Dickens(London)
Oliver Twist/Bartlett, Neil, adapted from Charles Dickens(New York)
Omnium Gatherum/Rebeck, Theresa and Gersten-Vassilaros, Alexandra (2003)
On Approval/ Frederick Lonsdale(London 2013)
On An Average Day/John Kolvenbach (London 2003)
On An Average Day/ John Kolvenbach(Los Angeles 2008)
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever/Charlotte Moore adaptation of Lerner/Lane musical (2018 Off-Broadway)
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever/ Burton Lane and Alan Jay Lerner, musical reconceived by Michael Mayer, new book by Peter Parnell (Broadway 2011)
Onassis/ Martin Sherman(Lond)
On Beckett/ (2019 Los Angeles)
On Blindness/Zapol, Liza (London)
Once (Washington, DC 2015)
Once (London 2013)
Once/ Adaptation of movie-- Book by Enda Walsh. Music and lyrics by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova<( Off-Broadway 2011; Broadway 2012)
Once and For All We're Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up And Listen Once and For All / Under the Radar Festival (2010)
Once Around the City/Book and Lyrics-Willie Reale; Music-Robert Reale.
Once Around the Sun/Music and Lyrics: Robert Morris Steven Morris Joe Shane--Book: Kellie Overbey
Once In a Lifetime/Hart, Moss; Kaufman, George (Berkshires)
Once In a Life Time/Hart, Moss; Kaufman, George S.
Once on This Island/ Music and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (2017 Broadway)
Once on This Island] Book and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, Music by Stephen Flaherty(New Jersey 2012)
Once On This Island/Book and Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens; Music: Stephen Flaherty (Los Angeles)
Once Upon a Mattress/Mary Rodgers, Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, Marshall Barer (Off Broadway 2015)
Once Upon a Mattress/Mary Rodgers/ Marshall Barer/Jay Thompson/Dean Fuller 
Ondine/Girandoux, Jean
/One Arm/Tennessee Williams(Off-Broadway 2011)
one in two /Donja Love/Donja R. Love (2019 Off-Broadway)
One Night With Janis Joplin (DC 2012)
One of Your Biggest Fans/Paul Dooley & Winnie Holzman (New Jersey 2014)
On Ego/Mick Gordon, Paul Broks (London)
One Man, Two Guvnors/ (Broadway 2012, London 2011)
One Family One Child OneDoor/Chan, Joanna
One for the Road/Pinter, Harold (Lincoln Center Pinter Festival--Summer 2001)
One Good Marriage/ Reycraft, Sean (DC)
One Night With Fanny Brice/ Chip Deffaa(Off-Broadway 2011)
One of a Kind/ Yossi Vassa and Shai Ben Attar(2008)
On Golden Pond/Ernest Thompson (Los Angeles 2011)
On Golden Pond/Thompson, Ernest (Broadway)
One Hell of a Life (originally titled, Barrymore)/Luce, William (London)
100 Most Beautiful Names of Todd by Julia Cho, see Marathon 2006 Series B
100 Saints You Should Know/Fodor, Kate 2007
110 In the Shade/Book by N. Richard Nash, music by Harvey Schmidt; lyrics by Tom Jones (Broadway-2007)
110 in the Shade/book- N. Richard Nash; music by Harvey Schmidt; lyrics by Tom Jonesnes (Los Angeles 2004)
125th Street/Bettinson, Rob and Janes, Alan (London)
One Man/Berkoff, Herbert
One Million Butterflies/Belber/Stephen(2003)
One Flea Spare/Wallace, Naomi 
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest/Wasserman, Dale from Kesey Novel (Berkshires-2007)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest/Wasserman, Dale from Kesey Novel
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest/Wassermanl (London)
1001/ Grote, Jason(2007)
1001 Nights/Jason Grote (Los Angeles 2008)
One Mo' Time/Bagneris, Vernel (Berkshires)
One Mo' Time/Bagneris, Vernel (Broadway)
One Red Flower/Barclay, Paris--music-book-lyrics, from Bernard Edelman book (DC)
One Shot, One Kill/Vetere, Richard 2002
One Way Ticket to Hell/Book & Lyrics: Drew Taylor. Music: Robert Cioffi. Based on the film by Bamlet Laurence Price, Jr (Los Angeles)
O'Neill/Legault, Anne
On the Sporadicby James Ryan, see Marathon 2006 Series B
On Island, see Summer Shorts 2, Series B
Only the End of the World/Lagarce, Jean Luc 2002
The Only True History of Lizzie Finn/ (London 2012)
On Second Avenue/Rosenfeld, Moishe & Milotek, Zalmen
On the Ceiling/Planer, Nigel (London)
On the Line/Roland, Joe
The One Day of the Year /Alan Seymour (London 2015)
On the Grounds of Belonging (2019 Connecticut)
On the Razzle/Stoppard, Tom
On the Mountain/Shinn, Christopher
On the Rocks/Shaw (Shaw Festival 2011)
On the Rocks/ Amy Rosenthal(London 2008)
On the Shore of the Wide World/Simon Stephens (2017 Off-Broadway)
On the Town (2014 Broadway)
On The Town/Music by Leonard Bernstein; Book and Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green (New Jersey 2009)
On the Town (Encores! 2008)
On the Town/ Leonard Bernstein, Comden and Green. (1998) See, Encores'' On the Town
On the Town (Berkshires 2013)
On the Third Day/Betts, Kate
On The Twentieth Century/ Music by Cy Coleman, book & lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, based on plays by Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur & Bruce Millholland (2015 Off-Broadway)
On the Twentieth Century/Coleman,Cy-score; Comden & Green- lyrics andbook (Berkshires)
On Your Feet!/ Music and lyrics by Gloria and Emilio Estefan, book by Alexander Dinelaris (Broadway 2015)
Encores! On Your Toes/ Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart.Book by Rodgers & Hart and George Abbott (Off-Broadway 2013)
Oohrah!/Bekah Brunstette (2009)
The Open House/Will Eno (Off-Broadway2014)
An Opening in Time (Connecticut 2015)
The Opponent /Brett Neveau (2014 Off-Broadway)
The Opposite of Sex/Music and Lyrics by Douglas J. Cohen. Book by Cohen and Robert Jess Roth (Berkshires)
The Optimist/Jason Chimonides (2008)
Opus Cactus/MOMIX (2017 Dance review)
Opus/Hollinger, Michael (Philadelphia)
Opus/Hollinger, Michael (Primary Stages-NY)
OR/Liz Duffy Adams (2016 Berkshires)
Orange Julius/Basil Kreimendahl (2017 Off- Broadway)
Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story /Hannah Moscovitch, (2018 Off-Broadway)
On Beckett/Bill Irwin (2018 Off-Broadway)
Orphans/Lyle Kessler (Broadway 2013)
Orphan Train/ Book is by L.E. McCullough, lyrics by Michael Barry Greer, music by Doug Katsaros
Open the Door, Virginia/ Mcintyre, Dianne (DC)
Open Window/Sachs, Stephen(LA)
The Orange Grove/ Jacobson, Tom (LA)
Operaplay/Eisenberg, Rick
Or,/ Liz Duffy Adams(2009)
Orange, Hat & Grace/ Gregory S. Moss ( Off-Broadway2010)
Ordet/Munk, Kaj; adapted by J. Scott Reynold
Ordinary Days/ Adam Gwon(Los Angeles 2010)
Ordinary Days/Adam Gwon (2009)
Orestes A Tragic Romp/ Euripides, translated/adapted by Anne Washburne(DC 2010)
An Oresteia/ Anne Carson translations of Aeschylus' Agamemnen, Sophocles' Electra, Euripedes' Orestes(2009)
Orestes/Mee, Charles L..
Orestes/Mee, Charles L. . (2004 production)
Orestes/ Helen Edmundson based on Euripides (London)
Oresteia /Aeschylus, Robert Icke (London 2015)
The Oresteia (2004)
L'Orfeo (opera)
Orfeo and Euridice (opera)
The Originalist/ John Strand (2018 Off-Broadway)
Origins of Happiness/Pire, Felix A.
Orlando/Sara Ruhl adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel (Off-Broadway 2010)
Orlando/Ruhl, Sarah, adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel (Los Angeles)
Oroonoko/ Biyi Bandeleadaptation of Aphra Behn novella.(2008)
The Orphans' Home Cycle: Part One/ Horton Foote(Connecticut and New York 2009)
The Orphans' Home Cycle: Part II/ Horton Foote(Connecticut and New York2009)
The Orphans' Home Cycle: Part III/ (Connecticut 2009)
Orpheus/Conceived by Juliet Chia, Kristin Marting and David Evans Morris;written by Stephanie Fleishmann
Orpheus Descending/Williams, Tennessee (DC)
Orpheus Descending/Williams, Tennessee
Orpheus X/ Rinde Eckert (2009)
Orson's Shadow /Austin Pendleton (London 2015)
Orson's Shadow/Pendleton, Austin (Los Angeles, 2008)
Orson's Shadow/Pendleton, Austin (New York)
Thriller Live/Adrian Grant (London 2019)
The Trial of the Catonsville Nine /Danie Nerrigan (2019 Off-Broadway) The Orwell Project--Animal Farm & 1984
Oscar and the Pink Lady/ (2008)
Oslo /J T Rogers (London 2017)
Oslo (2017 OBroadway)
Otello/ Verdi(Los Angeles-Opera 2008)
Othello (London 2018).
Othello / William Shakespeare (2018 Off-Broadway)
Othello/William Shakespeare (London 2017)
Othello/Shakespeare (2016 Off-Broadway)
Othello /Shakespeare (2009)
Othello/ Shakespeare(2009)
Othello (London 2008)
Othello (London 2009)
Othello (London 2013)
Greene (London 2013)
Othello/Shakespeare (Shakespeare & Company,Berkshires 2008)
Othello/Shakespeare (London Donmar2007)
Othello/ Shakespeare(London-Old Globe 2007)
Othello (Los Angeles)
Othello/Shakespeare (DC)
Othello/Shakespeare (NAATCO)
Othello (Public Theater)
Other Hands/WadeLaura (London)
The Other Two/Wharton, Edith, adapted by Dennis Krausnick (Berkshires
Othello Trafalgar Studios, London
Other Desert Cities / Jon Robin Baitz (London 2014)
Other Desert Cities/ (Off-Broadway 2011)
Other Desert Cities (DC 2013)
The Other Josh Cohen (2018 Off-Off-Broadway)
The Other Josh Cohen/David Rossmer and Steve Rose (Off-Broadway 2012)
The Other Josh Cohen/David Rosmer/Steve Rosenrher (New Jersey 2013)
The Other Place/Sharr White (Berkshires 2014)
The Other Place/ Sharr White (Off-Broadway-2011 Broadway-2013)
The Other Side/Dorfman, Ariel
The Other Woman by David Ives , see Marathon 2006, SeriesA
Otherwise Engaged/ Gray, Simon (London)
Our Boy/ Jonathan Lewis (London 2012)
Our Class / Tadeusz Slobodzianek(DC 2012)
Our Class/ Tadeusz Slobodzianek(London2009)
Our Countrys Good/Timberlake Wertenbaker (London 2013)
Our House/Theresa Rebeck (2009)
Our House/book-Tim Firth; music & Lyrics by Madness (London)
Our Lady of Kibeho /Katori Hall (2014 Off-Broadway)
Our Lady of Sligo/Barry, Sebastian
Our Lady of 121st Street/ Stephen Adley Guirgis (2018 Off-Broadway)
Our Lady of 121st Street/Guirgis, Stephen Adly
Our Fathers/Lunari, Luigi
Our Mother's Brief Affair/Richard Greenberg (2016 Broadway)
Our Mother's Brief Affair/ Richard Grenberg(Los Angeles 2008)
Our New Girl/ Nancy Harris(London 2012)
Ourobrobos: The Nun's Tale & The Priest's Tale/Jacobson, tom (Los Angeles)
Our Place In Time/Coss, Clare
Our Private Life/ Pedro Miguel Rozo(London 2011)
Our Time is Up, see Summer Shorts 2, Series B
Our Town /Thornton Wilder (2017 Los Angeles)
Our Town /Thornton Wilder (London 2014)
Our Town/Thornton Wilder (2014 Connecticut)
Our Town/Thornton Wilder (New Jersey 2014)
Our Town/Thornton Wilder (New Jersey 2013)
Our Town/ Thornton Wilder (Berkshires WTF 2010)
Our Town/Wilder, Thornton
Our Town/Wilder, Thornton (Broadway)
Our Town / Thornton Wilder(Off-Off-Broadway 2009)
Out At Sea & Striptease/Mrozek,Slawomir
Out Cry / Tennessee Williams(2008)
The Outer Space/Ethan Lipton (2017 Off-Broadway)
The Outgoing Tide/Bruce Graham(Off-Broadway 2012)
Out In the Open/Harvey, Jonathan - (London)
Out Of the Blue/Benton, William
Out of the Blue/Mednick, Murray (Los Angeles)
Out of the City/Leslie Ayvazian (New Jersey 2016)
Out of the Mouths of Babes (2016 Off-Broadway)
Outrage/Moses,, Itamar (Philadelphia)
Outside Inn / Andreas Jungwirth(2008)
Outside Mullingar / (2014 Philadelphia)
Outside Mullingar/John Patrick Shanley (Broadway2014)
Outside People/Zayd Dohrn (Off-Broadway 2012)
Noura/Heather Raffo (Washington, DC 2018)
Outward Bound/Vane, Sutton
Over and Over/Kander and Ebb; Stein, Joseph ( based on Wilder's The Skin Of Our Teeth) (DC)
The Overcoat/Panych, Morris & Gorling, Wendy, from short story by Nikolai Gogol
Over the River and Into the Woods/DiPietro,Joe(Berkshires) . . .in New York 
The Overwhelming/ J.T. Rogers(2007)
The Oxford Roof Climbers Rebellion/ Massicotte, Stephen(2007)
/ Levi David Addai(London 2008)


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Pacific Overtures/ Book By John Weidman. Music And Lyrics By Stephen Sondheim (2017 Off-Broadway)
Pacific Overtures/music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; book by John Weidman (London 2005)
Pacific Overtures/music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; book by John Weidman (Philadelphia 2003)
Pacific Overtures/>Music and Lyrics, Stephen Sondheim; Book, John Weidman, additional materials by Hugh Wheeler (Broadway-2004)
Pacific Daylight/ Henderson, Cody (Los Angeles)
Pacific Overtures/Sondheim, Stephen (in Japanese, Lincoln Center Festival 2002)
The Pagans/Noble, Ann
Pageant: The Musical /Robert Longbottom; Book and Lyrics by Bill Russell (2014 Off-Broadway)
Pageant Play/ Matthew Wilkas and Mark Setlock(Berkshires 2008)
Pages In My Diary I'd Rather Not Read/Faye, Eydie (Los Angeles)
The Pain and the Itch/Norris, Bruce (New York and London)
The Pain of My Belligerence / Halley Feiffer (2019 Off-Broadway)
Pains of Youth/Ferdinand Bruckner (London2009)
The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek /Athol Fugard (2015 Los Angeles)
The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek (2015 Off-Broadway)
>Painting Churches/ Tina Howe'(Off-Broadway 2012)
The Pajama Game (Washington, DC 2017)
The Pajama Game / (London 2014)
Pajama Game/ Book by George Abbott & Richard Bissell, Music & Lyrics by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
Palace of the End/Judith Thompson (London 2010)
Palace of the End/ Judith Thompson(Off-Broadway 2008)
Palestrina (opera)
Pal Joey/Music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Lorenz Hart, book by Richard Greenberg , based on John O'Hara stories (2008)
Panama/Folie, Michael T.(New Jersey)
Pandora's Box of Sweets/Costello, Chay
Panic! (How to Be Happy)/Foreman, Richard
Papa (Los Angeles)
Paper Dolls (Washington, DC 2018)
Parade/ Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. Book by Alfred Uhry (London 2011)
Parade/ Book by Alfred Uhry. Music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
(Los Angeles2009)
Parade/Brown, Jason Robert; Uhry, Alfred (Lincoln Center, 1998)
Parade/Book by Alfred Uhry. Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. Co-conceived by Harold Prince (London, 2007)
Paradise Blue/Dominique Morisseau (2018 Off-Broadway)
Paradise Found/ musical adapted from the novel The Tale of the 1002nd Night by Joseph Roth(London 2010)
Paradise Island/Aerenson, Benjie
Paradise Lost/ (Boston 2010)
Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings/Music and book by Eric Whitacre;lyrics by David Norona and Eric Whitacre (Los Angeles)
Paradise Lost/ John Milton, adapted by Ben Power London
Paradise Park/ Mee, Charles(2008)
Parasite Drag(Berkshires 2012)
Parallel Lives/ Kathy Najimy & Mo Gaffney ( Los Angeles2007)
A Parallelogram/Bruce Norris (2017 Off-Broadway)
Parallelogram/ Bruce Norris(Chicago2010)
Paramour (2016 Off-Broadway)
Parents Evening/ Bathsheba Doran(Off-Broadway 2010)
Parisian Woman/Beau Willimon (2017 Broadway)
The Paris Letter/Baitz, Jon Robin
The Paris Letter/Baitz, Jon Robin (Los Angeles)
The Parker Family Circus/Buttram, Jan
Parallel Lives: The Kathy and Mo Show/Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy (DC)
Parlour Song/Jez Butterworth (London 2009)
Parlour Song//Butterworth, Jez(Off Broadway2008)
The Parrot/book, Paul Zimet; music Ellen Madow
A Parsifal/Sontag, Susan
Parsifal/Wagner,Richard (LA-Opera)
A Particle of Dread (Oedipus Variations)/Sam Shepard (2014 Off-Broadway)
Party Come Here/Book, Daniel Goldfarb. Music and Lyrics,David Kirshenbaum (Berkshires)
Party Face /Isobel Mahon (2018 Off-Broadway)
Party People / UNIVERSES (Steven Sapp, Mildred Ruiz-Sapp, and William Ruiz a.k.a Ninja) (2016 Off-Broadway)
The Pass/ John Donnelly (London 2014)
A Passage to India/EM Forster--adapted by Martin Sherman (London)
Passing Strange/Book and lyrics by Stew;music by Stew and Heidi Rodewald (2007 Off-Broadway, 2008 Broadway)
Passing the Love of Women/Singer, Isaac Bashevis adapted by Motti Lerner and Israel Zamir (DC)
Passion (Washington, DC 2018)
Passion (Off-Broadway 2013)
Passion/book,James Lapine; music & lyrics,Stephen Sondheim (Philadelphia)
Passion (DiCapo Opera, NYC)
Passion Play/ Sarah Ruhl(Off-Broadway 2010)
Passion Play: A Cycle in Three Parts/Ruhl, Sarah (2007)
Passion Play, a cycle/Ruhl, Sarah (DC)
Passion Play/Nichols, Peter(London)
Passion Play/Nichols, Peter (New York)
Passionate Women/Fratti, Mario
Patience/Sherman, Jason (Philadelphia)
The Patron Saint of Sea Monsters/ Marlane Meyer (Off-Broadway2013)
The Patsy/(Off-Broadway 2011)
Paul/ Brenton, Howard (London)
The Pavilion/Wright, Craig (Berkshires)
The Pavilion/Wright, Craig (Philadelphia)
The PavilionWright, Craig (Off-Broadway
Pay Up/Pig Iron Theatre (Philadelphia)
Peace/ Aristophanes, adapted for the Getty Villa by John Glore, Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza (Los Angeles2009)
Peace for Mary Frances/ Lily Thorne (2018 Off-Broadway)
Peace In Out Time/ Noel Coward(Los Angeles 2011)
A Pebble In My Shoe: The Life and Times of John Shelby Spong (Los Angeles)
Pecan Tan/ Barfield,Tanya (DC)
Pedro the Great Pretender/ de Cervantes Saavedra,Miguel (London)
Peep Show/Larsen, Ronnie 1996
Peer Gynt/Ibsen, adapted by John Doyle (2016 Off-Broadway)
Peer Gynt/Ibsen, Henrik (DC)
Peer Gynt/Ibsen, Henrik (McGuiness adaptation) (London)
Peerless/ Jiehae Park(Connecticut 2015)
Peerless/Jihae Park (2016 Berkshires)
The Pee-Wee Herman Show ( Broadway 2010)
Peg 'O My Heart/Manners, J. Hartley-- Charlotte Moore adaptation
Peggy For You/Plater, Alan(London)
Peggy Sue Got Married/Arlene Sarner and Jerry Leichtling-book; Bob Gaudio- music; Jerry Leichtling-lyrics
Pen/Grant, David Marshall
Penelope/ Enda Walsh/ ( Chicago 2011)
The Penetration Play/ Miller, Winter
Peninsula/Kent, Madelyn
The Penitent/David Mamet (2017 Off-Broadway)
Penny Penniworth/ Chris Weikel(2009)
Pentecost/Edgar, David (Los Angeles & New York)
2013 Shaw Festival
Pentecost/Edgar, David (Stratford Festival 2007)
/People/ Alan Bennett (London 2012)
sThe People Before The Park/Keith Josef Adkins (New Jersey 2015)
People Are Wrong/Greenberg, Julia & Godwasser, Robin
People Be Heard/Long, Quincy
The People in the Picture/ Book & Lyrics by Iris Rainer Dart. Music by Mike Stoller and Artie Butler.Broadway 2011)
The People Next Door/Adam (London)
People, Places & Things /Duncan Macmillan (2017 Off-Broadway-Brookly)
People, Places and Things /Duncan Macmillan (London 2015)
People Speak, see Summer Shorts 2, Series B
The People Vs. Mona/Wann Jim & Miller, Patricia
People Without History/ Richard Maxwell(2009)
Pera Palace/Ûnel, Sinan
Pera Palace/Ûnel, Sinan (Los Angeles)
People Next Door--Brit Festival
The People's Temple/ Leigh Fondakowski, Greg Pierotti, Stephen Wangh and Margo Hall (San Francisco)
Perfect/Kassen,Mark (LA)
Perfect Arrangement/Topher Payne (Off-Broadway 2015)
A Perfect Couple/ Brooke Berman(2008)
A Perfect Future/ David Hay ( Off-Broadway 2011)
A Perfect Ganesh/ Terrence McNally(2008)
Perfect Harmony/ Andrew Grosso(2008 and 2010)
Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense/The Goodale Brothers from the works of PG Wodehouse (London 2013)
Perfect Pie/Thompson, Judith
A Perfect Wedding/Mee, Charles L. (Los Angeles)
The Perfomers / David West Read' (Broadway 2012)
Peribanez/ deVega, Lope (London)
Pericles/Shakespeare (2016 Off-Broadway)
Pericles / (2014 Off-Broadway)
Pericles Redux/ William Shakespeare adapted by Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble(Los Angeles2009)
Pericles/Shakespeare (Stratford Festival of Canada)
a href="btf11.html#Period">Period of Adjustment/ Tennessee Williams(Berkshires 2011)
Period of Adjustment/Williams, Tennessee (London)
Peripheral City: Rediscovering The Gowanus Canal Created and Produced by Red Dive
Permanent Collection/Gibbons, Thomas (Los Angeles)
Permanent Collection/Gibbons, Thomas (DC)
Permanent Way/Hare, David (London)
Permission/Robert Askins (2015 Off-Broadway)
The Perpetual Patient/Reddin, Keith
Perplexed (Broadway)